8:30AM (Eastern) “Risk and Redemption: How to Hold a Sword” – Pastor Ron Kelly 10:00AM (Eastern) Mission Report and Sabbath School Panel 11:20AM …
good morning everyone and
Happy Sabbath to all of you
welcome to all those watching
online we are glad you could
join us today
today this week we want to
continue our prayer meeting 620
here in the sanctuary we will
Social distance will have a
wonderful opportunity to
intercede on their behalf of
others as well as reflect on the
character of God I want to
invite you
to join us rather it be online
or right here in the sanctuary
and I want to encourage you take
this time to gather your family
together gather your children
them to pray teach him the
praise the Lord and think about
how good he is to each and every
one of
us us it's a wonderful
experience and a great
opportunity for us to ask the
Lord to do great things for us
and for those that we
are praying for and to move the
work forward as we live in
trouble this times
there is a volunteer opportunity
to prepare and serve school
lunches on Fridays at the
Village School if you are still
looking for a personal Ministry
this is a great opportunity
please contact Stacy Gus Gus key
tonight there will be a vespers
and for the
Pathfinders they're inviting
everybody to come out the having
a campout near Niles this
bring your lawn chairs and your
flashlight so you can find your
way back to your car once
Vespers is over it gets pretty
dark out there I want to
encourage everyone to think
about you have the opportunity
to go go
and support our Pathfinders and
fellowship with them you will
find the address
line in the bulletin I will read
it here for you if you want to
write it down it will be at
Pastor Harry Rogers Place a
property that he has in Niles
144 Hatfield Road
one for Ford Hatfield Road I'd I
don't have a hat
is a field Hatfield one for 440
all right 6:00 p.m. tonight so
come on out if you can and if
you have any questions you can
contact the
Pathfinder leader Roberto and
tinsel and you'll find his
number and me online directory
the annual Daniel 11 suppose IAM
is coming on October
it's coming up here October 22nd
through the 24th here at The
Village Church
Thursday and Friday the scholars
will present and discuss their
everyone is welcome to attend
and listen during this time
because of the nature of this
seminar taking place here in the
main sanctuary
we will require people to rear a
mask on
on Thursday and Friday if you're
attending those seminars however
on Sabbath we will return to our
protocol for worship and on
Sabbath will hear from Elder
John Whitcomb
and Elder Conrad Vine as they
each shared for the
different Services one for the
first service one for the second
service then there will be an
program from 1 to 5
and the presenters will present
in Lay people's terms so there
will be a lot of
scholar discussion during the
seminars perhaps during the
services but in the
afternoon they're going to break
it down to lay people terms and
give us the opportunity to
absorb as much as we can at all
scales of Education
the Sabbath programming will be
with our usual Sabbath protocol
of social
distancing this time I like like
to take a look at our
progress praise the Lord as we
have been moving these
thermometers thermometers up up
praise God for the wells in for
Spicer are complete we went
what we needed amen thank you
for the sincere
giving of your heart in your
offerings we have a little bit
left for the school renovation
and we have some left for our
church budget friends were
living in very interesting times
as you watch the news as you
look at what's happening in the
world as you see prophecy
unfolding right before your eyes
amen amen huh
you thought you'd see this just
just come in like this it's one
thing after another
Jesus is coming soon let us pray
how we can move this work
forward our church budget
supports evangelism
it not only takes care of our
Administration needs here and
our physical plant needs
but evangelism our church school
and much more so I want to
encourage you asked the Lord
Lord what more can I do to move
this and eat this goal for this
year at this time I'd invite you
to prepare your heart for
our scripture reading this
morning is this Psalms
a hundred and eleven verses 1
through 3
Psalms a hundred and eleven
verses 1
to 3 praise the Lord
I will praise the Lord with my
whole heart in the
Assembly of the
upright and in the congregation
the the word
the Lord are great studied by
all who have pleasure in them
his his work is Honorable and
and his righteousness endures
shall we pray dear heavenly
father we thank you
for all the blessings you bestow
upon us please please
guide and direct and open our
minds to receive receive your
age today amen the
congregation will remain
standing for our opening song
which is Page
oh damn
Danny Boy
Holy Holy Holy
holy holy
dreams back
please be seated and today
we do seek those blessings we
have a special experience this
morning and that we are
celebrating New Life and that
new life
relates to Young pastoral family
in our midst
so I'd like to invite Pastor
Andy and Christina to come join
me here
as we dedicate their little baby
have begun a life Journey with
with little Sophie
on up if we got a journey that
by God's grace will continue
for eternity as a little family
and maybe
not so little family for now
we're under the initial
stages you know we have been
enjoying the blessing of
dedicating babies
lately they've all been first
born babies we will break that
Trend in second service
when we dedicate another baby
who is not a firstborn but these
first three babies we've
dedicated while Ben first born
babies there's nothing quite
like a firstborn you learn so
much with them my oldest son
tells me it's the practice child
so so
I am a firstborn myself so there
are blessings and challenges
that come with it we want to
this mic just a little bit so we
can have nice pictures here
I remember the first day I met
Andy and Christina it was
at Michigan camp meeting we were
walking in the hallway
downstairs going into the
auditorium not knowing that
along the way God would connect
our past for partnership in in
and for those of you that
participated in that prayer
Journey as we saw this pastoral
team developing on want to say
praise the Lord and thank you
and it's been a real privilege
to work with Andy and Christina
they've dedicated their lives to
Christ now
they're dedicating their lives
to another form of ministry that
does not compete with pastoral
Ministry comes before it but is
the foundation upon which you're
building it what you
practice at home is going to be
the best education for how to
practice with all the rest of us
and of course you've come from
to good homes where your love
and you've made
decisions yourself which have
set this up to be a blessing for
a little Sophia
so we know that Jesus
was dedicated in the the temple
and it was
according to a plan the
dedication is
partially for Sophia we want her
heart to be ready to
receive the impressive god
but we're depending on Mom and
Dad to be the educators it's not
only how
Andy you treat mama but
Christina is how you treat Daddy
she's thinking she ought to
contribute to this dedication
here you are the tree under
which she grows up the shade the
fruit the love the joy the
like cabs in the stall is how
the scripture talks about our
children now
with worry they'll come under
that burden soon enough but in
the meantime the security of a
mom walks with God a dad that
walks with God
he had some day your desire is
like Isaiah's
admonition that you will be able
to present your little flock to
Jesus where are the children
those children are a Heritage
from the Lord according to
Psalm 127 and when we look at
Proverbs chapter 24 of God
designs that your
house should be full the room
should be full of beautiful
fruit the fruit of love
the fruit of dedication the law
of Liberty will make her home
home which is the best place for
her to grow up now there are
some special challenges to be in
PK and the church is to be a
part of understanding
for as long as Indian Christina
are in our
company you know he is a PhD
candidate he is a part-time
Pastor here with
us but as long as they're here
under the
shadow of a larger tree this
Village Church it's important
that we're careful
to cooperate with them as the
children grow and get older they
have the ability to
make their own decisions and you
wonder how they made some of
those decisions you're a long
ways off from that still but
it's a difficult thing to grow
under the lens of so many people
watching but don't let that be
the main director of how you
choose to act by God's grace
she'll enjoy the benefit of a
large extended family even the
your family is far away whether
it's Alaska or
Australia so so good morning so
yes I know we are without masks
and they
I'm going to try to hold her
this is all pre agreed upon you
could say we're in
our same little immunological
bubble to a degree maybe not as
much as
others would like but this is
the family's request and
none of us are sick so I'm going
to try to hold her if that
doesn't work I'll give her back
I promise
you you and we'll pray so let's
ask God now to bless the two of
folks are you dedicated to
supporting this family can you
say Amen amen and of course the
Christian education in the home
Christian education at the
right time for her her
and of course teaching her to be
a missionary for Jesus all right
let's see if she'll let me do
this all right you got stranger
danger yet we hope not how about
if we do this where you can
still see Mommy and Daddy all
right should we come over
close all right maybe you could
hold her little hand there daddy
all right let's pray father
thank you for this family and I
pray touch this little guards
heart may she experienced the
waves of love
and acceptance the strength of
love that teaches and
disciplines may your heart be
sensitive to the Impreza
divine presence Presence I pray
give Indian Christina real
wisdom for the uniqueness of who
she is
may they grow with her me she
grow with them may they grow all
the way to the kingdom until
someday they can be under the
tree of life and the
metaphor of a tree from which
the Grattan Garner shade and
fruit is traded in for
the reality of life and a
perfect Home With Jesus and his
name we pray amen and we've got
a little gift hi there
there you looking at me I'm
close and personal all right
we're gonna give you back
to Mommy and Daddy we've got a
flower and a certificate for you
which will share with you at
this time we wish you the best
and we look forward to watching
the family grow and
encouraging you along the way so
God be with you
we move
from one of the feature to
another Village pastures please
join me here on the platform
come as I
continue and to you who make up
the congregation of The Village
let me share from the word of
God first Thessalonians 5 we
urge you brethren to recognize
those who labor among you and
are over you in the
Lord and admonish you and to
esteem them very very highly
in love for their work sake I
can report this morning
that what began with enthusiasm
as a Grassroots
initiative from within a small
group has been affirmed by the
lead elders
and while this is only the tenth
day of October
pastor appreciation month loving
actions have only begun you can
have a part today by adding to a
tithe envelope the
the words pastor appreciation
and then tucking her check or a
cash gift
inside or if you want to be more
creative creative
in your desire to express
thankfulness to each of these
five men by
taking something to their home
mailing a note emailing a
message or dropping something
off at the church office but be
sure you identify
who it's for the word of God is
affirming of the church
at Philippi
for their gift giving to the
Apostle Paul not a one-time
activity but many times pastor
can each October is rooted in
scripture and it was a noble
on the part of this body of
Christ to its pastors and for
those of you that joined
regularly via live stream we
would encourage you to
email or send something to
Village Church for these men
thank you Elder on Kelly
forgiving leadership to this
team that stands beside you
as well as casting a Spirit Led
