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Welcome to
Tiantian Xiang Shang
Welcome Rocket Girl 101
we are
Rocket Girl 101
For our foodie series
today we have 4
super pretty
super thin
Can I ask
are you all foodies?
With no doubt [Answer in the same time]
We are foodies
Thin people love to call themselves foodies
to offend others
No [Not at all]
You are not convincing
Look at me
I am a foodie [This is foodie’s standard look]
And no one will questions it
I am from Guangdong
which means I am a foodie [Cantonese do love to eat]
[Eat in Guangzhou]
I am from Sichuan [Sichuanese is challenging]
which also means I am a foodie
Listen, in Guangzhou
we eat from morning to night
We have morning tea, lunch
afternoon tea, dinner and night snacks [Not listening! We have many great dishes in Sichuan!]
Besides delicious food, in summer
there is another thing we have to do
What is it?
In Hunan TV in every summer
we stream youth dramas
Princess of Pearl
has been on for almost 20 years
and it’s still on
With The View Of Meteor Shower
Meteor Garden
Love Actually
Right, Yibo?
So the theme of today
includes food
and youth dramas
The face of the food
[Delicious leading male characters]
Let’s talk about
girls-must-have in summer
that is youth dramas
Do you like youth dramas?
When I was a kid
I loved
Devil Beside You
Kiss Me
and so many more [Knows it all]
Hi My Sweetheart [Spirits out] [Huge valley] [Happy conversation]
Now the girls
will take a test
to see which kind of boys
you like
[How?] Amazing
First question
[How would you like the boy you like to invite you for a meal in weekend?]
[A. Save your weekend to me. Do not say no] [Feeling good!]
[B. You had breakfast at 7:50 this morning] [So detailed]
[B. and lunch at 12:30] [So weird]
[B. It’s already 7pm now. You have to eat meals on time. Why don’t I take you out for dinner?]
The second one is so long-winded
[C. I tried to explain my thoughts when I look at you] [Trying to understand the words]
[C. But I failed. So do you have time for dinner with me this weekend? Let’s talk about it]
[I prefer A then]
[D. Get out. Dinner.]
[Touching] Please choose
D is Yibo
Get out. Dinner
Simple and clear
Yibo does not even say get out
Come here
OK 4 girls
How would the boy you like
ask you out for dinner?
If a boy talks to a girl
in the third way
would you like it?
[No] You would think there is something wrong with him
OK let’s see
their answers
See, D is right
No one chose C
I think C is a litlle dramatic
Not a little dramatic
But super dramatic
You prefer A
Kind of bossy
I grow up watching
bossy dramas
D is more bossy
Right, get out for dinner
The more bossy words are
get out to pay my check
[Refusing] No
I think it’s simple and clear
Straight forward, right?
And it seems like
he has been in my life for a while
like she is used to him being there
saying let’s have dinner
I like the feeling of being by my side
Open your window
Toss up
Delivery guy
He has to toss it right in
Let’s see this one
Because in B’s scenario
he even tells me
the precise time
It means he cares much
my meal times
Or it is your manager
He is a thoughtful guy
Very thoughtful
[2. You are in the restaurant. What would you like him to say when he orders?]
[A. I own this place today. The menu is customized for you] [Bossy male]
[B. I chose this place for your preferences. You will like its fish and beef.
[B. I told them to leave out the vegetables you hate] [Points added!]
[B. What else would you like?]
Do you know what I would say?
Talk louder
[I can’t hear you!] What did you just say?
Why is C always so…
[C. I especially chose the spot for you. It is against the light. The light goes through the window and into my eyes in angle of 45. Theoretically this is the most beautiful angle.]
[Yibo can’t take it] It’s too long
His talking is so tiring
Did he just write an essay?
He talks more than a realtor
[D. You decide. It’s all fine by me.] Please answer
That A, look
I own this place today
The menu is customized for you
[Can’t even]
Feels like
The menu is customized for you
And then it’ll be like
You eat
I need some oxygen
Have a look at their choices
3 2 1
We are the same
You really are a group
All B
Why do you choose B?
For me
I find it hard to choose between things
So normally I’d ask him to order
And he chose the place
according to my preferences
I find it really nice
Yibo says
when he looks at the second one
It says I told them to leave out the vegetables you hate
And Yibo says
I love vegetables
Why leaving it out?
Why leaving it out?
I love vegetables
[You win]
Why leaving it out?
Change your bad habits
If Yibo is D
You order
I’ll only have the vegetable
I think Yibo as D
seems right
Not wrong
But who is C?
Sounds like someone who loves to study
And I think C
takes too long to talk
I may not have the patience to hear him out
Before C finishes talking
you are already hungry, right?
Already time for night snacks
One more question
Let’s have a look
Let’s pay attention to C
[3. During dinner, what he says that would make you heart beat fast?]
[A. From now on, I am the only one that can picking up food for you]
[B. Look at you, having a little something on your mouth. Take your time to eat. No hurries]
This is too much [Let’s watch a movie after dinner]
C is here
C is amazing
Who is C?
[Help. I need oxygen]
C always has datas on his back
[C. Scientifically speaking, when a man and a women are together, Penethylamine, the hormone in their bodies, will increase. And it makes people feel joyful. Effected by such hormone, they will be more attached to each other. Such condition and emotion is also known as love.]
[D. Change seat with me. You are sitting under wind.]
Please answer
All D
Which one do you choose?
Yibo, during dinner
not these 4 answers
what would you say to the girl?
I’ll just eat
Just eat your dinner
Do you want to eat?
Go home if you don’t
Why aren’t you eating in restaurant?
You are already too thin
OK let’s look at their choices
Mostly Ds
Someone chose C
You know
There is one kind of boys
You may not like him at the beginning
because with time passing by
you get my attention
So after 3 questions
you are attached to him
aren’t you?
No Guo Ying
Do you have common subjects to talk about?
He keeps talking about
science stuff
No we can see
Guo Ying likes chemistry
I would think
maybe he is a doctor
I would feel like
For my sickness
he has medicines
For my sickness he has medicines
[Can’t understand the excitement]
Some of you also chose D
During dinner
I prefer being on my own
Sitting under the wind
No, I mean just eating
I won’t care that much
He tells me
it’s under the wind
Maybe he is just
caring about me
Today we happen to have
leading male characters from youth dramas
that are in 4 different styles
They are standing behind 4 doors
You don’t know who is behind which door
There are 4 dishes
for you to choose
Choose your favorite dish out of them
Let’s start
Four lovely girls
There are 4 tables in front of you
All the stuff on them
is food
The first one is a fake mountain
Flower&fruit mountain
Yes, just like a mountain
Water machine
The second one
is some desserts
Do you think the third one is also food?
Is it?
It’s all eatable
Even the case is eatable
Even the case?
Yes, the glass is made of sugar
[Han starts to have fun] Yes, it’s all eatable
After you eat the top part
there is a charging battery behind [Da Zhangwei continues]
to charge your phone
It’s really good
and useful [Believes it] [Can’t even] [Confused]
This one inside
What’s this?
Soup [It’s really soup]
It can spit out
It’s good for health
This one
This one is amazing
Girls will love it
Mixing up ones
But it’s in chemistry instrument
Now it’s your time to choose
which one
you are more interested in
[In front of 4 different dishes]
[what would the girls choose?]
