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Let me touch you 😥😥
What she's looking forward to is me patting her… AWW..
What I'm looking forward to is… THIS!
(I'm starving… Can't wait!!)
It tastes better when it's boiled down!
Hey, black bean noodles (=Jajangmyeon)
And Spicy fried chicken!
Hi, guys!
Today I brought Black Bean Noodles called Jajangmyeon from Ottogi and Spicy Fried Chicken!
I've been craving Jajang ramen and spicy chicken,
So I brought these!
These are Korean spicy pepper, sour kimchi, and pickled radish!
Ok then, I'll enjoy the meal!
This is Pepsi cola with sliced lemon!
Don't forget to add some broth which you boiled the noodles! (How professional)
Look how shiny it is!
It's so good as expected…
I love black bean noodles from this brand because it has a strong chunjang taste!
I'll have this chicken!
It's Golden Olive Chicken, spicy flavor!
I made a handle!
The inside is pleasantly moist and the outside is so crispy!
This is so much tastier than regular seasoned chicken!
It has the strong unique flavor of Golden Olive Chicken! (Nutty and rich in flavor)
(Can you guess it was fried or seasoned?)
It's thick but not too dry! Just Superb!
It's so delicious…
There's this huge cartilage!
I love its texture!
Such an amazing stress reliever ❤️
Even though it's seasoned, it's amazingly crispy!
This chicken itself is delicious
And now it's seasoned…
It tastes AMAZING!
I love it!!!
Before sprinkling the pepper…
I'll mix them a bit!
Bunch of spicinesses and my happiness 🌶
Don't forget to add some broth from time to time! (Professional way to eat Korean black bean noodles)
It's perfect…
It tastes so much better than regular Jajang ramen as expected!
(Mozzi keeps staring at me… maybe this smells too good)
I can never imagine eating Jajang ramen without kimchi
It's so good…
Don't forget the chicken!
(Grab it and then shake it a few times,
Then it's done!)
It's so plump… This is happiness, right?
(When can I stop…?)
(The only moment when I'm actually focused
: when I'm eating)
Ugh, come on…
It's redder than the others…
(*Proud of my self*)
Alternating between the chicken and the ramen is delicious, and so is eating them at once!
It's really plump…!!!
I won't leave anything on the plate…
It's definitely way tastier with the pepper!
How come it's still warm and crispy?
Since this is the last one, I want to savor it…
I wish I had more
I love the combo of sweet food and salty food!
No more worries or anything that has been troubling me…
They're gone already…
(gathering all the food on the plate)
Ok so,
Today I ate Black Bean Noodles called Jajangmyeon from Ottogi and Spicy Seasoned Chicken!
The sweet Jajang ramen
(🐶 You wanted me to hold you… and now you're dozing off)
And the salty seasoned chicken went great together!
(🐶 You wanted me to hold you… and now you're dozing off)
Alternating between them was so delicious
(It tasted amazing!)
After sprinkling the pepper, it got tastier
(🐶She wanted me to hold her, I swear)
And I really loved it!
(🐶She wanted me to hold her, I swear)
I highly recommend eating black bean noodles Jajang ramen with spicy seasoned chicken!
As always, I really enjoyed the meal
🐶Mozzi: Where is all the delicious food?
💁‍♀️Fume: In my stomach :)
*super relaxed*
I think I'm kinda sleepy… (again?)

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