The menu is a bit strange today. Pineapple Fish in Orange Juice, Mint Fried Pork Ribs, dampness-expelling soup, fried eggs with jasmine flowers. Do flowers …
I am Chen Ershi, who gives you warmth and accompanies you cook.
Ribs, shallots, ginger and the cooking wine.
Snow pear.
Sea coconut.
Pearl barley and the fig.
Stew in water for more than two hours.
White pepper.
Ribs, light soy sauce, oyster sauce and cooking wine.
Marinate it for 2 hours for flavoring.
It's ready just in time for a nap.
I’m so hungry when I wake up.
Fry them until they are golden.
Mix them in the heated pan.
Fried ribs with the mint.
Eggs, shallots, ginger and the cooking wine.
They are crispy when they are fried.
Orange juice and sugars.
Pineapple, Bell pepper, Cherry tomatoes
Orange juice and starch water
Pineapple fish in orange juice.
Soak the jasmine for 5 minutes.
Eggs and salt
Fry the jasmine.
Take them out when they are fried.
Add egg liquid to the remaining jasmine flowers.
Fried eggs with jasmine.
Vegetables with oyster sauce.
Dampness-expelling soup.

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