The ones attracting me
are the first and third one
Come on
I really want the meat
But I also love the
The meat is too much [Girls are hesitating]
Don’t be scared
You don’t have to eat it all
This one is pretty [Loyal promoter]
There are diamonds here
I do love diamonds [Sparkling and attracting]
Colorful diamonds
Have a look around
This boy
must be very romantic
So colorful
[Juan tries to taste] Not now
All the colors
Girls must love these
I can buy them by myself
I don’t need to get them for me
Plus if you choose this one
you might end up being with a queen
You know like
Hi honey
why don’t you try this one today?
I want this sweet one
It’s so pretty close up
Duan Aojuan, this really suits you
[Jun is coming forward] There is bone for you even when you finish it
To cook soup [Smells]
Come on
Window shopping time is over
[Can’t leave the meat] Salesboy Da Zhangwei
has told you all about them
Yes Da Queen has told you all
Queen Zhang has told you all
Have you decided yet?
Stop staring, Meng Meiqi
You like this
Then get this
Right, don’t be hesitating
[She clearly like the drinks] OK please stand beside the dishes you chose
First lovely girl
why did you chose the meat?
First, when I came closer
I saw pepper on it
Since I’m from Sichuan
and also it’s meat
I love meat
So I chose this table
If you open the door
and Qian Feng walks out
it’s also good [No comment]
Qian Feng is good
What kind of a mando you think
this dish represents ?
Someone strong
[With much meat, a muscle guy?] with muscles
Someone that can protect you
OK let’s have a look
Who is the boy behind the door? [Expecting]
Is Qian Feng behind the pink one?
[Slowly opening the door] The kid is too old
to control
Open the door
Open the door
[Who is the leading male character that loves meat?] Who?
[Hu Yitian, plays Jiang Chen in A Love So Beautiful]
[Happy look]
[Happy yet a little regretful]
Hold on
I have a script
Please let me finish
I love you so much
You are making me forget my words
Even there is someone in this world that is taller than you
thinner than you
prettier than you
and has more knowledge than you
it has nothing to do with me
And you have great taste
Yitian why don’t you tell us
the reason you are willing to
be attached to this dish?
Do you like it?
Since it’s my first time
coming to Tiantian Xiang Shang
First time
I have to bring something
that I think is the most valuable
The most valuable gift
I think meat is really good
You like eating meat in daily life
Normally it makes me uncomfortable
if I don’t eat it each day
Do you also have a talent show
where you are eating this whole thing up?
When we invited Hu Yitian
we told him
it’s about to
Tiantian Xiang Shang’s food season
and then his manager replied
that he is available as long as there is meat
[Really loves meat] Great -Honest kid
And many people have taken pictures
of Hu Yitian
where he is eating
or waiting in line for food
So down-to-earth
Buying food
Let’s ask the girl
Is he the kind of guys
that will attract you?
Isn’t he perfect?
Can I
poke him
touch him to see if he is real?
He should have many muscles
Hu Yitian, what’s with your fans?
He has no muscles
Not at all
Let’s ask Yitian
In daily life
people think you
are very kind
just like a next-door brother
People always see you
as a warm person
If there is a girl you like
says to you that
the weather is so nice today
what would you say next?
I think I would have 2 answers
If I like this girl
I might say [Likes the girl? What does he say!]
in such good weather
why don’t we go out and have some fun?
If I don’t like her that way
You are right [Can’t argue with that!]
Quite right
If he likes the girl
he says, it’s a good day today
let’s go out and have fun
This is nice
OK next
The second one
Why did you choose this one?
Actually I was
attracted by the colorful one
But I really love sweets
so I chose this one
You love sweet food
Please open the door behind you
to see who the boy is
Wang Yibo
Can’t be Wang Yibo
Wang Yibo should
be with a bowl of vegetables
[Is it Qian Feng?!]
[Closed the door instantly—surprise or shock?] Why did you close it?
[Is it Yibo or Qian Feng?] Why did you close it?
Qian Feng
[Wang Yibo, plays Lan Zhan in The Untamed]
Veggie is here
He is wearing in color of veggie
Prince Veggie
I want to take someone
back to my place
Take him back and hide him
Hold on
Did you hear what he just said?
He said
I do not understand
what he said
He said I want to be spokesmen
Who does he want to represent?
Is it the script of his drama?
Yes it is
I want to take someone
back to my place
Take him back and hide him
Hide him
Hide someone
Wang Yibo
This isn’t right
Your table should be HuLaTang (traditional soup in Henan province)
There is no vegetables you like
I’ll show you first
Show us
Veggie juice
Wang Yibo, what’s going on?
It’s solidifying
Wang Yizhi
is making us a tower
Steady hand
Fighting, Yibo
Wait for a year
He can make it to the top
Yibo fighting
This dish is called stalactites
Yes, it’s quite fascinating
like a magic trick
And I usually like the color of green
It looks fairy-like
Very energetic
Energetic Wang Yibo
Is Mr.Yibo
your type?
I think Mr.Yibo is a nice guy
I do like him
just like how you guys also like him
And Mr.Yibo used to be
your mentor
Yes, so back then
I already admired Mr.Yibo
Hello sir
Nice to meet you again sir
OK look
the odds of Qian Feng being behind your door
is getting bigger
[50:50 What to do] Look at them, Han
The other two girls
seem like
getting over the hardest problem of life
And I think Qian Feng
needs a double-doors
Singe door cannot fit him in
He would be stuck
Very likely
I do feel unfair
for the next two girls
OK next
Why did you choose
Qian Feng?
I think the boy that made this
really knows about girls
Not only is he
good himself
he also knows well
what a girl wants
Does her boyfriend give her everything she wants?
And I think this boy
should be very considerate
This really puts
smile on every girl’s face
And it’s also eatable
OK now
please turn around
to welcome Qian Feng
Is it Qian Feng?
Not necessarily
Maybe not
OK please open the door
Fighting Guo Ying
Meiqi is really nervous now
[Is it Qian Feng?] 3
He won’t let me open it
Qian Feng it is
Very strong
Hi man
[Shocking. She has seen his face] Is it him?
[So shocking!]
[Is it not Qian Feng?]
Well I do like this one, to
See [Is it really Qian Feng?]
OK open it
Qian Feng is really cute
I think this boy
is really handsome
OK here we go
[Qian Feng, used to be leading male character in Meteor Garden]
[Cool look]
[Bossy pose]
[Biting a red rose]
So romantic [Typical bossy male character]
The way he bites the rose
looks like a golden retriever
What’s wrong with your neck?
So cool
Can I talk or not?
Talk away
So manly
Qian Feng you need to say
I bought this restaurant for you
OK Qian Feng say something
I want the whole world to know
that the 38,000 audience here
[What do you want]
are all invited here by me for you
Why did you invite so many people?
I didn’t write the script
Qian Feng, tell us
about he food in front of you
Normally girls find it hard
to decide among things
So you don’t need to choose colors
I got you all the colors
Like this
Come on ryhme
Feng, is it really food?
It’s eatable
Is it really eatable?
It’s should be all chocolate
What do you think?
I think this should be good
Because purple feels like
When you eat it
Eat the top first
and when you finish it
it’ll be like a soup of egg and laver
Put it on me
OK? [Can’t believe it]
It’s my first time doing it
Why do you have such benefits?
Qian Feng, this is food
[Not listening. Lips are ready] It’s eatable
This should be purple potato, Qian Feng
It really tints
This is our new
poison color of the year
Oh my god
Buy it
It’s chocolate
I told you it’s chocolate
This is nice
Really interesting
Qian Feng, in real life
are you bossy
to your girlfriend?
Normally I fail at picking up
like in club
it’s like
Go away
OK I’m going away
He said go away himself
Go away
The girl you want
is really good at rhythm
I keep failing
I won’t be bossy
Let’s ask Guo Ying
Would you appreciate
such bossy style?
