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Hi everyone!
Today we're going to try korean food.
I know that some people like mukbangs,
some don't.
If you're one of those who don't like them, just skip this video.
And that's all.
And those who like it, let's begin.
I'm going to write the names of the dishes for you.
On the screen.
There're 2 portions of appetizers,
cucumber kimchi,
also there were sausages, but I can't eat them.
I'm vegeterian, but as far as I know there're some pieces of fish.
But I'm not such a strict vegeterian,
I don't eat sushi, but if it's arranged this way, then it's exceptable.
Okay, my stomach's already growling, let's begin.
So, what are we going to try…let's do this.
By the way, I never hold my chopsticks in the right way.
I got used to holding them incorrectly,
and no one can teach me otherwise, no matter how they try.
A little spicy.
But not very much.
There's rice underneath.
And lot's of things on top of it.
I wonder if it's spicy.
Well, I can feel it.
While I was setting up everything, it got a little cold.
This is spicy.
But it's very tasty.
But spicy.
I have fire noodles.
The ones that are very popular, and everyone's crying because of them.
If I can't even eat this, how am I gonna eat them!?
I really like the consistency of it.
If I were to choose between rice and macaroni,
I love macaroni more.
You know this girl, Kate Yup asmr.
The one that has lot's of theories about her.
I don't understand how is it possible to eat so fast, whoever she is.
I'm such a pig.
When I lived in Dusseldorf,
we often went to the Japanese restaurant.
And Japanese kitchen was lacking in spiciness.
And they had kimchi.
I like it a lot and always ordered it.
But the first time trying kimchi was in the Japanese restaurant.
Mommy…so hot.
My feelings on asian kitchen.
The Japanese have mostly healthy food, everything's boiled,
or even raw.
The Koreans make everything spicy like if they don't have receptors in the mouth.
Chinese food is always fried and oily.
But I love Asian kitchen as a whole.
When I was eating meat, I loved Chinese hot pot a lot.
It's my love.
How do mukbangers eat so much? I'm already full.
And on Asian YouTube you can see a girl skinny like this,
that releases videos everyday and eats 3 times more than I have here.
And she's still skinny!
What's her secret…
I already forgot how you may not put your chopsticks.
So what do we have here…booze!
This is…
wait, Sake is in Japan, Soju in Korea.
There're 17% of alcohol.
So it mustn't be too strong, yeah?
My friend got me this…'good best friends', so cute.
It doesn't really have a smell.
Not like vodka for sure.
It's like a classic version.
I feel like an alcoholic, it doesn't feel like I'm drinking at all.
Don't know why…
Maybe it's really because I usually drink like whiski cola,
or just whiski.
Oh, I spilt it on my trousers.
Maybe that's why I feel like…
No, no, it has something to it…
Maybe I just don't feel anything ater spicy food.
eat it with a spoon.
I like this dish more.
I don't like this sauce.
It tastes like…I don't know, there's something strange in it.
It's a little sweet, I don't like it.
Well, it's my taste,I just don't like it.
But I really have lot's of questions to those skinny girls,
how do they eat so much?
This one's better.
It's spicy, but
it's not too much.
Come to mummy.
So, the spicy one.
So good.
I want to get those stretchy things, where're they…
Did I really eat all of them??
We don't have any more stretchy things.
No, wait, wait…
But too much.
Let's summerise.
Before I explode.
Especially those stretchy things.
Not my cup of tea.
I think I'd love it if there were another sauce, I didn't like the sauce.
I like the idea of rice with eggs and vegetables.
It's cool.
But the sauce is…there's somethings sweet, and I don't like those kinds of sauces like sour-sweet ones.
Or the sweet ones, I don't know, I just don't like it.
I tried it for the first time on my vlog channel, when
I was just diagnosed with corona and lost my senses in the mouth.
I couldn't feel the taste and thought it was tasty.
Because the only thing I could feel is that it was spicy.
But now when I can taste, I don't like the sweetness.
They both have eggs in them.
So much…
For me, for you, and for the neighbour.
But I'm still interested in how those girls eat so much.
If you can hear it, ny stomach's complaining from time to time, I'm gonna stop eating.
Because it's too much.
This was delicious, this was cool,
I love kimchi very much and the appetizers, but unfortunately, I can't try sausages.
But it's fine.
And this thing
I feel it more now.
It has alcohol…
And you can really feel it.
Maybe because of the spiceness I didn't feel it, but now…
But the smell, I don't even know.
They also had other kinds where I bought it.
The same thing, but with different tastes.
I decided to try the original one.
You see, it's more interesting to start from…
I'm unfocused because of the food.
it's better to start from basic things.
Again, cheers.
Can you hear my poor stomach?
My stomach is like, woman, how much have you eaten?
I hope you enjoyed my mukbang.
We also have extra spicy noodles,
which is the most popular on YouTube right now.
I'm gathering all my power to eat it.
I hope to try it soon.
And I'm going to lay down, because gravity is pushing me.
This one's the best, I recommend to everyone.
This one you can skip.
And this one's worth it.
And I'm going to lay down.

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