استمتعو بالتجربة.
Hi guys, this is Anas and Walid from "barmagaFeast" channel
and today we have seafood
today we are doing a crazy dish
for sure we are not eating a normal food that people know
so today we are doing an oven baked fish stuffed with seafood
to know how we are doing it, watch the episode
lets start by showing the ingredients
we have chopped onions
chopped onions are very nice with seafood
and here we have shrimps and squid
already chopped and cleaned
the different thing here is the fluid
we used "Sprite" and left the seafood in it for 30 minutes
it's the soda drink don't be shocked
"Sprite" the soda drink
Why "Sprite"?
we tried it before, if you put the seafood for 30 minutes in "Sprite"
it removes the fishy smell
and it gives very nice sweetness taste
we have also white sauce with butter and lemon
we highly recommend it with seafood
its all easy ingredients
cooking it won't be very easy, but we will not show all the steps to make the video shorter
at first we will say everything we are doing, then cook it
we will put the onions in pan with a bit of oil, salt and spices
then cook the shrimps and squid with it
then put the sauce
let them boil few minutes till the sauce is thick
finally after all of this is done, we put it inside our hollow fish
then put it in the oven
will bake it on both sides, each side around 15 to 20 minutes
for the fish type, we are not expert in fish, we just got a big fish that can be hollow
what was its name?
"Mabrouka" fish
it's the first time we try it
this is a close look on the fish
its cleaned, hollow and rubbed with lemon to remove the fishy smell
will start cooking and come back
at first put the onions with little bit oil
will stir them till the color change, then put salt and spices
then put the seafood
the onion now is ready, will put the seafood
will take only the seafood without the fluid
with seafood and onion we put
salt, pepper, cumin powder and coriander powder
now its ready for the sauce
can be eaten as it is
we are back after done cooking the seafood
as you can see, looks like this
looks tasty
the smell is awesome
now will start cooking the fish
start by preparing the fish which is already cleaned
will only put salt on both sides
it gives salty taste for the skin
and also we put inside
the fish looks like it was created to be stuffed
there is only few meat in this fish, it's mostly hollow
just a hollow
we got it by luck
now will put the seafood inside
now close the fish
oven is heated, now will put the fish inside
will bake in the oven 15 to 20 minutes on each side
will be back after it's done to try it
we are back after the fish is done
we can't lift it up to the camera as it's too hot
I think you can see it from here
will open it to see the inner part
here is the shrimps and squid
this is leftover from the seafood sauce
will use it as dipping for extra flavour
now will cut it in half
as you can see, this is half of it
looks really worth testing
if you have any new ideas for seafood write it to us, will try it
now its testing time
will try it first without the sauce
moment of understanding
what's this?
it's unbelievable thing
the taste is so good
its tastes like a real nice seafood plate
the sauce went inside the fish meat
so the fish itself is so juicy
with the shrimps and squid, really amazing
lets try it with the dipping sauce
with the dipping, its super awesome
all thanks to Walid
I have to confess that Walid is the one knows how to cook, not me
this is why he is the great commander
Anas only eats, he also can fry eggs
so you like it today?
you are the man bro
it was very hard today to film while fasting
most of the video was filmed before breakfast, now we are at the breakfast time
don't forget like,share and subscribe, and asks us any questions you have
and try it and let us know in the comments your feedback
good bye

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