vision for the Saints
village church church thank you
Pastor Dennis page for going the
extra miles
sometimes on foot around the
church parking lot to assist in
fulfilling a broad emphasis of
service from Village Church
thank you Pastor ND for growing
a new generation generation
of disciples within the
environment at Village Church
thank you
Pastor Michael and Pastor
Jonathan for joining us here and
for being
an integral part of expanding
the influence of Village Church
via social media platforms so on
behalf of this congregation
it's my privilege to say thanks
immensely for your service
and accept our expression of
appreciation and love love each
Pastor will receive a $100
Amazon gift certificate
and not forgetting that three of
you have finer halves these
potted mum's a to each of their
we love you too too to conclude
we've invited one who is a part
of our congregation
and yet serves four thousand
pastors across the
North American Division Pastor
Esther not to come and have a
prayer of thanks
and and Oh blessing
Dear God it is with joy that we
come and once more bring
these men and their spouses to
you grateful
that you have called them to
Ministry and that we as the
flock that they
care for get to show our
appreciation and love for them
so God I just pray for
each family each person that you
will bless them I know that
there are times of
discouragement and frustration
but especially during this month
of October we just
them to feel the love that comes
from those who received their
service so God
we lift them up to you today and
may we all year long actually be
the loving caring conversation
that you've called us to be
because we are your church in
Jesus name I pray amen amen
God gives and gives
and gives he never stops giving
even to the giving of himself
for us in Jesus since we're
created in His image
and as we allow him to restore
us again to His Image by
yielding ourselves to him
and letting him live in us we
would expect ourselves to also
give and give more
freely freely we know we can
give our tithes and offerings
online and we do but we also
give pause during the service to
give opportunity for those who
choose to give tithes and
offerings Here and Now today's
offering is scheduled for our
world budget with an emphasis
on the voice of Prophecy
Ministry equipping the world for
Christ to come the voice of
Prophecy exists to proclaim the
Everlasting Gospel of
Christ leading people to accept
Jesus as their personal savior
savior and nurturing
them in preparation
for his soon return a leader in
religious broadcasting the voice
of Prophecy focuses on God's
love and Heralds the soon return
of Christ providing hope to
Broken people and guidance to
daily living founded in 1929 by
HMS Richards the ministry
continues today
under the leadership of speaker
director Sean Boonstra and
Associate speaker Gene Jean
Boonstra in 1942 lavas and
De La Esperanza began
broadcasting to bring the gospel
to the Spanish-speaking world
the voice of Prophecy can be
heard in nearly three dozen
languages and Bible lessons are
available in more than 70
languages local discover Bible
schools have been established in
more than 2,000 thousand
churches across North America
with hundreds more around the
world La Voz de la Esperanza
also has a bible school with
four collections of of lessons
as the voice of Prophecy and
laveau's Voz de La Esperanza
look to the Future they will
continue to focus on sharing the
love of
Christ with a hurting world
let's support this
christ-centered ministry with
the resources God gives us on
this world budget Sabbath I
invite the
deacons to come forward to
collect the offering and tithes
I was once a
sinner but I came Harlan to
from my home this was freely
given and I fall that he always
his word but there's a new name
written down
in glory and it's mine it's mine
it's mine
why drone Angel sing the story a
and for there's a new page
written down in glory
and it's mine is mine
mine it's mine it's mine with my
sins forgiven I am bound for
heaven Nevermore to roll
roam only near
fearing not
what God righteous from from
when the heavens open and I saw
you name was written down
there there's a new name written
down in glory
and it's mine yes it's mine
and the wife drove Angels Sing
the story
us in in
there's a new name written down
in glory and it's mine it's mine
this is mine with my
sins forgiven I am Bound for
now two in the book is written
saved by grace oh the joy that
came came to my soul
and now I am forgiven
and I know why the blood I am
and it's mine it's mine it's
mine it's mine
hand a white robe Angel sing the
us in
there's a new name written down
in glory and it's mine it's mine
it's mine with my
sins forgiven I am bound for now
to too
with my sins forgiven I am bound
Lord we give the but I known
what are the gift Maybe all that
we have is thine alone a trust
O Lord from thee thee amen
good morning we
will have a responsive reading
turn your attention to the
I will be reading
the light print you will read
along with me the bold print
print my son
observe the Commandment of your
father and do not forsake the
teaching of your
mother buying them continually
on your heart tie them around
your neck when you walk about
they will guide you when you
sleep they
will watch over you and when you
awake they will talk to you
for the Commandment is a lamp
and the teaching is light
and reproofs for the way of life
to keep
you from the evil woman from the
smooth tongue of the
adulteress a wise son makes a
father glad
but a foolish son is a grief to
his mother
he Who withholds his Rod hates
his son but he who loves him
disciplines him diligently He
Who Walks
With wise men will be wise but
the companion of fools
will suffer suffer harm
leave the presence of a fool or
you will not discern words of
discipline your son while there
is hope and do not
desire his death train up a
child in the way he should go
even when he is old he will not
depart from it
it is by his deeds that add
distinguishes himself
if his conduct is is pure and he
who pursues righteousness and
loyalty finds life
righteousness and honor do you
see a man
skilled in his work he will
stand before Kings he will not
stand before obscure men do not
hold back discipline from the
child although you strike him
with the rod he will not die
you shall strike strike him with
the rod rod and rescue him from
she'll correct your son and he
will give you
comfort he will also Delight
your soul like a
trampled spring and a polluted
well is a righteous man
who gives way before the wicked
the wicked flee
when no one is pursuing but the
righteous are bold
as a lion may the Lord at a into
the reading of his word
let us worship and bow down
before the Lord our God
Heavenly Father
the great creator of the
and the more we see from the
Hubble telescope that more vast
and awesome it is is and yet you
to send Jesus to give your son
and he came
and gave his life for us us to
provide a way of escape from
Sand and
Satan's snares We Trust in his
merits this morning
for our right to come you have
invited us and not only have you
invited us
but you have commanded us us
that as we see the day
approaching we
should not forsake the
assembling of ourselves together
so we're here in your presence
this morning trusting in the
merits of Jesus to cover our
father we have members that are
or discouraged or feel isolated
because of
the pandemic we pray that you'll
be with each one
set your your hand upon them we
pray that should be with the
pastor's he brings the word
this morning and we thank you
for the Pastoral staff that
you've given us
brought this team together to
help us we pray that you you
will work through us to be to
lift up their hands and hold
them up before before you
we pray for your continued
guidance and blessing with our
with our mission projects and
father accept our worship and
our gifts and our praise this
morning because we come in the
name of Jesus
and Jesus name amen Amen
speak of God
get from
talk to miweek weakness
my dear has the white
thank you Sun Coast
singers we're always blessed
when you share your
Christian experience and musical
gifts with us and
we are thankful thankful
I want to say what a pleasure
and privilege it is to serve
with you and among you thank you
for the
encouraging words and the pastor
segment and thank you for the
encouragement you give all your
long it's a blessing to be
here I enjoy this church family
immensely and
and even when we may not be
enjoyed joining each other way
we'd like to
we love each other right right
all right
all right let's pray Lord were
in your house
which is designed to be an
encouragement to us you called
you created the bridge that
connected us with Heaven Again
it's your goodness
and your beauty that that that
makes us family
family family by being children
of yours yours
that makes us family with each
other and I'm praying now Lord
that you would
only deep in that sense as the
family of the World falls apart
nations are angry with each
other homes and cities are
polarizing and and dividing if
we had no other witness but the
witness of a joyful Oneness here
Lord it would standing clear
distinction to the rest of the
world so now Lord I pray please
do that for us continue to do it
for us we thank you for the
measure upon which your spirit
is upon us and that we've
received it now bless us as we
go forward in Jesus name amen
many of you know that I love the
canoe and that we take our young
people and church members that
want to join us to The Boundary
Waters which is about a two
million acre wilderness and when
our young people are out there
the fresh air the pristine
landscape the pure water
there's a few other Traditions
there a part of that and for
those that have traveled in the
group's I'm in or I've traveled
in their groups they know a few
things they know
that I did not grow up
and there are certain things I
am a vegetarian now there are
certain things that and have
been for a long time by the way
there are certain things that
when I left flesh-eating behind
there certain things that
I missed and vegetarian foods
come a long ways
if you eat the impossible Burger
I heard somebody say the other
day they didn't like it because
it was too much like like meat
most people who
grew up eating real meat don't
have a problem with that so I
don't either
and the first time I made a
veggie link I thought this is
no hot dog and texture
is a big deal to people so so
one of the things I missed
don't want to gross anybody out
but I used to be like
the the Israelites in the
wilderness I wanted to feel all
the texture of that
meat between my teeth
and when I let go of Flesh food
in my diet that was something I
missed so somewhere along the
line when I started going to The
Boundary Waters I started making
my own beef jerky
only there was no beef in it so
so run down to Apple
Valley and go to the freezer and
get myself some vegetarian
for those of you who have never
heard of this you're watching
online or whatever yes it's not
the best thing
for you but it's a good way to
step away from
from meat and I would get some
of that vegetarian salami and
either my wife or myself would
cut it into slabs
and then we put it into strips
and we go downstairs and we get
those dark gray plastic
dehydrators and we sit the
salami position the
salami on those great raise open
the vent at the top open the
vent at the
bottom and you you're not
too long before your house
smells like salami and and
it's where it should be you get
it out and then you need to
stick it in a bag like this
because it's dehydrated and I'm
going to explain to you how
important it is to stick it in a
bag like this and properly seal
it now when I get to the
Boundary Waters
and I get with my group and we
get out into the woods a little
ways I say well I'm going to
share with you some of the good
stuff and I get my bag out and I
let them take a little bit of my
beef jerky which is not beef and
they stick it in their mouth
and they make fun of me if
they're meat eaters eaters if
they're not not meat eaters they
find something nice to say to me
some people actually like it it
well I came back from The
Boundary Waters and I hadn't
eaten all my beef jerky which
has no beef in it and and it was