I do appreciate it
It makes me feel safe
Maybe in work
or in front of other people
he is serious
But with you
he would act for you
And I think it’s quite cute
Let’s see the last one
Why did you choose this?
Because of Queen Zhang
Because the way it looks
makes really curious
Like a fantasy
Yes, because on top of it
there are sparkle things
Yes, it’s really pretty
And the smell of it
is strawberry
This is awesome
Can you imagine
what the boy would be like
behind the door?
[Who would be the leading male character that brought such colorful drinks?]
Might be someone quiet
Quiet and romantic
I think this boy
might be like a parrot
very colorful
Coming out like
OK please open the door
Come on
[Zheng Yuanchang, plays Jiang Zhishu in It Started With A Kiss]
The one you like is me
You can’t like anyone else
Many girls are crying right now
The one you like it me
You can’t like anyone else
Why don’t you tell us
about the food in front of you?
This set makes it feels like
it’s in laboratory
Because in that drama
my character majors in medical
and always stays in laboratory
But I have to
speak up for guys
who are always in laboratory
Actually they are also romantic
it’s just sometimes they don’t know how to express it [Science guys’ special romance]
So I used this drink
to express my thoughts
Little talent show
Like it’s snowing
Did you see that?
I wanted to say it’s starry sky
but you said it’s snow
Now I can’t continue
Snow in starry sky
Let’s say it’s starry sky
which is more romantic
Although I can’t get you stars from sky
in my universe
you are already the whole galaxy
[Didn’t expect another round of sweet words]
[You are eternal in my universe]
Is this your type?
Yes, very romantic
And your clothes today
Same color
So white [Like their destiny]
Yuanchang, in real life
you have great records, too
do you?
Not really
In real life
I do not have very high IQ
You can’t make such galaxy
I can’t
They say you also really love food
You can say
if you stop being an actor someday
the first choice of yours would be
to be a secret guest
who eats around the fancy restaurant in the whole world
And scores them
There is such job
Or a secret guest for hotels
who sleeps around the hotel in the world
and scores them
Is there a special agency
for that?
People all check it out
for example, Zheng Yuanchang
which place he has tried
what he thinks
about that place
or how many stars he gives to it
Have you thought about
being a secret guest
what your nickname would be?
Snowflakes in starry sky
Galaxy in the universe
Nice name
From on now let’s
pay attention to this name
to its comments
our 4 styles of boys
are all gathered up
Qian Feng
are you alright?
Let’s welcome again
with applause
our 2 leading male characters of youth drama
Zheng Yuanchang, Hu Yitian
You all know the dramas they were in
It All Started With A Kiss
Jiang Zhishu
A Love So Beautiful
Jiang Chen
In the shows
they were both good-looking and cold guys with high IQ
Please come forward
Qian Feng, would you come back as a host?
Hurry up
OK [Still in character]
Come on Yibo
Come here Wang Yibo
You all know about
their characters
But in real life
what are they like?
Now let’s have a look
at a fun test
to see in real life
what the true reactions would be
of all the boys on stage
in front of the problems in dramas
What would you say?
[When you begin to like the girl that has been pursuing you for long, she suddenly tells you]
OK I have decided it. From now on
I will forget about you
Totally forget about you
I have seen through you anyway
I will find a guy
that is better than you 100 times
no, 10,000 times
[Now what would you say]
What did he say?
What would you say?
She will find a guy that is better than you
10000 times
No way
In this world there is no person
that is better than me 10000 times
Yes, there are 100,000 times
and 1,000,000 times
but not 10,000 times
There is no such coincidence
What would you say, Hu Yitian?
I might cheer up for her
I would say
[What would he say?] Cheer up for her and say
Good job then
Good luck
What would you say, Wang Yibo?
Sure, go find him
I might also argue with her
And the girl would walk around
I’m looking
Here it is
[Cold boy is not touched at all]
Wang Yibo, do you also
argue with people?
Just argue
How just?
Qian Feng, if it happens to you
10,000 times
Go find a guy fatter than you 10,000 times
You would call her childish
[36 years old, a mature Feng]
She is just saying this intentionally
Clearly she is saying this intentionally
What would you say, Da Zhangwei?
See you
And that’s it
Girls, which answer
do you prefer?
I think what Mr. Zheng Yuanchang
said sounds better
He used a bossy way
to say something sweet to us
So his way would make girls
Let’s see what the character
says in the drama
[Leading male character in youth drama is like]
Go find one
Of course I can find one
[Sweeten up Wang]
OK second question
[When you are having fun out with your girlfriend who is never carsick, she tells you]
Yufan, I’m carsick
Sitting in such carriage
along such tree-line avenue
I am dizzy from happiness
dizzy from joy
dizzy from enjoying
So I’m getting carsick
Actually since I came to Provence
I have been dizzy
I’m dizzy in dream garden
I’m dizzy in new house with pearl curtain
I’m dizzy in front of the castle
I’m dizzy in lavender park -Can I just push her out of the car? I’d be like go out. What are you doing?
-I’m also dizzy seeing mountain city -Crazy woman
I’m dizzy anyways
[Now what would you say]
[Totally lost it]
Qian Feng, if it were you
what would I say?
No if you were the horse
of the carriage
hearing her
Everything makes her dizzy
I would be like
are you pregnant?
Wang Yibo
Give us a good one
I should be playing with my phone
and ignoring her [Cold boy]
No matter what she says
when she finishes
And continue with my phone
What would you do, Yuanchang?
She is so dizzy
Since you are dizzy
let’s take a break
With your mouth
Cut her out
What would you say, Yitian?
I think if a person keeps being dizzy
beside me
I would just
I would just give her a pill
[Nice save]
which one do you like?
Actually I don’t think
it’s their problem
I don’t think
we would talk like that
Yes, but if I were the boy
I would be like
if you feel dizzy
why don’t you rest in my arms?
To puke on you?
[Queen Zhang can’t understand it]
I would say such things
Guo Ying would
If the girl says
she is always dizzy
the boy should be like
is it because I’m too handsome?
Just to carry on the topic
and make it fun for the girl [Romantic jokes]
You would act along with her
Let’s see what the character
says in the drama
[Leading male character in youth drama is like]
Sure, dizzy away [Hold her tight] -See
I’m right beside you. If you faint away
I will hold you [Sweet words]
[Can’t even]
[I don’t get it]
OK next question
[You are talking with your girlfriend in a romantic candle dinner, when suddenly]
Be with me tonight
[What would you say now]
[Trying to remember]
[I need to think]
Wang Yibo, what would you say now?
I would act like nothing happened
and continue with the phone
Like nothing happened
and hand her over some tissues
and help her clean
What would you say Zheng Yuanchang?
Hu Yitian knows about it
Try to make it less awkward
In real life
I would say nothing
and pick up the noddles on the cup
and put it here
[Good answer]
Qian Feng, as a
Send out dishes now
I might make a joke
You have big nostrils
You deserve to be single
[Being single not by choice] It goes out from the nostril
This is a talented girl
I would send her on China’s Got Talent
China’s Got Talent
The girl would definitely
get all the mentors’ pass card
Light up for her
You are the best
[Feels sorry for my partner]
OK girls
At that time
The girl would feel embarrassed
Now the best way to deal with it
is to be more embarrassing than her
Just like what the mister just said
I would do the same thing
and make her laugh
I think after he wipes it away
when he comes over to wipe it
he can give her a little kiss
Let’s see
what Hu Yitian
does in the drama
[Leading male character in youth drama is like]
[Spoiling smile]
[Getting close and sitting down to hold her]
I didn’t see anything
[Pretending to see nothing]
I just want to go to evening classes with you
I will go with you tomorrow
[So sweet]
OK the last one
[You are with your current girlfriend when your ex suddenly calls you]
This is good
It’s alright. Pick it up
Ji Xiangkong
It’s me
Something happened to Miya
During her rehearsal
she fell off from wires -Wnag Yibo is good at acting
And she is in hospital now
[What would you do now]
Wang Yibo, your acting is so cool
You didn’t say anything
He said something
He did say
[Just like himself] Qian Feng
What would you say now?
