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reflecting the human body : feet
(Oriental Medicine) The body's organs and major parts are reflected on the feet.
1) Basic reflector: discharge of waste material (kidney- bladder- urethra)
2) Direct reflector: Press the reflector of the diseased area. (e.g., press your big toe if you have a headache.)
3) Indirect reflector: stimulate the organs to increase their metabolism.
That is, if you massage the soles of your feet meticulously, it is beneficial for the discharge of waste matter and the health of your whole body.
Recommendation: 1) Drink a cup of warm water after massage to help discharge urine. 2) Massage is not allowed within one hour after meals. 3) Do not irritate bones and skin too strongly. 4) Do not massage your feet when you have a feet disease(fracture, skin disease, etc)
If your foot is hurt, touch the foot's reflector, hand.
The ears and hands are also reflectors of the human body, and the feet work most directly.
The foot is the second heart.
From the side, it looks like a sitting human body. (There is no organs on the legs.)
Massage both feet to make your whole body healthy.
Please wash your feet clean with warm water.
A foot bath of about 10 minutes is better for blood circulation.
(To apply oil or cream.)
The foot massages with pressure stronger than the face, enough to whiten the fingernails when pressed. Using tools, hand joints can be protected.
This Sunken Place: Kidney
Yongchen: Meaning 'life and energy rise' (Chinese)
Pressing this point is very important in foot massage because it infuses energy and releases toxins.
Next, Kidney – bladder – urethra
It helps detox through the bladder and into the urinary tract.
Because the heel is thick, rub it harder than other parts, or use tools.
Left foot: liver, gallbladder / Right foot: heart
Center: Kidney, urethral
Next, stomach, pancreas, spine
When you use tools, your hand joints don't hurt.
Next, Neck, Shoulder
thyroid gland, bronchial, lung, arm
thumb: head
Turning the thumb lightly helps relax the neck muscles.
Steady rather than one-off increases the effect.
The reflector of a small thumb (head) is very variously subdivided.
For example, the center is the 'brain'.
e.g. ) Tricadial nerve located in temporal muscle: Prevention and Mitigation of migraine headaches
I've seen a customer whose joints are stiff and my fingers can't even fit in.
Other toes also reflect the main part of the face.
Rub the tip of the toe until the blood gathers.
To prevent and mitigate foot numbness by stimulating the peripheral nerves.
There are many reflectors and acupoints on the top of the foot.
The feet massage is complex and delicate because the whole body is reflected.(In China, foot massage is like the concept of medical care.)
Ordinary people like us just need to pressure their feet meticulously for blood circulation and fatigue relief.
Blood vessels lead to the whole body, so it's better to rub them up to your ankles.
You can do this massage every day.
Thank you.

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