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hello everyone with you as always Ilya and
even Moomin trolls began to prepare with
us for the exam and what we stopped
76 question decal cal-pro textiles it
analysis of research which is in
most are used for
evaluation of gastrointestinal symptoms
channel path let's call it in Russian
what state helps to assess better
total elevated fecal ring
textiles and options
and ulcers kaltve lymphocytic to the face
colon cancer
celiac disease her irritable
bowels and your options as always
you can leave in the comments I will say
what's the correct option is
and since the fecal cortexin is a marker
inflammation in the intestines and proper
all proposed inflammatory itself
is an
ulcerative colitis lymphocytic colitis
characterized by
accumulation of lymphocytes in separate parts
And actually such bright inflammations are not
gives and symptoms there enough
blurry but understandable syndrome
irritable bowel is swept away by sight
the fact that this disease is functional
how could some kind of inflammation be
slicks it all the same
small intestine and there is also more side
such a part of inflammation
active nura how would yes there rises to
not so much and no matter how best
actually diagnosed as we are with you
we understand
so there is obviously a 77 question from
what if you're out of luck and so the last years
Nobel Prize is issued in the area
microscopy and one of these awards was
issued for microscopy based
spontaneous emission suppression
the fourteenth year the place to be exact
what is the main advantage of this
microscopy compared to other
technicians first
and more resolution b opportunity
living cells are studied c better contrast
d more depth can be cut so you
translate it longer working
distance if you suddenly have
any comments on this issue
write to tell me what is the correct answer
higher resolution than
confocal percent on microscopy in
Generally can read about this Wikipedia
if you're interested, I'll just show you the pics
here's the difference we drop this question and
continue question 78
france in 5 months and he will eat
rice porridge with milk and strawberry
jam for breakfast for 30 minutes
he reacts
manifestation of anxiety suspect pain
and it gets a little hot and
temperature rises and develops
blush on cheeks
if literally what is the next diagnoses
less likely to be allergic to milk
cow black hyena rice with allergies
on strawberries and viral infections and her
lactose intolerance well anyway
it is clear that allergies are always likely to
all so why not viral
infection ie a fever
some kind of blush pain everything is possible like
would just coincide with the food why not well
lactose tolerance and proper
correct answer that is no less
probable option no matter how the symptoms
those and somehow quickly it's all again
therefore the correct answer is shown e
79 question again children
parents of a three month baby
contacted the clinic reason that
yellow child parent
They say that the feces are bright
lemon-colored baby feels
left us well and everything is with him
normal and he gains weight that follows
do what measures first
take and give advice to interrupt
feeding milk for at least 2 days b
monitor there'll be tili-tili status
wars control to doped not
guaranteed bilirubin assay
create d what is it lingering
physiological jaundice of newborns
relax and nominate the baby to the light
and treatment photo treatment but again
you can leave a comment below the video
if any considerations about but
look let's go last then
there we are prescribing treatment without knowing what
actually with the child for good
there you are the end of the diagnosis without taking
no analysis all the same as an eye so
not accepted disappears
Well, prolonged physiological jaundice
again, well, then it was delayed
on this basis, respectively, not bad
would still check out what was scored
ruby is created and the goal is the correct answer
about milk and serious status
as if the type is not very cottage and in general what to
so they drop 80 question-bonus
a little here is not finished there already three
stars it means that if we answer
correct points are credited
if the answer is not correct then it is like
drops and so hemophilic wand
there is
common causes of infections
which of the following statements is the most
correctly when it comes to it
hemophilia son flanets
and the vaccine against this stick gives
excellent protection against all types
infections caused by this bacterium b1
offers and friend cannot call
disease systems such as walls
effects like meningitis sepsis c infection
caused and interested can always
actually be increased by
ampicillin d capsulated whites to him
the film is the son of a client this is the most frequent
most common reason attention and not
enclosed Firsov Rienz is
the most common common cause of averages
otite well here's an excursion into the cinema life
ferris friends and your options in
comments and we'll go in terms of
banal erudition well vaccine against
sticks from all the best protection against everything
doubtful all the same b
so how can she not if meningitis
please yes and sepsis I think everything
you can try to find such
with always treat some antibiotics well you
understand yes it is impossible that is
if it is steady he offers in france
about the attention well, how would there still
applicants for the most frequent
infectious causes directly not for example
the same primakov why not well and
logic remains e and in principle this and
there is a correct answer that is again
such a fact may be small
known but according to the author of the test
It turns out so 81 question herpes simplex
common herpes it causes latent
infections that can reactivate
several times in which cells
resting is this latent virus
and options
a b lipocide and b nerve cells c
epithelium d liver cells and endothelium
Well, it is clear that you will go to the nerve cells
question 82
Histamine is secreted by a specific type.
which is in the median tissue and
causes allergic symptoms
what cells actually cause
secrete ask for histamine and the options they
and b1 fibroblasts and films and granulocytes
deficiency and up plasma cells and
motorcycle want disassemble and chalk
fibroblasts and not peculiar to
granulation tissue is actually nothing
not there do not allocate used here actually
place can be no doubt to use on
phil and but they don't release histamine
able to absorb them all like
do not secrete receptors bridges fragments
immunoglobulin e was big here in
this is their task in the outbreaks
shortage and
these are macrophages of strong tissue therefore
that they are there more busy phagocytosis so
excretion of plasma cells is
at all
immunoglobulins and then histamine and
we, respectively, astrocytes is the same
exact cage will become tissue
which histamine secretes correct
answer and
8 third question in women with endometriosis
may develop chronic
zero state let's call it that
chronic pain is actually hard
cure effectively
how is it written which of the following
options most likely as a mechanism
the development of this state is central
sensitization i b skin hyperesthesia
with obsessive compulsive syndrome d or
physical addiction and and intra-abdominal
Well, the latter is immediately apparent from falling
up for chronic pain vova what do i need
somehow it's yes live with a little reason
the mechanism itself is a very strange skin
hypertension as if with what is active
but these 7 dan simply because the word
it needs to be filled with addiction too
doubtful and proper central
sensitization I answer correctly that is
up chronically
0 nidus is formed during chronic pain
than any localization
field price dominant from is formed and
actually yes there already its interesting
drug treatment options that
strictly prescription let's say there is
a large number of pathogenic species for
human bacteria what a typical
quality in bacillus anthracis that is
anthrax and she belongs to the group
gram negative bacteria
b she forms spores d infect only
people yes she is usually resident on to
different types of antibiotics and and she
refers to a group of spirochetes well
respectively about anthrax spores
heard it all
for this is the correct answer is obtained but
accordingly then she
gram-positive and gram-negative
it captures animals including and how
would again all probably heard there about
burial grounds of anthrax cows d
resident on the biotics map mda no
my treatment is easy enough
antibiotics mean her but again
same if this form is local okay and yen
what a hell is the spirochete if it's a bacillus
question 85 conclusively today in
journal is worth record psy from n
patient association increases
are accelerated by itself that's all
denotes a unique state
depressive with duck down dimension-
psychosomatics understand that psychosomatics
there is hardly any dementia too
and then I will say it slows down
how would depression this all fall into
In principle, it is clear that this is all
gain acceleration is more for
manic cases fit and and this
right answer me today everything again
Comment on your tube with your
versions express add if with
do not like something like
send videos to friends colleagues
relatives and subscribe to
channel if this is not done to everyone
happily bye

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