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good evening everyone welcome to
the Stream
how's everyone doing some new
is a how are you doing Matt and
and Randall thanks for joining
the stream
if you are new to forget to hit
subscribe for more streams it
like guys we're doing some it
again tonight
with Nemesis he's got all the
Exotic parts but he still needs
to completion to get the project
so do the floors ninety to a
hundred again short stream I
hope I've got loads of work to
do so we're going to just stream
it and stream it a last summit
of the week
tomorrow as well strudel you and
late Rambo was first you were
this time off so give it yet not
bad you doing guys hey Dave I
might be on later day but I need
to do a man on still so
it'll be later or or this
yes it is the music from this
summer elevator well done Paul
suggested that I use it as a
countdown and I thought it was
funny so we're dead hey game and
hey honey
everybody that one the price on
the last event that we did our
be emailing your vouchers
or whatever tonight has been
really busy sorry hey Kang Chi
you're back in the division of
the game on it soon I bet you
proper now hey dragon off a knob
okay so yeah that's what I'm
gonna do tonight it's going to
be ten floors are Summit
hopefully it's as easy as last
night last night was really
straightforward a penny and Mark
back in as well and yeah
I'll mute and we'll get going I
don't forget to like And
subscribe guys guys
we're going to go a life she's
remember I'll go there we go we
are live
you are live Shield
these he's tied up on a knife
and conchs
skirmishes a lot of fun hey
Brian what just happened both
halfway through a missionary
this gets kicked out screen you
have been banned
for G Gray beard man I made you
a mud a scene in chat before
your knowing what our side
on our site later but century
a dick you still still are
call me for the changes coming
to this no crashing every sister
did this last night in like an
hour sir smashed it
so just to let you know Nemesis
if we don't do this in an hour
it's going to be solely your
fault and not so not people up
the slack where we needed it to
be picked up up Stephen Shore
six o'clock Cole scales with
iron I need to put the card back
Joe it's ready for any bride
too soft
the truth is I remember watching
the state of the game and they
were like
there shouldn't be any mechanism
in the game that one shot shoot
you dead you shouldn't but they
they were like we're going to
fix it don't worry so now they
don't want to shoot you to death
they one shot you to barely
I that's what they did yeah but
they did that
you doing silly things are
keeping it like giving Hive on
you it's going to really impact
your timer come on
of course girls again yep
all right while we're doing this
I'm going to put the card on is
is Z card hacked warthogs
hey hey Fudo
that's jumping on last making
mother is this way it's easier
you doing as he made you
my to
to let's go again
why is Rambo game report for
cheating he's just came up
a hobo
besides got hobo as big on on
right now called Scouts flight
nice Exchange rebelled Rebelde
sack Boy
but I've just got to help types
yeah you know it's did you find
with up it also don't need you
you hey Carrie Carrie
it's like we're with our anyway
when she's playing other fight
against each other
we got out of there there
speaking to cover up with
hilarious Larry
want the back roads
you are hot the last of us to
bro bro
really like it yeah well you
must stay I completed it twice
great game the longer I think
about it
not quite rare number one was
still still tennis and Last of
Us 2
spoil a boat gotta play it it
how are you two not finished
yet oh my God god
are you did the first room there
good job job
we've got look that box
oh we got a tank we got a tank
on me a
a rather back
what's that box we go on Jay
it's hives
come on explosion got
he's got to have it it
I'm going to be late busy like
about her so much much time
smart men worked I need to
finish I shouldn't be busy next
week though though
Kappa so much in the back here
with me
try not to push so far forward
but tanks dogs coming over over
and over
duck duck
okay dogs okay
socks cracks
stuff stuff
what's the target at noon today
today I need some
special ammo so I can crack the
heavies okay now to whatever
I saw when I was watching
strewed or so we had the night
is stupid stupid
Mark you got the the
we got fog of War on this yes
that makes sense why did the
hostages run back bedroom so
free reign I've slowed slowed
I'm going to try and get the box
how much bucks bucks
snob doc doc
high five five
that's another joke Lucy
down Sweet was yesterday so far
so I've got
no No oh my God how old are you
it's a
song by mrs. is a song we just
got got it oh say this if you
got a weapon with say this done
I told you need one nemesis
on me this because you're going
to need this be a project that
you got
oh yeah yeah
secure the area area
hello hello
a couple of
doctors that's like
this one's cracked as well
if I step
hi such a quiet quiet today
you sure sure
Chevron back corner
you are pointless mr. Chevron
why do we ask in the room
all of the streams from the
other night with food and stuff
Em watch Oliver by by seeing
your clutch how was wrong
I was screaming like the world
was ending ending
is God like that time you got
it done yeah
totally I think I thought about
just over half an hour hour
where is everybody
who I'm going to throw fire on
enjoy it it
he's been Crossroads
it's not well too we got me I
got no hype how you kind of
I've lost him
with a nice night
thank you know that
it's not gonna fit wave um
said dog so I've done up
made a gun when we just go mark
mark yeah
I think
Stephanie it's like a dog
as well me nice nice
we don't
a good job job
any more special Special ammo
slim Pickins and I
caught a few
must be R&J games teach you the
game paint paint
definitely I also have really
bad RNG it's kind of like a
the checkpoint nice
but he does
is what we call the grenadiers
dog Stan why do we call them you
see Doug $5 the bunder
who recorded the doctor can we
Hazard of the bomb diggity dog
on the floor
It's digital you know
what to be honest when Mark said
that we'd be going between seven
and a I was I all right so about
ten them
because it's too right
I mean it's on time what do you
write always waiting for people
mmm-hmm okay it's under the time
when you've been with me
has been done to other people
laughs up there in it now II
just say I'm streaming and
I set it up I'm streaming now
who's as I started doing it like
you told me so I'm taking your
advice buddy but yeah that's
what I do
job so it's I don't set it up
but I don't plan it like if you
die when I'm streaming you can
jump in if you're not next time
sort of thing because that's
what was happening I was waiting
an hour or two for other people
and then that's an hour or two
that I'm losing production time
your enemy I'm not being
productive just hanging around
white and so I need to yeah so
stop their own I can't do it
yeah I was you I'd always right
for you you
I'm trying to find this medic
box of fireworks oh my God that
many boxes is huge
I could make a play for Penny
but I don't want you
there we go I'm up
sorry about that that so Mark is
dead Penny was Dad to
open your son too bad
why so lonely love it
perfect perfect family
the way inside inside
easy strudel easy way Kate
groaning running
how are ya
me to the River please I would
like to
open the box Reggie you're not
allowed to open the box I caught
up with follow weeks sorry
I'm only helping tonight and
tomorrow but Patrol members as
well we did community members
Monday Tuesday Wednesday and
then I don't know what I'm doing
next week we have you join our
there's a lot of people in sure
you can find a group to hook up
with very helpful lat those are
Penny will first hit at the Box
you do it but if you don't get
me the
Exotic piece just know I'm
probably going to call
you a couple of bad names and
I'm just wearing
green color on groaning says hi
GI like Mark
modern penny it's a shame
groaning so I just don't like
