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our subscribers asked about another question that
the children after getting some certain age also they put a finger on the belly button
subscribers asked why do they do that
they put a finger inside the belly button because
when the baby is inside the mother's womb for 9 months
the baby gets energy through the umbilical cord from the mother
the food which the mother eats doesn't go inside and it is converted as energy and then goes inside
so the baby is connected to energy through the umbilical cord
we are also the same when we are in the mother's womb
so what the umbilical cord does is
the baby will be inside so the digestive system of the baby doesn't work
so the food the mother eats is converted as energy
the belly button will be very sensitive when it is converted as energy
I told you before that applying oils to the belly button will be very useful
the belly button is very sensitive which is an organ
the belly button also cures many diseases
I told you many things related to the belly button and in the future also we can learn more
so we should take care of our belly button
when the baby is born they cut the umbilical cord
after cutting the cord the baby will cry
so when the baby cries the energy which is cut goes inside from the baby mouth
the energy goes inside through the mouth
but that won't be enough, the baby needs energy that comes through the umbilical cord
the babies up to 7 years are naturally connected to the energy of the universe
so what happens for the babies up to 7 years that they don't know because
they are always connected to the energy so naturally, they keep the finger inside the belly button
the other thing is when the umbilical cord is cut
after the cord is cut wherever you see if the water doesn't flow there will be more force of water
and it tries forcefully to flow
so here when the cord is cut the force of energy from the universe tries forcefully to enter inside
so while trying without knowing they put a finger inside the belly button
the children try to neutral the energy but they don't know about that
as they are connected to nature so they put a finger and rotate it inside the belly button
they neutral the energy that is going inside
this happens naturally
so this is not a big mistake and not a habit
some people asked about it and told that they are feeling bad about their children always putting a finger
and asked why they do that
this not due to any energy problem
actually, it is not so bad because they neutralize the energy by themselves
so don't worry about it
it's not a very big issue slowly the children will forget about it
I have seen some older people also they keep finger inside the belly button
it happens without knowing
some energy is trying to go inside
all these which are happening are not known
this is not a big issue so as not to feel bad and don't worry about it
hope it has understood by the people who asked. THANK YOU.

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