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Jordan: Hi, I'm Jordan Rubin.
Dr. Axe is out for the day, so you're stuck
with me, but we're going to talk about a great
topic today that I believe affects millions
and millions of Americans.
Heavy metal toxicity.
Now, how do you know if you have heavy metal
Let's begin to talk about some of the symptoms
that mercury, cadmium, lead, and arsenic can
But before we do, I think I should discuss
some of the ways we're exposed to heavy metals.
Now there's a belief that heavy metal toxicity
can be passed down through giving birth.
In utero, you can actually have a greater
concentration of heavy metals due to the heavy
metals that are stored in the mom.
Now think about this.
Heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead
and arsenic, they're heavier.
That's why they are called heavy metals, and
they often store in your adipose or fat tissue.
They're also similar to fat-soluble toxins
which are the most difficult to get rid of,
and that's one of the reasons why we have
body fat to store those toxins away from harming
our organs.
That's why fat can be actually pretty important.
So we can contract heavy metals through birth,
really just coming into this planet.
Then you start being exposed to an environment,
so the heavy metals that are part of everything
from toys to paint to other common household
Now dental work is a big one.
A lot of us have been very vocal against the
use of metals or mercury in amalgam dental
fillings and other dental work.
And we know that vaccines particularly in
the past have used thimerosal, which is a
mercury compound as a preservative and that's
not to mention several processed foods and
even natural foods.
Bottom line though folks, heavy metals such
as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic, they're
all in the food supply.
They're in soil, which means they're in plant.
So it's not all bad, but most everyone has
some level, in my opinion, of toxic metal
exposure in the environment.
We haven't even talked about various corporations
dumping some of these byproducts, aerospace
is a big one, etc.
So that can be really, really dangerous.
But what do heavy metals do to us?
If you're somebody who has children that are
autistic or on the autism spectrum, even hyperactivity,
ADHD, ADD, likely a component of heavy metal
Almost everyone who is dealing with cancer
likely has heavy metal toxicity or at least
abnormally high levels of one or more of the
big four heavy metals that are out there.
If you are somebody who is in the construction
industry or printing or in a salon, all of
those occupations can expose you to heavy
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I want to be eyes on you the entire time.
So if you are somebody also, we didn't talk
about this, if you've got low-energy, if you've
got an imbalanced immune system.
A lot of folks that have syndromes, irritable
bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, a lot of these
conditions are related to heavy metal toxicity.
Neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's
dementia, many of those are believed to be
implicated with heavy metals.
I also should've mentioned that antiperspirants,
traditional antiperspirants can provide aluminum
exactly where you don't want it and even using
aluminum foil and various cookware.
So there's a lot of reasons to believe that
most of us have an unhealthy exposure to heavy
metals, causing all manner of conditions from
the gut, the immune system, certainly the
brain, but best of all we're going to tell
you today how to begin the body's natural
detoxification process to get rid of heavy
We want to arm the liver, we want to arm the
Your eliminative organs such as the skin,
the lymphatic system.
Even the respiratory system to naturally and
daily eliminate these heavy metals.
So let's get started.
Number one, chlorella.
Chlorella is a single-celled or unicellular
algae, it's a green algae, and its name comes
from the fact that it is the richest marine
algae source of chlorophyll.
So that's where you get the chlorella.
Chlorella typically is cracked cell wall chlorella,
which means it's very hungry to absorb other
Chlorella taken as powder or in tablet form
is great at removing heavy metals from the
body, particularly lead and mercury.
How much chlorella?
I think 1 to 4 grams a day in powder or in
tablets, there are a lot of different brands
of chlorella tablets, is a great way to utilize
this powerful single celled algae to get rid
of heavy metals and provide some nutrition.
I believe there's a great article on chlorella
and its benefits on draxe.com, so make sure
to log on there.
Number two.
The number two detox strategy to get rid of
heavy metals is using an activated charcoal.
Now, charcoal, believe it or not, is very
important in first aid.
I say, believe it or not, because while we
would consider it a natural treatment, poison
control centers will often tell you to use
charcoal if you've been poisoned.
Charcoal, which is often made from coconut
shells is an organic material, full of carbon
that helps to remove toxins and poisons from
the body and can be an important part every
day in your health.
We also know that various forms of charcoal
called biochar are good in agriculture, you'll
find that what helps the soil often helps
your body.
