Some animals fight and other’s flee, but these fiendish creatures have develop unique and sometime downright bizarre ways of defending themselves in the face …
10 weirdest to animal defense mechanisms
number 10 the Texas horned lizard a lot
of animals have defense mechanisms that
are disgusting confusing or just kind of
peculiar but the way the Texas horned
lizard deals with threats is just
straight-up metal avril lavigne would be
proud officially the lizard of the Lone
Star State the Texas horned lizard has a
few ways to keep itself safe
these include blending into the
landscape its spiky exterior and most
notably squirting toxic blood out of its
own eyes that's publicity come from its
diet of paga nomer mechs a genesis
harvester ants with venom about as
strong as a cobra the lizard has evolved
to specifically feed on the ends which
most animals were touch letting it
squirt venomous eye blood to defend
now despite its horror movie aesthetic
Texas horned lizards haven't managed to
scare off their own endangerment the
species is now classified as threatened
as a result of urban planning and
imported fire ants killing their eggs
maybe they just need to step up the
scare factor a bit you know on some
makeup its style number 9 sea cucumbers
sea cucumbers are a pretty common sight
in the ocean and they vital one at that
these brainless and vertebrates are
essentially just slow-moving intestines
that scoop up and filter the nutrients
on the ocean floor helping to cultivate
coral reefs and combat ocean acidity
they're good guys basically but being an
environmental superstar doesn't exempt
sea cucumbers from attacks by predators
crabs sea turtles and starfish all make
it their business to pick on these
helpful of the water hippies so they've
developed a pretty odd method of self
defense often they'll bury themselves in
the sand like cowards but sometimes
they'll step up find their inner bravery
and eject their internal organs out for
a bear anuses those organs are covered
in a soak light coating that's toxic to
other animals hopefully warding them off
amazingly it's not a death sentence like
it would be for bees the cucumber's are
able to regrow their internal organs
over time but it does take weeks so
their anuses are kind of a last resort
I wonder how deadly they'd be after a
spicy meal number 8 neo Capra termes to
a Qi while the name is a bit of a
mouthful trust me the last thing you
want any predator for that matter would
want is to chow down on one of these
fellas that's because the off-putting
refers to a species of termites found in
French Guiana and it's pretty violent
one when it comes to it these insects
have a particularly interesting trait
discovered in a 2012 experiment where
they secrete copper containing proteins
from their abdomens that form blue
crystal backpacks over their lifetimes
now those crystals can react separately
with thought to labor to form an
explosive chemical so toxic that it
would kill or paralyze and invading
termites but the most interesting thing
is that we build over time it
essentially means that the oldest
termites in the colony become the
defenders of that colony with exploding
backs as their weapons it's actually a
pretty ingenious evolutionary
advancement as the termites teeth become
useless from a life of gnawing onwards
they build up their fat packs and get a
second lease of life by throwing it at
their enemies to protect the species not
sure we should be doing that with our
old people though number seven for MA
anyone who's ever hosted a party knows
it's all fun and games until someone
vomits and apparently the same goes for
the animal kingdom too especially when
you're talking about fulmars
apparently no one ever taught them about
party foul goedeker's mountain birds
whatever anyway all mars respective bird
species that can be found around the
northern atlantic and pacific and may
have a particularly disgusting trick to
ward off predators when they feel
threatened they'll squirt an orange oily
substance out of their mouths it's said
to be incredibly sticky and smell
intensely of fish so much so that if
near impossible to get rid of the odor
with any kind of ease the idea is to
glue together the feathers of any
predatory birds or in some cases through
in the days of unfortunate humans form
our vomit has been known to kill sea
eagles herons gulls owls Falcon crows
and probably the dating prospect of any
human who gets near them so yeah unless
you love fishy bird vomit
avoid these guys number six a possum
widely known as pests and scavengers and
occasionally as a food source opossums
are a famous part of American wildlife
that's despite the fact that they get
their name wrong all the time
a possum – found in North America
possums in Australia anyway moving on
besides eating trash and being really
ugly opossums are famous for a behavior
that they try and display to trick
predators let's say an opossum spots a
predatory bird overhead like an eagle or
an owl there's a pretty good chance that
the critter will curl up on the ground
and look ahead for hours at a time
painting death and letting off a corpse
like smell hence the term playing possum
should be playing opossum really well
that might work in the animal kingdom in
as much the same way as how humans are
advised to play dead if they attack a
opossum would more often play dead in
response to speeding cars ending up
actually dead in the process and even
worse it's not even a choice opossums
will involuntary played dead in response
to stress now it doesn't even sound like