you at all all
I love the hate-hate
relationship you and groaning
I mean you should
I'll open the next one I feel
I'll get you that exotic
but you found it you didn't know
I changed my mind last night I
said I don't feel
it over tonight I actually feel
it I'm not
so much a feeling I'm not in the
wrong way okay you open the next
one right hmm what isn't in
there yeah we're running we're
running until I get an exact
part okay I will yeah
there's do normal one but once
it's been about three times do
you just get them from the
bottom floors and almost from 1
to 10 Hearts from
11 to 13 I just don't have any
of those so I have to have in
order no that's good then
because I got my heart
and then I had to go back to
know the change it a bit aren't
I they changing it so they can
drop off
I'm not sure I'm sure write
something that the change and I
didn't quite understand last
thinking it meant they're going
to let it drop off enemies on
these floors not just the boxes
and in and increase the drop
rate because if you're not made
it takes a while I got them all
first try bharden or more much
as two tries couldn't believe a
lock yeah yeah first time I did
legendary I got mine mine and I
like you
I don't have the rerun
rerun normal so yeah so if I Lin
zhi Yuan isn't yeah hey you
fixed up
earlier on about it I'll watch
the STG yesterday and one of the
changes are like what I'm not
sure if I understood correctly
is that when you leave the son
named you will start back on
that floor yeah you're so the
checkpoints so you get an 83 you
can leave and you'll start back
at 93 yeah 95 you'll start back
at 94 94 yes
where to yeah you got to have a
chance point there are moving
and they were moving lunchtime
floors yeah yeah take it out the
Rally Point cell just and
they're just still still be a
checkpoint to Rally points I'm
guessing or every three floors
will count if you leave and
those are good changes come in
does the selection you know
select your own targeted Loop is
going to be power interest this
will be the thing to grind just
pick what you want to Target and
do it we're going to be doing
floor 1 to 100 all legendary
that is happening all night that
would be
I mean I would definitely be on
top hmm how can we buy food but
I'm still playing with going to
put the mic
the stock went from boxers keys
are based on the floor numbers
now the still going to be coming
from boxes okay so instead of
being based
on difficulty to be based on
floor numbers normal be 1 to 20
and then so on the floor in four
or five days
yeah so five Keys across five
sets of 20 plus David
difficult you like it yeah okay
hey if I thought yeah let's go
I will tell them
of using I'll show you quickly I
need to get this on a command
so we show you the link to the
video Just One Piece Walker
Harris All crit chance crit
damage perfect sacrifice chest
which was rather crit chance on
over in Hazzard weibo holster
evidence backpack of vigilance
so perfectly agilent's and this
gloves and foxes prayer
knees and I love the eagle bear
and Baker's doesn't when the
grenade launcher to survive a
grenade key of your running
running glass cannon
three um
foxes for the up for the bacons
that's what I need strudel
explanation mark
build and I only need one of
them because they only run
one it even in Jamie I got that
set up next time we stream
laughs Emma Belle videos about
that that item after update
yes the be easier to get about
that that
well Scott Smith I am
agent agent disease
still cool skills yeah it's
doing this even if it takes 10
times I can't wait so we can
pick our
just lying you're gonna be able
to do legendary with all nine
directives that sounds
to me
something I'd want to try
you know we're on that
give it a skosh girls skills
yeah we'll keep dying because of
I she gets
a floor 9604 happen we have to
do all the flaws again miles
I'll just I don't like course
girls this sucks it just
you know marks of the she'll be
played to The shield and the
shield go use a shield it's not
going to hide he goes down it's
a nightmare and I can't use a
decoy and I use that
Target lost one game
agent agent down agent signs
zero join a community that Is No
Escape we have a great teams we
have Community teams which I got
out if you want to
go for it we can but
okay lots of stuff
Absol script
immediate medical assistance
agent out of action agent
for her sides zero system
system restored non Astoria at
the ends hey finally finally
I think all the story is going
to be coming in season Fall and
the season 4 leading into year
for a a
push it with a sniper grenade
mmm do not
have the hive did you guys buy
shot gonna know I'm just killed
by a shotgun
you're the only one I'll put him
in it never says I can Gallop of
a side and try and rice pot I
don't think I'm gonna be able to
no I'm not
take off
on that I can get
I'll piss off
I'll just drop it
I am for that he'll soon as you
another another wave
directions 25 25 stock
I'll come on move in man as well
the way oh here I got one shot
to the Head head
I'm down to the went through it
first first
you got sponsor you right
cute cute
– grenades and
annoying annoying
do I hate about those someone
you like nice
any ladies
and gentlemen for one night
are you sitting in the circle
that so yeah
good the next one one
oh crap crap crap crap need you
I need you baby behind behind
Okay and Shop with Special ammo
here like I'm not going down
to shop for this Aryan the
behind is not drafting
I just want to let me laugh oh
we've already done the hacks
Florida Florida
just a secure okay
20 seconds on whites horror we
can go on if you're ready let's
do it it
oh my God
Papa papa
but but toxic crap
go to the right side side
two boats have any shipping
practices it should be possible
right do you folks it's like an
official last week week I was
fun take the first crack like
maybe cracks his arms or Summit
and the second cracks is chest
maybe I don't know
I summon that room room
you recommended build survival
energy no nothing I can think of
I put up bail to 511
together for Boss 302 raid but
it's absolutely not needed
show people with different
probably probably think the one
I just can't think of a
situation situation
when you might use on the hailer
built for the
incoming repairs repairs
how sorry I feel like houses is
viable anywhere in this game
game I was just drones and
Steinberg yeah caught it
I think I'm shooting your teeth
good chicken
I got me outside but my husband
hey Steph Steph
are you guys going
not a trained person who writes
one shop
thank you
he started will do I don't do it
jack and I didn't even
I'm just a dick sometimes
because I can
never do ever
three b's on that run
wow Wow
that's sound like me at all
oh yeah what are you doing
down there you little Trash
Panda hey hey leave him Mark
don't Pig model even bleed
leave it
so you get different angle on
his room people look as though
reckon reckon
what the hell
not a spawn come off it okay
thank you
huh Jennifer isn't enough to eat
if I'm so jealous
jealous this makes me sad
there's mark Mark spent this
just to present sad for love it
oh I'm on the to James near me
I'll my word these waves pisses
me right off I hate drones
again by Fate I got rid of one
and ones one job
that's a funny way to die die I
made roasted you just kept on
millions of foul Liars constant
but go
yes I got them on the spam but
you just guess scare smashed
yeah oh
nice finally as a bit much at
sitting in a little bead bet
your head you were
The Beekeeper how's that how
hard it
got arms arms but she had an
infected flea flea bite
I haven't seen a on his suit
like like she's my mom
of you
he's got a shotgun
why are pushing like they
shouldn't so
they'll go too far forward
forward this is silly so I
shouldn't be doing
oh we got Madam I my life it's
about our role
here this dog dog okay that
I was trying to get across the
hall no no leave me Dad give me
you smoke today it's got to be
jeez and mom's picking me up yep
this is stupid and need to fix
this because this
is not what was meant to be this
is what we're dealing with
constantly the other
night yeah
I'd like to Clips in