in my car and there are times
when I skip meals on purpose and
there are times when I skip
out of circumstance and then I
start looking around do I have
something in this car to eat eat
and sometimes I find some
sunflower seeds and
sometimes some pumpkin seeds and
I thought to myself I'm going to
look in the console and sure
enough I open the console up and
I had stuck this bag of beef
jerky in there I'm thinking
about this is gonna be good I'm
so hungry and by
the way hungers the best cook
right and and so the Hungry Man
the Bible says every bitter
thing is sweet and I'm here too
maybe contradict that this
this morning we'll see
there was something else I had
stuck in my console and if you
ever buy air fresheners for your
I had bought these Febreze air
fresheners and the only problem
with those
air fresheners is that it's so
overpowers the cards like I
don't want it to smell that
strong of whatever it was Ocean
and I thought to myself I'm
going to stick this in the
console so I
stuck my Febreze in the console
the problem was was that in the
console was my jerky and the bag
was open open and
I'm so hungry I'm reaching to
this and I'm thinking man as I
a bite man this this smells like
that Febreze something smells
strong like that for Breeze and
pretty soon thinking this tastes
like Febreze and I'm thinking to
ah if I leave
the bag open open because it's
it absorbs the predominant
odor of the atmosphere now I'm
here to tell you this
morning your lives and your kids
lives your grandkids
and your nieces in your your
nephews their lives
are being being tinctured
with the fragrance of the the
and some are being directly
directly seasoned bye
very poor choices choices and
when the world looks at the bag
and it says Christianity on it
but they taste to see how good
it is is they don't
recognize the Beautiful
beautiful distinction I want my
bead jerky
to be the opening metaphor in
the illustration of the fact
that the
world would like to re flavor
our Christian experience it is
powerful it is is intentional it
infiltrating and this morning I
want to talk with you
about how our lives can remain
beautifully and
distinctly different the only
way because last Sabbath when I
was visiting with
you I talked with you as we
begin this series on Daniel
about the fact
that Babylon made it into
Jerusalem before Babylon
surrounded Jerusalem literally
you didn't see that message go
back and watch it babbling found
its way
into the hearts of the
inhabitants before the
inhabitants found themselves
with the sword or the shackles
of Babylon
take your Bibles this morning
and open them up to the Book of
Daniel we're going to go
through this book looking at the
Dynamics of a man and
his friends who lived above the
pagan should of his time Daniel
chapter 12 go to the last
chapter Daniel chapter 12
I want you to be familiar with a
fact and the fact is that while
the book is
full of many prophecies it is a
book not
only for prophetic Insight it is
a book for encouragement to
lives that are lived in the end
Daniel chapter 12 verse 4
but his for you Daniel Daniel
conceal the words and seal up
the book until the end of time
many will go back and forth and
knowledge will increase now the
stories are not
Beyond understanding through the
last twenty six hundred years
that the
nation of Israel and the
Christians who have prize this
book have had the ability to
read these stories
share them with their children
but the depth and the power of
the lives that were lived the
life styles that were adopted
they stories to prepare us for
what is before us us writing in
the review and Herald the author
says many who should be
setting their tents near the
land of Canaan are pitching
their Camp nearer to Egypt
not living in the light of the
sun of righteousness many had
ten places of amusement to
gratify The Taste but no
spiritual strength is gained by
so doing and you will find
yourself on the losing side now
I just need to ask everybody
this morning who wants to be
on the losing side especially
when the stakes are happiness on
Earth and Eternity
of happiness to encourage the
love of amusement is to
discourage the love of religious
exercise for the heart become so
crowded with trifling with what
is pleasing to the Natural heart
that there
is no room for Jesus it is such
a benign and
innocuous journey to fall in
love with that which appears to
have no
apparent moral moral repugnancy
but what it's doing is changing
the appetite of the life and
what is slow happening
is that the whole component tree
of the spiritual fiber of a man
a woman or a child is being
remade in the form of a
spiritual weakling writing in
1884 same venue the
author States a form of
godliness won't save anyone
almost have a deep and
living experience this alone
will save them
them in the
trouble so it's not food in the
basement it's not extra gas
hidden away for your car it's
not any of the man-made
Provisions but a deep and living
experience will save you can you
say Amen so would you be
if the devil wants to take away
a deep and living experience
from the church because the
church without a deep and living
experience tastes like my beef
jerky after its at by the
Febreze for a weeks this is not
what God wants for his people a
distinction a loving and benign
and beautiful other other nests
then their work will be tried of
what sort it is talking about
our living
Christian experience for Gold
Silver and precious stones and
they will be hid as
it were they will be hit with
this living experience as it
were in The Secret of the Lord's
Pavilion you have a
read that's all saw that you'll
be hidden under the wings of the
Lord it's a reference
to the idea of being in the very
most holy place
place but if wood is work hay
and stubble nothing can Shield
him from the fierceness of
so this morning friends what's
going on in our lives what's
going on in our church are we
camping closer and closer to
Egypt or are we making a narrow
way journey
to Canaan circumstances do shape
us don't think they don't and I
want to say something very
important I know that different
generations of the church have a
different experience and I know
that if
you're of my it's generation
there is the potential that you
are not properly taught about
the set saving work of Christ
and justification that your
salvation was
actually a gift to you and I
know that when the Hills begin
to lose
the do and they're dry light Gil
gilboa I
understand that there can be a
reaction how many people in my
parents generation
went overboard with a reaction
that has put us where we are now
we watch the pendulum swing in
society we watch it in the
church what am I saying
I've sat in seminars run by high
levels of the church where
important people if I use their
name would articulate they would
fall sleep it one
good thing against another the
idea of our kids dwelling inside
cities the idea of protecting
our children from the world was
was downplayed denigrated
denigrated and of course our
children cannot be
protected from the world enough
to save them well work there are
no walls High Enough
but the idea that protecting our
lives from camping
closer to Egypt is somehow in
contradiction to
filling the lives of our
children with a deep love for
Jesus that's like putting
Christian education
against evangelism and only a
fool would do that because
they're not contradictory
contradictory but there's a lot
of people who it appears to me
must have grown up without a
living relationship with with
Christ who have been anxious
while I have been a pastor
raising my children to be down
on all the things that were
designed to put walls up to
create a little bit of a speed
bump between falling in love
with the world and now where do
we stand today for me 30 years
after becoming a dad and 30
years of ministry we stand in a
place now to
where we appear to be falling
into the same same
the eventual trap of the devil
to where many of our children
have no
interest in the Bible they have
no interest in church they
want to make money and live a
good life and experience the
dream and consequentially the
church struggles it's a
spiritual drought
and there is very little fruit
on the vine and the energy of
Youth is not
connected with the experience of
years and consequentially the
church is it its vibrancy we're
living in an age in which it
appears that the Protestant
dilemma like the book written by
one of the professors
can to Christie Dean almost
Christian is kind of the epitaph
on the experience of a whole
generation of which Seventh-Day
adventism is not completely
immune I'm here to tell you
today that for Generations it
was considered a privilege and
an honor to work for God
in the church in the
denomination by the way the
church is the one object
enfeebled as it may be it is the
one object of God's Supreme
regard and if you're a member of
it friends praise God and if
you're in this living
relationship praise God take
much encouragement from this but
we have come to a place where it
there's so much of what has been
a bulwark against evil and a
terror against
Darkness is the aggressive
beautiful spirit of a life
filled with a love for Christ
armed with the word of God ready
to do battle with Satan Satan
we've come to a place where it
that we forgotten that the
ordinary things the habitual and
circumstantial things are to
become be combined with a rich
vibrant love for Christ it's not
a rich vibrant love for Christ –
all the practical Christian
Graces and duties and
habits know we're not going to
pit two good things against each
other it is a rich beautiful
practical love for Jesus which
is protected by a life that is
distinct and different and puts
habits of
vacation into the ordinary life
without a practical Christian
Life you cannot Preserve a deep
love for Jesus and without a
deep love for Jesus a practical
Christian life becomes very
unpractical and very
unpersuasive and very uninviting
this is the way it works we're
to have habits that protect the
relationship and relationships
with Christ that direct the
habits and somehow the church is
going to grab on to what it had
in the past at its best
when we both and if we want
vibrancy back and we want that
living experience which is the
only preparation for the time of
trouble there were going to have
to put our arms around the fact
that my profession of Christ and
my life for Christ will have to
be guided by The
Same Spirit the same word this
is where we're at and as we look
at the very first challenge that
to a group of captives not just
to Daniel Shadrach Meshach and
Abednego not just a hananiah
and mishael if we're going to
look and see what comes to all
of the Hebrew captives we're
going to have to say Lord take
my heart captive and
speak to me because I want what
they want Babylon had invaded
their City before Babylon
conquered their their City and
the victory that was one in the
hearts of so many of the
adherents of Israel was a
victory that was not one in the
heart of Daniel and Daniel and
his three friends
come captive into the most
powerful city of their time with
an oppressive and intentional
Pagan culture and they shine out
from beginning to end as a
matter of fact Daniel becomes
preeminent figure in the
first experience the 43 years of
Nebuchadnezzar's ring turn to
Daniel chapter 1
Daniel chapter 1 in the third
year verse 1 of the reign of
jehoiakim king of Judah
Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon
came up to Jerusalem and
besieged it there was a need to
deal with some Rebellion it
appears that many of
the elements of Nebuchadnezzar's
father's Kingdom didn't enjoy
Babylonian rain and on on this
Journey into the area of
Palestine in Egypt
Nebuchadnezzar is subjugating
to his father it is during of
this this component of
military Ministry that his
father dies
Nebuchadnezzar will rush back to
Babylon leaving all of his
captives in the
hands of another the lord gave
jehoiakim king of Judah into his
hand along with some of the
vessels of the house of God and
he brought them them to the land
of shinar to the house of his
God and he brought the vessels
into the treasury of his God his
God will become
an important part of the story
of Daniel and his twelve
chapters then the king
entered order – ashpenaz the
