Science shows that blowing your nose before sex can lead to a better orgasm. A clogged nose prevents you from getting those pheromones that help you …
– [Announcer] The following program
contains mature subject matter.
Viewer discretion is advised.
(audience applauds)
– It can boost your immune
system, stop headaches,
and it can even help you live longer,
but this isn't some magic pill.
I'm talking about sex!
– Yeah, baby!
(audience cheers)
Now you are talking!
– Yeah, if people weren't
paying attention, now they are.
So, the first tip.
(audience laughs)
– You have their attention.
– Grab some tissue.
– Not what you'd think.
– Not for that.
(all laugh)
But blow your nose before foreplay.
According to new research,
blowing your nose
could bring you one step
closer to mind blowing sex.
How, you may ask?
Apparently a clogged
nose prevents you from
receiving those important
smells and pheromones
that are essential to
the big O, and it's true.
– Pheromones are so important,
and our sense of smell, olfactory system,
is probably the oldest sense that we have
going back to not just primitive
man, but lower animals too.
It's all about,
(Andrew sniffs)
it's all about the scent,
and pheromones are super powerful.
And part of-
Hey, I'm going to follow
your instructions to a T.
I want to be ready.
(Andrew blows nose)
But you know that part of
getting sexually excited,
you may experience some nasal congestion,
so give it a little blow, yeah.
– But I tell you what,
there are probably some women at home
thinking to themselves, like,
has my nose been stuffy
for the past 30 years?
(audience laughs)
Probably not.
Probably not, but just a thought.
But it is super important,
like the pheromones
and plus other things as well,
because you think about it
and you smell this certain scent,
and all this other stuff.
And you kind of think about
your significant other,
or if you had an ex that you really liked,
then you say, oh, he wore this cologne,
and then you meet somebody else,
and maybe you don't
like them quite as much,
and you try to give them
that cologne and be like,
here, put this on.
But sometimes you're like, it
doesn't smell the same on you.
It's different.
– Others certain scents for
example, I love lavender.
I mean, lavender is very
soothing and stimulating.
– Can I make a comment about scents?
So this is just me, I don't
know how everyone else feels,
but I like natural scents.
So in other words,
if someone is wearing too much
perfume or too much deodorant
or too much… what?
– I can see this guy right now,
he goes like this.
(Andrew sniffs deeply) I'm ready!
(all laugh)
That's all I need!
– Is he wrong?
– No, and it's true, the olfactory bulb,
which can get your limbic
system firing, you know,
and men in particular,
that thing lights up,
you're ready to rock and roll.
– Well, the biggest and best sex organ
is right between your ears, right?
It's 99% mental and the rest is up to you.
– You know, do you know that in one study,
women who had the strongest sense of smell
had the best orgasms?
Maybe a little, you know, a
little saline, blow your nose.
– Clear it out.
– You're ready to roll.
Okay, so I love this next tip.
Let's put the tissues away.
Tip number two, turn up the
heat with some sexy beats,
but we're not talking about Marvin Gaye.
We're talking about the vegetable.
Beets help the male's
body produce nitric oxide.
What does that do?
That helps open up blood vessels.
That's a good thing for
blood flow to the penis,
good blood flow, stronger erections.
Some docs even suggest nitric oxide
as a dietary supplement
for erectile dysfunction.
I love it also.
High in folic acid,
that's another essential
nutrient for male sexual powers.
– Nature's blue pill,
because that's exactly the way
the blue pill ED drugs work,
working on nitrous oxide to
open up those blood passages
more engorged with congestion in those,
are you listening?
– Real quick, no, real quick.
– Anita is so upset that
she has to eat a beet.
– I'm sorry, I couldn't focus.
I was like, there are forks up here.
There are three forks up here.
– And you're not excited
about eating some beets.
– Well, no, because it's for guys.
See, they said that guys
need beets for erectile dysfunction.
I don't have that.
What women need, women need
like blood flow from having sex.
That really helps, so you guys do this.
– This helps too, this helps women too.
– Yeah, but that-
– Women need blood flow down there too,
and nitric oxide will help with that.
– But in this specific study,
I want to stay streamlined
because I don't want to throw
the viewing audience off.
So if I eat it, they're like, oh,
are we talking about men or women?
In this study we're talking about men.

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