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And then … latch!
100% this is a helminth
This pointy tip is the head of a helminth.
Let me go against the other end of it, I hope I guess correctly
Hello guys, I'm at my office
Just There are many friends asking me to look at Raw blood pudding under a microscope Although
everyone has a different way of making, a perspective and a different style,
I don't want to make a copy of him. Other people, or copy other people's ideas
So many friends asked but I decided not to.
When you asked for me, I kept saying that you should go to other people's channels and watch
but later on Come to
think of it, I see that you loved the Nguoi_Mien_Que channel, you were my audience,
you liked your way … then you asked
me while I forced you to go to other people's channels.
That I see … I treated you unfairly It is easy to
click on another channel to watch, but let you love and support your channel t It's very difficult.
So I decided … I would. I will do it for you Also
…. If there are only a few requests, it doesn't make me think. Last
time, there were a lot of requests from you, asking me to make a video dish. Duck's blood pudding , pig's blood pudding
… under a microscope I must say a lot
So today I decided, I'm going to make a video of a raw blood pudding under the microscope
Even though it's on Youtube There are many videos about Tiet Canh and
although later on someone cursed at me that I copied people's ideas, I also ignored
I made this video because of you
people who loved Nguoi_Mien_Que channel
for the supporters. For me during the past time
Now I will start to buy Tiet Canh, which I have never eaten before, I also asked friends.
There is a Tiet Canh Duck restaurant in District 7, I am living. District 5
Going there a bit far
Now we will go buy you guys
Now I will go to the garage to get the car
I have to go fast, because this dish we slow down, it will freeze
Cho Should you buy finished that I had to run straight home to screen for you to see
hope purchase is complete, go home still do it, you look forward to watching videos viewed items Tiet Canh under the microscope of yourselves
And here is part pudding his newly purchased, purchase finished that I ran home as fast to keep up with inspiration for your look
because you're afraid of blood duck it will curdle, which you
it sold part pudding just how much of here
I I will open the box of duck blood to see what it is like.
Earlier because I was afraid of slowdown, the blood would clot, so I drove the car a little fast, I wonder if it will spill inside.
This is a box containing duck blood, blood still alive, disgusting?
Let me open this bag, always see what's inside.
A bag of peanuts, this must be sprinkled on the face of the soup plate to make it
fragrant. Blood alive wrinkle, now sprinkled with gold I also do not dare to eat, let alone what is sprinkled with peanuts
There are basil, with a slice of lemon, chili, vegetables and coriander, 2 spoon again
As yet her hour I do not eat this dish so I do not know if a part of Tiet Canh dish like this is called complete or not,
I do not know how to arrange this dish properly.
But my purpose is to only look inside the blood of What does this duck have, so put this part aside.
I'll open the box containing duck blood.
Wow …
Duck blood is still alive.
there are 2 more duck liver pieces. The other ingredients have been chopped up and put in here.
I feel like it's partially frozen, you guys look closely, don't you see it?
The blood is still fresh, without needing to see it under a microscope, do we know for sure that there are many bacteria in this place
that can be eaten?
It was already crowded down there.
Earlier, I saw a slice of lemon, I guess squeezing lemon here will kill bacteria
to eat.
To take a look under the microscope, I will try to add lemon juice to it. see if the bacteria really died from lemon juice or not
Now we start to look under the microscope
I'm going to prepare a template to see under the microscope
I'll scoop out the liquid duck blood and put it on a slide to Look under the microscope
and the lower part is already frozen, I can't scoop.
This is a lot of stuff , then just
a little drop and
cover it up again and we're done,
we start looking under the microscope.
You see, Not in time to see the red blood cells, we have seen bacteria, parasites it swim and swim.
Here is only 400x magnification
, I increased to 1000x for you to see even more disgusting
. I have not adjusted the focus to see the red blood cells clearly, I leave it dim so that you can easily see bacteria and parasites,
but red blood cells are of course in the blood. Okay, we don't need to care about it for a
while, I will correct it for you to see
later.And this is Duck's red blood cell, it's different from human's red blood cell, human's is round, concave. 2 sides, while the Ducks are oval
here is leukemia nè you
have a couple small platelets
we see that's it, the main purpose of this video is that we will see bacteria
Which to watch For bacteria, we have to focus on a layer far away from the red blood cells
so the red blood cells are dim, then these "germ" bacteria will show up clearly for us to see.
You see?
They ran around like they were playing on the pedestrian street.
So I'll switch the microscope to phase contrast to see if it's better
because in phase contrast, things have colors. transparent it will be highlighted by the refracted light.
Do you guys have more visible things than before?
