Домашний паштет приготовить просто, причем можно использовать ☝️ любую печень (куриную, свиную или даже говяжью). Отличие будет только во …
Hello everyone, Anastasia is with you on the Food for Every Taste channel! In this video I will show
you the easiest recipe for making pate from any liver!
In this case, I will use pork liver, you can also use chicken, the difference will be in
the cooking time. Cut the liver into pieces, cut out all unnecessary and put in a bowl.
To remove bitterness and foreign taste, fill the liver with milk, if there is no milk, use
ordinary water. It is advisable to leave the pork liver for 2 hours, and 40-60 minutes
will be enough for the chicken liver . During this time, you can prepare vegetables: per kilogram of liver, you need
200 grams of onions and about 150 grams of carrots, which we also cut, but in slices.For
cooking, I use a brazier (you can use a frying pan with a thick bottom), heat 50
milliliters of vegetable oil and fry vegetables in it. At the end of the
time, rinse the liver well with water, let the water drain and then you can add it to the
fried vegetables. Do not stir, cover with a lid and let the liver turn slightly white.
Salt to taste, add spices, I have a mixture of different peppers and coriander here, put bay
leaves. Stir and simmer everything until tender: the chicken liver will be ready in 15-20 minutes, and the pork liver
takes more time – 30 minutes. When the liver is ready, we take out the bay leaf
and grind it all, together with vegetables, juice, through a meat grinder. You can grind it several times,
if there is too much liquid during stewing, then it is not necessary to add all of it so that the pate does not
turn out to be too liquid, but whoever likes it. And for a more delicate structure, we also interrupt with a blender.
Add 100 grams of soft butter to the hot liver mass, mix thoroughly so that all the butter melts and mixes
with the liver. At this point, you can try with salt and add salt,
if required. We transfer the finished pate into a container, and so that the top does not dry out, we
distribute a piece of butter on top, it will melt and form a film on top, but that
's not all! For now, put the pate in the refrigerator and show you another way of serving and storing.
We take a cling film, distribute a piece of butter, on top of which we put the pate (it is desirable
that the pate is already a little cooled so that the butter does not melt), roll it up with a sausage, twisting the
ends of the film and in this form you can freeze the pate. And this is how it turns out after cooling
in the refrigerator: thick and very tasty, rich taste. Prepare, it's easy! Put like it,
share the video with your friends if you were interested! I'm waiting for your comments, that's all for today! While.

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