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Hello and welcome to this episode of Black Girl Health Club
More and more people suffer from cervical spondylosis in recent years
Because of standing or sitting for a long time
Young office workers susceptible to some older uncles and aunts will also make people feel cervical spine discomfort
So prevention and mediation are needed before they become particularly severe
Today we're going to talk about two acupoints that relieve neck discomfort
The wind pond point is located in the neck
Under the occipital bone
The depression between the sternocleidomastoid and the upper end of the trapezius belongs to the heat absorption of the little Yang of the foot after the gallbladder through qi and blood
You can rub it with your thumb for three to five minutes
Fengchi acupuncture point can be used for headache, head
Heavy feet
Light, eyes tired
Neck pain
Symptoms such as insomnia
Liquid gate is one of the acupoints frequently used by shao-Yang sanjiao
On the back of the hand
Between the fourth and fifth toes
The stolen edge behind the red and white meat between the three coke through the gas can be in this heat
Cold drop can find the position of the thumb press knead for three to five minutes
Because blood can regulate water
Dry mouth
Dry eyes
Cervical spondylosis and other places
With age
Older people's blood vessels become less elastic
When endothelial function is impaired
Slow blood flow
Increased blood viscosity
So that clots can easily form
It'll block up blood vessels and passages
And that causes a heart attack
Cerebral infarction
Lower limb arterial swelling
Lung to plug
But there are some clear early signs
Drool while you sleep
A lot of older people
Drool while you sleep
Most of it is normal
But if you find that the old man's saliva often flows in one direction
Be on your guard
Probably got a blood clot in his brain
Go to the hospital as soon as possible
Two early after dizziness before cerebral thrombosis
Most people don't show up
You wake up in the morning and you have vertigo
If the elderly within three days appear more times of vertigo
Consider whether the clot is the cause
Especially hypertension
The old man had numbness and swelling in his hands and feet
What if an old man
Chronic numbness in the legs
It could be a blood clot flowing into an artery
When deep planted
This part of the muscle will become ischemic
The legs are prone to swelling
It can even be painful
Chest tightness and pain
A clot formed during the student's initial promotion
If the blood flows into the lungs
Chest tightness and pain may occur in male patients
Once formed, a pulmonary embolus will follow Donna's breath
Chest pain and chest tightness phenomenon need to be vigilant ah
Permutations are one of the ways our bodies detoxify
Have normal bowel movements
It allows the body to get rid of some of the toxins as quickly as possible
Inability to defecate as a result of constipation
Most of it is a decrease in the frequency of defecation difficulty in defecation and there is no drying of the stool and these conditions can have a significant impact on the life of the patient
Today we are going to talk about how to relieve constipation to understand
The cause of constipation
See if it's caused by organic disease
If so
That's like organic lesions
Anorectal lesions
Of or relating to endocrine or metabolic diseases
We're going to cure the disease
When the primary disease is cured of constipation will naturally improve the situation
Change your eating habits
Many people like to eat delicate foods in their daily diet
These foods are low in fiber
Long-term meeting lets intestines and stomach wriggle speed slows down
Easy to cause constipation
Want to improve constipation
Eat more whole grains and fruits and vegetables rich in fiber
Can speed up the gastrointestinal motility speed
3. Change your bowel habits
Many people may have a mutation in their lives when they can't defecate in time
I have time to go
There's no variation
In the long term
Easy to cause constipation
So in life must develop good bowel habits
The best!
Line up in the morning
This period sanqi alias gold
It is a familiar traditional Chinese medicine in our daily life
So do you know what sanqi actually does
The antithrombotic effect of panax notoginseng is undoubtedly the most concerned
But what do you know about phase III that has such an antithrombotic effect
There are mainly three aspects as follows
Phase 3 contains a variety of saponins
Saponins are the most important substances in the third phase
Can dilate blood vessels
To improve the circulation
This increases blood flow
Better protection of the heart
Alleviate the insufficiency of blood supply to the brain
Phase II and III contain flavones
Flavonoids are a powerful antioxidant
It removes oxygen free radicals from the blood vessels
Improving circulation also lowers cholesterol
Has certain anticoagulant effect
Thus, the incidence of thrombosis can be reduced
337 can resist platelet aggregation platelet has the effect of clotting
If the platelets get together
Blood clots can easily occur
Because panax notoginseng has antiplatelet aggregation effect
Can effectively prevent the occurrence of thrombosis
However, although sanqi is good, not everyone is suitable for pregnant women
The female of period cannot eat notoginseng the likelihood causes miscarriage and menstruation to increase
Panax notoginseng temperature bias
And he that is but a little hot must not forget to eat notoginseng
Like a cold caused by wind
Cancer has a serious impact on people's health
Most cancers are asymptomatic in their early stages
Even when symptoms appear, they are easily overlooked
Some common early cancer symptoms can easily be confused with other diseases
Today we're going to talk about early signs of three cancers
Early gastric cancer can result in loss of appetite
Bone rod and nausea
A series of symptoms, including vomiting
These symptoms can easily be mistaken
Thought it was indigestion
When these symptoms occur frequently
It is recommended to go to the hospital for a detailed examination
The early symptoms of liver cancer are yes
Bleeding gums and unexplained fevers can occur
So the symptoms may not be as obvious
And it doesn't look too serious
But pay attention anyway
Early prevention and treatment of bowel cancer in early stage patients may develop bowel habits and a sense of shape
Hematochezia and common symptoms
Although these symptoms are easy to spot
But it can be mistaken for constipation
Hemorrhoids and indigestion and other diseases caused by
We want it
Early detection of cancer and abnormal symptoms should be timely detection
In particular, some families have a history of cancer
Chronic smokers over the age of 45
They have a much higher risk of developing cancer than the average person
If often angry
It is easy to suffer from liver- qi stagnation
If not appropriate conditioning ah
It may lead to other diseases
Today we introduce three kinds of chrysanthemum tea that can relieve liver qi stagnation
Irascibility leads to irritability
Have a headache
Dry eyes and bitter mouth
And chrysanthemum tea can alleviate liver qi stasis
There are evacuation wind heat flat liver eyes
The effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying
Suitable for dizziness
The eye is red and sore
Have a sore throat
People with high irascience and high blood pressure drink
And different mums have different functions
Nourishing the liver
It is best to choose chrysanthemum morifolium tea alone
If the liver is not very healthy
That's normal
It's easy to get tired
Self-examination belongs to liver-protecting enzyme products
Very suitable for alANINE aminotransferase
Rice straw transaminase abnormal hepatitis B patient
Drinking gynostemma pentaphyllum on the human body
There are cu appetite
Descending transaminase
The effect of alleviating atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease
Three Yin Chen tea sinks into oblivion nourish Yin and kidney
The jaundice
Wet sores
Itching and so on
It works well
It protects the liver and gallbladder
Anti-inflammatory and other effects
By the thirsty
To urinate
Dark yellow or short red
A hepatitis patient with a problem of yellow and greasy tongue coating
This tea is often taken
Can play a certain role in protecting the liver and reducing enzymes
That's all for today
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