his chest I'd say so she won't
be far from being crap crap
I'm sorry Dad you could do it
it I said it's cracked
so Rambo did gravlin you have a
night was sick sick
thank you Mark
hmm mmm
call home
and he's forever like they went
hey we're going to take
off all of the waves that we put
the once in a blue moon they're
going to aggressively
and just just unnecessarily
pursue yeah every single one one
of them
it's the rumor meant to be
fighting in this he right but we
couldn't even reach the corridor
it yeah is what it's like to me
Rambo Dave and botch the
other night who it was perfect
because a while to realize what
was happening to be fair and
then we saw it's just
an onslaught constantly as I dis
with two rooms back pretty much
every single time just to get it
done in the end caution is
advised concert service around
the corner
oh come off it hello I'm trying
to push toilets toilets
so it was rather
respond the wrong time
might I have add
nice nice good job let's go to
and nemesis
gotta get you tonight
I like it
we go
oh sure sure
oh while we were dancing on
panties buddy you got the heavy
Oh yeah sure
where is he is this stuff
anyway maybe last hardly ever
okay okay
I'm sorry you may be for me it's
fact but the elite level like
you yet but give me a couple of
years and I'll be keeping your
I won't hold my breath Hey Jake
no chicken
what did I forget your little it
and what did I say what did I
say did you kind of funny did
you get it
you're the boss now
and now I'm going to play miles
tonight yes mr. friendly Calvin
Calvin Lewin schooled
smoke done
hey father time thank you yeah
yeah what you use the shield for
the like
it and glass Cannon like people
run glass Skylight Shields
always going to pick you up as
long as I pay well
what marks up I don't care about
going down I don't use medkits
unless I like marks down
yeah but if I go down I got to
meet up and then I just keep
racking racking
I've got my Sacrifice on me Bob
a bit hesitant about it again
I'm fine was smashing through it
with DPS and shield it's and
easy as well it's not even hard
really kind of Who You Are for
you you all right
boat good evening broken penfold
you know where you been
why from you I don't blame him
you shut up I wish you'd go away
from me right so do I know
you're not Amy you are not least
he just put Cesaro early light
agent killed Knuckles
get annoyed
I've only got a little bit left
left voice you don't need me
anyway use brother bring your
stuff shut the up I don't you to
nice nice
who let the shovel blocks down
Behind the Walls
of a heavy
just get down
flying can write as well guys we
should be pulling back
I saved my life oh piss off off
let me out let me out out let me
how old is he
hurry up best teammate
good job team team I go job I'm
gonna go get hurt inspirational
nice shot shot
and you think she should do and
that's not one of them
okay okay
well why am I running there's
somebody else here with me they
push like like
I thought you were taking the
piss for
too long overdue free man in
that sense naive so we did well
and then
he was so rushed us and we don't
know what lies no I don't know
course girls yeah Happy Days
hi I'm here I'm ready to ice it
left the sunlight you 7 7o are
you on the floor
I'll go wrong with ya
is so sweet sweet ready ready
it works as well I like that I
like the decoys because of hold
on what's it called down on the
transitive to go about 20 to
Shin-Soo the decoy is just oh
use as a distraction like yeah
exactly yeah so either way I
you know when you're going to
start and we'll probably be
doing another one next week week
I know you
still need a ride yes yes
Foundry project yeah
let me say it will get you in
for a
oh my God I had the perfect
geometry on that know you
you're an idiot that's fine
let's rock
supposed that shut up
boosted nobody asked you
awk Hawk yeah
that's right off I wanted wanted
it Mark
Mark oh crap
there buddy
he's not eating anymore so I
don't know know
EJ yes say something nice you're
is easy the pushover
I was going to say like I was
gonna probably be that if you
didn't say something nice about
me I was going to sink a
copyrighted song that you
probably Strokes every time we
stream now and you know
with how goodbye singing voice
see deal huh
yeah every stream singing Taylor
Swift songs and stir strike
mediocre Good Charlotte
straight to this straight to
this way
thank you whoever that was hey
hey Mark yeah where you been
warning you wow you
it's not good enough answer but
also where have you been
obviously my food
thought so so
so where you been eat my food
and then ignoring you and
ignoring everybody else
no roof to number two
are you kidding me
yeah it's always sad I want a
screen shot mate
my oh glass shatters send your
screen shots because you'd be
jealous special doctor
except any is the most
you get you do summat like
you're a urine you're a prick
but your hair kind of nice yeah
it looks nice for a who lives
Drinkin that so government no
sorry tiny what
but now she began it it
now it's
it's well it's ours it's not
just you know what I mean
not time considering he's all
starts with Marque I'm sure
to you you said Mark and I deal
with that we've got it we don't
need you we don't allow me to
just take my child again
but I might need you tonight
switch now I've got the ball
nice thank you I hate change
Ozzy lock in nice
nice I want to go down later
look how quick it goes down when
I use crossbow Bolt
you go down
it's all shotguns you with a
I wasn't paying attention I just
seen it all of Miami deplete it
help you wanker
that's the last animal animal
oh no no no no
oh my
God it's going to be about left
is just join us yep
yep so the yellow on you
the bedroom that also also no
sites are now I got sights on
the yellow he pokes and the
sniper red up the left
this one one he's warm blood
he's won
Daisy that's Enemy Mine
yeah sure
thanks to me
on the whole it's been hello
I'm out out
secure Sakura
I'm gonna get me go back and do
I could I should really maybe
maybe save on my face
one shot not quite red right
no not you honey honey nice nice
go go you peek man that's a
pepper grinder grenadiers as
well well
okay okay
Jesse's nearly got I'm
going down to NASA a had all
sorts of damage on me and this
want to go with
it yeah
the door
very quickly quickly what push
push it
Jane Jane confirmation
slight me
51 like Spenny is that a good
ratio 81 81 watching early
yesterday no Guys Southern was
the best thing ever
oh you got me
you very much decoy
do the wave hey Johnny V is one
shot nice
oh come on on
another another way
one or is that just that's right
do you feel
for this is a question for
everybody absolutely yeah
basically also do you feel like
it's too much to ask that if
there's a you want people
watching that they should
technically be some people might
not be lighting it
if you
Jacob sites aul Brooke you get
better soon sorry Nemesis gone
it's watching please drop a like
all right this is a brothel belt
beautiful be there in a sec
sorry it seemed people yeah the
goodnight spammers and million
it's not just going in
I meant move yours
yeah and I'm going to go
with ya he died in it we got to
get you back off but we won't
I dunno Arsenal chance
turn it off
no point in using skills in here
Johnny V up the top then cover
mark and it won't hurt you don't
kill him don't get hard on that
and so next wave EMP ain't a
nice nice
destroyed I'm going to go up no
you're not no you're not he's
back up and down get down get
Elizabeth maybe that's maybe a
johnny-five to the last there's
maybe a tripod there is a Johnny
was it can't call that I run
around Razorback screaming Kevin
I think it was scared of course
we should
chasing him down
he started off planted it was
kind of like Kev kept Kev Kev
Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin
you just put a blanket Dawn yeah
deal with my
I pass I'd rather sit in
Razorback with the Drone
get shredded
shredded you just did not want
you to did not want any of this
no I heard the key to see the
I'm just picky I'm getting the
key and he's gonna die
die got it
gee you're right in this one and