chief of this officials to bring
in some of the sons of
Israel including some of the
Royal Family and the Nobles
youths in whom was no defect who
were good-looking showing
intelligence in every branch of
wisdom endowed with
understanding and
and discerning who had the
ability for serving in the
king's court and he ordered him
to teach him the literature and
the language of the Chaldeans
the king appointed for them a
daily raishin from the Kings
Choice food and from the wine
which he drank and he pointed
that they should be educated
three years at the end of which
they were to enter the king's
personal service now among them
were the sons of Judah Daniel
hananiah mishael and Azariah
then the
commander of the officials
assigned new new names to them
and to Daniel he gave the name
Tish hazard to hananiah Shadrach
to Michele Meshach and as an
Azariah Abednego I'm not going
to take the time to go over the
change of their
names this morning the good news
is as much as they tried to give
a different character to the
mind of these young men it was
not going to work verse 8 Daniel
made up his mind that he would
not defile himself with the
Kings Choice food
or with the wine which he drank
so so he sought permission
from the commander of the
officials that he might not
defile himself now when we come
to thinking about
eating drinking and dressing you
need to understand in 1894
May 31 which is what someone
wrote by the name of l&y in the
youths instructor she wrote
eating drinking and dressing all
a direct bearing Upon our
spiritual advancement
advancement now I want you to
think about this she could have
just written
eating drinking and dressing all
have a bearing Upon our
spiritual advancement
and you could say legalism
legalism legalism unless it's
truly a spiritual law and then
you could say Liberty liberty
liberty I'm sounding like a car
now I think and
you could say the path of power
what you put between your teeth
what Royals around on your
tongue what goes down your
esophagus and
deposit itself in your gut has
something to do with your
spiritual strength and
advancement drinking is the same
and she did throw dressing in
and by the way I mentioned in a
sermon don't have time to do it
here but remember remember
fashion what she calls how does
she say say what was it
the mistress with the Iron Fists
thank you Pastor ending the
mistress with the Iron
Fists I want us all to
understand it's not that they
of effect it's the fact that how
I choose to represent God and
think about myself how I choose
to feed and nourish myself all
have a direct bearing Upon our
spiritual advancement now I
didn't read
and I'm not saying that eating
drinking and
and dressing how you get to
heaven didn't say that what I
said is is that if you'd like
this living spiritual experience
then you'll recognize that just
like in the
Garden of Eden and just like 40
days of tests for Christ and
just like Daniel who represents
the final generation we've got
Adam who sank us down
we've got Christ who lifted us
up and we've got Daniel who
shows the way in the
dark night how we eat how we
dress what we drink
it has a direct bearing Upon our
spiritual advancement now if you
don't want to spiritually
and you're willing to cast aside
and eternal inheritance already
purchased for you with much
self-denial and tremendous love
that is your choice Christ put
that choice and all of your
hands nobody is forced to go the
way of the cross but I want to
show you today
walking With Jesus is the most
beautiful life you can have the
loving loving
the most purposeful Bean chapter
1 verse 8 Daniel made up his
mind I'm going to give you five
reasons according to our
Bible commentary that he did not
partake or wasn't going to
partake of this food
number one it probably was full
of unclean offerings literally
no according to some Modern
Protestant denominations
animal physiology was changed at
the cross or it was changed at
the flood
the truth of the matter is God
in his amazing design design
some animals to be the garbage
collectors though four footed
and sometimes unfinished and
collectors you know crabs once a
in the Indiana conference office
went to a professional seminars
she came back and she said you
lobster and crab the presenter
not an Adventist not a Christian
to my knowledge
said they're simply the
Cockroaches of the ocean so for
those that partake of that which
is not
most of my the audience this
morning just think about
enjoying a nice cockroach as you
pay $18 a pound for it the truth
of the matter is is that unclean
meat is not good for people it's
not good before the Flood it's
not good after the flood it's
not good before the cross it's
not good after the cross and
it's not for God's people at the
End of the Age number two these
animals were probably not
properly slaughtered Slaughter
is an ugly word but the truth of
the matter is they were not
properly slaughtered number
three and perhaps most
preeminent is the fact that
almost all Pagan religions
offered up a portion of their
offering to their gods first it
was dedicated to the gods
of Babylon number four luxurious
food is unhealthy and
Daniel understood what strict
Temperance could do for his mind
and his body
and and number five Daniel
desired to continue
with the flesh food diet now you
say Pastor that's not in the
word and you say Well it may not
be directly in the word
but I truly do believe that it's
completely plausible
that Daniel was just carrying on
with what he already had been
doing and if
you value the ministry of Ellen
White White it's confirmed
they did not capriciously move
capriciously but
intelligently they decided that
as flesh meat had not compose
their diet
in the past you should not come
into their diet in the future
and his wine
had been prohibited to all who
should engage in the service of
God they determined that they
would now partake of it it I
don't have time to continue
reading on these
where young men who made up
their mind and God was going to
grant them a favor the question
that I want to ask actually is
was it favor of the moment or
was it favor that had been in
the making
a Sabbath afternoon my wife and
I decided we'd go for a walk it
was late afternoon early evening
evening and we had to take our
our umbrellas
and I'm sure we were some of the
only people out walking in the
rain the rain had ceased and we
had our umbrellas in our hands
and somebody had spotted us
while we were walking out on the
road we live on
and they weren't from around
there and as I'm getting ready
to transition from the pavement
to the gravel to the dirt I
should say
a quiet car pulls up alongside
alongside of me a window comes
down I'm looking at this big
long beautiful white Lincoln
Town Car limousine
and the the driver looked at me
he was a man and for men this is
more unacceptable may be
humiliating Behavior
but right from their beginning
he bridge that Gap he said
obviously I'm
I'm lost I looked at him he
looked at me my
wife was standing there I don't
know if she was smirking or not
I could understand his dilemma
we converse back and forth he
had just dropped some people off
for a wedding and he wanted
to have enough gas in the car to
win the event was over to go
wherever they wanted to go now
I don't know why GPS wasn't
engaged here it would have saved
him an encounter with another
man but we had a little
connecting moment and I actually
had a very pleasant dialogue
with him and I tried to do for
him what I would want done for
me I tried to make it
as dignified and encounter as
possibly could be he didn't
drive his car straight on the
dirt road and get his nice white
long stretch limousine all dirty
so he was going to have
to back it up if you want to
stay on the pavement when it was
all said and done he knew where
the nearest place
to get Gap gas was and I hope he
went away from the moment
feeling that he had a beautiful
beautiful encounter you see I
don't believe
that the favor of Daniel was a
miracle in the moment I
believe it was a miracle in the
making and that the beauty of
Christ that had guided him
in all of his relationships that
preceded his his
imprisonment to a foreign
oppressor we're now shining
through in the brightest way
you see we have the opportunity
to reflect the very person of
if we have this living living
have the ability to have a sweet
fragrance that goes before us
and lingers behind us in our
demeanor in our words in
our tone of voice but this
requires us actually having the
living Christ dwelling
in US it actually requires a
living experience because I want
to assure you we've got a
default operating system that's
involved and it takes over so so
easy yesterday I went to take
care of phone
a phone situation needed to
change my service and
add a little bit to it it
I knew it was going to take
while while I didn't know it
would take four hours hours
but by God's grace when my wife
came to pick me back up I think
the comment she said as we
walked out the door was you just
made some new friends friends
it takes the eyes of Jesus
to look at life like this but
you know what every obstacle
they ran
into God wasn't off the the
and I plan to go back and see
him and I plan to take him some
good Christian literature and
some of
you know this person and they
were superbly
professional and kind but it
couldn't be hurried I just
didn't know it would
take that long how do you deal
with the
situations that come your way
that you didn't design that you
did an architect that you don't
are they all in the way of
accomplishing what you think has
to be accomplished or is God
able to be in the
midst of them doing whatever he
wants to do and you're paying
attention is their favor that
goes with you because you're in
a living relationship
with Christ where the automatic
ugliness in the impatient by the
way the first
attribute of First Corinthians
13 about Love Is It Love Is
patient there's a reason it's
the easiest thing and the
hardest thing to practice all at
the same time it's opportunities
are all around you
I want to talk for a moment
about how you have four people
out of out of how many hundreds
I don't know there was some
Egyptian captives in there there
were some Phoenician Captain's
captives in this group but there
were certainly dozens if not
hundreds of other Jewish
captives in this midst why is it
only for are able to say this is
not what we're going to do do
I want to talk to you for a
minute about spiritual sinew and
muscle muscle
a lot of your kids want to go to
the health club they
way they want to set of Weights
if they're young men they they
all want to pump pump iron they
want to see their their body get
firm and chiseled and those
muscles Stand Out beneath their
young skin we know that
bodily exercise profiteth little
the New Testament says we know
it profiteth much in some senses
but for the sense of actual
preparation for heaven make sure
it's not another form of idol
worship with self on the throne
but I want to talk to you about
spiritual sinew and muscle
do you really think it'd be
possible to be a conformist in
Jerusalem and a nonconformist
in in Babylon I really want you
to think
about this do you really think
you could go from having the
backbone to stand up and be who
you're supposed to
be back with all your peers all
the the cultural Jews
and then show up with all your
peers who are abandoning their
and somehow you're not spiritual
sinew and muscle I want you to
think about your Christian
experience nobody wants to be
flabby and week out of shape and
pathetic but spiritual sinew and
muscle is developed by letting
architect your day suffer
through some hardships conquer
some trials and difficulties and
stand up for Jesus in the little
things so that
you prepared to end up in the
bigger its incoming contact with
difficulties that will give you
spiritual muscle and sinew she
writes and that I may know him
you'll become strong in Christ
if you endure the testing
process and the proving of God
skipping down to Child Guidance
it is obstacles that make men
strong it's it is not helps but
difficulties conflicts rebuffs
that make men of moral sin you
too much he's she didn't say you
couldn't enjoy some
some but too much much ease he's
avoiding responsibilities have
