10 Things you’re scared of that you shouldn’t be, from Spontaneous combustion, sharks, and fear of flying. We have covered 10 most common phobias and fears …
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10 Things You're Scared Of That You Shouldn't
10. Video game violence
The frequency of mass shootings and murders
around the USA and the world as a whole was
quickly landed on the doormat of the game
industry; this is because the media didn't
want to face a tough conversation around gun
control and it was the easy way to put the
reasons forward. All the people who commit
these atrocities are influenced by computer
games and heavy metal music. The truth is,
and its a truth backed up by pure science
and research, nobody can show any evidence
this link exists. The only very strained link
is a rise in emotion during and a come down
after playing, which is normal in any activity,
but nobody has been able to find any direct
causation between these games and a broader
desire to carry out real-life violent crime.
When looking at video game consumption worldwide,
the United States is far from number one and
yet outpaces all other countries in the top
10 in gun-related murders by leaps and bounds.
9. Getting vaccinated.
Let's just put it all out there, if you believe
vaccinations are harmful to your child, contain
any bad guy or parts of other babies, you
are not right in the head and need help. You've
done no research and have no scientific evidence
to back anything you think up and you should
get that child protected against the terrible
diseases it's meant for, immediately. That
said, people are genuinely scared because
of some misinformed celebs and fake studies
that say vaccinations cause harm to children
when it's just not true. Not even one tiny
scrap of evidence true. Adverse complications
due to vaccinations are extremely rare, and
the cost of vaccination phobias, in terms
of both lives and money, far outweighs the
minimal risk of complication.
8. Swallowing spiders while you sleep.
The age old urban legend that you swallow
at least 5 spiders over your lifetime while
you sleep is nonsense. The number is closer
to zero. Think about it, if you came to a
big open cave that was blowing hot air from
inside it in a breathing motion, would you
go inside? No and neither would a spider.
They'll go find a nice safe place to live.
And you can also add to the fact that sleeping
with your mouth open is actually quite rare
and your body will try to close it as much
as possible.
7. Sharks.
The entire horror surrounding sharks rose
dramatically after the movie Jaws was released,
there were stories of people being scared
of big puddles at the time, just in case.
But the truth is shark attacks hardly ever
happen. Sharks are not drawn to the human
body or flesh to eat and will avoid them if
possible, only attacking if they think we
are something else. Fatal dog attacks even
take place more frequently. This doesn’t
meant you should go messing around with sharks,
but don’t let them keep you out of the ocean
6. Spontaneous combustion.
This is a funny one because I doubt most people
are that scared of this but it's a myth that
needs busting because it'll never happen to
you. This said, almost all cases of “spontaneous
combustion” involve very young or very old
people who happened to be near flammable material
or even fire at the time of the incident.
Nobody has ever captured solid evidence of
spontaneous combustion as it’s happening.
5. Cracking knuckles causing arthritis.
This one’s also a myth. Cracking knuckles
hasn’t been found to be either beneficial
or detrimental and no scientific evidence
has been able to prove that the practice actually
causes arthritis. The warnings against cracking
your joints are more cautionary guesses, because
despite the lack of definitive evidence, experts
still seem resistant to the idea that there
can be no harm whatsoever from all that popping.
4. Hitchhiking in America
Although data about the exact number of hitchhiking
encounters that have ended in disaster is
a bit lacking, a consensus seems to be emerging
that fears about the once popular American
pastime are overblown.
Gruesome real horror stories like the Santa
Rosa murders do exist and you should always
be wary when getting in a car with somebody
you know, this is a given, but it shouldn't
put you off completely.
And Hollywood hasn't helped, either
Besides the environmental and cost benefits
of this impromptu ride-sharing, the loss of
hitchhiking is worthy of mourning, as it fostered
a culture of trust by allowing complete strangers
from different parts of the country to sit
down and have a conversation.
3. Flying in an airplane.
Flying is already far safer than any other
transportation used on a frequent basis and
is only getting safer as technology continues
to improve. Despite the tragedies of 9/11,
which greatly affected the airline industry,
airplane hijackings and airport terrorism
are extremely rare, and casualties even rarer.
The skies are safe and there’s nothing like
looking out a window and seeing the world
far below you. Don’t let your fear keep
you out of the airport. If anything, let their
high ticket prices and general ability to
be annoying do that instead. Add to that the
fact that most planes that do crash land will
have less than 1 person fatally injured and
most walk away unharmed.
2. Swallowing gum is in your stomach forever
This isn’t true.
Almost everyone’s digestive system can handle
gum fairly easily, although swallowing gum
on the regular still isn’t recommended.
There was one case of a four-year-old who
ate five to seven pieces of gum a day for
an extended period of time and then had to
have it all suctioned out of his butt. That
probably won’t have to happen to you though,
unless you have some sort of gum-eating obsession.
1. Bacteria.
We have an often misguided obsession with
excessively cleaning everything in our paths
— including our own bodies — so it’s
important to have a healthy understanding
that not all bacteria is harmful to you. Less
than one percent of bacteria carries diseases
and quite a bit of it is actually good for
With this in mind, obsessively trying to rid
ourselves of all bacteria is a bizarre goal
we’ve been taught to desire.
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