These 11 Korean dramas were most requested for a season 2. My personal picks are Drinking Solo 2, Age of Youth 2 and Signal 2. I am pressed to watch them …
Recently viewers wished for a second season for these 11 Korean Drama

11. Splash Splash Love

There have been a lot of request for a second season.

10. Misaeng

A producer is currently looking into a second season.

9. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

8. Liar Game
7. Police Unit 38

6. Bad Guys
5. Signal
And these 4 Korean Dramas are confirmed for a season 2.

4. Queen of Mystery 2

starts February 2018

3. My Lawyer, Mr Jo 2

starts Spring 2018

Drinking Solo 2

starts Fall 2017
Age of Youth 2
starts August 25, 2017

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