weak links and Dwarfs of those
who ought to be responsible men
of moral power and strong
muscle now this is for parents
as well as for young people oh
it's easy to avoid
responsibility it's enjoyable to
sit at home
when others are carrying the
work forward it's nice not to
have to worry and wonder in
organize and communicate
and connect
parents make every effort in
your power to place your
children in the most favorable
situation for forming characters
that God wants them to form use
every spiritual sinew and muscle
in the effort to save your
flock parents do you have any
sinew and muscle do you know how
to say to your kids or do your
friends I don't care what you're
doing my kids aren't going to be
doing that that
where's the spiritual sinew and
muscle for Mom and Dad if they
don't have any
why should we expect the kids to
have any
yes it's easy to become a very
flabby Christian in today's day
and age too much ease and
avoiding responsibility makes
those dwarfs the spirit of
unselfish labor for others
gives depth stability and
christ-like loveliness of
character brings peace and
happiness to its predecessors
the aspirations are elevated
there's no room for sloth or
selfishness those who exercised
the Christian Grayson's will
they will have spiritual sinew
sinew and muscle be strong to
work for God they'll have clear
spiritual perceptions and a
steady increase in faith no they
didn't come from Jerusalem and
become transformed
once they got to Babylon resolve
was required that was required
to live according to their own
understanding of what God was
calling him to be in Jerusalem
it's hard to raise
your kids in an Adventist ghetto
it's hard to raise your kids
only around
Christians you should not be
raising your kids
kids only a Christians you you
should be taking them out to the
places where the broken the
bruised and the beat up by
Society are allowing them to
develop some compassion and let
them see where a life of
lawlessness takes them
let them understand one of the
worst things that could happen
would be to raise your children
amongst only those that are
inside the bubble they have to
come out of the bubble they have
to face themselves they have to
face a broken World they have to
let their hearts expand for the
automatic call to
compassion is when you see whose
cheeks are sunken in and their
teeth are gone because they've
been on meth they need to
understand what it means to be
homeless because you can't hold
down a job they need to Dish up
some of that soup and
hand out some of that bread but
it's not just for them it's for
us so what are we filling our
lives with to where we have no
time for Spiritual exercise
study will develop it is the
privilege of all the / take of
the Bread of Heaven by studying
the word and
thus gain spiritual sinew and
and muscle Prayer will develop
it prayer is the breadth of the
Soul it is the secret of
spiritual power prayer
brings the heart into immediate
contact with the Wellspring of
life and strengthens the sinew
and the
muscle of religious experience
where you at today friends you
have no time to pray no wonder
you can be blown about in the
Wind no wonder culture can shift
you this
way and direct you that way
moving on verse 14 I
particularly love the
New American Standard Version
Version here and by the way
melzar is
more of a title than it is an
actual name name your
Bible commentary confirms it
it's not the Wild and loose
transition or
translation of the New American
Standard melzar is a title your
commentary confirms it and so
melzar or the
commander or the steward of
these young men probably the
most potent line in the hole
chapter is verse 14 and I
especially liked it in this
version it says so he listened
to them
we've got a credibility gap
going on in modern society
Christianity is not different
enough for anything except how
they politically aligned
what is it that makes a person
credible in such a short period
of time that a man who could get
in trouble
in a despotic and autocratic
regime is willing to say
I'll take a risk for 10 days so
he listened
to him
God is calling us to be so
fragranced with Christ I want
you to think about my beef jerky
so fragranced with Christ
tinctured punctuated
infused so that wherever we go
the beauty of
loving people and loving God
creates favor establishes
and opens doors that nothing
else would
would open the Bible says in 1st
Samuel to 30 I will honor those
who honor me
and because I'm running out of
time I just need you to go down
to the last verse of the first
verse 21 it's as if we want to
put a exclamation point on this
not only were they tend times
wiser the fragrance of Christ
was with them there was a beauty
inside of them that could not be
veiled verse 21 but if we want
to get verse 14
in perspective look at verse 21
they not only he
he not only and but every other
person who had any motive come
of interest in the truth
and wisdom and beauty listen to
for three Babylonian
Kings and for two Persian ones
21 Daniel continued until the
first year of Cyrus the king and
the rest of the journey
is the story of promotion after
promotion because Daniel even
though he had a conviction
and I can't leave this out even
though Daniel had a conviction
it was I've got a conviction –
get out of my way notice what
the Bible says Daniel decided in
his heart and then he asked
if it could work out he went
about it with Grace and nobility
if there's a word that marks the
life of Daniel it is the word
Nobile it is the word
principled it is the word
gracious it is the word
humble these are all things God
is calling us to and they
all open doors that no amount of
Orthodoxy or
or intelligent could open there
is such a filling of the spirit
in his life
life that he doesn't even have
to say much for somebody
to notice notice something's
different now I'm going to end
this message with
a challenge
my wife's a my boys
girlfriends in medical school
and it's rigorous
aren't you glad
those books are are open anatomy
and physiology
but how many of you would want
to go to a doctor who never
walked into a cadaver
lab I want you to think about it
how many of
you want a haircut from somebody
who's never held a pair of
scissors or a dentist who never
held a drill how many of you
want to fly in an airplane where
the pilots never felt what a
is or go even for a ride in a
car with somebody who's never
put their hands on a wheel
before how many of you want
bricks put on your house by a
Mason who's never held a trial
or a carpenter who has never
held a hammer even when we took
the kids canoeing we had all
these bent shaft paddles and the
person that ran the Outfitter
had to show us how to hold the
paddle and kids need to be
taught how to hold
a pocketknife you ever see a kid
drawing the knife towards
themselves nobody taught them
how to hold a a pocket knife
when it comes down to the story
of life it's important that
we understand there are things
we are to be prioritizing and
and holding
Pastor page I want to hold a few
things send me that
a lot of our kids know how to
hold this this or kick
something or twist the wrist is
they throw a little white ball
with red stitches they know
how to hold these things things
of course our kids know how to
hold this and maybe they learn
from us
us Channel up Channel Down
volume up volume down
of course we know our kids feel
like a part of them is gone if
they can't hold this
this when we stop and we think
all the different things that
our kids kids hold
I want us to ask ourselves
ourselves how come come
our kids aren't wanting to hold
a few different things I'd like
the last item
Paul tells us in the book of
to put on the whole armor of God
there's only two things you hold
in that
one is The shield and one is the
the sword do you understand that
just like spiritual muscle
cannot be developed overnight
and you don't go from being a
nonconformist or from being a
conformist in Jerusalem to be a
nonconformist in Babylon do you
understand that our kids are
going to have breaking upon them
and we are going to have
breaking upon us the most fierce
spiritual battle the world has
ever ever ever ever seen
Mercy is right right and do you
understand that everything that
relish appetite or desire away
from God his
church his word and talking with
him which is prayer all of which
spiritual sinew our to be seen
as the enemy
enemy now I didn't say the only
thing you
can do is read the Bible and
have mercy on that form of
Christianity Christians should
have the greatest joy and the
holy fun doing things together
that aren't bad
but when we allow our
children to practice lives of
ease and we show them how to do
it don't go to the prayer
meeting draw don't dress
up don't clean your room up for
Sabbath don't get you close out
early don't deny yourself
anything to
eat and they learned it all from
us we might as well as hand this
to the enemy and say would you
mind doing me in while you're at
it I was
driving to work this week week
listening to secular radio radio
and they're talking on secular
radio this is National Public
radio but they're getting a
segment in on a television show
called Supernatural Well I'm
here to tell you friends it was
not an uplifting Christian
program do you know
know mention this in prayer
meeting I went by the Catholic
Church this week
in Stevensville and the
Catholics opened their churches
up before
we opened hours and on their
sign is said to million masses
and no no outbreaks do you
understand that the secular
world is going to be
flabbergasted with the
manifestation of of demons
if seeing is believing and what
you can see is true
and measurable the secular world
is going to be absolutely
flabbergasted when
spiritual manifestations come
out from behind the veil and
they're not going to know what
to do
but the enemies of God are going
to know what to do do
what about the
the remnant I want to tell you
something church services are
going to go away and then
she lie and not because of covid
but I'm going to tell you
there's a meeting that
will not go away until we look
up to the eyes of Jesus I'm not
saying people won't worship on
Sabbath but I'm here to tell you
there's a meeting that won't go
away until we
look up to the eyes of Jesus and
it might be too and it might be
three but I'm going to tell you
it's called
The Prayer meeting
friends friends when all of a
sudden the curtain drops
and there are the Philistines of
this age looking at us
are we like all of David's
Brothers and the rest of the
Israelite Army going to stand
there going who's going to go
lead the way
Daniel led the way somebody had
to go first Daniel went first
why because he had a
living experience our kids need
to be in the mission field our
kids need to be in the Pulpit
our kids
need to be in the homes our kids
need to be at the soup kitchens
our kids need to be where
priorities are had by Christian
parents and by Christian
churches and I praise God for
the money that's been set aside
by this church for these very
kinds of things our young
people need to be in the places
where the battles appropriate to
their age experience are going
on and so do we because when the
battle breaks out and the
questions as who's on the Lord's
Side bunches are going to step
back and a few are going to step
forward and the word that's
going to be used is in the name
of the Lord touche Touche hear
friends what's keeping you from
the the Bible what are
you feeding your kids it's
competing for an interest in the
word of God why are they sitting
in front of device so
much becoming flabby and future
in the battles of the great
I'm appealing to all of us it's
time for us to wake up and
that the Babylon that's invaded
the church will soon surrounded
church and seek to crush it and
we need to know how to hold the
the word of God brought to life
through prayer encouraged
through fellowship strengthened
in service this is
to call oh I wish we had more
time we're not going to sing
Stan like the brave but you
can't stand like the brave when
you're steering death
persecution imprisonment
inability to buy or sell you
can't stand like the brave men
if you've never stood like the
braid before live by your
convictions in a beautiful way
like Daniel
I want to end with this quote
you say Pastor