if you don't get my exciting
piece you're putting me through
telling it will make side pieces
yeah if I found tomorrow today
extended stream guys we're going
to rephrase that a pot yeah
huh a secure area nice it's
right at the back
we just cleared away as if you
want yeah I've been stupid
oh my God god
sometimes I'm ready for was not
you you
can you guess which reminisces
stupid one one but when the area
it's job to do
it's neutral now
hold on but away for good luck I
got people
squatting down on my way down to
Sunny sniper
all things do they spawn out
once I left the left side I seen
and it's a boxer so he's gone
oh Oh
dot dot dot
that's what they lost anyway you
got him
did nothing a pumpkin
cheers guys this is the last
meal yeah this is
this is the one I couldn't get
it done
not fade our purpose all we do
is stay on
that floor you know that right
Penny I see
the buttons let G open it it a
big shiny white bar
go do it don't don't don't touch
it don't really feel exotic
exotic panty
I'm not he doesn't get it yeah
he's gonna he's gonna Carry Me
Through and get me all the other
XIX that I need to get
is that a fair deal yes I never
dropped because you felt
anyone really
really you might need that
the project album I picked one
up earlier I'll take that sir
of didn't really want to get rid
of it yes I'm lovely and I know
you know what right if this was
a dictate is a dictatorship
absolutely yeah well I like
everybody votes no no no that's
a ship plus that one have a
guess that hierarchy no me or
stupid I don't
know what the word is what you
diplomats see democracy is it
democracy time is so forth see
me try this again right if this
was it democracy your votes
count it's not hard B got my
teddy right
I tried and I feel like that's
that's all that's all anybody
can ask if
if it goes have one with
Marksman rifle
trying to head show everyone we
just go well what we've been
doing all the way 3 DPS Shield
shoot from the door flipping
I press the drop it it my fault
the game decided not to this
gonna die
break never
never ever we we got again I'm
gonna see if I can run to the
other side
that's the goal right
check out she's already for an
extended stream wedgie carries
me through floors 1 to e to get
me my exotic pieces pieces I'm
up for that if you want to do it
not all of them
please core skills again
when you get one exotic boots
what I want more than one why
can I only have one one
anybody to pick up well I want
it's 5:00 today good job made it
to the other side of the room
and you're dead
this game really wants to South
Coast girls girls tonight
because we're cool and we got
skills yeah I see what they did
now how many dogs
I don't understand why shotgun
is insist on putting you when
they have
a good that will just shrink
sweet dreams
okay Dre course girls
no good sweetie let's do this we
do have called on and we did
yeah it's like a slight lag
that's what happened yesterday
when I was at
our core skills left marketing
and cameraman out use like it's
not cool scandals
we might we might not have core
for enemies in here with a tank
is a tank
I'll try to get us back back
okay Mom
you still stand we shall Now
call nah
did you get this
do you want to think about what
you do it next time
it's just a better way Shield
this cell phone is a special
just got everybody up
so it's Jake it's the players
and never did
you weren't than that I'm not
tongue is going to fly out your
mouth and go round the world
slot back in and
as it starts back in it we shut
the up
up sergeant God
God or something
you take that cover over there
hmm don't need cover I'm doing
plenty of damage and chat I'll
just go down a lot
easier it'll give me five he's
low low
yeah that's great Jamie but in
these big bomb is it's gonna
fake fake I can tell you what 35
minutes old nemesis it's gone
it's God's sake
it's not even 9:00
I think you can just rush in
off off
it should be at
I wouldn't say that mate
so bad at least for a doubt now
although puppy and on a tank if
we started over time to be fair
yeah here we go we started with
a so
I don't let it take to grow and
pull back from the door of it
but I was shooting shooting box
so I did
what I did
this off mark
it's not funny
you can talk to me like that
that's true is it I'm not sure
that's one on behalf of
yeah yeah attention attention
nope nope whipping winds
what happened to Priscilla oh
that's not a thing anymore
anymore then that's what
so we like
Ramesh Ramesh
he's got killed everyone your
but you pick up your Flippin gun
gun listen to yourself
listen there was more important
things to be done by
my nails
I do that please mark
oh sorry
sorry not Square
it's because you're not killing
them efficiently enough right
and not
intimidated to what you got to
do yeah it's crazy but
so what we're going to do is
we're going to come in here and
we're going to give up
and they're not going to spawn
yes I just one shot though
– you just said so you just
finished your sentence to
he got rape when we let people
pick him up okay not we're not
having a good time in here
watch watch the clutch and
Victoria's up with my card
iCarly sweet
zone game Johnny Five
my my heart is broke
hey truck me like
four pieces of Lou Lou destroy
this stuff stuck around the
that was nothing
named 511 511
what's wrong
yeah yeah
I say new Faust and it's new for
me because like it's the first
time I've played it in a while
but like is it pretty old mostly
pastures new
life is ship it out yes sir
indeed indeed all right watch
know but nobody else or sport
now because I threatened them
all yeah because rind of waves
that's why now on no
I got you the right Emma
honestly honestly
he said they fit this for for
problem yeah they
broke it again
question I'm so glad we're was
in here is in here because I was
some things are just more
that's a grown-up up there
there were two second three
well well
it's a waste
the hive
then they won't
that should have been the last
way 20 up at one bar of I'm up
Aldo Aldo
yeah but
I'll stay closer darling and
push oh yeah
I will give this all a pep talk
before we go in I like it I I
don't nobody asked for your
opinion shut up that's why under
shut the
up yeah and I got not sure
opinion what's up which is moot
we went for hives I've got 90
seconds but I kind of feel like
we should keep it this gas
chakra shocked
keep my
is there
anywhere specific
I need to have a higher now it's
also middle back tool and we'll
keep our shuck Shucks Nemesis a
penny and Mark will keep
rotating it up
Penny will keep putting us down
in here and in a like two
Hunters push up once mean you're
just drop hours just so they get
sharper without understanding
and but yeah anyway I'm going to
be on this desk here this stops
them from pushing
so we just been through the
heels and hopefully kill
one or two are out one more push
which is perfect yeah yeah
That's about 40 seconds but yeah
I'm gonna put together I'll be
mrs. mrs. penny well
to the door I thought you were
telling me to put a good on
I was like what am I name is
this for nobody uses the Nemesis
ship ha ha it's a joke
I'm sorry
don't freak you out any she's
no one's coming
I've got
that's my father somewhere
Photoshop Chopper I thought we
had one you still can moist
should be shocked
oh no No
it's gonna help ya okay how many
we got left yeah there's one
coming up my fire it up
they walk in there like yeah
that they're so good
is it raining hey guys
the ship
push it push it it so you push
it on
backdrop your eyes Drop shots
proportion proportion one down
off of your heels man
come alive
I'm on they do we go out there
one behind
yeah no that's like this markup
that's three left us yeah so if
I'm on my own on Fox
take a Medicare and and then
they come back out get back in
he's not moving from that yeah
he's coming out there's still
one more in there yeah yeah
there you go two rooms clear now
so you want to try to make your
way around so I moved away from
the door II can't we hadn't been
out shock troops down I thought
we had a shop down don't shock
work when that moment that
disrupted now now I just found