It’s salesman Liu
Right answer
Qian Feng you are good
I remember one time
we were reading scripts together
Suddenly his phone was ringing
Salesman Zhang
Zheng Yuanchang
It’s really hard
I might take my girlfriend to visit
This is the normal way
What would you do, Hu Yitian?
I think this story
has its own meaning
It tells us
to avoid wires
And when you are in date
with your girlfriend
turn your phone into airplane mode
And I think such scenario
should not be happening
When you end the relationship
you should block her numbers
[Model boyfriend] When you block her
you won’t take this call
Kill it before it happens
What about Queen Zhang?
Such thing never happens
to Queen Zhang
Kill it before it happens
It is by the lake
If my ex calls
I would just throw the phone in lake
When you get the call
Why is it so hot?
What is this?
Let’s see Wang Yibo’s great reaction
in this drama
[Leading male character in youth drama is like]
[Rushing there] They are at the hospital
They went there together
This is clearly a standard room in hotel
[Serious condition]
And they made it into a hospital room -What do you mean by blindness?
No, it’s all my fault
[Guilt] If it weren’t for me
Must be
Rest assure, I’m here for you -A small thing in youth drama
[Being beside her] would cause blindness
I won’t leave
[Current girlfriend]
[This is how they break up in youth drama]
She would feel so bad
She is going to wires
Wang Yibo
if in real life
not in dramas
she tells you she fell down
from wires
what would you do?
I would ask if she is alright
and ask her
if there is anyone there to help her
[Considerate] If there is
I won’t go
If there is not
and she really needs me
I would go
Would you take your girlfriend with you?
Fact is fact
I won’t lie to her
Just be what it is
Actually I think
there is a better solution
You can call
your best friend
to ask him to go there for you
The girl would be like
why don’t you come
but ask your friend to?
What is going on with you and her?
No, but otherwise
the current girlfriend would be like that
super embarrassed
In this way
your friend can tell you
At least she will be alright
You don’t have to
say too much to your current girlfriend
Because the more you explain to a girl
the more she would think
Anyway in all the answers
I think Hu Yitian’s is the best
There is no way
that the number of the girl would appear
or in airplane mode
Fly away
Just fly away
Actually the fantastic thing
about dramas
is that in real life
things may not occur to you
But in dramas
you might run into romantic
or sad story
The reason of many actors choosing such career
is because in dramas
they could experience different lives
[The more you experience, the more fun you’ll get] But in real meanings
your real life
like what Yuanchang said
He hopes to be
a secret guest
Food blogger
Do you cook for yourself?
[Not at all]
[So that is just a hope] I just eat from others
Have you thought
in future you’d try
to cook?
[Not at all]
[Is there something wrong with the subject]
But my other half
must be good at cooking
Be a good cook
What about Yitian?
If I’m not an actor now
I might be doing some small business
I love meat
so maybe I’d open
a chain restaurants of BBQ [Not bad]
what would you do?
Auto parts
[Just smile] Right?
Maybe I would just focus
on being a racer
[Do what you love] See? Yibo is really good
Number one in the team
Yibo really loves motorcycles
They all show off lovers
when he shows off his racing suit
Look how happy he is
This one
This is with the boss of auto parts
I was picking up my motor
Sitting in my own motor
I felt really happy
See, 11th August, Yibo
in Zhuhai
joined a
Asia’s highest level Motorcycle Racing Game
2019 ARRC Game (ZIC China team)
And he had a great score
Let’s have a look
[August 10th, 2019. ARRC Champion of Team D]
[August 11th, 2019, ARRC Champion of Team D]
[Leading Male Character Of Life——hello, biker]
[Practice day]
[Mentor, Lu Zhengpeng] Tell him later
to not enter corner 4
that soon
You were too soon to change the speed
Can you just
wait for 5 more meters?
Not too much
Just 5 meters
Why were you 1.2 seconds
faster in this round?
Do you know what 1.2 seconds
I remember
I began to love it in 2017
Boys all like racing cars
I met Yin Zheng
and began to know it
He took me home that day
to try his racing bike
I just
loved it
This is where
These two
are my suits
This is my
racing suit
What we would wear
for races. Jumpsuits
It has elbow protectors
knee protectors
shoulder protectors
This is
in corners
this will rub the ground
Sometimes boots will also
rub the ground
If it gets too low in corners
they will also run the ground
This is a water bag
that can protect your back
and you can also drink from it
A straw goes in here
and connects the helmet
my helmet
There is a tube here
to connect here
So I can hydrate
during the games
My birthday
is August 5th
so I named
for the games
Because a tracer
has many colors
I happen to like the color of green
When talking
about dream
is it to become
a professional biker?
[Became a professional racer in January 2019] Sort of
Play hard
And I seem
to be not bad at it
My speed
is alright
So it seems hopeful
So I want to be good at playing this
[First game]
[Starting point]
Wang Yibo
is the second position
as member of Team D
This is a great chance
to learn and practice
The game is about to start
Red light is on
Light off
Game starts
In high speed corner
Wang Yibo is getting closer
to Zhang Yao, who is in fornt of him
At inner line of No.9 corner
Wang Yibo got to the second position of the game
and became to on his starting position
This way
No.47 Zhang Yao at out line
of No.11 corner
He is going harsh
on Wang Yibo’s attack
He tries to get the parallel
And gets back on the straight line
Getting right and left
No.47 Zhang Yao is sucking in
Wang Yibo’s tail air
At the final corners
Zhang Yao gets back on Wang Yibo
On this big straight line
Will Zhang Yao have the chance to attack again?
