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We do not focus on diseases, we build health
It doesn't matter what diseases
people come to me with.
It does not matter at what age, no matter what problem it is,
if the process has
not passed into the terminal stage,
the body has the ability to regenerate and
repair itself. This is our secret
Lyudmila G. Vasilyeva. PhD, homeopath, founder of the holistic medicine
Head of the clinic in Dubai
Recognized holistic doctor at the state level in the United Arab Emirates and in Ukraine
Awarded with several state awards
Holistic medicine works at the energy level
When the energy gets restored, the
overall health is easily restored at the same time
Throughout the twenty-five years of practice,
Dr. Vasilieva has created a unique
author's method of restoring human health
Her method combines thousands years
of knowledge of traditional medicine
and the latest achievements in modern science
Lyudmila Vasilieva helped thousands of her patients get rid of diabetes,
digestive system disorders, multiple sclerosis, allergies, asthma
The list of diseases can be
continued indefinitely
The true essence of the Vasilyeva method is that she does not treat the symptoms, but the cause of the disease
Faridah Ossent, 46 years old. Since she was twenty years old she suffered from diabetes
After a month of treatment by Lyudmila Vasilyevas
system, insulin intake was reduced
from 20 units to 12, and two weeks
later it was completely eliminated
It`s balanced. Actually I am not even
taking insulin
Just try this holistic lifestyle. Just try
it, because you’ll be surprised what it…
how it heals your body even
without understanding it
Khalid Al Awar 31 years old. Suffered
from multiple sclerosis for over 8 years
After two months of treatment
Lyudmila Vasilyevas method
he returned to a normal physical activity,
his condition improved immensely
When the young man decided not to
take prescription drugs any longer,
the doctors predicted him a wheelchair and
called him crazy
I stopped using the chemical
medication completely
Everything changes once you follow
the holistic living
And I have been on this for three years now.
I’m not
in a wheel chair, I’m not crazy.
Mansoor Al Awar, 60 years old
Suffered from asthma, overweight,
hypertension, high cholesterol
and many other associated complications
Following the Vasilyeva method, he
lost 16 kg
Blood pressure and sugar
normalised and he stopped using the
4 weeks only I quit blood pressure
And after 8 weeks I quit the
cholesterol pills
And again and again I would say
“thank you” to you
Your prescription is absolutely fantastic. I
am a live example of the approach
Oleg Fomin, 52 years old
Hypertension, coronary disease,
cardiac arrhythmias, sleep disturbances,
overweight, high cholesterol
Smoker for more than
thirty years
After a month of treatment, he lost 6 kilograms and quit
Blood pressure normalised
and cholesterol bounced back
It seems to me that the doctor has a
gift, as if she enchanted me
I am so grateful for meeting her in
my life
And I hope that this is the
much needed push to turn my life in the right direction
As my wife and I say, I still want to live, life has just
There are so many things to
do and to experience
Today, Lyudmila Vasilyeva is considered one of the most successful doctors in the Middle East
Among her patients are members of royal families, Arab sheikhs, celebrities,
people ranked in Forbes list, politicians, famous athletes
Modern medicine is magnificent and successful in vital situations – these are injuries, burns,
extreme situations when life is in danger, then modern
medicine is the very, very best
In those situations do not even think of using
any natural, holistic,
homeopathic or Ayurvedic medicine or similar
But as soon as you choose health, no modern medicine with it´s drugs can help. Only Holistic
Modern medicine deals with disease
Divides a person into parts, having a million specialists, that specialize not only on specific diseases,
but on specific
functions of the human body
When you put your attention to something, it starts to grow
Like modern
medicine for example is focusing mainly on diseases
Therefore the diseases grow
Hypertension of the first stage turns into hypertension of the second or third stage,
diabetes also goes into a more severe form of diabetes, and so on
The immune system is deteriorating, the modern medicine approach works “anti”
The approach of modern medicine is the opposite, suppressing, or compensating
You lose vigilance .. and say: not now, maybe later, I have no time
The body is slowly and slowly compensated, but at some point it starts giving up
Ceases to compensate
The only successful method is actually, the restoration of your health only
There is a system, there are methods
Unfortunately we don´t not pay
attention to our health,
until we get sick, until something gets worse
Health requires maintenance, because both health and happiness are equilibrium,
this is not the status quo
Therefore, health should be maintained in the same way you maintain your car,
your clothes, your home, your environment, your garden
You do
everything to keep them healthy
And not sick. As soon as something falls ill,
you begin to repair and restore its function and so on
And with our own body, we wait until it fails, and only then we begin to engage
And modern medicine actually helps with this
Therefore, I built a completely
new direction, which is called holistic medicine
Holistic meaning integrated
and complete
Whereas modern medicine deals with diseases, this is the morphological stage of manifestation,
and it naturally worsens the course of disease,
because it compensates or suppresses the body’s signal of necessary recovery
We are in the 21st century and we need both of these medicines to exist side by side
Both the holistic approach and the allopathic approach
Goethe expressed it wonderfully in his poem:
«To know and note the living, you’ll find it
Best to first dispense with the spirit:
Then with the pieces in your hand,
Ah! You’ve only lost the spiritual bond.»

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