my fire at that point
but I stabbed him so much during
the gameplay play this out of
course yours yeah soon as I'm
away from that door they just
bum-rush you saw it happen and
it's annoying I got to stay in a
door but if they come in the
and they don't get stopped the
jump over to me and I got to
push back obviously so I need a
sharp drop down at all times but
then obviously if they disrupt
them running
there's nothing you can do
anyway anyway
how many
hopefully we don't get 20 waves
again yeah
Jay yes only because I'm your
friend hmm what
what kind of truck traffic that
that you've got any back of I
put the wrong
one on there we go
that's why that wasn't working
oh I'm not even
when everybody afraid of which
you start being why it's
yeah yeah those times pushing
I've never done done that
but not full time or the time
that you said goodbye to the
street and gave him like a
really big speech and then ask
mute it yeah yeah ladies and
we're getting
them we do have gotten this I'll
take that
because yeah
two of them jeez Isis was wrong
wrong oh I mean I
turned the power of crashes you
I just got a new hot guys
you have to eat whenever the
power caches crashes also yes
yes yes
tell him I think we could
sit in this room room not my
gosh – for that also
also probably probably not
so if you haven't noticed that
NPC's actually have no damage
drop on there good yeah yeah
they can show up and you from
across the room two dogs
so chef
25 25
you guys got in the likes of
that 72 like spending that's
in it how many people are
watching 97 right that
you view a ship
sniped sniped
oh my God
she did not do track and field
school what did you have for
okay until today today
it's a shout out they get
yes Trudeau is that sooner
Sunnah of all
you have a back Patty patty
I might scrape and go back to
the boots refresh fire by an
so you got
foam needs they might come in
handy yeah you stick them stay
out the door be perfect what is
it the
ganas back
yes yes
I am not notice it wraps inside
out out
the spawn yeah
yeah we have on the rocks the
your Venue here
it did a little put the box down
for the Box you see
son son this this
guys come in the room is fine
that's a
craft sky
yeah I don't know because we
don't recall that I'll never
called me like yeah yeah a
my wife yeah anyway Way
want me to stick the gun get
some of those yeah that'll be
nice guess what oh smooches
strudel strudel Posen
she sucks
how are you
it feels like they teased us
with easy things I like hey I
have some red
na his sometimes I feel like
that's what they do
I did they go could do it from
that room it's to left to right
isn't it
it's just deal with it yeah I
thought I was
easy we kept him pushed back
check what trap should have gone
with soon and it's right it's
definitely shocked this time oh
boy okay yeah that'll be nice
Amazon for the dollars kind of
stuck and shot
she took my gun and slipped
have you got a good ass back
already yeah you can do it I
love you want yeah I'll keep
fire fighting AIDS not good shot
trap on I'll push our trapper so
as soon as they run
and just use it as soon as they
run around I'll stick fired
ovens well we'll just double
whammy on soon as they
walk through the door and and
just let me know when your shop
traps for inspiring our four
remaining well do you want me to
put shocked right back on and
run can phone him fo we got two
right that's enough it's just
that we never really had one
shot before
let's so gonna get over that
well the motion
blurs complete this first
legendary heroes of our eyelid
with dragon I've got oh check it
out what a great guy
I guess let's get them done
let's stop pissing around let's
get this this is
for the fun run like I can't
believe we managed to do it
pissing around the whole time
it's incredible
I screamed at you
conducts from my shop fast okay
you want know know
shark is out no no feels
not Natsu hero
they have a shot
nice stop the seal
good job with that need shock
still down for now but
I you know I'd throw yours out
strong Market has already had
one usage
oh wait are you splooge
nice if you can do that I can
stay here every time they do
saves me pulling back and then
use them more push yeah if
Nemesis could throw his splooge
made up and
so he did come to my shop drops
on get back
how to put my chop chop out
there we go
feels like
they've made them Rushmore
because you know it's people are
staying in this room room but
they didn't fix this little
trick trick maybe impede I'm
going to throw fire out
rubber rooms and and
that EMP lots of wild doesn't
ask why don't they
how many more left he's coming I
can pull back up everyone I'm
supposed to
a farm there we go I'll shout
out to reload sorry that's
my fault and I'm about to read
that far too early I'll stay
back a bit superstitious I'll
watch the other arrows
sorry sorry
you up I love Lisa wife has
returned you got to say
that you're in a safe space here
I've got my German is coming
he's coming
in case
so I can't do anything I've got
two grenades but now Shucks
going on on
traps traps
and once know where to get stuck
on the left yeah I think he's
always so there isn't it so he's
out of it
it okay okay so I supposed to
this one
one that'd be really nice after
the same mark
when I come in well the other
one stock so you should be fine
but I'll try and get shocked on
this guy as quick as possible
because these plastic is
somewhere else else
splooge splooge for Scrooge
she should be smooth
it's pushing to my
nice are
nice one down here
it's stuck you gotta go anywhere
anywhere that's right guys
second time I've seen it jump
over this apparently apparently
now course she's gone bro
oh there is that's what we see
what he does here
goes to get back off because now
I can't get back no no fees if
you stay there I can fast travel
to one of yous over there huh
– I'm
actually gonna check it out I'm
over here right okay well you
know what do we need to go back
oh yeah all right so I'm out now
you can go over and use can like
uses a shovel on me
bumper Bob Bradley Donita got a
new job
done done I bet it's that
horrible one that I don't like
it's really jeez guys cheers
Jake I love love a struggle
this is her
render render
check it out
is there any such thing
yeah it was about know it was
sick mate and I altered it a bit
involved involved 511 yeah I
love this
like Tom it tell me that's not a
little bit Godly
godly this one has a
protection on our ass with them
protected is got the protection
addition shouldn't it just just
doesn't work
like that I'm Michelle better
tested it and I was like nah nah
I didn't try
Pettyfer when you guys are
are all right
the lights in any way because
it's dark in here
to do some Associates what
she is
you doing it
I'm out pane just started out
there we go
I was really happy about it it I
find it I got that one too but I
I looks like solid answer
perverted Uncle dust
I'll never do that again again
I don't know why race I'm gonna
have to use this one because I
don't know ever done this is
ha ha ha so that's two days to
be slated
and I strudel are you streaming
tonight if you are I'll see you
in your stream
as well guys a to thank you you
you ready for this this you
ready you ready you ready you
ready for greatness are you
ready for your anus oh yeah aha
all right ha ha ha
one of the Ubisoft devs for that
dance on Twitter
earlier today with a soundtrack
you'd love it which song is it
now It's Not Unusual
yeah stop it just won't work so
one see you later Jonathan
goes back then gesture scary
Robert Robinson need help join
our community if you need any
sort to help loads of helpful
people in in I'll link at me me
you don't really want to go back
in the summit now
dear bunny
sure you got some balloons
popping ooh me you owe me me
exciting pieces are you
home yet I feel like if anything
faith in that is solely on you
how many of you go guys that is
what we call a nice you and
and honestly me we're going back
to Florida on then you got your
more and it's gonna find out
what it was
I'll be in yeah inventory
resources resources I think you
excite pieces and I don't know
what I'm looking for you're
