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Often many of us get quite confused by seeing nutrition labels printed on food packets
In today's episode, we will see how these labels can be easily understood in simple language
So let's find out
Before we understand these labels closely we must always remember that
There are also such naturally healthy products available in any super market
Like fresh fruits and vegetables, we do not need any printed labels to know about their nutrition
This is the reason that we should include more of them in our diet and avoid processed foods available in the market as much as possible
And if you can't do that, don't buy them without understanding their labels closely
If we talk about these labels, generally whatever information is given on this packet
We assume that this is for the entire packet, and that's where we make a mistake
Any packet or container has more than one serving
Serving means a portion of food served at a time
As you can see on this packet here all the values ​​are given in either grams or milligrams
If we talk about calories, then 180 kcal is mentioned on this packet
Is there really only 180 kcal in this entire packet?
No, it's not like that at all
If you look at it carefully, it is clearly written on the packet, "serving size".
This makes it clear to us that the details written on this packet are for this specific serving size only, and not for the whole packet
Just below this information, you will find "Total serving" written on the packets
That is, whatever information is given on this packet in this nutrition column is serving specific
But if we want to calculate it for the whole packet
So we have to multiply the individual quantity by this total number of servings
Now if we talk about calories, then do not buy any food item just by looking at the calories added on it
This is because some of the food items such as nuts, avocados have high calories
But they are also very healthy
If they are properly included in your diet
While shopping for food items, another important thing that you should see on any food packet is
That is the content of "dietary fiber" written on that packet
Dietary fiber helps a lot in maintaining our gastrointestinal health.
Stabilises blood glucose levels as well
And if the amount of dietary fibre is high in the body, then you do not feel hungry again and again
This can prove to be very helpful for those who are suffering from any problem related to weight for a long time
If you are very fond of breakfast cereal, and especially when you buy breakfast cereal from two different brands before buying it,
So select the same product which has more quantity of dietary fibre
In this list, at number three, we will talk about "Sugar"
If you use them more in your diet, then you may face problems like diabetes and obesity
This is the reason that whatever product you buy, its quantity should be very low
Fourth and very important information that we should see on food packets or labels is the ''fat content'' written on those packets
Processed food means ready made food, which are being available in the market these days, the fats found in them are quite unhealthy
Compared to the fats we get from plant based sources such as nuts and avocados which we have mentioned earlier.
these are also known as ''Unsaturated fats'', these are naturally present in them
On the other hand, if we talk about processed food, then there is a huge amount of saturated fats in them.
Which can be very harmful for our body
Now if fats are being talked about, how can we forget trans fats?
It has been found in many research that when the amount of trans fat is high in the body, it increases the risk of heart diseases or heart attack to a great extent
This is the reason that whenever you buy a product, make sure that it does not contain trans fat
The fifth information we are going to talk about now is
Sodium Content mentioned on that packet
When sodium levels are high in your body, water retention increases, due to which your blood pressure can also increase
If not stopped at the right time, they can also take the form of some dreadful disease.
This is the reason that whenever you buy a food packet, make sure that the amount of sodium in it is very low.
Do you read the labels printed on any food item before purchasing it or do you buy it by looking at the added vitamins and mineral content printed on them
Tell us your answers in the comment section
Now we are going to discuss some information related to this topic
Food labels often have a list of added vitamins and minerals.
In simple words, it is only one part of the marketing strategy
This is because by looking at the list of these vitamins and minerals, we think that these products will really prove to be very beneficial for us
But it does not happen at all
This is just a marketing strategy used by companies and manufacturers to woo health conscious people and increase sales
Labels are placed on these packets which are prepared in the food industries, so that even though the food industries are not present everywhere
We could communicate with our consumers what changes have come in the processing of any food so that we can keep our health in mind
So that you can choose the food items you want
Proper understanding of these nutrition labels printed on food packets will prove to be very helpful for you to lead a healthy life
Now you can easily compare and understand any food packet before purchasing it
At the same time, like a sensible citizen, you can also help the rest of the people
this is pretty much it in today's episode of ''Kabhi Food Kabhi Facts'',
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see you in the next episode till then take good care and stay safe

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