معجزة الليمون ستجعل بطنك مسطحة في اسبوع مشروب انقاص الوزن وتذويب شحوم الكرش بدون رجيم مشروب انقاص الوزن بدون رجيم في اسبوع و حرق الدهون وتذويب شحوم …
My Dears welcome back to your channel How to lose weight. May God bless your time with all the best
Nice to meet to be with you again in a new Natural Recipe for Slimming
Today, God willing, I will share with you a recipe for a drink
With only two ingredients, they are easy, but their effect is amazing
In the process of losing weight and burning fats, especially rumen fats
You will notice a significant decrease in weight
Approximately 5 kilograms per week
You only have to drink this drink
So you get the perfect result and weight
Before you get acquainted with these two components
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Drink weight loss in a week and burn fat without diet for the day
It consists of lemon, which is in addition to its amazing weight loss benefits
It works to purify and revitalize the liver
To do its functions better
Thus, it increases the fat burning rate
We will also need apple cider vinegar
Which contains acetic acid
Which is acid
Which helps greatly to get rid of the rumen
And excess fat in the abdominal area
Also, apple cider vinegar improves the metabolism process
this one is necessary to lose weight and burn fats, especially rumen fats
We will also need a glass of warm water
about half a liter
These two components greatly aid in weight loss
And drinking them is considered a fat-burning beverage
And effective in losing weight quickly
And to prepare a slimming drink and lose weight in a week without diet
We will take a large cup of water this size, warm water
Then we add the juice of half a lemon
Lemon contains many nutrients
Such as vitamin C and antioxidants
Which is useful for losing weight and burning fat
Also it is known that
Lemon helps get rid of toxins
And it works to regulate the temperature inside the body
Which increases fat burning
Lemon also boosts the metabolism process
Which is very useful for weight loss
It also increases the feeling of satiety and fullness for long periods
Without adding calories to the body
as i say we squeeze half a lemon
Then we add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
Then we mix the ingredients well
We drink slimming and weight loss drinks
Daily on an empty stomach
That is, it is the first thing we start with our day for a week
This quick slimming drink
it help to lose weight
And burn amounts of fat
And grease in the body
And with the persistence of this drink
You will notice weight loss
And eliminate fats
Especially belly fat
we have reached the end of the video
I hope you have benefited from his slimming recipe for today
And try it, it is a natural recipe
God willing, it will give you a good result
It is also safe for your health
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In a new slimming recipe
on God `s will

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