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How to make a vinaigrette
I have a channel recipes Germany, I think we need to fill it with different recipes that people need
The recipe here is simple. I've already done most of the work.
I tell you consistently. How best to do it.
You can do it however you want. I'll tell you how I do it.
This is how my mother taught me and this is how my grandmother cooked. It turns out very tasty.
I boiled carrots
Boiled potatoes
I cooked carrots and potatoes in a large saucepan
and salted the water
You need the same amount of carrots as potatoes and the same amount of beets. In equal proportions
You don't have to weigh this. Just take a look. When the vegetables are boiled and ready
Poured hot water from a saucepan and poured cold water into it
All boiled vegetables were in cold water
Don't forget vegetables. The water must be drained into the sink
I left all these vegetables in the refrigerator overnight until morning
When you immediately cook and start cutting vegetables, it doesn't work out very well. Vegetables should rest in the refrigerator
After that, clean the vegetables well and cut well.
Vegetables can be cut into neat, even cubes
Carrots also hold their shape well after this process.
Diced carrots and potatoes
Before that, you need to peel the vegetables
I bought beets in a vacuum package and opened the bag
I pour the juice separately into the bowl. Beet juice useful for human blood
Pouring juice from a bag of beets
I used to drink this beet juice
Now I add this beet juice directly to my vinaigrette in vegetable salad
Vegetable salad is delicious because of this juice
This juice is very healthy. Beet juice cleanses the blood
Beet juice cleanses the liver
We really love these beetroot salads.
The body is healed when we eat beets
Beets cannot be boiled for very long. Beets lose all their beneficial properties.
I don't add much onion
Peeled two small heads of fresh onions and cut into two parts
This is how I cut all the vegetables into cubes.
All vegetables must be cut into the same cubes
How do I know the size of the cube? My grandmother taught me so
Imagine what you have in the spoon. Do you want only carrots in your spoon?
No. Do you want only cucumbers in your spoon? You want to put salad in your mouth
Yes. Then you need to cut into small cubes so that there are different vegetables in the spoon.
Salted carrots and potatoes separately, mixed. Top with salt beets separately
I never knew how much salt is needed. I do it to taste
Can be added to peas salad
Now I have no peas. I add a small jar of pickled peas. Don't need much
The salad will be without peas. We didn't buy it. The peas are over in the evening
We have viewers who want to know exactly how much oil is needed
For this amount of vegetables, three tablespoons of sunflower oil is suitable
You can add fresh herbs
You can add ground black pepper to vegetable salad
I add a little black pepper. Now almost made a salad
To make the vinaigrette delicious. Cover the salad
and send to the refrigerator
The salad is delicious in about one hour. All vegetables are fed with their juice
It will be incredibly delicious. I love vinaigrette
I always read your comments. I really like it when people shared their recipes.

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