В данном видео я подробно показываю и рассказываю, как выпечь сразу с одного замеса теста и одновременно на одном противне два совершенно …
hello dear friends, I am very glad to welcome you on my channel today we will
bake from one batch and on one baking sheet such a very effective and very tasty striped
sponge cake, so-called in another way, let's say chocolate and vanilla biscuit and immediately together
without certain unnecessary manipulations for this what do we need for this? for this we
need the most standard set of products like a classic biscuit to divide the eggs here I will
not take 18 centimeters for a shape this cake I have with a diameter of 18 centimeters will be a biscuit
8 large eggs in size either the size or in germany and 65 grams each, I also
need 280 grams of sugar 20 grams of starch and 120 grams of flour in the light part and 100 grams of flour
and 20 grams of cocoa in the dark part of the chocolate, a total of 240 grams of flour and cocoa, but I'll talk about
this in more detail later and 10 grams of vanilla sugar, of course, I now add them
at such a slow speed of the mixer so that the eggs are simply placed yolks and whites were scattered because if you
introduce all the sugar the yolks will immediately absorb it and it will be very difficult for us to beat the eggs, of
course, we take the next thing at room temperature at the same low speed of the mixer
and I introduce 20 grams of corn starch, it is better to take corn starch, of course you can take potato,
but better corn starch because it is lighter than potato and now I turn it on
at full speed in the mixer and begin to beat for a long time 280 grams of sugar I add
there and beat all this mass until very fluffy until such a clarification of a significant
minute twelve so that how do we check when the mass is ready so that a trace from the whisk has already remained at this
time I prepare my mold of 18 centimeters they cover my detachable forms with foil for
baking biscuits I have a biscuit mass I have a whipped base ready you see how tight it
turns out it holds its shape very well this mass is the same mass you should get
here there is neither baking powder nor soda nor milk, not butter, just eggs flour, a little starch and
sugar, but then we will introduce flour such an option on starch, in principle, a classic biscuit without
unnecessary problems without separating yolks and proteins, now I take the scales weigh the mixer bowl already
with the contents in her dough I know that I have it all about 700 80 grams 782 somewhere and now
1580 I read the weight we run doesn’t work 800 grams about the news of my dough and I now divide this
dough into 2 into 2 portions I take another bowl and in it I will already knead the chocolate part of my
biscuit now I measure exactly 400 grams into it and I will already knead in separate 2 containers with dry
ingredients I will mix everything with a pastry spatula exactly 400 grams now I measure everything
now I will mix them first I will mix white vanilla biscuit and me here it was a little inconvenient for me
to mix because holding the mixer is deep but I have 7 liters here but
you can keep it all in 4 liter because for 8 eggs it is very good in a 4 liter one
runs, everything will go astray in such small portions, I introduce flour and fold the painful movements, I
will mix it from bottom to top from bottom to top, I had a problem precisely because holding the
mixer is very deep I did not want just to stain the extra dishes here and so I did it
in a big di but it all stirred up my mass look from below it is imperative that no
dry flour is left there, in principle, flour is just flour without which it is kneaded
much, much faster, that's how it is of course slower, but nothing right now, we fill the
form with a vanilla mass of vanilla biscuit and set it aside and then I will show how to
fill the forms a little more than half, not even three quarters, and it will rise with us because I already
gave a layout to the rectangular biscuit in the description under the video all forms and now you will see for
yourself that 4 eggs, in principle, are here, since this is exactly half of our test for
4 eggs but it turns out to be an ideal shape of 18 meters and a height of 8 half centimeters, it turns out perfectly flush
with this shape to the top, it takes out an even biscuit then look when we have it written out
and so we put it aside and now we begin to knead our chocolate
mixture here I take it well Lucas cocoa sifted from me 100 grams of flour and 20 grams like
this for 4 eggs all this will be very accurately described in detail in the description of this video that here you need to
immediately pay attention to any mass with cocoa interfering is always a little more complicated than just
wheat flour, so we sleep with the bottom we take all this mass and, as it were, you see, as
it were, we will shoot a little bit like that with a spatula and see how many
promises of there are still, therefore, it is
imperative to form such voids from below into these voids this dry mixture is stuffed for some reason
with cocoa it always happens because of course, cocoa has a completely different composition than wheat flour, we also knead all this with such folding zheniya and
raise it up and constantly look through the whole mixture like this, I introduce it, too, in
such small portions it turns out such a homogeneous glossy mass due to the fact that we
hung out longer, of course, it will be slightly reduced this mass it can be seen than our vanilla
mass turned out but it doesn’t matter, we will be able to cut it into 4 cakes because cocoa will
repeat it again, it always makes a denser dough, all our dough is ready, pour it into its
prepared form, but I always cover it with foil for baking other products,
it is intended for baking fish meat and other products, so I don't use any
baking paper here, in addition, the biscuit ideally moves away from this foil, you can see now that it is already clear
that cocoa is a biscuit from how and we get a little less precisely because it is kneaded for longer,
so please be ready for this, well, it will be possible nab cut into 4 cakes,
we also now put it in preheated to 170 5 degrees spirit taste 175 degrees Celsius, of course,