looking for you're start with
normal hard challenging heroic
says vest normal body armor
simple but sturdy Kevlar but
normal body armor in this oh
shut up found in the summer
and part of the step bring the
full set to this Summit rooftop
and signaled that all clear mmm
see you saw it so we just need
to you just need the hard
Challenge and heroic and
legendary was
I can't believe you haven't got
the legendary one jello I can
it's me my RNG is about as good
as I mean yours and yours is
pretty around you is just
basically that's it yeah
it's not an increase of orangey
I think massive assault me a
solid I remember the day you got
the lady death and you you just
send me a message like
that how to feel about it
you made me love you too
too good luck Joey it was fun
Nemesis thank you for joining us
I for the abuse you got but you
were expecting it
yeah it's tiny whenever pennies
plan you know what's happening
the perrier's has both of you
stand in front of me now Focus
now they shut the up he's
the pantry is right do you
remember what you both put me
through in the bot Patrol yes I
still eat I still like
the MacGyver of you I still eat
them with eyes of breweries that
right because for about five
minutes I was questioning where
the these beeps becoming as you
it was funny at first I want to
saw many talking yeah I got it
I'll stop you you
yes I've always wanted DPS
bar one tank and for the hunters
everybody runs DPS specs
spits hey what was that you put
Mark Spitz
you can see what it said
but maybe take the hint that the
division doesn't want you
calling me such slanderous names
because I can put the word prick
in there quite fine you can't
because I like when I let
anybody call Penny approach
because pennies are Golden Child
I agree but enough of us where
do you think
for you Bella ballet who else is
choked with
it on planets grind GT5 me on my
you'd both dicks dicks
right sweet you know Mark
good night thank you mrs. thank
you very much
thank you thank you very much
trust me an invite any
oh my God can you be patient are
you jumping in nemesis yeah
would you
on in and panty I've got Stefan
I definitely want run beep
amby amby amby pampies about
for me
as much as you do ha ha ha
I'm busy
just just anyone Ram basil thyme
basil rambunctious rambunctious
he helped me make a couple of
bills earlier so I might try
them out but I also dialogue
with us stop
it's kind of tragic
tragic it's gonna be easy to get
the exact pieces right because I
can't be bothered really I'm
just trying to make your life
you do
that's basically what Dave's us
join you can join Dave here you
go Dave and run be
oh my
God night maid
trash pandas Jessica has a
sticker uh-huh
love it it
so far any Gray beard man
and Sean of gotten on it but
don't worry the movement will
gain traction hashtag leave
Kenny alone
computer server yeah I want a
guy like that to
make a video it's just somebody
crying don't leave daddy alone
and I'll give a tentative
I want you to stop for me that I
just need to know anyway how
about you make the video for me
David then I will give you
Dave ten pounds and the cat it
won't be my okay
it will be a cat that seems to
come in my garden a lot
what are you doing really well
done bro
as we're doing these easy flaws
I'm going to run a different
belt dad
dialogue with this one in music
music not by might be busy
probably wants to not be busy
let me just just I have to meet
because you know what the very
word he's going to say when I
caught him is right I know it
yeah the truth is a word did she
say why about that one
who time to sort out some of
this I'm I'm full
I got me snow blow by the way of
a floor for you good stuff
but I had a really big big
dinner boosted help me get to
the floor 50 then we finished
off his
violent as well no I said to him
alone alone
I didn't me first one and
finishing my second one not much
motivation to do it
and my dad's at the Caravan
staves Home Alone by the way me
driving went better than last
last week last week stopping in
the middle of the junction
because a stupid person in an
SUV won't stop and the Su the
person in the Land Rover already
SUV wanted to go where I was I
thinking you just said Jesus
said this two seconds ago
I never sometimes I don't listen
to you because he's not always
right because he's a male
with him
that means we can tell you to
see you
if Wes is a very Lively party so
if you can't handle it will get
someone else in bro don't want
you getting stressed because we
don't have stress Dave is on a
I'm loaded into the summit now
by the way you can send me an
invite if you want oh yeah
haven't gotten in shock new skin
and a new patch to for company
for floor 41 250 have you seen
the summit patch the summit
patch is beautiful I know if
you've got it on your own you
too yeah what when you complete
it is such a pretty part in a
think yeah
which winning hmm
skill build is broken I need to
fix it
how many cement was waiting for
you to invite me I'm just
sorting some space so I'm
absolutely absolutely Chaka
well build your me to use of of
your arm Marley doing a few
of the little flaws because
because is it really just feels
a little flaws
there we go back haul up back up
to me resources at ramble
I've been spending your stuff
I'll have a word no we were
fixing me me and she'll bill
I'm still looking for pieces for
my build anyway I don't know me
I'll tell you in a second
holster and globally stuff doing
stuff might be free I invite
stuff what made you think I get
anyway because I'm here
Dave we can do with you there's
a trusty little mute button in
pod oh okay please don't beat me
I want to annoy you too nobody
can annoy me I was on a roll the
other day because the Aegean
Rambo says I was in a funny
funny mood
you are in a funny mood let me
have you seen my backpack trophy
of got know what you got Dave
this look
we'll see all right we need hard
floors to your normal normal
is that a snow globe yep pretty
good a snow globe from why don't
I have one perfect but you want
to 50
I got it from 41 to 50s snow
globe currently I don't be doing
that then you get your snow
globe when you
can't get 450 so I don't want it
so what do we do exactly to be
just run the same three floors
over and over again yeah we've
run the next time floors you
have three chances again it when
we get it
we'll back out and then going to
challenge in floor same heroic
have to get me one piece because
you owe me one piece thankfully
thankfully I don't even care
that much about me
piece okay I want to see a piece
of Orange
I'm also dad is an accurate
representation of what I am
right now
hey Steph
I will have to get off work no
it's fine we're gonna be long
we're gonna get it in 10 minutes
hopefully yeah yeah that's what
he thinks
are you kidding me you got like
three little bears on the first
drop didn't you and like I've
had loads of ego by have a size
of good point
you got a ravenous to from the
other rape here you go bear on
and she's on point
what'd he say piss off what's up
he had me and night today he was
he said he was pleasantly
surprised I'm not back on the
game as well
go Bo
oh my God
get home
Home Depot Depot are you
tomorrow yes jump jump in
maybe maybe I might I might want
to pop
it just
oh yeah yeah whoever loaded it I
forgot about that so boundary
back engine
I'm level 3 sections Creed game
well what's your plan this is
what do you mean again
because I didn't save we don't
then I did the same little
stronghold that I was with
why have I got a gold diamond
telling me to go this way
you need to go that way
don't break it like me and
boosted did before we cleared
the room so quick and we try to
go we got through the
dawn you didn't said we had to
clear the floor we've done that
and I Ian
clear the floor that quick
we didn't register as we
completed it it needs to be like
correct Roots happen to us on
our race dinner penny get on
glitching out as anion yeah but
it happens we just stood around
need an elevator music music
like an egg when you come out on
the little people
The Shield is shaped like an egg
off it the next stop
yeah the half a shield oh yeah
