Привет друзья! Готовим зельц из печени или сальтисон из куриной печени. Это блюдо можно использовать, как закуску, или же для бутербродов, …
chicken liver – 500 gr. (any liver)
lard – 300 gr.
egg – 1 pc.
garlic – 3-4 cloves (to taste)
semolina – 0.5 tbsp.
salt, pepper – to taste
nutmeg – to taste
Suneli hops to taste
For cooking:
package – 2 pcs.
chop the liver finely
cut the skin from bacon
finely chop the lard
add finely chopped garlic
add ground pepper to taste
salt to taste
hops-suneli taste
semolina half a glass
1 eggs
shift everything into a package
bleed the bag and tie
in another reinsurance package
cook for 3 hours over low heat
cool the liver put under oppression
Leave in the fridge overnight
Seltz turns out very tasty!!
Enjoy your meal!

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