I'm Jordan Rubin here discussing 10 heavy
metal detox strategies.
And if you are interested in improving your
energy, helping your brain health, or if you
got parents or grandparents that are dealing
with early stages of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's,
you have kids that are autistic, if you've
got someone you know and love with cancer,
you need to know how to detoxify your body
from heavy metals.
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Number three, Shilajit.
May be difficult to spell but awesome.
So Shilajit is very similar to charcoal in
that it contains a lot of carbon.
But Shilajit also is a chelator of heavy metals
due to its humic and fulvic acid.
Shilajit is, believe it or not, an adaptogenic
organic mineral compound which is used in
Ayurvedic medicine to support overall health.
I recommend consuming Shilajit every day,
let's say between 100 and 500 mg.
You can find Shilajit in local supplement
You can even order powders online.
Shilajit is really great.
It's formed by the organic decomposition of
plants and material over thousands of years,
primarily found in the Himalayas.
The fourth heavy metal detox strategy which
we just briefly mentioned is fulvic acid.
I've even seen now waters that are in health
food stores that are all-black.
I think one of them is called BLK, that is
a fulvic acid water.
Fulvic acid is an organic acid that delivers
nutrients to the body and removes toxins.
You can consume fulvic acid in a liquid form
or in a powder.
It is extracted from something called Shilajit
or humic material.
Both fulvic and humic acids help to detoxify
the body.
If you're consuming Shilajit you don't need
additional fulvic acid, but if you can find
a fulvic acid product in a liquid or powder
form, it is great for detoxification.
Folks we're already almost halfway there.
And if you're somebody who lacks energy, who
needs to boost your brain, who is dealing
with cancer or you just want to detox, it's
time to get rid of heavy metals through 10
detox strategies.
If you're someone who says, "How do I know
I have heavy metal issues?"
Maybe you have adrenal issues.
Maybe you have thyroid issues.
Maybe you can't lose weight and don't know
Heavy metal toxicity is more abundant than
you could ever imagine.
In fact, every day I make use of at least
half of these strategies to daily detoxify
my body and I believe you should too.
Number five cilantro.
Cilantro is a powerful leafy herb, you've
used it, common in Mexican dishes that is
amazing particularly to detoxify Mercury.
Mercury found in dental products, vaccinations.
We need to get rid of it, cilantro is great.
You can eat cilantro, but it's really best
to juice it.
So if you make a juice, a raw juice, here's
what I recommend.
Celery, cucumber, maybe a little parsley that
would be the base, you could certainly add
carrot if you want a sweeter juice and I would
make cilantro about 10% of your juice.
If you drink straight cilantro juice, it can
cause you, let's just say to be in the bathroom
a little more than you'd like, but cilantro
is a powerful detoxifier, especially combined
with these other powerful strategies.
Cilantro can also be made into a tincture
which I've often enjoyed.
It's really, really good and certainly eating
cilantro fresh is great.
Cilantro has chlorophyll and other compounds
that we believe detoxify the body from mercury.
So we're halfway done, I am Jordan Rubin here
for Dr. Josh Axe discussing 10 strategies
to detoxify your body from heavy metals, boost
your energy, boost your immune system, make
sure your brain works properly.
Unburden your body to help tackle memory issues,
children's behavioral issues, skin issues.
You may want to overcome syndromes such as
Lyme disease or fibromyalgia, cancer, of course,
and then neurodegenerative diseases from Parkinson's
to Alzheimer's to multiple sclerosis.
All could have an underlying component of
heavy metals.
So Bailey let's get some questions going,
we are halfway done with our 10 strategies
Bailey: Maria would like to know if you have
a plate from reconstructive surgery in your
body, is it possible to detox heavy metals?
Jordan: It's a great question.
If you have a plate from reconstructive surgery
and I'm also going to add this Bailey, I don't
know if anyone called in or is asking about
this, but if somebody has had cosmetic surgery,
implants in particular, that can often cause
toxicity in a similar fashion.
You can absolutely detox and you should.
Here's the deal folks.
Your body is detoxing whether you like it
or not.
Well, what do you mean?
Last night when I put my 13-year-old Emma
to bed, she had a fever.
Now some people freak out.
She had already taken some great advantage
of the tips we shared earlier on how to fight
colds and flus, I am excited when my kids
have a fever in short duration, because that
fever is destroying microbes and helping the
body detoxify.