how did You Yank this one out of
it was just so good I had to use
Pitfall and preaching there is a
living Christ this is not the
there is a living Christ who's
going to help you out in any
situation you're in wherever
you're at whatever appetites
have been developed that's why
I'm using this quote right now
it's about Peter
to every Christian that's why
I'm using the quote those first
three words to every Christian
comes the word that was
addressed to to Peter Satan has
desired to have you that he may
sift you as wheat but to every
Christian comes these
words but I have prayed
for you that your faith
fail not thank God we're not
left alone this is our safety
Satan can never touch with
eternal Disaster
one whom Christ is prepared for
Temptation by his previous
intercession for
Grace is provided in Christ for
every soul
a way of Escape has been made so
that no one need fall under the
power of the
enemy amen and amen let's pray
Lord Lord you praying for us and
this morning
Lord you're calling us to look
at where the appetites of our
habits and our hearts have been
been and you're calling us back
to a new study of the word and
to let go
of the things that are competing
I'm praying for every place this
message is heard I'm praying
Lord that we know how to hold
the sword that had be in our
hands in our hearts I'm praying
Lord that we would not come
come quailing
or shaking or fearful to the
Future but that we know you
stand by our side in a way of
Escape has been made in every
trial and you're going to make
us conquerors and your name will
be glorified please forgive us
Lord when we've allowed the
blessings to be weaponized as
curses and bring us back to a
simple focus on being ready to
see you and to walk through
those Pearly gates and to look
up and say low this Is Our God
we've waited for him
him bless us to that
I pray now and help us
especially to focus our schools
and our homes and our children
on how to hold the sword in in
Jesus name I pray amen all right
so we'll have a little
background music the pews you're
in or the pews will use for
Sabbath School they'll be a
momentary interlude here and
we'll start up our Sabbath
School and God be with you as we
continue to prioritize God's
Church his
word and our relationship with
watch Welch
morning good morning
to everyone welcome Sabbath
School where we focus on Mission
before we go into the word
some school is a unifying
element around our denomination
this morning we have a
seventh-grade our seventh grade
teacher Matt Coles with us and
our school principal Mark bug be
as our school turns and pivots
more and more all the time to
the focus
of Christian education relevant
Christian education in the 21st
especially especially as we see
of the times we desire our young
people to be equipped to stand
their place just like Daniel did
in his day and and so this
morning I want us to have a
chance to talk about how that
mission of the Adventist Church
is being fulfilled in probably
our biggest Mission or one of
our biggest missions there's no
bigger Ministry we have in this
church then our village
Adventist Elementary School
which is a Missionary Training
Center and for the different
emphasis we have this morning
we're going to dialogue with
with matt coles and Mark bug me
so Matt you're doing some
different and some the same kind
of things in your class talk to
us about where God's taking you
on this journey of discipleship
well one of the
big things that we're focusing
on this year is really trying to
help the kids be able to
study the Bible for themselves
and to be able to explain what
they believe to other
people and we've been doing that
in a little different way I've
been having them
make notes we call them and so
in there Bible journal they're
taking down all the text in the
ideas that we're learning
about but then drawing pictures
with them and it really helps
them to remember it
well at their age I think but
we've been studying the great
controversy we're studying the
war in heaven right now and so
there's a lot of really really
good questions that kids come up
with so tell me about this
so so are they drawn pictures as
well as writing notes yeah so we
draw the first study that we did
was about the Bluestone about
the ten Commandments and how you
know they came from
the foundation the Throne of God
and they were actually blue
sapphire stone
and there in the Ark of the
Covenant as a little model of
God's throne and so they're
drawing all of that stuff in
their journals and just wanting
to really put into their hearts
and Minds
that God's laws and just a set
of rules that he's set up for
our unhappy
innocent exactly all the pick on
us but he's definitely given us
something that will make our
lives better and that he's
definitely in love with us and
the men so there's an attack
care of us Pastor Gibbs up at
Cedar Lake he's quite artistic
and he draws his sermon on
one page before he preaches it I
think he passes it out even yeah
you know if Abraham Lincoln
could practice the blab method
to learn which was not only
reading it by saying it out
loud why not take advantage of
exercise in a different part of
the brain for creativity while
you're putting these things in
right excellent all right talk
to us a little more about how
you're focusing with your
classroom on different things so
we also we have a Bible and
science curriculum that can
really be integrated I teach
Bible and science at our school
and the
Bible curriculum we changed in
the last couple of years and I
really am thankful for that
that there are a lot of good in
the old one but I always felt a
little bit silly about actually
reading a textbook with the
Bible stories in it
and that the Bible itself wasn't
our Bible text book yeah so I
don't know where along the
way we change that but recently
in the last few years the Bible
has officially become the
textbook for our Bible classes
again praise God and
a lot of really creative and
Interactive activities that go
along with the things that we
but then some really deep Bible
study integrated in all of it so
that's we're starting also
studying bacteria and viruses
right now and it might not
always seem like there's a
really really Clear Connection
there but yesterday for example
we went out and collected soil
samples from the garden and
looked at them under the
microscope to try to find
microscopic little
organisms in there but
apparently the there's
a really good by a pastor named
Scott Christiansen on this topic
even into the depths of the soil
there's just this great battle
going on even between the
bacteria in the soil and
everything that you see on earth
is this big battle field which
we know we're a part of this
spiritual battle but we were
looking at that and just really
thinking together about how this
is very different
from what God created and the
effects of sin and that great
controversy of
of extended even down into the
soil and the organisms that live
there but how wonderful it will
be that God's Not Just
recreating the heavens and the
Earth in a surface wave in the
soil and all the little
organisms in it will be
completely made new with
harmonious wow unselfish
interaction with each other and
so so we're exploring the depths
of God in our own person in the
word and we're exploring the
Unseen with good scientific
discovery right seen that
empirical method
method fantastic what else is
going on we've done a lot with
trying to help the kids be
really creative that's I've
gotten to teach some
technology classes ever since I
came here and that's always been
my mission with that and my
passion for teaching
with technology is kids can
really create instead of just
consumed and that's the mission
that I'm on to help them develop
the skills to
be creators but to do it with
excellence and to be able to be
proud of the work that
they they create but to do
it with a mission to and to be
able to try to share Jesus with
other people with the talents
that they develop we've
been learning photography in one
of my mini courses and
getting the kids outside a lot
doing pictures of Nature and
trying to just give them
a love for doing a hobby like
that that they can use in
practical ways but
that will get them Outdoors a
lot in their future and we've
also done done some coding
groans that's been another mini
course we've had fun with coding
a lot of things that we
appreciate like the
Sabbath School app for example
that I'll be looking from today
in our panel they have to be
coded by somebody and we all
like using
them but it's really important
for our students today to
be the ones who can be making
those kind of things as they're
growing up yeah not just and not
just content yeah and they'll
even be able to do
it even better than what we have
now because the technology will
evolve but all of those things
that help our spiritual growth
and help us to share Jesus with
other people they have to be
created by somebody and we want
our kids to have a passion for
being able to create things like
that spiritual minded gifted and
well trained but it's also fun
they're learning the coding
skills by making little drones
fly around and programming them
to do that and it's a blast so
fantastic so it sounds to me
like a tastic blend of
development of relationship
between you and them too guide
them to Christ but to prepare
to go out and whether it's
holding the keyboard under their
fingertips to program and code
or whether it's discovering out
of Doors whether it's with a
camera lens or a microscope
scopic View what there is and
making this
world a better place because
they are part of the battle
yeah very good now now anything
else you want to talk about for
I pivot to brother Mark
well one thing I have a passion
for that I was just going to
share with the
churches we if you can put the
first picture up there I think
we as adults have a appreciation
and an appreciation for the
the spirit of Prophecy the
prophecy has had on
us and I want that to be
something that my students share
as well well but
reality in almost every school
that I've taught and I've taught
in a few my bookshelves in my
classroom at
the Spirit of Prophecy books
have looked like this and
somewhere back in the 70s or
even earlier we bought a bunch
of spirit of Prophecy books and
they're still there and as the
students looking over the
shelves of books in the
classroom and they
go across that shelf is that
going to grab their attention
and make them think this is very
precious material no it doesn't
so it is it is something
that's my heart desire and I
feel that there's probably
people out there
who have the same passion that
you would like to help our
classrooms to
actually visually show how
important these pieces of work
are that God has inspired us
with so if you put the next two
pictures up
theirs definitely much nicer
updated versions of these that
if anyone has that passion to
could help out just chip
little bit we'd like to try and
update and give really
nice conflict of the ages sets
for each classroom to display
and to pull them off the shelf
and as we're reading them
doesn't look like an
old-fashioned book that's not
relevant for our students it
looks like something that's
really important to us yeah so
when I look at that first slide
you put up can we go back to
that first slide that is like
three or four generations back
because we went
from those books to kind of a
dark dark reddish black black
and then to our current set
which is blue bound and of
course we have the conflict
beautiful which is been given
some extra thought and Care
in regards to presentation we
look at all of these things and
we see that
indeed if we want this to be
really sent front and center we
ought to make it look like it's
front and center and our
financial priorities so yeah we
didn't plan
to do this this morning but I'm
going to say to
anybody here that that wants to
market envelope Spirit of
Prophecy sop we all know that's
for the church school and we'll
make sure every room in the
Upper Grade rooms especially has
a nice set not only
of the conflict series but why
not have the other books there
too so so we'll look too to help
create that reality thank
you thank you for bringing that
to our attention we're very
pleased all right thank you mr.