He does not follow up
Final 2 corners
No.13 is a fake corner
with full speed
No.14 is a corner
to right
Wang Yibo went through No.14 corner
Zhang Yao is super close
At the last corner
he past Wang Yibo
[Although he is the first on Team D (newbies)]
[It affects his mood that he became the third in whole team]
It’s alright
For Wang Yibo
this is a very memorable
I was off guard for the last corner
And I was like
since I worked harder at the beginning rounds
and I got tired
I didn’t think anyone would catch up
I didn’t expect
to be outraced after the final corner
I am still not experienced enough
Although we
know each other
and we are good friends
we won’t step back from the games
A normal starting does not include lifting the front bike
I was too nervous
It was my first time going official
and I lost the clutch too soon
so the front bike just jumped up
so it stalled me
But it looked awesome
There is no awesome in games. Just speed
[Racing is not about looking awesome]
[Not afraid of failures. Keep going forward]
[Young man won’t lose passion. Dream won’t lose its way]
[Second game]
What we are seeing
is the battle of Zhang Yao and Wang Yibo
Wang Yibo is getting forward
Zhao Yao took too long to go out of the corner
Zhang Yao is getting long behind
[The same corner]
Checking behind
Zhang Yao
is distant from you
[Failure is not final result as long as you don’t take it as the final result]
Last one is our champion racer
No.85 Wang Yibo
Good job Wang Yibo [Congrats from Han]
I don’t usually watch TV
When I checked out moments on WeChat
especially when Le showed it to me
oh my god
So amazing. Super cool
With such good conditions
I hate to be a trophy racer
and to be slower than them
I used to think
that I loved bikes
just loved it
But now
after the games
after all the practices
it becomes
more like a profession to me
I am not doing it randomly like before
Now it’s like
I have to think about getting better
after every round
Be fast
[Champion is not the final round. It’s the beginning]
[Dear young man, just run riot in the games of your life]
[Always be running. Always be passionate]
Yibo, come on, speech
It’s very touching
Especially after this game
Tiantian Xiang Shang
prepared champagne for me
as well as cakes
It was really moving
And I think the hard work of this time
paid off
My first time racing
is memorable
Although this time
I am champion of D Team
next year
I can’t be in newbie’s team
So I cherish
every practicing chance
since I also have to work and act
I hope next year in another team
I can also be like this year
be smooth
and get some good records
Cool guy Wang Yibo
You are the best
That is you
Such great surprise
Wang Yibo works really hard
Because normally he hosts
and acts with all the schedules
and it barely leaves him time to practice
Every time he records
Tian Tian Xiang Shang
he rides his bike here from Beijing
[Han you are being too much] Save the money on plane ticket
Really nice
This is really great
Because in one’s life
one can only be the newbie once
He won it as the newbie
[one can only be the newbie once]
[but you were the best one]
With time passing
the cameras in youth dramas
are getting better
Let’s ask
do current youth dramas
use the same way of shooting
as the older ones?
It really changes a lot
In past there might be
only one camera shooting the whole drama
Now there might be 2 teams
and each team
has 3 cameras shooting at the same time
So the shooting time
is getting shorter
[There are indeed many cameras] And the level of current cameras
is also better
The HD, 4K
So your pores
can be seen clearly
The pores did not need to act
but now they have to be able to act
How to express the emotions
Not only youth dramas
change a lot
food on TV
is also getting
Every time
seeing pretty
pictures of food online
I always want to ask
how they take such great pictures
Our producers
think for you
knowing you are eager
to improve yourself
so today we
invited such a team
to teach us
how to turn plain to pretty
Now let’s have a look
at their work
Does it seem delicious?
Do you want to know
how to shoot such pretty food?
Without computer special effects
you can also make food
jumping and flying in pictures
Such tempting food ads
are made like this
With creative ideas
using equips and cameras
they make food look more delicious
This is the charm of vision creativity
Are you tricked in?
Now let’s welcome
this creative team
I’m Zhu Junkai
I like recoding food with cameras
opening the heart of food
I am Meng Liming
We use daily props
to put wings on food
and make it fly in images
Thank you
They are involved with
many food ads
that we watch
They made
movies of food
How did you decide to do such job?
Actually at the beginning
we’d been working for years
in media business
We were talking about opening a dessert store
and tried to make our desserts look pretty
In this process
we did make our food look pretty
It was not easy to open a food store
so instead of opening a dessert store
we began to taking pictures of desserts for living
So you shoot pictures of food for customers
The food in ads is so tempting
but the actual one might be different
Why is that?
In our studio
it’s actually a danger zone
for foodies
Because many
what you normally see
as great food
but actually
it’s not what you imagine
Ice cream
This one
You can feel it
Is it hot or cold water?
You can try it out
Wang Yibo why don’t you try it out? [Yibo goes first]
How is it?
Is that it, Yibo?
It’s really cold
We put a pump down it
to blow it up
Like in jacuzzis
Yes, something like that
Why did we do so?
Because during shooting
there is always smoke
blocking what is inside
So we need cold boiling water
for us to see
the details inside
And you can also use your hands
to adjust
to make it prettier
Is the soup really bone soup?
Drink some
No, it’s not
It looks nice
What’s this one?
Chicken leg
Yes but we made this
in 2 or 3 minutes
You can smell it first
Get close and you can smell it
Smell it
[Let me]
What’s the smell?
[Are you kidding us?] What’s this?
Is it paint oil?
Qian Feng thinks everything smells nice
We can reveal
what we used
From a raw chicken leg
to the final work
it only took us 2 minutes
Shoe polish
Shoe polish
Qian Feng you loved the smell of shoe polish
[Everything smells nice] That’s why you gained weight
The shoe polish helps with the coloring
And the oil in it
put on great shine on it
Such waste
on good chicken legs
Tell me about it [Foodies hates to see it]
If you fry it
it may not look so perfect
Yes, without frying
the shape of it can be better
So you also need to pick
pretty chicken legs
Qian Feng, after you smell it
would you be like
ordering chicken leg with shoe polish
Not tasty enough
without shoe polish [Want some]
I asked someone who shot hamburgers
They need to make a perfect
which is really hard
They have to pick the most round one
Yes, they also need to
put on the sesames one by one
And the bbq sauce
is actually motor oil
It happens
the feelings are out now
When we are shooting
we have to do it fast
to repeatedly change food
When the director asks for props
they need to be ready at any time
If we really put it in oven
and bake it
it will take a long time to wait
OK this one
This one shocked me
I thought it was real
I was about to share with our audience
some ice creams
But they told me
it’s fake
It’s not eatable [Ice creams with no souls]
Fake ones
OK please reveal this one
It’s actually very simple
Part of it is potato powder
and some is sugar frost
to make it sticky
and mix it up
with some water
Do you also need some pigment?
Like chocolate
Right, different pigments
make different ice creams
What we are making now is original flavor
This one
Or vanilla flavor
Yes, vanilla
Just keep mixing it up
Here we go
It looks just like it
Is it eatable? [Looks tasty] -No
The potato is for cameras
Can I touch it?
Smells good
Since it’s potato
Yes it smells just like potato
This is good
Next one up
is 3 teams of pretty food
are made by our 3 actors
instructed by the masters
The shooting is really pretty
Let’s firstly look at
the food shooting
that Wang Yibo is involved in
[Experiencing] The hardest one
One cut
[First experience]
Almost there
OK here we go
[Steady look]
[Would Yibo make it]
[Good job]
Not bad
Now we are making
the YangGuo [Into topic]
Let’s make it snow
Here are some coconut shreds
You can pour some on top of it
OK cut
Let’s see it on monitor
For the second time
The clothes were out for the first time
[Staring] Big snow
How is it Yibo?
How is it Qian Feng?
Wang Feng
What do you think of it, Qian Feng?
Not bad
It’s so tempting [Dramatic]
And Yibo did a good job
Now let’s welcome
the creator of Traditional Style Food
Sugar King Zhou Yi
I am Zhou Yi
They call me Sugar King
Now I’m working
with sweetness
How do you think Yibo did
with your works?
Amazing [Naughty]
Good job
What do you think about this, Yibo?
Amazing [Picking up the joke]
Finally met him in person
Let’s introduce Mr.Zhou
In Oscar of the cakes
Mr.Zhou is the first winner of Cake Master
he is also the only Chinese winner
and the Chinese that wins the most awards
Thank you
Let’s have a look
So pretty
Let’s ask Zhou Yi
All the cakes
including the wooden fans
the mountain
the holders
the platform
including the little flowers
Yes, the little flowers are made by sugar
I stick them together
So they are all eatable
Yes [Unbelievable]
In the year of 2017
we attended the biggest cake competition
in the world
which was held in England
We won 3 golds and 2 bronzes
This work is called WuZetian
It won the biggest award there
And this one is called Drunk Sleeping in The Mirror of No Worries
It won the bronze medal
But it had the most reports
and stories
And this one
cost us 15 days to make it
during which we had other jobs and conventions
So we had to work hard
So every day
we were under big pressure
For one day
we could only have 2 hours for sleeping
So we couldn’t look at beds
or chairs
You’d feel dizzy
And you’d want to go over there
I know in the business
there is someone
also liking this
Cai Yilin loves it
Yes, Jolin
We met her at the convention
she did a good job
Really good
How is it?
do you feel it’s a little scary
doing this?
