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good afternoon dear viewers of the channel
Crimean health center
nemyvakina and today's topic of our
video i would like to devote
really valuable with me let's say
so a storehouse of vitamin c it's cabbage
friends of this vegetable ivan palych
dedicated a whole book you know sometimes
I think
to which the executioner did not dedicate his book to you either
if he lived let's say so until 120 years
I think affected all all the vegetables and herbs
that grow on our earth but
friends word today will be dedicated
this queen of the fields friends cabbage in her
composition has many useful substances
cabbage overtook protein
swede, carrots and beets
protein only
spinach friends cabbage contains a large
the amount of essential amino acids such
like lysine threonine
and tryptophan these amino acids
promote tissue regeneration and
restore our body
friends are high in fiber
this vegetable
contributes to active improvement
peristalsis in the human intestines
therefore people who are in sufficient
I do not know the amount of this vegetable
problems like constipation
also cabbage helps to reduce
sugar therefore and this vegetable is strongly
recommended for use by people with
diabetes is another very
an interesting feature of this vegetable is
that cabbage contains a large amount
vitamin C and that is ascorbic
acid but
let's call it that
besides ascorbic acid here
great content offend the gene it's
derivative let's say derivative
ascorbic acid which when
heat treatment turns into
vitamin c
so cabbage is one of the few
vegetables that are cooked
improves its properties of course I want
add that cabbage especially when
cooking stew but most importantly
does not lose all of his
useful properties she revs even
improves therefore many nutritionists
recommend eating more cabbage in
Kvash to us in the form
the so-called fermented product
which is best absorbed
the human body would like
notice something else in this vegetables
contains a large number of very
rare vitamin a and vitamin u does that
this is the so-called antiulcer
factor it is called by many scientists
why because this particular vitamin
promotes mucosal regeneration
gastrointestinal tract
that way people who are in sufficient
amount consume this vegetable
significantly reduce the risks of occurrence
peptic ulcer also cabbage
used at low
acidity reduced secretion that is
it stimulates production
digestive enzymes of the stomach but
be wary of let
and people with high acidity
she unfortunately can even hurt
friends ivan executioner nemymyvakin his book
described many recipes from this
wonderful vegetables that save
many diseases
list some for example when
psoriasis 100 milliliters with us
freshly squeezed cabbage juice
taken 3 times a day before meals and
people suffering from these diseases from
whom no one has yet found a cure
stable remissions also turn out
cabbage is actively used in
insomnia so 150 milliliters
freshly squeezed cabbage juice for 40 50
minutes to sleep significantly improve sleep
make it deep and say so
productive also cabbage actively
used for all kinds of mastitis
for example, if you still have mastitis
let's say female breasts should
cook the gruel from fresh cabbage and
put it on her chest which
suffer from mastitis 3-4 times a day and
description avtory
plastic is very fast
to note that with intestinal atony
daily consumption of 150 milliliters
freshly squeezed warm cabbage juice
very quickly leads to intestinal tone in
tone and many problems like constipation
and fade into the background friends in this
the book still lists many
interesting recipes which
Ivan palych himself
invented and borrowed many, for example
other famous herbalists and scientists but
from all this video from this whole book
there is only one conclusion that it
really wonderful vegetable which
naturally can lead
naturally can lead our
organism to health so friends on
today I say goodbye to you
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I even plucked 3 c.
we have bloomed snowdrops right
in our center that is winter
doesn't want to come in any way
our wonderful Crimea well, maybe this is to
this maybe it’s good to say so friends
today say goodbye to you thank you for
see our channel bye bye

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