If somebody's got what they would call an
upper respiratory infection and you expectorate
lots of mucus, guess what also comes out?
The breeding ground for microbes and metals.
So if you've got metal in your body, if you've
got foreign substances in your body, you need
to detox.
Don't make it a 10-day deal only, do it every
single day.
So I believe we have two more questions, Bailey.
Bailey: Jesse would like to know, what's the
best way to test your body for heavy metals?
Jordan: Great question.
Heavy metal testing is widely available.
In the old days and I still think it's relevant,
hair mineral analysis was used, which is certainly
something you can do but go to a local integrative
practitioner or look up on draxe.com heavy
metal testing and you will learn some of the
tests that your integrative or complementary
practitioner can give you.
But almost every antiaging doctor, functional
medicine doctor will do some form of metal
diagnostic testing and you absolutely should
take advantage of it if you believe you have
But the bottom line folks, you don't need
to test to incorporate these 10 powerful natural
strategies today.
Next question.
Bailey: Denise wants to know, are there side
effects to expect while you're detoxing heavy
Jordan: Denise, this is a great question.
When you detoxify you often experience something
called a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction.
Now it's kind of interesting, some of us want
to be known for certain things with our legacy.
Could you imagine good old Dr. Marvin Herxheimer,
it might not be his name, but sounds pretty
He's known for an effect that occurs during
detox when you reabsorb some of the toxins
and you have gas, bloating, loose bowels,
a rash.
You feel nauseous or yucky, good old Dr. Herxheimer
he will always be remembered for that.
But truth be told, I would estimate when detoxifying
from heavy metals about 30% of the people
will begin to feel worse before they feel
better and an old naturopathic paradigm is
that the body heals itself from the top to
the bottom in a reverse order when you first
experience the symptoms.
So think about that and you often need to
go through a cleansing or detoxification reaction
to feel better.
So if you're drinking cilantro, if you're
consuming Shilajit, if you are following some
of these strategies you might feel a little
worse before you feel better.
But here's the good news.
The remaining five they will actually help
you mitigate the detoxification reaction.
So any time you're getting rid of metals or
candida when you're changing your microbiome,
you are going to experience some detox symptoms.
Rest assured, that's a good thing, and when
you get through it, you'll feel even better.
So if you're starting these strategies and
you get a quick cold or nausea or you have
loose bowels or you may even be constipated,
I got to tell you, you're on the right track.
And this is really tough to say because I'm
one of those people that absolutely hates
to throw up and I don't very much, but in
the Ayurvedic tradition they would actually
force vomiting because it is an amazing way
to detox the body.
I do not recommend that but understand that
when the body is getting rid of something,
that's a good thing.
Conventional medicine suppresses and pushes
it all back.
We need to get it out.
So make sure to do that.
I'm Jordan Rubin by the way, here for Dr.
Josh Axe sharing with you 10 powerful strategies
to detox your body from heavy metals, more
energy, more brainpower, better immune system
and gut function, better skin.
Get the metals out because they're in your
body and they last.
So let's do that together.
We've already shared the first 5, we're on
number 6 through 10.
Number six is SBOs.
Soil-based organisms are probiotics that actually
help break down junk in the body and facilitate
the elimination of heavy metals.
In the environment soil-based organisms do
this for plants.
In your body they do it for you.
They create powerful enzymes to get rid of
waste material that harbors toxicity including
heavy metals, though I can't tell you the
mechanism of action.
Why do SBOs get rid of metals, I don't know,
but I've seen amazing results time and time
again, especially when SBOs are combined with
Shilajit or fulvic acid.
Powerful combination.
So take a probiotic with SBOs, eat natto and
other foods that contain soil-based organisms
and those would include Bacillus subtilis,
Bacillus coagulans, and Bacillus clausii.
They're really, really good to remove metals
from the body primarily through the bowel.
Number seven, clay.
Now remember what I told you, some of these
strategies help trap the toxins, getting them
out of the body, so you don't feel yucky.
Clay is critical.
I like bentonite or montmorillonite clay.
In fact, the very first clay supplement was
created by Victor Earl Irons out of Kansas,
a pioneer in colon cleansing and this liquid
clay in that case was a great detoxifier.
Now here's what's awesome about bentonite
or montmorillonite.
It both absorbs and adsorbs toxins.
In acts like a toxin sponge and a toxin magnet
and it can even neutralize acids.
So even if the clay that you see in stores
is for topical use only, I would contact the
company and see if you can take it orally.
