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slow fire start
the camera burnt
bugs are created by Qrich, here is an example
he turned off the fire, bug !
the camera burnt
may God burn you Qrich
may God burn you and your mother and your family
the camera burnt brothers
he burnt the camera may God break his arrogance
where are you where are you ?
he burnt the camera, the camera burnt
the live camera burnt brothers
(he's praying)
my salutations
ok brothers today we asked me to come back so I came back
and we see what happens
what happened yesterday, it's not normal I swear
All share the live
and we'll see what happens with us
and we say in the name of God the Almighty and Merciful
(he's praying)
5 minutes later
be ready brothers next time there'll be a camera that I'm gonna bring
this camera's a 360° angle
we'll do the live with
we're gonna do the live with and it'll record all the place
in one position, you see how ? if God will
13 minutes later
bug shadow apparition
here is why I enhanced the gain
just after the fall, the sound went anormaly down
then there was a camera bug here
and finally the sound went up to the normal level
this is very paranormal
Nesrine is there
Nesrine you are there, bye
Amyr zorbi, there, bye
who else ?
brothers look what happened
there was a sweep who fell all right ? I saw it
where is it ?
some come to tell me they understand djinn things
and some came to tell this or that
no there is not, there is nothing
may someone comes
may someone comes in a place like this one abandoned
at 3 am
and see what happens
no we see what happens
that she's my friend or not
that I knew here or I didn't know here, she stays not here
to come telling me I should cut the live, she stays not here
I don't do the live to be mocked by you
"I swear the sweep is on the floor" I swear brothers it's not, look
here is the floor, here is the floor
I swear by God there is nothing man, what's wrong with you ?
here in front of you what happened
it's ok like this brothers
it disappeared by Almighty God
there a noise of something which fell
brothers the entier house is a building
the house is a building right
I have the key of the last floor
I have no keys of the main house
I mean the doors inside I can't open them
in all the building I got only the key of here
did you get what's going on ?
don't think I come here by chance, no no !
there is a other world
there is too much an other world
there is a noise of something which knocks down there in the house
and the world living nearer of this house
they are not really near, around
around 500 meters
0,5 kilometer from here
no on the contrary
lord, I'm not going late to my occupation
I don't understand
"Hasan brings the camera" I hope my friend
I'm gonna bring
the Binsport with me to record
the next time or the channel (he talks about someone)
to record with me
no there is nobody my friend, there is nobody
wait a minute
I take the lamp one moment
wait I switch the camera
like this
here is the place, brothers
a moment
here is the place
the lamp is on fire by God
we're gonna see a little (noise) (he's praying)
here is all the place brothers like this (look there is nothing here)
brothers there is nobody, there is … nobody
no one man
in fact
when I say there is nobody brothers there is nobody (noises !!!)
(he's praying) there is a noise which appeared
here is all the recording
(Hasan didn't see it) (he's praying)
people are going to notify him and he's going to not understand
(he's praying)
"the sweep is in the corner"
which corner ?
there is nothing brothers
what is in the corner ?
what is in the corner ?
a moment
what is in the corner ? nothing ! (Qrich is trying to make mad the ones against the others)
what's going wrong with you brothers ?
there is nothing even on the floor
on the floor it isn't, you come to tell me it is in the corner
it was on the camera here
then it fell it's all, that's it the sweep which was here

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