Even the hair
of it
is so real
But Zheng Yuanchang has something to say
I found something
is not eatable
This mirror
should not be made of sugar
The mirror
we used goldleaf on back
and it’s also eatable
You can pour on see-through sugar
and it will turn to bronze mirror
You mean this mirror
is also eatable
Goldleaf is eatable
All is eatable
This is also fondant cake
Go away
This is only part of our awards
In the year of 2018
the most famous cake organization in the world
Cake Master
chose from 100,000
great cake bakers
to nominate us to be one of the nominees
of the night
At that night
we won 2 of the biggest awards
of the world
One was the highest award of the team
the other one was the highest award of the competition
I want to ask Zhou Yi
How long can you keep this
in home?
For life
Because sugar has high osmotic pressure
so it can be kept for a long time
And the cake is pound cake
A science show on TV
once said even the earth is destroyed
and all humankind is gone
a cake
is in corner of the church
and still fresh
and eatable
Because there is alcohol in it
which can help it stay fresh
When you went up for the awards
what did you say?
I’m bad at English
There were 2 awards
For the first time
I was like
My English is no good
and I thanked them
and I went out
after that
Thank you
And after several minutes
the biggest award was about to announce
I was like why me again
What should I do up there?
Luckily at that time
I used to watch this show when I was a kid
See [Loyal audience]
and I learnt about talk show from it
So I went up
and stayed calm
My English is no good, two
Super cold
No one talked for 2 seconds
and they exploded
and laughed
I learnt it from Tiantian Xiang Shang
You felt the strength
of kindness
The audience was so
Now let’s ask
To make such an exquisite
fondant doll
how many things should we learn?
So many
Have a look
This traditional beauty
we call her Everlasting Longing
Just to look at her bones
you need to know about anatomy
how the bones and muscles go
and the face
At first it was just
a sugar ball with nothing
Yes a sugar ball
You need to know about plastic surgery
and tattooed eyebrows
and to plant on her eyelashes
You need to know the color of her eyeshadows
and her lipsticks
What color suits her well
If you want to make her hair
then you need to know about beauty
designing jewelry
and nails
The hardest part
is to dress her up
Because traditional fondant
is just sticking on a huge piece of material
and use knife to cut out the shape
This one is
I dressed her
It’s very detailed
To make such technique
we worked on the fondant
Sugar is
made for the clothes
Yes. like this
Hold the original fondant in hands
Shake it
and it breaks
Before you can finish it
it turns dry
Now with the material
you can
fold her clothes
So the clothes are movable
And we make her clothes
before we put them on her one by one
When the judges looked at it
they asked us if the clothes were made of paper
Because there is no such techniques outside of China
And their fondant is not good enough
This only exists in China
If it’s made of paper
it’ll be against the rules
Yes so at the end we were out of ideas
They could not understand Chinese
So I took a piece out
to ask them to taste
He tasted it
and it melt up in the mouth
Didn’t you bring a translator
for such a huge competition?
You were so careless
It should not be very tasty
What does it taste like?
It has milk flavor in
I want to ask Zhou Yi
a fondant doll
relatively speaking
the hardest part
The hardest part
is her soul
You mean you can draw a cat and a tiger but you can’t draw their bones
To make her out
you have to be her first
You need to pose what she poses
think what she thinks
Like this work Wu Zetian
she is when Wu Zetian is young
She still holds hope for future
and also
for love
Look at her eyes
Wu Zetian is really hot
No way
Like this one with the mirror
show when she is drunk and lying down
how her eyes lost the focus
The sense of losing focus
Kind of sexy
Half sleeping and half waking
For the standing up one
her eyes need to connect
to the mirror
Looking at her beauty
when she is also thinking
about when her husband would come back
even the mood is point on
Now in mainland of China
youth dramas in traditional background are very popular
Have you all dressed in traditional clothes before?
I have
What about Yitian?
Also Yibo
You all have
Let’s look at the pictures
This is me
Zheng Yuanchang
So handsome
You can make a doll out of that
The look
So handsome
More and more handsome
Really handsome
[Burst into laughs]
Mr.Da also has it
Different time
Not important
So pretty
Little master
You all dressed in traditional style before
This is pretty
This is handsome
This is 10 years ago
So handsome
I was in the movie directed by Li Xiang’s husband
You can’t see my face
I’m holding the instrument
In the lake
I was standing in the lake for the whole day
Holding the bun
Let’s ask Yitian
when you act in traditional style dramas
do you need to have many skills?
To fight
To be on the wires
To land with eyes
Up to now
I have one experience acting in traditional style drama
I was made to learn many skills
like musical instruments
but I was just pretending
and some martial arts
like swords, fights, riding horses
What about Yibo?
In traditional style dramas
there are always swords
and flutes and stringed instruments
we had to learn them
Yes, but now
for many traditional style dramas
The audience
focus on details more and more
If there is no professional masters to teach
or if the director does not show the actors how to make the moves
people will tell
That it’s fake
Now let’s welcome
Mr. Zhou Yi
to teach them boys
how to draw the face
OK ready
OK Mr. Zhou
please teach us
So I made a
You made a me
Yes, Han
Pay attention to how to make it
The glasses of Mr. Wang Han
We prepared you a pair of glasses [Too small to catch]
we only draw half of it
The other half
Let’s start with eyebrows
For eyebrows
like what you usually put on makeup
Some colorful powder
You need to decide
the shape of eyebrows
Like if she has pointed out ones
or straight ones
or something else
You need to draw the basic shape
Very hard
After this
it’s time to put on
the eyeshadow
Even the eyeshadow
Do it on your own
Depending on your creativity
Let’s do this together
Put on some blush
[Already started]
[Picking up and starting]
[Let me see]
[Hands are shaking] The lipstick does not need to be that red
Wang Yibo are you drawing him drooling?
Not bad
Listen, Yibo
Get the eyebrows
and lipstick well done
and the spirit will be out
But I put too much of it
[Too much of what]
I have a question
What question?
Is there a way for regrets?
Is there an eraser?
I didn’t bring makeup remover
If I regret it
can I cover it with white? [Too funny]
No, normally we wipe it with
water and tissues
and draw again
[Around] You have 3 minutes
Please hurry up
Drawing yourself
[Anxious] Gosh, can I try it?
[Watching Yibo] This secret guest
Yibo is doing great
Yibo’s is nice
I think you need to choose the right lip colors
If so
the whole face will light up
I think Mr.Yibo is doing a good job
I think really
it seems easy
but it’s actually very hard
[Feels good] It’s not boys drawing girls
but girls drawing themselves
Because they do not believe
in the clumsy men [Serving themselves]
Besides Wang Yibo
Wang Yibo you are the best
Come on, blush [Han’s tip: add on blush for beauty]
Blush is really important
[Detailed on blush]
Last 15 seconds
Time up
Time to show
[Han with glasses on] Good
This is me
Now let’s look at the girls they draw
Zheng Yuanchang, why are you running away?