You can mix powdered clay about a half a teaspoon
in water or juice, one to two times a day,
shake it up and drink it and when you're on
a detox program, it's a great way to do it.
Dr. Josh Axe wrote the book "Eat Dirt" where
he talks about people in indigenous cultures
who eat clay and there is a name for them
called pica.
They say that women all over the world during
certain times in their life are interested
in consuming or actually crave the minerals
found in soil or clay, as it were.
I know as a farmer, I watch my animals at
certain times consume clay and we use clay
in their dietary regime to help remove parasites
from their body.
I'm a huge believer in consuming clay.
Keep this in mind though, some clays actually
have on the bottle a Prop 65 warning saying
that they may contain heavy metals.
The clay and its inorganic material does not
contribute heavy metals to the body.
It rather sucks them out.
So keep that in mind.
One of my favorite clays to use is Redmond
Healing Clay out of Utah.
Check it out.
You'll be glad you did.
Number eight, bone broth.
You didn't think I would leave bone broth
Bone broth is a powerful superfood that helps
detoxify and rehydrate.
So think about it.
If you're detoxing, you have loose bowels,
or you're vomiting.
I know that sounds terrible, but sometimes
you got a breakthrough.
You need something to make you feel better.
Bone broth simultaneously hydrates and detoxifies
by contributing to the liver production of
The glycine that is plentiful in bone broth
helps the liver detoxify along with cysteine
and glutamic acid, forming a tripeptide three
amino acids to facilitate detoxification.
Also contains minerals and helps build the
The best cleanse I know of is a bone broth
If you want to really cleanse, three days
on bone broth, consume clay twice a day.
So morning and evening bone broth cleanse,
you can use liquid bone broth that you make.
You can buy it or you can use a powder.
It is amazing.
It's pretty short and you'll lose some weight,
but maintain that muscle mass because bone
broth has protein sparing effects.
Number nine, the ninth detox strategy to remove
heavy metals from your body, freeing you from
brain issues, immune system issues and gut
issues is milk thistle.
Milk thistle is probably the most popular
liver detoxifying herb.
Milk thistle seed contains silymarin.
Now, you can buy milk thistle seeds, I bought
some right at the health food store in bulk
and you can make a tea or decoction.
Here's how you do it.
Take one tablespoon of milk thistle seed,
put in a pot with 16 ounces of water and boil.
To bring it to a boil, simmer for about 20
minutes or as long as four hours and the resulting
liquid which doesn't taste all that bad is
concentrated milk thistle, which also supports
the liver, producing glutathione and naturally
removing heavy metals.
Folks, your liver is critical to remove those
metals and make them into smaller, easier
compounds to eliminate.
That's what your liver does.
It breaks big things down into small things
so that they can be excreted in your urine,
through your bowel movements, respiration,
One thing that I wanted to bring up, I have
put people on cleanses before, particularly
juice cleanses and when they're getting rid
of metals their mouth tastes like metal.
They sort of have a lot of thick sour tasting
In fact, a friend of mine who is in construction
ate a normal sort of conventional diet, was
diagnosed with cancer.
I put him on a detox, a metal detox, and he
said to me, "Jordan, can I cut my tongue off?"
I know that's severe, but it was painful.
There was a yucky taste in his mouth, but
ultimately the metals were excreted.
That's a way to know that it's working and
that partially reiterates my answer to the
question, Denise posed, do we experience detox
So these are 9 of the 10 heavy metal detox
strategies and number 10, broccoli sprouts.
Broccoli sprouts contain glucosinolates, dimethyl,
a dime, which is a type of isocyanate, which
also supports the liver and helps to detoxify.
If you can consume broccoli sprouts, fresh
in salads or juice them, you will be so glad
you did.
They are powerful for the liver.
They have been proven to be anticancer and
they are more than a dozen times more potent
than mature broccoli stalks or broccoli flowers,
if you will.
All of these are powerful.
All of these are for you.
Let me give you a quick recap folks.
If you are somebody who has an autistic child,
child with ADD, ADHD, if you've got parents
or you yourself early stages of Alzheimer's,
dementia, Parkinson's, if you've got multiple
sclerosis or an autoimmune disease, such as
rheumatoid arthritis, if you've got skin issues,
acne, psoriasis, eczema is a big one.
If you've got low energy, if you have reproductive
issues, all of these can be attributed in
part to heavy metal exposure and toxicity.