we have a mode without convection up and down at an average level, our biscuits will be baked for about
35 40 minutes here you look at your oven and be sure to try to take eggs at room temperature, of
course, the longer the colder your products are, in particular the egg products here the mixture, the
longer the biscuits will bake, the longer the egg mass will go astray, therefore, pay attention
that you have already taken the eggs out of the refrigerator in advance before you are going to beat it this biscuit
and do not put the mold close to each other the baking drive our biscuits and they spent about 40 minutes
with me in the oven they are completely ready and I checked their readiness, of
course, we check with a wooden skewer 5 vanilla sponge cake ideally flush with the baked form 18
centimeters it is completely flat now it will remain here for me the hot one is very hot
now the hot sponge cake has a chocolate one such a small tubercle but then it will all be removed
you look those I show eight and a half centimeters, that is, this is a standard size
this is a detachable form height it is very convenient this form extends up to 32 centimeters I
strongly advise everyone to buy it is sold in all confectionery stores as a rule in
online stores in germany it is sold even in large supermarkets just in the hotel for you
glasses and, of course, we got a chocolate biscuit lower, it is about 7 centimeters in
height, I immediately told you about this that you always need to be ready for this because cocoa
is heavier somehow this whole mass turns out to be a tubercle now it will go away with us because it is still
very hot and as the biscuit cools down, the bump will seem to equalize, I put it like this on the grate on the
bottom, literally on the bottom of this chocolate biscuit, it will stand now, I just know from
experience, you can put it upside down but I do not see the point in this, the vanilla biscuit, of course,
I will put it upside down and for two hours like this, I will leave them until they cool completely somewhere at approximately two
hours have passed and I will now cut them out of the molds first, of course, remove the foil and cut it out with a
thin sharp knife, you see how perfect it turned out for me, it completely reaches the top and is
completely flat, this is such an ideal bottom that it has exactly and without any burn it without lumps and once
again repeat from the foil absolutely well everything lags behind we cut out of the forms and carefully do it
and then leave it then we will wrap it naturally in plastic wrap and remove it, I always try to do it in
any case, put it in the refrigerator overnight because before cutting these the cakes should not
settle very well in the refrigerator now we are looking at how it is with us that's exactly the height it has
risen as far as you can see here it is elastic such a good biscuit the tag here is not very neat I
cut it out, but I hope you will be able to cut it more accurately, but in principle here
it does not play a big role now we also remove it in the foil from the chocolate biscuit, see which one
is even and beautiful and but with a small pore with a true structure, in no way burnt, everything is baked
like this on a chocolate biscuit quite already a bump on top, it has practically disappeared and now
when it stands upside down in the refrigerator for 8 hours, it will of course be even better, it
will certainly be removed in cling film when we bake such a biscuit and immediately together it is
not necessary to make this striped cake out of them, you can just save electricity
save the mixer speed save the young man's stove and use it in this form, at least
8 hours better for the night and we save our appliances service life and so on, that
is, this has its advantages very large we take a string for cutting, you can also cut it with a knife,
I just like the string to cut everything into two points, I put a string on the second division, this is
also sold in pastry shops sold in online stores, see what texture
the biscuit has very good and despite the fact that it does not contain any butter, not milk tacos And exactly he
turns out a small amount of crumbs from him, the main thing is that he withstands everything already for us
so that he rests this biscuit biscuit to taste it is, in principle, a Soviet biscuit, but in the Soviet
there, according to the recipe, of course, there is no starch, but there is a little starch in the dough, but
it does not feel absolutely in the taste, this starch here I cut into 4 equal cakes, I have
such a cut to the top, in principle, it can then be added to a layer, too, in some kind of attachment, but here I
will not do it I need such a beautiful cut in this cake and somewhere I will find a
use for that with the note of the cap, it is quite even here, also on the double, the
division of the string remains and I also cut chocolate cakes, they are absolutely all baked, see
what structure is very pleasant and this is not butter, nor baking powder, nor milk in this
biscuit it is a low-calorie biscuit in fact because it does not contain any special fats except for the
yolks and except for those fats that are contained in yolks and of course this biscuit will need
impregnation when we collect the cake we cut it like this, and for the fourth cake we will
also be able to cut it out here is such a small piece we will have left of it here of course
with the fourth cake you always need to be careful and that's it -so we fit, look here are such
beautiful even cakes, we got them, they can also be optional, with such a striped
pattern, they can also be laid with nestor, then vanilla chocolate cakes upwards,
let's say for those guests who like chocolate vanillin or cut into
such halves of our cakes and half of the cake to collect a high vanilla cake and half a cake of chocolate we
will also do this someday, or just save energy and the operation of our
kitchen appliances and bake two biscuits together at once, that is, I think that such biscuits are irreplaceable
in our business, I am very I hope that this video was useful to everyone; subscribe to my
to anal press the bell so as not to miss the release of my new videos write comments, like
and I very much wish you all great success and see you in new videos

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