a shrewd evolutionary tactic I just feel
sorry for them if anything number five
the Iberian rib Newt have you ever
stopped and thought you know what how
great would it be if I could shoot my
ribs through my skin and stab people
with them I'm guessing not but if you
have you might want to stop the video go
talk to someone about it well as where
does that would be for humans it's an
evolved response for the Iberian ripped
Newt native to Spain and parts of
Morocco these reptiles are generally
pretty well natured despite being the
largest Newton Europe you can even have
them as pets and if they perceive a
threat they'll turn from a wet Jekyll to
a hydro mr. Hyde the newts will shift
the angle of its ribs flat 450 degrees
and protrude them through its skin at
the same time is secreting a white
purely toxic substance the Tumen
combination provides quite an effective
stinging threat against potential
predators and being reptiles these new –
more than capable of feeding the wounds
they caused themselves number four the
bombardier beetle of all the classes in
the animal kingdom
insects are probably the weirdest of
them all they have a habit of developing
really odd behaviors like mine
controlling wasps or caterpillars that
mimic snakes or in this case beetle
spraying boiling chemicals at their
enemies allow me to explain the beetles
abdomen contains several separate
compartment alized glands all of which
secrete chemicals on command when they
combine they turn into a spray which can
heat up to around 1,000 degrees Celsius
in seconds it's even said to sound like
a small explosion you can see it for
yourself in this experiment of forming a
frog eating a bombardier beetle it spits
it out immediately as soon as it starts
shooting a burning concoction onto its
belly it's a pretty fascinating way of
taking on threats so much so that the
sheer complexity has led creationists to
argue that it's evidence of intellectual
design it's not by the way there's
plenty of evidence of how bombardier
beetles developed over time but that's
one for another video number 3 hairy
frog everyone has their favorite member
of the x-men and by the way if yours
isn't glob Harlen you need to rethink
some things but even so there's a good
chance yours it's probably Wolverine
well while there are no real
are there by the retractable claws I can
offer you an amphibian substitute the
hairy frog was first discovered in
central Africa over a century ago and
samples have been known to display bones
sticking through their feet and first it
was thought to be a side effect of the
preservation process but in 2008 we
learned something quite different in
reality the frogs will force their bone
through the exterior to use as claws
against attackers though it's a recent
discovery to scientists the trait is
well known to people of Cameroon who
will never hunt them with their hands
for this very reason now admittedly this
kind of sounds similar to cat's claws
but it's apt to be quite unique these
claws are literally just bone forced
through with no exterior coating like
other animals it kind of makes fighting
tooth and nail sound a bit non-committal
by comparison
number two kill deer despite the phrase
bird brained birds are actually pretty
not quails though they've failed even
basic intelligence it has to get streets
like idiots but one species you do have
to give credit to with the kill deer
that's a pretty gnarly name by the way
I'm so sorry – Brielle's I feel bad
about earlier when this North American
bird variety perceived a threat to its
nest normally something like a calf or a
fox anyone engage in a display called a
broken wing trick I'm sure you can guess
what that means the bird faint suffering
from eight broken wing
specifically they'll make a distress
call when they notice a predator getting
close to their nest then they'll run
away and display their orange rump
feathers and found their wings and
radically sometimes they'll even charge
up to predators but as you can guess
that normally doesn't go very well
in any case this creative distraction
tactic is more about protecting the nest
than it is defending itself flying out
into the open and making a scene is
pretty much a red or in this case orange
marker on yourself after all either way
that is dedicated motherhood number one
hagfish it Poseidon held a beauty
competition you can make a pretty safe
bet that the Hank fish wouldn't be
winning any prizes often mistaken as a
species of eel the hagfish has the
unique title of being the only known
animal with a skull but no birds Brooke
also known as a spine but the strangest
thing of all about the hagfish is what
it does when it's under threat let's say
a shark attacks or even just a human try
to take one up the hagfish will then
secrete a small amount of a supplement
of mucus and proteins for us as little
as half a second later that substance
expands ten
thousand times to cover the threat in
slime while harmless and extremely soft
actually almost like it's not there the
slime can clog up the gills of any
attacker very strongly encouraging them
to hightail it out of a while it's
normally reserved for undersea predators
humans got a major taste of the slimes
power back in 2017 when a truck full of
hack fish overturned in Oregon and well
you can see the aftermath for yourself
so that was the 10 weirdest animal
defense mechanisms which one did you
find the most odd which one do you wish
you had in real life let me know in the
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