But the color is not as clear as in normal mode (Bright field)
. What is this? What thread is this? must hair hair kiss?
it's just a little bigger than red blood cells like this, it's definitely not a hair.
I think it's more like a dead worm
Let me look on its head.
If its head was pointed, then surely It's a tapeworm
Okay, "single pin" …
100% is a helminth, guys.
This head is the head of a helminth,
let me go against the other end of it, I hope I guess correctly.
Then "single pin" second time. This is a helminth ch8a1c for sure, but specifically what worms I do not know
With the size of the stem only slightly larger than red blood cells, what is the worm?
Really disgusting
, let's pass this on guys, let me zoom in to 1000x to see more bacteria.
And here's the 1000x magnification. I turn to this magnification so you can see the red blood cells and other things are clearer and bigger.
Usually in the blood of birds in general and ducks in particular, there are usually some main
diseases. I did not talk about because the virus, the biological microscope will not be able to see, I was
only talking about bacterial diseases.There
are a few bacteria that are standing in the blood of chickens and ducks, for example Salmonella
which causes disease. Paratyphoid
Next is Clostridium bacteria, which causes inflammatory bowel
disease. This Clostridium bacteria found it present in Minh Chay pate that you guys
have a lot in the soil so chickens and ducks will surely be infected. followed by
bacteria Pasteurella multocida bacteria anymore, it causes haemorrhagic septicemia
and E. Coli again
the Ecoli Particularly, when it is present in the blood of
duck's blood addition countless other poultry parasites such as tapeworms, cerebral tapeworms, and other types of helminths …
When we eat blood, eggs Worms will enter our body, develop into larvae that
will burrow into the brain to nest, causing the patient to manifest headache, nausea, possibly having seizures like epilepsy .. .
these are just the pathogen available in the blood of ducks alone
also those other pathogens infection in blood duck when we exorbitant blood drawn ducks
you also know that, when exorbitant duck that people only The knife cuts across the duck's neck, it will cut off the duck's throat, esophagus, trachea,
so dirty things, food in the duck's kite, intestines, mucus in the duck's respiratory tract comes out and gets into the blood of ducks
I saw yet now those who sell poultry ready no one has exorbitant poultry properly
people only put a knife to cut off trying to poultry for fast
If cut properly is to cut two lines obliquely on both sides of the neck
near the gills of the poultry. The vein and aorta are located in the 2 ducks.
Cut there will not cut into the wrong position of the esophagus and trachea
where processing, processing tools, unhygienic processing water, also invade. add some other dangerous pathogens to duck's blood
All of those are living pathogens, and it's ready to thrive when it enters our bodies
Then why do we eat raw blood without eating ripe, guys?
Do you not think that the soup with lemon salt in the blood pudding will kill all the bacteria and parasites you
can see on the screen, are they still alive and floating or not?
Now I'm going to put lemon juice in the template so you can see if the bacteria die under the lemonade.
I put the lemon juice into the sample and that's
only 1 drop of lemon juice and looking under the microscope looks like a waterfall. You
guys wait a moment for the flow to slow down, stop it and see.
There, you see … its bacteria are still unharmed with lemonade. It was healthy, as if it had just had a lemon bath.
Like this, if we eat inside our body, we will not get sick or die.
There are many cases of getting sick, even losing our lives just because of eating Tiet Canh,
the press has already reported a lot. I see people are not afraid yet
You think that you are healthy, your resistance is still high, so eating bacteria on it will be destroyed, no matter what you think
the resistance is strong, the bacteria It is also temporarily hidden in you.
Just a moment when you become weaker, it will explode. At that time, if they come back, they won't make it in time.
Recently, we have seen with our own eyes a drop of blood in the soup under a microscope
Hope this video will help you have a more accurate view of the soup
I do not dare hope that you have. Like to eat this dish, when watching my video, you will stop eating
because I know that you have learned it yourself, read the newspaper, watched the radio, or watched on Youtube about the pathogens in Teat then
but because you love this dish too so you still have to eat
I just wanted to contribute a one hand along with others, warning people not to eat, are eating and will eat pudding alone
you eat it praises itself for you at that time
then, but when you get sick, you will harm the family, relatives and friends, to effortless money worry for you
or what if you die, the loved ones of You are still alive, you will suffer or even have to take your debt.
So, Don't for a good bite you will harm yourself and yourselves. g people around you guys
Maybe this is the video I talk about the most ever, talking about dry neck.
Because I'm so frustrated :))
Wish you always have plenty of health. Thank you for watching the video
and thank you for your love and support for the Country Country channel so far
Hello and see you in the next video.

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