mr. bug be you and I had a
conversation we
we have plenty of those those
but we had one
then I was especially impressed
with about a unique program at
our school would you mind
talking to us about about that
yes believe it or not though
some people particularly
students might think that you
know as educators we don't have
ups and downs but we're human
and we have our ups and downs
and this week was definitely a
high week for me I was I was
kind of floating around and it's
directly result
resulted from what our students
are doing
so the you can make a
difference to your teachers and
principals so watching their day
they definitely made my week
about it so so part of our
responsibility with the partners
for eternity program that were
involved in which is a program
in which students receive
scholarships but it goes way
beyond that it pairs students
with mentors adult mentors you
usually older
ones but not necessarily but
usually and then these
students receive a scholarship
but they also receive receive
from these adults that they're
paired with so part of our
responsibility as a school is to
contact these mentors and just
base with them and see how the
program's go so kids go out into
homes often times
older members of our church or
community and what do they do
for these people what's that
like when they go well that was
the thing that just blew me away
all the
different things that our kids
are doing and kids some of them
in first grade
your kid the kind of small kids
and one of them
she was sweeping the floor she
was asked to sweep the floor
and the mentor told me she mop
the floor all on her own without
being asked so she swept and mop
the floor and the comments were
consistently with this student
and with the others outstanding
or excellent or
way above and beyond the Call of
Duty or just I'm so pleased with
with the relationship
some of the other things the
students are doing is
splitting wood cleaning a pellet
stove making healthy muffins
making rice krispie treats
playing a game one of the
mentors plays a game that is not
as appreciated by the other
members of her family but she
gets to play
it with her student or mentoring
so it's a special time they have
together to play this game
together so simple things like
that that you don't think are
big but to the
terrorists and to the students
say they're very important so
this you know partners For
eternity' what you said that
acronym stands for somebody has
set aside funding
where we can actually set up a
mentor-mentee relationship
between the youth and the more
senior Ellen White says the
agency lie with the youthful
Samuel this is as it should be
someone is actually
set up a scholarship that allows
our young people encourages this
to happen and then they get
money that
goes on their bill so they're
providing friendship bonds are
being formed and I like to think
about this partnership for
eternity as it someday the older
people are going to be young and
the younger people are going to
grow up into Christ in a
physical way as well and this
will be a friendship that began
right here sure there is a video
that I didn't think of it today
but I would like to show it at
some point it's short but it
shows how this program started
and it started with a girl who
was just reaching out to to an
who was a widow from from what I
understand from the video and
that's how the program certain
she developed a relationship and
it goes through their
relationship through the years
which lasts Way Beyond the
elementary years into one the
girl graduates high school
and and so it is developing a
relationship that may last for a
lifetime and and it goes as I
said beyond just the
scholarship at us aspect of it I
was just so pleased when
when the the mentors just Praise
these kids and you could tell it
was genuine because they were
specific examples of how this
these interactions were going
how positive they were for both
the children and for the adults
amen that's wonderful do you
have another video yeah so just
in closing we have
very very very much appreciated
our new school or Remodel
and the kids notice that to and
so I'd love to share
with you guys here hopefully it
can get shared with everyone
else who's helped to make that
happen we just have a
little thank-you video from the
students from my seventh-grade
class specifically but
I think
it represents the feelings of
all of us at the school all
right let's watch that oh just
said before you cue it up real
quick just real quick in terms
of the PFE one thing that we
could use is more mentors
because right now
we had one student that was
waiting for a
mentor but then someone else
told me today or not today this
week that they
were interested in getting
involved the program as well so
we need another Mentor so right
that's that's the way
someone who wants to help out
with the program helping young
person sure and the young person
could even help them a little
bit alright wonderful all right
let's go ahead and let's watch
this this video
hello church family and
volunteers volunteers thank you
so much for all you've done to
make our school such a cheerful
and uplifting place to spend our
hey guys my name is Monty and
I'm in the seventh grade thank
you guys so much for these new
shirts we love the design and
the color even in the logo the
logo spree nice thank you guys
for these well installed cabinet
I really like to thank you the
one name plates outside of our
doors whir laser engraved with
our logo and and grades
people took time to repaint our
classroom in the hallways a
cheerful bright white with a
blue wall to add some color to
our room and we have brand-new
carpet too the stage floor used
to be really beat up in the
curtain was torn now the floors
redone in those a new curtain
we love playing in the gym but
the walls used to be a blue
color that looks
looks so worn out the gym is
totally repainted now and
looks so much more up to date
there's a whole new concrete
in front that should last until
our grandkids are going to
school here can you believe how
generous people
have been with their time and
money to make something like
this happen don't worry we were
watching for cars no students
were harmed in the making of
this concrete
angel angel the classroom doors
all repainted and look really
good with our hallway colors
faucets in the bathroom and in
all of the classrooms were
replaced with automatic ones to
help keep us safe
and and healthy now whenever we
go into the hallway we see the
new floor that was installed it
looks so much different and
better than it used to
we have new bright blue lockers
to that aren't about to fall
apart out by the garden we have
a new shed that was custom built
with a really cool style now we
don't have to carry your tools
Halfway around the school to go
work in the garden
a water bottle was purchased for
every student in the school and
someone made a 3D printed name
tag for each one so we always
know which one was ours now
we can use our water bottles
with our new automatic water
bottle fillers drinking lots of
fresh filtered water is going to
really help us stay healthy we
like to do a lot of creative
things at school make sure we
are ready to use technology at
work and for sharing Jesus is
Love with other people now we
have a Chromebook for each
person in our class to use so we
can get even experienced people
came and cleaned our walls and
windows so we don't have a bunch
of dust and cobwebs in our
classroom the gym floor was
waxing looks really great all
shiny and clean clean some of
pastors and other volunteers
spent many days and hours of
Summer pudding better Plumbing
pipes and that will last for a
really long time without
blinking it's really crazy to
stop and think about how much
has changed at our school this
summer every part has made a big
difference for us students and
we know that all the changes
took a lot of energy and
sacrifices by so many people it
really shows us how much your
school and if students are loved
to big thumbs up for a great job
by everyone thank you so much
for investing in us
thank you for investing in
that was very very nice thank
you for doing that and they're
an outdoor Pavilion that's going
to go up over there which will
be used by the school and the
now I'm wondering my wife was in
some training come on up here
Colleen real quick I want to
make one brief little
announcement she came home and
she shared
something with me probably some
of our village teachers were in
the very same training
but she came and shared
something that I want to pass on
to to all of the in conference
so you were in this training
they were teaching you how
to Proctor these new tests which
are called map and something was
said by the person that was
proctoring them give us a
summary it's really nice we came
to the end and I was in the same
training with some of our
village teachers I teach it Ruth
Murdoch and the lady got to the
end and she said she
teaches an Indianapolis not an
Adventist teacher but a very
nice lady who was helping us
understand how to
look at the results and figure
out different parts of it she
got to the end and she said I
hate to say it then she said no
she said across the country
since covid was the meaning
behind it the
test scores have gone down but
she said Michigan is an oddity
so praise the Lord when we
looked at our test scores they
weren't down like Nationwide the
scores have been so praise God
for the good education can you
say Amen now
listen have a theory and here's
my theory but a home
that's focused on Christ brings
a completely different level of
self discipline and motivation
a different complete level of
discipleship of young I don't
mind being an oddity may God
bless this Michigan
conference educationally all the
parents all the teachers all the
Pathfinder adventures
and Sabbath School leaders and
the rest of the church as well
all right let's pray and we'll
bring this segment of mission
and education to an end mr. bug
be would you have closing prayer
father God you you shared
a new word how Jesus grew in
wisdom and stature and favor
God and and men and we can see
our young people doing that
whether it's PFE Bible classes
the studying of nature studying
of Technology whatever it is
that you are calling them an
area you're calling them to grow
and become more
like you we are so thankful to
be part of of it
and we know Lord that it's only
by the power of your spirit that
this growth
really takes place so we give
thanks to you and we're so
that you've given us a place
these young people can grow into
the likeness of Christ we pray
that will be faithful stewards
in working with you to help them
on their journey in Jesus name
amen amen
alright we'll transition down to
our lesson if you're going to
another class this would be the
right time go there we're going
to have a general lesson
here done by a panel and we will
begin studying education with
the rest of the
world church so if the panelists
could come up and join us that
would be good and we will go to