Look at the eyebrows
Let’s see Zheng Yuanchang’s
Single pointed eyebrows
Not bad actually
Different eyebrows
It has a facial expression
The one in the movie
[Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery]
Let’s see Wang Yibo
with blush
[What would Mr. Wang’s work be like?] 3
[What it be awesome?] 2
Huge blush
[You said I was doing well]
[You said mine was nice]
[You said I was doing a good job]
[Did you really mean it]
OK next, Hu Yitian
Eating super spicy food
Not bad
I like the color of the blush
You have to look at this one
This one is amazing
Qian Feng
This is amazing
The most fashionable elements
are all in it [Fashion beauty convention]
321 [Can’t hold the laughing]
Show them [Can’t]
Show them what is fashion
what is awesome
Listen this is awesome
Allow me to introduce [Still pushing out the ideas]
Listen to our explanations
Why did we do so?
Sunburn look, freckle look and smokey look all combined together
as well as pirate look
Did you notice
one of her eyes is covered?
Look at you talking
This is not Guo Ying
This is another person
New character
[New name: One Eye Man]
I have to tell you
Mr.Zhou heard Yibo
just acted in a traditional style drama
The Untamed
Especially for Yibo
he made a gift
Yes he did [Surprised]
[What caught Yibo’s attention]
Wang Yibo
So alike
[Staring] Very alike
So handsome
I just finished the eyelashes last night
Thank you
Very alike
The sleeves
The blue lines
Use the English you just learnt
to show your gratitude
Awesome, come on
[What would he say]
[Here we go]
[That is Yibo]
This is awesome
Thank you Mr.Zhou
one more time
After the fascinating
arts of fondant
Now let’s
look at
another magical dish
Without blocks of kinds and textures
the beauty changes every second
Let’s welcome
avant gard cook in China
the pioneer of creative dishes
the leading cook of molecular gastronomy
Guo Hongxiao
Look at his awards
like a brick
My name is Guo Hongxiao
I’m from Zhengzhou, Henan
On this stage today
I will show my magical and avant gard
and creative food
for you
Hometown friends
I’m from Luoyang [Same province]
You have so many medals
and these pretty pins
So pretty
Can you tell us
about them?
This is
Father of Pioneer Food in China
This is from Eskefi in France
one the most famous food organizations
in Europe
This is the only one in China
The only one
Such honors
This one is
Father of Molecular Gastronomy in China
it’s from French government
and Frech food organization [The only one in the world]
Molecular gastronomy [Bravo Mr.Guo]
Can you tell us
what molecular gastronomy is?
Molecular gastronomy
is to reorganize
our food
in physical and chemistry ways
What you see isn’t always the truth
What you see is not
what you eat
[Why do I buy it then?]
Like if you pay for a peach
it’s because you want to eat a peach
But if you buy a peach
but what you eat is cucumber
then what’s the meaning of it?
Just go and buy a cucumber and taste the peach in it
[Wha’s the logic of it]
The only difference between it and traditional dishes
is that the ingredients we use
are very ordinary and traditional
The dishes we make
has no senses
Or the vision and taste
are totally different
Molecular gastronomy cooks
are called scientists in food
and inventors in kitchen
The techniques
are very advanced that they are using medical instruments
to make dishes
Have you tried molecular gastronomy before, Yuanchang?
I had something
that looked
like a cherry
but inside it was foie gras
[Foie gras?] I can’t eat foie gras
If I knew it were foie gras
and just looked like cherry
I would have never eaten it
It looked just like a cherry
so I just ate it in one bite
[How can they make a cherry out of foie gras?]
Zheng Yuanchang also took pictures
for this kind of dishes
Please show us
[molecular gastronomy ready to be reborn]
[Ready to work] Hello
This is watermelon juice
and this is calcium water
Let’s do some [Serious]
[molecular gastronomy’s ball up]
Is this OK?
It’s alright
So watermelon juice does not melt into water
The technique will turn it into solid
Hold it high
and the water would wave [Sum up the experience]
Try it
We can clearly see
the moment when it drops
and the waves of water
[Found the feeling]
Let’s try this first
[Director Zheng is here to help]
Don’t teach us first
We will do it on our own
We need to have team spirits
I’ll count 123
123 go
[Where are your team spirits?] 123
[One more time]
[Such charming pose]
[The seasoning is like snowing]
[Does not seem right?]
[Should look good]
Enough powder
[Where is the chicken leg?]
Sand storms [Let’s look at their work]
OK guys
According to your preferences
stand behind
the food you want
But I will tell you
What you see is not always the truth
Will I be eating this basket?
Eat the cloth
choose one
Don’t give them hints, Mr.Guo
This should be the foie gras
I was talking about [Is it really?]
Not necessary
what it can be
[What should it be?]
[molecular gastronomy, peanuts] I think this is
Really different
Stew in soy sauce
This is
[Large intestine]
[molecular gastronomy, ice cream] What is this?
Be far from it
Open your mind
What is it?
[molecular gastronomy, hamburger] What do you think?
Foie gras
[molecular gastronomy, caviar] Be far form it
Fruit jelly
that looks like caviar
[molecular gastronomy, egg] What is this?
Pig feet
Good one
[molecular gastronomy, cherries] What is this?
Something that makes you live forever
Magic fruit
[molecular gastronomy, buns] This bun is actually
It’s fruit [Decisive]
Now please try them
[Tasting] What?
[Can’t tell]
This is foie gras and smashed potato
Fake peanuts
Looks just like it
We made some 3D models
of peanuts
Down it
we put in chocolate powder
What are you having?
I think it’s foie gras
Foie gras
Foie gras ice cream
What is it?
There is no taste
I can’t tell it [Sense offline]
What is this
Mr. Guo?
This one
is hamburger alike
we use red vegetable
and corns
that chews like beef
This is physics
What are you having?
Be far from it
Mine is
in middle of it
it’s Spanish salami
And with small things
I think it’s made of juice
and other ingredients
to make these little balls [Sounds professional]
The whole taste?
Is it good?
It goes well with the salami
[Great taste!]
This one
we use cantaloup
to make this caviar
with inorganic salami
This is a famous appetizer
in Italy
I think it’s some kind of jelly
[So not pig feet]
This egg
is made of coconut milk and mango
This is also foie gras
The fruits is cherry foie gras
We make foie gras into little balls
and put on cherry sauce
Cherry foie gras
Put them on the tree
Looks like a cherry tree
Yes [Told you]
Mine is an egg
An egg
This one
is boiled in low temperature
The outside of it is egg white
the inside of it is egg yellow
It’s really an egg
[Didn’t expect it]
Same food
in front of different people
may cause different needs
Such food
for many people
might be very attractive
It adds mystery on food
and fun
Since when did you start
to fall for molecular gastronomy?
Molecular gastronomy
came to China in 2008
In 2008
we were the first
to study molecular gastronomy
in Michelin restaurant in Europe
and some science organizations
and bring it back to China
to combine with Chinese food
Michelin restaurant
One time we were having
lobster soup
It was a box
and a bunch of sand
We didn’t know what it was [Sand?]
We thought the sand was chocolate
So Qian Feng used his spoon
to pick up some
Han, it’s sand
They put in a stew
and told us it was lobster soup
It was nice
It was magical
You didn’t know what it tried to express
Very mysterious
Very much
You couldn’t order according to menus
Because the images
are just different
[It’s all about creative ideas]
Such molecular gastronomy
is great for love confessions
Hu Yitian has learnt some secret tricks
before we began
Yitian, do something for us
It’s a little magic trick to light up the mood
This trick is called
destroying the rose
We need a rose
Is this really love confession?
Destroying the rose
This is a real rose
Check this
Is it real or sugar?
Put it in
Fry flower
Real flower hotpot
You can clap on it
Not finished yet
Both hands
[Happy smile]
[Sweet life begins]
Roses are
What is the temperature
of it?
