1 Simple Exercise to lose Belly Fat | Get Flat Stomach | Cure all Stomach Disease | पेट का रामबाण This Video based on Questions how to lose belly fat …
Is there any exercise which is easy to do
but there is a lot of benefits. ?
Is that possible to make the tummy flat
by doing only one exercise.
Is there any exercise which will be
a common cure to many problems ?
Yes, there is an exercise which will
cure many diseases and make your tummy flat.
Let's know.
Hello friends, I am Suman Chauhan and welcome to my channel Health City.
Which is the exercise
that not only makes the tummy flat
but also if there is any disease for a long time
will also be cured ?
You know till now that
if you need to lose fat or make the tummy flat,
you will have to do a lot of exercise.
But I will tell you today such an exercise
which you will do for 2 times a day and 5 minutes every time.
5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes evening.
If you continue this exercise for one month
it's amazing result will be before you.
But it should be continuous. Not like
you do one day and leave for
the next day. If you do continuously,
you will get amazing result.
It will also reduce the belly fat
and will make that flat.
It's a very good exercise as well as if you have problem in
kidney, liver or blockage in the heart
or fatty liver, any stomach problem
will start to be okay.
If you are taking medicine for a long time
that will also no longer required.
If you follow this forever,
it's going to be seen as a life changer for you.
You will be saved from both fatness and diseases.
Let's know how
to do this exercise.
The people who can do exercise sitting,
no problem in sitting,
no pain in the waist (Back),
they will sit in this posture. Straight waist.
But the people who can't sit for a long time
and can't do exercise, pain in the waist starts,
or pain in the knees,
they can do this laying. I will show
this exercise lying too. But I will show you first that how to do this
sitting. At first, sit in this position.
Straight waist.
Then, take deep breath.
Sit such a time
when you can sit being relaxed.
Don't be inattentive. When you breath deeply,
it should be working normally.
Don't sit when you are breathing fast or
have come being exhausted.
After that, exhale fully.
Exhale all the air you have taken in.
Means exhale.
I will show you. I will exhale
and pull the belly back.
I will pull as much as I can,
tight belly.
Hold for as much as I can.
This is the exercise that
exhale, tighten the belly by pulling in,
and then hold for 10, 20, 30 seconds
as per your capacity.
Get accustomed to it slowly.
If you can hold for 30 seconds, then start.
Watch it.
When 30 seconds is complete
and you take breath, that breathing time
you won't know. But when you will exhale after taking breath,
then you will feel it. The same I did now.
You may say that I have exhaled, when you inhale again
you can't feel,
you will do it quickly.
You can feel when you exhale again.
Showing you again.
Exhale fully.
Stomach in.
That's you have to do sitting.
Hold for any seconds like 10, 20, 30
you can.
Any seconds is okay at the beginning,
increase time slowly.
Go with your habit.
Now showing how to do laying, for them who can't sit.
Lay down this way.
Bend the knee so that
no difficulty get on the waist.
Take 2 to 4 normal breaths.
Then fully exhale.
Exhale by mouth.
Watch it.
Tummy in.
This is the way laying down.
Same process, exhale fully,
Tummy in and hold tight,
hold the tummy.
That's it. It's simple to look like
but when you will do
and see the difference on your body
then you can guess
that how much effective this exercise is
and how good it's result is.
Whenever we exhale after breathing
means relax the body,
the diseases inside our body
or fatness starts healing.
The body heals itself.
Try to relax the body fully.
Hold your breath.
Do this with empty stomach, don't do after eating.
The loose tummy muscle
specially after pregnancy
or after the delivery the tummy
muscle gets weak.
That muscle will strengthen.
Again if you have pain
in your waist,
after doing this for 1, 2 month
you will feel better with the pain.
This will help you a lot by
healing the diseases and reducing the fatness of your tummy.
Very good exercise.
You must do this. What should be the duration ?
Start from 5 minutes.
As a beginner when you will do for the first time
you will feel discomfort.
But you have to continue.
At the beginning, do for a less time. Later increase the duration.
Like you have one month with 5 minutes duration
continuously in the morning and evening,
start for 10 minutes in the next month.
Increase time this way.
Do for 5 , 6 months easily.
I want you do this forever. very good exercise.
No problem if you
do even for half an hour.
Rather your fatness or disease
all will be okay.
One more thing, who not to do this exercise ?
who underwent cesarean delivery recently,
they mustn't do this.
Wait for minimum 6 months.
Don't do such exercises which needs to squeeze the tummy.
The patient who underwent any surgery
like stone, they won't do this.
The heart related patients who can't hold breath, won't do this.
Blood pressure decreasing or increasing patients also won't do this.
The people who are comfortable and have been
1 year after the delivery
or who had normal delivery
and 3, 4 months have passed, they can do too.
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See you in the next video, bye bye and take care.

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