they make me laugh food food
where you can shoot me in the
as the running towards you so
small and insignificant
there's all different there's
different ones ones
I still say I did well with my
shield but I'm still learning
makes perfect uh-huh uh-huh
once his Fury belt
the backside I do like it it's
fun it's not you can't use it on
on legendary leader
you get
whupped on legendary if you
tried doing it that way it kind
of works on heroic about you
driving a glass cannon before
they're just they're a little
bit too tanky to take him down
that close-up
definitely as a solo heroic belt
nice we're in a group
you need to kill us as well
because based on Armor and Carol
isn't it and if someone mixed
together and you got him name
for it yet no armor armor you're
dead so do you need to finish on
your ma not know what you need
to do all of it
it how are you doing next no
skill skill yeah do it but
that's all weekend
how's it goin last time if you
just went through it on normal
and there's a hunter spawn I
mean TJ farmer
both both
as we did that the other day in
the hunters make sure I do
you don't need to do the last
bout you on a heroic don't ya
little challenge challenge
it's hardly a certain difficulty
to have you found the key no
okay we need to go back and find
the key
could well I had
that happen to me kind of see on
the map navigation oh yeah sure
the corner Junior how could it
be if that's an exotic component
component in this I hope I got
the key key
I was going to say oh forget in
the chest piece of Penny
you miles would just don't know
not the chest piece just one
piece no no no no no
drop it oh my God we got it yes
mmm you know I gave you what I
owe you you
yeah you do you you kinda owe me
what are you doing now are we
done maybe we can go and do a
challenge your
mom's if you want actually
another one that knows that was
first drop yeah sure
I'm not gonna get another one
now that's it don't say it
if you will get it
it look at that get out and go
through this door
I don't want to be group leader
thank you stating the obvious I
painted my nails last night in
dark came out quite well yeah
hold on yeah I'm kind of
impressed pop from my thumb my
thumb kind of of sucks
boosted me screaming before I
sorry it's like is that when you
are doing Summit yeah I mean
comment comment and joined in to
the beginning of it and I joined
him in the last part part
well rejoin them
so I can help him finish his mom
get me that backpack trophy from
the the there's me yesterday
because you was busy so so
yeah I've been told to try a
I will one day and I was Rambo
yeah it's best for me to go to
the hunters
Fiore belt but it doesn't hit
hard i-it's a fire rate and
everything else that goes with
this pen to make a good belt
I've popped it on thank you
it's like to see in the 1
million credits if I think it's
I have two of them them two of
them I love how much I die with
the backfire I think that's
silly too
any of be saving them guns are
yours by the way
Rambo knows that hundred likes
to under stream 8
away 8 away I'll sing I'll sing
and it won't be a
pleasant experience that's what
I'm hoping for but I'm hoping
scaring me to present heartburn
no that won't do
yeah Ma are you Dave
I do because you get too loud at
times exactly
so they'll be like what I wanted
because this is factly what up
never loud the denying Saints
have you're so quiet
quiet I say true true
I'm a quiet person person
oh the fire
rate though that yeah
yeah I think it was
Mackey and I used to play
Skirmish with them right hmm and
he completely broke the system
where he ruin a grenade launcher
the chat box and there was a
talent that would refill
your ammo to follow if you're
I'm always cracked and then
it was also on the grenade
launcher and there was no
cooldown on it so he just ran
around and every time
his armor was cracked it refill
BCI clutch on on his bag
then he just he had a
never-ending end in chat box the
way built it and it was just it
was ridiculous ridiculous I
remember those were the good
days and never thought that yeah
it only happens once every 60
Seconds you want to see the
current break in the game and
skirmish get your flamethrower
out no word of a lie used ticket
touch someone in to the death
it's so funny what do you mean
ticket just you don't even need
like just
press it once just don't use as
little at the fire as possible
will insta kill the enemy me and
said he would do it at last
night every time he says
specialization I'm around we're
changing our belts of Fire
flamethrower and I picking up a
specialization I would just kill
him burn on these just
drop instantly it's so wrong
what's so funny funny
I'm just saying I haven't
reloaded my going for
about three floors yeah Rambo
how do you how many wanted you
in here it
but you know you get an old
we had a lovely day today
we didn't we didn't even have to
do control
see Jay said they've missed your
penny CJ CJ pearl
and a why I've missed any of you
it's nice to be missed thanks
appreciate it
it it's one of them I've kind of
missed the game but I also it's
still the same game like is
I don't think about how
therapeutic is
to pop balloons and I'm like is
it really not
not addictive yeah it really is
is because you're always
wanting to better yourself and
better you're like you
strategies and
you do eventually it takes like
when I first started
like level 44 me used to be so
difficult and now I'm
banging it out so I levels 93
and I'm only myself around there
can't be another
but now I'm like I don't have to
do level no hurry I'm pretty
fantastic balloons but it's a
popping noise just listening to
more pop hmm mmm I think it's a
game it's got an interest me
it stopped it's probably gonna
winch but anyone
very excited for cyberpunk
though though
yeah you can tap mobile as well
you would have played it when
you were
a kid it's a it's a tower
defense all right I need to go
Benson I appreciate the splooged
me again yeah
it was all of our students luge
luge for one point
is Cliff never saved for that is
got it no well if they'd say but
YouTube that the classic it
we're not going to save it and
good quality and ruined your
video for you and it's all
is so annoying so he hasn't got
the footage through to get back
in there and do it again
I'm just saying
that's why I asked a Bigfoot
that's what I want to test our
is it generally just constant
yeah yeah reloaded my god
did we find the K I
may have found it it you know
you found the kid don't know
I remember picking up a key but
I don't know whether it was to
find out out now you picked the
coupon like floor 13
so for the whole of that fight
I didn't really have my real are
my gun once and I've had a 1260
RPM is is mg
for the whole of that like those
flaws and it was kind of nice
deuce deuce
all right ready for your next
exotic penny yes
yeah stay on on
I'm ready I'm ready
it's not not
next three will go for these tan
but an amended streams got stuff
to do I'm going to jump out
now now I want to carry on time
with you is precious
are we going to be doing like
directive floors because I don't
want to do direct know this town
I just challenging that
you have a fellow you waiting
for someone yeah because I can't
find them ha ha ha
a few things once because it's
so hyped so it's second because
the developers and other got
now played with one of the games
but I know they're very very
good and Witcher 3 was a
well game that people are loved
third all of the community
playing it so you might give me
some hits on the content I do so
appreciate it when I make
content for another little
experiment on what sort of
content I want can always
looking forward to do something
different than the division
where we got to you will suck
say it about motion we might be
and and
we're ending the stream after
next six floors tile catch it
tomorrow tomorrow
it's been emotional
muscle pain Friday FIFA
I forgot
and our meal
I'm dead kind
kind do you
want to say
sure it's just had a heavy guy
no we we kill him
without fixed it you got to be
up for this Penny
floor 1 to 100 of all nine
to reset
getting a terminal each
I'm dead