-190 to -210 degrees
Liquid nitrogen ice cream, come on
This one
Let’s put it in
Just like shrimp shreds
Liquid nitrogen dumplings
Liquid nitrogen shrimp
It should taste like ice cream
[I am ice cream]
[Please do it under professional instructions] When we do this
we need to be instructed by professionals
you might hurt your hands
Frozen hurt is just like burnt hurt
Freeze ice cream
into what it’s like in -1 to -3 degrees
When you eat it
it will have special effects
The fun it eating it together
there will be smoke together
We used to do this all day long in restaurants
Who wants the first one?
Qian Feng
Put it in your mouth
Bite it
and push it out
Try it
[What’s wrong?]
[Looks fun]
Come on
secret guest
Can your nose do it?
[Tasty] Really?
You can do it with your nose
Please give me a small one
[Han is smoking]
Is it really cold?
No it’s just -1degree
It’s fine
[I also want one]
This is cream one
[Mic upside down]
You need to bite it
Eating and smoking
So cold
Guys beside these things
we have more things to eat
Please take out your
ticket today [Here]
We also have it
[Just go in] So cool
Is it really ticket?
We 3d printed it
with sticky rice
[Looks delicious] It becomes hard
[Holding back]
[First one always goes to Yibo]
Oh my teeth
This is nice
Like the egg cake we used to have as kids
Like pancakes
The little pancakes
does this liquid nitrogen
do harm to your health?
The liquid nitrogen
we use
is medical high-purity one
And it [Rocket Girl 101 is now naughty girl 101]
is used in beauty business
and human sperm bank
It’s high-purify
and does no harm to human bodies
And the extreme temperature
of the strongest germs being alive
is -50 degrees
while the temperature of liquid nitrogen
is about -200
It’s the most clean and pure in the world
The purest temperature
do you know about the extremes
of temperature?
There is a temperature
called absolute zero
as you may have heard of
Because the temperature
is how strong the molecule moves
So there is no highest limit
but there is a lowest one
when the molecule does not move at all
It’s about -273.15 degrees
The lowest temperature theoretically
So amazing
So fun
Thank you Mr.Guo
one more time
Acting in youth dramas
they both has good looking and high IQ
And there is one more thing in common
that they are both cold
Including Yibo
they are all cold guys
Even hot summer in Changsha
does not melt them
Do we have any food
that melts these
cold guys?
Of course we do
Now we have
secret weapon
that can melt these cold guys
Hu Yitian helped them shoot
these pictures
Please show us
[Asking] These foods
How can we make them look pretty?
We can line them
and spin it
Clean one
The one in middle
is love magic
The middle one stayed
but it’s fine
See the playback
When we use it
we would play it back
to form to a
beautiful geometric image
This shot is simple
Just pour water on it
[Hi there]
OK go
Well done pouring it on its head
[Washed its head]
come from sea
So we’d combine them with water
to take pictures
It would seem fresh
Let’s do a fast
Ready and set on fire
Ready go
Go away a little. Fire
Good one
I like them all
This one with fire is really nice
Now let’s welcome
the represent of Thai Seafood Hotpot, Xu Chi
I come from girls’ favorite
no matter what kind of cold guys
would be melted
Thai Seafood Hotpot, I’m Xu Chi
Why do they say your hotpot
can melt up cold guys?
First we are an original
Thai Seafood Hotpot
so the sour and spicy Tom Yum Goong
can melt up any ice bergs
The soup of Tom Yum Goong is amazing
[Can’t wait] Very freshing
And our main customers
are all girls
They are above 70%
And the other 30%
are boys brought by girls
Pure love in it
If your boyfriend is cold
just ask him to feel [Staring]
our special service and desserts
and he won’t be cold anymore
[Happy] This way
[Crowded] DESSERTS
This is all free
and no amount limits
[Shocked] Why?
To please
and love girls
Got it
I really want to do something
[Awkward yet polite]
[Eating already]
[Huge bite]
Besides rabbit pudding
I want to recommend
to you this plum jelly
In summer
you may lose appetite sometimes
so this plum jelly
can really help it
Sour and sweet
And this
is mango sticky rice
Thai style
This is amazing [Thumbs up]
Really [Can’t stop]
How is this mango sticky rice?
Out of 100 points
This is good
Really good
The free ones are so good
then the charged ones
would be amazingly good
these free desserts
we also have many SNS hot sweets
SNS hot pulp cake
[Such fantasy]
Do it on your own
Girls, you will gain weight
We told you we are foodies
Duan Aojuan wants to be on trends again
No [#DuanAojuanEats#]
Here we have perfume drinks
This is passion fruit
Feng likes it
Passion fruit juice
What is girls’ favorite thing in restaurant?
Taking pictures
So does anyone
want to take pictures now?
Professional light
So professional
Even offers light [That’s new]
After the dessert
time for official one
Our most important
original Thai seafood hotpot
Big meal
Oh my god
Light up your eyes
right now
Smells so good
Awesome [Staring]
Please look at Mr.Zheng Yuanchang
He has got the bowl ready
[Ready to move]
The most special service of ours
is our
shrimp peeling service
This is our best
shrimp peeler
Shen Tiankui
You mean
to peel if after it’s boiled
It’s better to peel it
when it’s fresh out of the pot
Is it hot?
It’s alright
We are used to it
Smells so nice
So nice
Actually at the beginning
I used half of my paycheck every month
to practice on shrimp peeling
Through the practice
I also
got promoted
Now under one person and above the rest of all
I am store manager
Manager assistant [Paid off]
Let’s see how he does
When we firstly
started this service
the first version
was just peeling the shrimps
the second version
beside peeling the shrimps
we also showed them the complete peel
and in the third version
if a boy and a girl come together
we’d ask the girl
do you need
our handsome waiter
to peel for you
or fo you need your boyfriend to do it?
[Sounds interesting]
Tiankui has finished
the first plate
Look at the peels, girls
Complete ones [Lined up]
They all start to eat shrimps
Boil it up
[The smoke] I’m drooling
This is our fried rice
Take the seafood rice
[Huge bite]
Da Zhangwei
Fried rice
I can’t
I have my teeth capped
I can’t chew
[Such shame]
I can have many bowls of it
So tasty
It’s really soft
It’s amazing
I like the soup of Tom Yum Goong
Of course
The taste is deep
Sour and fresh
The soup is very legit
Right for you
Sour [Wang Yibo just loves sour and spicy]
Very tasty
And inside
there is some coconut milk
Light sense of milk
Such shame
I won’t wear it for next episode
I will take it off [Dang Zhangwei missed out delicious food because he had teeth capped]
Thai sauce [Fat and delicious]
[Wang Yibo takes huge bite on oyster]
How is it?
Very fresh
How is it, secret guest? [Smells nice]
The oyster is great
[I will try it]
How is it?
This one
I think is above 100
Fresh shrimps wrapped in bamboo shoots
How is it, Yitian?
Feels different when chewing
And the sour
and the quantity
Yuanchang you know about food
This is abalone
we especially prepared for today
Two kinds of them
Look at this girl
putting mic
in her pocket
Guys lobsters are ready [Meat lovers are ready]
Come here if you want some
How is it, Yamy?
Really good
Tastes like good music
Are you happy?
Super happy
Where is Da Zhangwei?
Is Queen Zhang drooling over there?
[Don’t cry Mr.Da, there are more chances in future]
They are losing it
over there [Can’t stop]
Hu Yitian
Hu Yitian what are you doing?

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