We've today talked about 10 heavy metal detox
Chlorella in tablets or powder every day to
remove mercury, cadmium, lead, and arsenic.
Charcoal, you can do this occasionally couple
of times a week, really great at absorbing
Shilajit containing fulvic acid, use one or
both to bind to metals and remove them from
the body and support digestion.
Cilantro is great particularly for mercury
as part of your fresh juice or tincture.
SBOs are the probiotics that help your body
remove junk, which also lessens your metal
Clay not only helps remove metals, but makes
your detoxification experience much more comfortable
and that's important.
Bone broth has glycine among other nutrients
to help your body produce glutathione, the
master antioxidant which helps remove metals.
Milk thistle, the number one herb to support
your liver.
Make it in a tea, and take a supplement, of
course, but one tablespoon of seeds in a decoction
one to two times a day, powerful liver support.
Broccoli sprouts great for liver as well.
Anything bitter is good by the way.
Great in a salad, juiced or eaten by itself.
So these are the 10 detox strategies to remove
metals from your body.
Now it's time for you to ask some more questions.
We have got three I believe, what are they,
Bailey: Linda wants to know, will cilantro
essential oil work the same way as drinking
juice cilantro?
Jordan: Linda, that's a great question.
Cilantro essential oil is amazing.
It does not provide all the benefits because
the plant has chlorophyll which also is a
very powerful purifier of the body.
All that to be said, the essential oil is
So use cilantro or coriander essential oil
as part of your detox strategy.
Folks, these are only 10 of probably 50 amazing
I wanted to give you some easy, simple to
execute strategies today, but cilantro essential
oil is great.
I would recommend one to two drops, two to
three times a day, mixed in water or juice.
Bailey: Lisa wants to know, is it okay to
cook your foods in aluminum foil or will this
cause some toxicity?
Jordan: Great question.
I do not recommend cooking your food in aluminum
I know this is frustrating with sweet potatoes,
etc. but really try to use some type of glassware,
something like that.
The occasional use of aluminum is not going
to harm anybody tremendously, but we are exposed
to too much in our environment to take the
So I would not cook in aluminum foil.
Wrapping things in aluminum foil are a little
less of a problem than when you heat the aluminum
which releases some of the metal ions.
Bailey: Maria would like to know, what's the
best way to get more milk thistle into your
Jordan: The best way to get milk thistle into
your diet is to either A, take a supplement
capsule, look for silymarin extract, which
is the key component in milk thistle, make
a decoction or an infusion.
An infusion is easy.
Get milk thistle in your store, in bulk, or
order online, a tablespoon.
Just pour hot water over it like you would
any other tea.
That's a great way to do it.
You can buy tinctures and you can also find
a tea, so there are detox teas that are in
the tea section that you can use that are
very, very easy.
Folks, I'm Jordan Rubin today here for Dr.
Josh Axe and I believe this information that
I shared can absolutely change your life.
If you've had dental work, if you have parents
with a history of disease that may have passed
on metal toxicity to you, if you or your child
has learning or brain issues, if you've got
cancer, particularly breast cancer, a lot
of toxins accumulate in breast tissue, men,
prostate cancer.
If you got reproductive issues, skin issues,
immune system issues or gut issues, bottom
line everyone listening to my voice and watching
me, you need to detoxify your body and today
we shared 10 powerful strategies to eliminate
heavy metals, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and
aluminum from your body.
No matter what your exposure is, today is
the day that you begin to get your health
back and let me also say avoid using toxic
Don't use antiperspirant with aluminum.
Don't use other body care products, hair care
Don't use lead-based paint, if at all possible.
Make sure to live in a healthy toxic free
Draxe.com has articles to give you all of
this great information.
In fact, check out draxe.com for an article
on how to remove heavy metals from your body
so you can continue to review it.
Also, keep the link to this video.
Watch it over and over again.
Please share this information with someone
you know and love.
I do believe it can change or save a life.
Tomorrow I'll be here with Dr. Josh Axe sharing
powerful information that you don't want to
In fact, you can set your calendar 10:30 Central
Standard Time, every weekday.
Dr. Axe and I share with you powerful information
right here that you can't get anywhere else.
We practice what we preach, and we preach
what we practice.
I'm Jordan Rubin on behalf of Dr. Josh Axe,
thanking you for joining us.
God bless you.
See you tomorrow.

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