Howard hope Dave
just hide staff just hide their
puppy beautiful and it's not
that they are coming from all
sides side so it's true
if I come to say that
ha ha ha
you killed an ISO clover
I think
something I don't know count it
was not picking me up visible
wolves off the cover
stupid game fix your core core
where are you honey when you run
into a one of them invisible
walls just jump and roll okay
hold on clutch it up on
I have a big head that blinded
by the way
that's the problem
problem you don't get to kill
the belt you're lying the armor
and that's what they like about
this build it's a solo build I
think okay yeah it's so annoying
I you can tell your teammates
stop shooting you know what I
mean but
at the same time you need that
yeah yeah
I'm not I'm using me
oh check the backpack that
I dropped in from the enemies no
I was wondering if yeah
no backpack that you get that
she's in level 90 it gives
you a weapon damage armor and
the skills here I think when
you collect the trophies and
that gives you a seconds but of
300 seconds above so it's pretty
nice nice
now the
I've got three of them the three
them backpacks 3-pack face
hey if you just keep the one
with the highest roles and you
got rid of the
of is safe space let's face it
I have some Paul yeah
you got rid of oud 50s all I
will go through your sash is how
you deal with him you'd only do
it when he got rid of them watch
your step true is that you had
no somebody setting stream we
got saved by the D 50s for Penny
the 50s Joe I didn't mind the
50s and tell us all your stash
besides what's wrong with this
D50 you like nothing and I was
like what about this
T15 you like nothing I was all
about this one here – I was like
what about the other 15 you were
like I don't want any of them
get rid of them all oh I survive
I'll go deal with them why not I
deal with your D 50s day
but that's what friends are for
– that's what friends are for I
don't want to be your friend
now you said that want to send
you the 15-member because red
dress babe
I'll hold on let's add the
glitter bomb
but we would be picked yeah I'm
do have my address
only the clever my god of a
bunch of dicks and I know I did
always deserve it apparently we
get K we dead I got really
picked it
up this box here it's a big
Silver Box on
your right and yeah
know I don't get it can anybody
go like you drop it no no no
I'll only show for you you last
three chance chance hey dr.
look at this one
we we doing this
that's cool
last person to win for my
husband it was Rambo he got shot
a things
did he also get to witness all
the G 50s
nope nope
I got rid of majority of whom
could you win you complain so
you've got this
and you've got back you do have
a lot of D50 that if you don't
need that many D50 ain't got
nobody fifties in total so
hang on I'm gonna take that back
me just check yeah I've got one
I've got one
super feed 50 I can't get rid of
that one what is the purpose of
it was so you can make the
Liberty where I was
how many how many Liberties of
your lips
see I wouldn't mind if those D
50s are going towards Liberty
but they weren't they would just
go into words by my stress and
my hatred for the D50
I think it's even worse
yeah but the thing is I don't
know why we're doing this any
way to get there
yeah Louis with just that seeing
me get Penny's Exotics so she
got art exotic we're now going
for Challenge and exotic back
and I found its Summit exactly
do you have Warlords of New York
because we don't have wallets
of New York you don't have
access to it I don't believe
know know how do I kill Penny
caught in a penny I killed yeah
yeah Steph Steph you picked you
up because according to
a penny says I killed penny yeah
pumped up about him saying that
day killed me so I'd like to put
in a complaint about
Dave please I think she's not
planning on going
early for not playing on Ghost
Recon wildlands oh my God this
man broke beat mom where I turn
tomorrow so I'm just gonna go
get Toby and from school right I
came back my character was on
the other side of the map David
killed me and kidnapped me right
I was so deep this is not where
I wanted to be and he was like
yeah well I wanted to take you
somewhere else I was like so you
thought the right
and then kidnap me you were like
oh oh while I killed you too
number one thing we did on that
Gamers could just
kill each other other mmm
do you remember what it was it
was it me you you we had a whole
stream of three hours to get to
the mission because he just kept
killing each other
before we even got to the set
was funny look how lit look how
I'm to these corridors you'd
have thought they would have put
something inside of
here they have us yeah but
that's not enough
enough about the baguette now
yeah it's a New York York no
I don't know how to describe
survivability though like lobby
boy still running full damage
so if I don't get my armor on
Kel I'm dead
I I coulda what I could have
saved you from dying
p.m. to because
it's thing exploded running
right next to you and I just
shot shot
so now I'm going to get screwed
over hey do you think I'm
playing like with the intention
of going down right now you are
completely mistaken as well like
I'm running like a big guy is
that it does pikestaff a
surprise I'm going
Down The Long
not bad or than
people a sit said it is it is
but yeah it's
about in those situations which
you forget about them my problem
is I've learned that whenever
I'm not shooting reload now now
I was running heroically Rambo
backfire isn't it isn't it
incredible you get the key
yeah yeah like I'll be getting
peppered I'd get like smacked in
the face I'd have no armor and
then I'd be like taking a break
like trying to survive and I
just reload my gun out of of
like force of habit and then
I just kill myself myself a lot
yeah get you in those instances
I was getting used to the switch
weapon mechanic and it just
canceled it which was nice but
that they should fix it I was I
shouldn't be a bang
it's not the divers picking you
up in the middle of it
all right what the hell
oh no no guys please please
I'm crazy like that right now
so someone alive yes we'll put
the top
I'm getting up
oh wow
I the only one yeah the only
time I hadn't seen the way up we
have to go she's right
this game
this game is broken because you
get shots recover wait where are
we going and we're not meant to
go up we just go
down no you just follow my God
penny yep your fault fault I'll
leave night sweetie those
emojis is so sad he's a legend
as well so I know he's been busy
and it all
and because all you and on
holiday and
your you people in a bar Patrol
of putting boots on the bot
Patrol server as well
and it's like as high bar you
know you get the little
background at the top of it on
the channels list of course
we've got that enough for you
boosted for that so I've just
put the PAW patrol logo email
there's a Bella a size like this
like I ain't bothering with this
it looks fine it's just sent me
a what's up this will work as
the Battle of nearby Patrol sir
he's a legend he's great he is
so I'll sort out our off the
street no we'll try again
another day yeah thank you for
your help miss you got one this
is not the one who'd ya look at
my character minute told me his
arms there I'm not
yes you you have
if the cut into my screen I
don't I'm missing one if you
want you can come round my house
I can make it so you missing one
arm if I don't make it you know
big enough so don't try it
David scary joke Wilson
Pennywise to your front door
with a glitter bomb with the 50s
in the net in an hour
I was fun thank you everyone I
enjoyed my God I'm going to be
back tomorrow streaming I do one
more Summit night tomorrow and
I'm having like five days off
from streaming or bit more time
quitting smoking and we don't
to stream when I'm doing that
but I'll uh pick yours up we'll
see you tomorrow thanks for
watching We got to 97 likes free
off 100 so close you're not
you're all great but those
three people you know who you
are oh gosh it's of our guys
have a good
night peace out thanks for

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