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You may think you know the purpose of
all the products you use day-in day-out
but if you look back to why these
products were invented they usually for
different reasons than for what we use
the mass today it turns out way back
when ordinary things had totally
different uses so get ready to never
look at inventions you use every day the
same way again I'm Charlie and today
we're going to look at things invented
for totally different purposes but
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coming up first let's look at bubble
wrap everyone uses bubble wrap in
packaging for example when you want to
move house I'm sure you have it rolls
and rolls of this stuff and you'll also
see it in the books of every delivery
shipped to your house bubble wrap was
invented by Alfred fielding and Mark
Chavannes in 1957 they wanted to make a
three dimensional plastic wall paper for
houses that's right they actually wanted
this stuff to be like a wall paper you'd
basically see right through to the wall
as this does not cover anything and
frankly I'm not sure who would base
their home of an insane asylum so
obviously their bizarre interior
decorating idea did not work out but
they did realize the material could be
used for packaging instead so they
patented it as bubble wrap and it's
become indispensable ever since their
first client was IBM and they used it
for packaging their computers next up is
treadmill to work off some calories many
people like to use the treadmill in gyms
but treadmills have a pretty dark past
which may make you think twice about
using them the prototype of a modern
treadmill was created by Sir William
Cabot in 1818 he designed this after
visiting a prison he realized many of
the prisoners were idle not doing
anything but he thought why not put
their muscle power to good use to make
them mill grain so he created a grain
mill which involved prisoners lining up
holding on to a bar and walking on the
spot it was basically an endless
staircase with a wheel seeing drawings
of prisoners used this treadmill back
vanna really
parallels to right now maybe the new
prison is the gym and you're the
prisoner using the treadmill next up is
coca-cola aside from water coca-cola is
the most famous drink in the world it
was invented by an American Civil War
veteran John Pemberton he was a
pharmacist and one day he made a
concoction out of coca leaves and Kola
nuts hence the name coca-cola and of
course as many people know in the
original recipe the coca leaves had not
been cleared of cocaine it was
originally made for soldiers who were
taking morphine for their wounds to
treat their nervous system
it was very unsuccessful and soldiers
did not buy it later he converted it
into a soft drink for popular
consumption but he soon sold all of his
shares in the company to other owners
and those owners cleared the coca leaves
of cocaine next up is slinking when you
think about the most simple products
ever invented I'm sure slinky comes to
mind but slinky was never actually
intended to be a kid's toy it was
invented by a naval engineer called
Richard T James one day he was working
in a way to suspend sensitive
instruments on a ship board but as he
was working on this invention he
accidentally dropped a tension spring he
noticed that these spring crawled away
in a funny fashion so that's why he
decided to make it into a children's toy
it's now produced by the James spring
and wire company and so far they've sold
nearly 400 million worldwide
next up is microwave you may think that
microwaves were invented by some kind of
kitchenware company but no they were
created by one of the biggest defense
contractors in the world Raytheon
Raytheon designed weapons and military
electronics but they also made the thing
about your mom cooks TV dinners in one
day a Raytheon engineer named Percy
Spencer had been testing out radar
equipment but he then noticed that
microwaves from an active radar had
melted the chocolate bar in his pocket
Percy found this amusing so he quickly
got some popping corn he put it onto the
magnetron and it began making popcorn
immediately and that's how we got the
microwave that we use today you can see
now why some people
skeptical of microwaves and think it
could be bad for your health after all
it was literally created by one of the
world's biggest weapons manufacturers
next up is Vaseline in the 19th century
oil was booming
it supported a lot of the British
economy but one problem many oil
fieldworks encountered was a waxy
substance accumulating on oil rig pumps
they would often scoop this up and
simply throw it away
that was until one British chemist named
Robert Chesebrough decided to think
differently he took some of the waxy
substance that accumulated on oil rig
pumps he described it as a petroleum
jelly and did some research on it his
research found that it could be very
useful for many things he realized it
could cure wounds and also clean carpets
he also ate a spoonful of Vaseline every
single day and lived to be 96 he claimed
the reason why he lived so long was
because he ate a spoon of Vaseline every
day to be honest I think I'd rather go a
few years early than have to do that
every single day next up is post-it
notes in every home school and office
these things are a must
people jot down any memo or reminder and
stick it up but that was not the
original purposeful post-it notes they
were created a long time ago by dr.
Spencer Silva and he was trying to
invent a lasting adhesive when he was
inventing it he ran into difficulties he
realized his glue was not strong enough
and would become unstuck really easily
he was ready to give up until his
colleague Arthur fry pointed something
out he said he could use the adhesive to
anchor his bookmarks in his hymn book
soon Spencer began producing his
adhesive with the paper attached and
that's how these sticky poster notes a
now sold worldwide next up is play-doh
back in the day when people had big open
fireplaces search would get all over
your walls that's why a sort of dough
was invented to try and get this cert
off the walls
but when vinyl wallpapers which you
could easily clean with a sponge became
popular this was no longer an issue so
that's why the inventor who was a
nursery school teacher decided to come
up with a new use for this putt
she gave it to some kids in her nursery
class and the children loved it later on
at the detergent was removed from the
recipe is it no longer needed to clean
things and she also added in a coloring
to make it more fun and vibrant and
that's exactly how play-doh came to be
and it's now one of the most popular
kids toys and finally on the list we
have black dress go to any swanky party
or look at a red-carpet event and you'll
see many people wearing a black dress
this was first popularized in 1926 by
Coco Chanel
she sewed what is known as the little
black dress the movie stars of the time
loved it and wore it at every occasion
but before Coco Chanel did this that was
very uncommon before then black dresses
and all black clothing was a sign of
mourning when someone in your family
passed away you would wear some black
clothing for at least two years this was
to show you weren't too happy and was
sad that they were gone but now black
clothing can be worn on any occasion now
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