the Sabbath school lesson now if
your remaining in the sanctuary
here we hope that you'll
participate we don't want you to
be slow to participate we have
microphones that will be
available for you you and we are
trusting that
when you have a thought in your
observation you'll just get the
attention of someone holding a
and we will we will participate
in this journey together all our
lesson this week
focusing on the
the Family
my son here the instruction of
your father and do not forsake
the law of your mother all right
let me introduce
the panelists this morning we
have Pastor Marvin over here on
far left a teacher in a
significant segment of his
younger life and now working
through finishing up his m.div
degree we have
Aaron student here at Andrews
University and your membership
in battle creek but I feel like
you belong to us Aaron and we're
thankful for your sharing your
gifts and talents here Pastor
Esther with the North American
Division whose member here as
well brother Jim who is a
contractor and missionary minded
minister of Christ with hammer
and nail and
the word of God glad to have you
Jim and this morning brother man
so our
panel has a nice representation
of age ethnicity gender
gender and life perience so this
morning we're going to study the
family all right
Erin would you have an opening
prayer for for us
in Heaven thank you for this
opportunity we have to learn
about you and study together you
said that iron sharpens iron
and we look forward to the
opportunity of being drawn
closer to You by our fellowship
with each other
please send your spirit help us
are discussion to reflect your
thoughts and your values and we
love you in Jesus name amen amen
thank you very much all right so
listening to the instruction of
your father and not forsaking
the law of your mother what are
your brief
brief very brief if but what are
your initial thoughts about this
lesson what stands out to you as
we as we jump jump in
don't be bashful Jim will go to
you first then then a map um
is the Cornerstone of our life
and in our
homes what our children see see
through as parents administer to
their children
kids see this and as
they continue to grow they start
school school our school here is
arm of the education but it
doesn't take the place of what's
learned at home
so what our children see at home
is the way they're going to live
it's the basis for what our life
will be so this is the
Cornerstone okay great word
right Matt what do you want to
add to that or
taking some of them as a teacher
teacher at school but also a
parent at home and just
in my heart how important my
focus is at home making sure
that I'm teaching my own
children and the cliche we have
of you know things that we learn
our caught not taught that
really struck me
as I was looking through things
that kept coming back to my mind
that you know we need to really
be who we want to be teaching
our kids to be at home not just
say what I do what I say
but not what I do but really be
what we're trying to teach them
them to be so they're learned at
all the time even when you're
not trying to teach him up yeah
yeah that's right little sponges
all right Marvin Aaron you want
to say anything about family and
what this lesson is
meant to you as we prepare but
amazing thing about it is
talking about ver
responsibilities of a father and
was white saying he ever
instruction of your father and
did not forsake the law of your
mother so both mother and father
have a responsibility
in this Okay so responsibility
big word not so much a word talk
about today
it's more about fulfillment all
right Aaron
one thing that stood out to me
this week especially was how
Ellen White puts so much
emphasis on the
education that happens at home
and that the you know the focus
the education is is channeled
not just for success in the
world but for success for
eternity amen you're going to
get them both there aren't you
or you going to take dysfunction
out of there alright pastor
I wondered how a parent would
feel who's reading this lesson
whose kids are not walking with
Jesus okay so I think these are
the principles that we want I
think we want to be able to look
back and say we did the best
that we need to do and the
lesson we'll talk about free
choice free will and
so I just want to put that in
there so that people won't be
discouraged they'll be
encouraged that God is still at
work all right so James Dobson
used to be kind of the
quintessential voice of family
said don't take all the credit
they turn to don't take all the
blame if it doesn't turn out
like you want and people do have
choices so they get to go out
and make their own families and
sometimes there's a
lot of thoughts bouncing around
in their heads that are moving
with their
parents even though their
actions aren't and we don't know
when the holy spirit's going to
catch him it could be just
watering in a moment of
self-reflection it could be in a
pigpen moment like The Prodigal
but God's at work parenting them
when they've left what would
appear to look like our
parenting hind maybe a long lace
in the dust alright the first
family what lessons do we take
away from the First Family on
Sundays lesson says what do the
following text each and why
would those surely have been
part of the education in Adam
and Eve imparted to their
children what are we talking
about here the system of
Education what's the big deal
there on Sunday commitment and
the paragraph find underneath
there says the system of
Education instituted at the
beginning of the world
to be a model for man throughout
all time as an illustration of
its principles a model school
was established in Eden the home
of our first parents
Christian education is a
commitment to educating families
and members in
Doctrine worship instruction
Fellowship evangelism and
service how important all those
things Esther or take us
wherever you want to go yeah
I think because the home and the
parents are children's first
view of what God is like
like that that's I mean
sometimes in some homes it's
very destructive but in the
ideal home which we're talking
about here in the Garden of Eden
it was to show people the
parents were through their
kindness and love show what God
is like just a quick story
I was having a week of prayer
out west and was talking about
how I learned more about my
parents love for me when I saw
how they related to my daughter
she was little just my dad would
put a heater in the bathroom so
that when
when Olivia had her bath
come out feeling nice and warm
and teacher said to me you know
I'm the kind of dad that would
turn off the
the heater because you know
wasting electricity or all those
kinds of things
and he was crying when he told
me this because he realized that
the view of God that he had
given his daughter was not the
loving wonderful warm caressing
view of God that
I had had but I said to him you
can go and talk to your daughter
and tell her how you feel about
what you used to do but anyway
parents we
are our children's view of God
through how we treat them and
we're growing the parent
relationship is long as we're
malleable it may be deeply
wounded by something that was
done in the past but it's
amazing how God put inside our
hearts a sympathetic response to
acts of humility confession Jim
it's interesting we're talking
about the very beginning after
creation and the fall of Man man
God programmed Adam and Eve they
didn't have an example so so at
creation at their creation
he implanted them the maternal
instincts for
parenting and we see in the very
beginning a failure in the
family sin and how it affects
so I think that they were very
good example because Christ
himself program them for
parenting and they were outside
the garden they could see see
and yet made choices to not
follow and it's sad
and we know as we started here
with the sense that what's
happening at this Centre of
society and
center of the church it's
happening in the home is
impacting everything
else so we've had a real attempt
to destroy the
home in this country we've
decided that judeo Christian
values are restrictive and
repressive repressive is a
modern psychological word to
describe when someone is denied
the ability to live
live out their feelings and the
result has been an amazing and
painful dysfunction Aaron along
those same lines I think it's
interesting the text that they
included as
what would have Adam and Eve
included in their education a
lot of it you know the creation
account who
is God the fall of humanity why
is there pain how can I apply
what I know from creation to my
own life Revelation you know now
is not the end of the
story and I think that something
that's crucial that Adam me
probably you know included
in their was not only what do we
do but why do we do it and I
think that has a lot to do with
what you were saying you know
are these just arbitrary values
that were putting forth because
we need to do them or are we
educating our children this is
the principle behind what we're
doing and
then when they have that
principle ingrained in their
Spirits from when they're little
then when they're older they're
able to make a conscious
decision based on that that
value that they've come to hold
and not just what they've had to
go through the motions of yeah
so there's an intelligent
decision making process is that
aligns with divine inspiration
so it's very important that we
understand the graduation of a
person's life
and maturity for a measure of
understanding of course when
they're very little there's not
a lot of reasoning that goes
along you know Mommy and Daddy
are to be in charge and that is
a safety net to them the whole
rest of their life but this
communion this explanation it's
a reasonable government isn't it
man you're going to add
something to that well yeah I
just was thinking about you know
we commented Adam and even how
they would have probably
parented or some things they
would teach their children but
it's always easy as us parents
look around to look at what
other people are doing or even
the Bible characters I think
looking at God and how he was
parenting them through the
Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve
it's the children is also really
really valuable just knowing he
them working so that was
something he was very
intentional about giving them
good work to do he put them out
in nature where they could see
his creation all around them and
everything that he put around
them was very very carefully
thought out
so so also for us as parents to
be very careful and thoughtful
about what we do have in our
environment for our kids because
learning from their environment
whichever one it is and so we
want to be really careful
about what's in that environment
in our home yeah I love the idea
of God making a beautiful
environment environment man
don't you like to go into a home
where there's order and
happiness and peace when I was a
young man coming into the faith
I can remember being in the
pastor's home for lunch
and it was just so sweet and so
happy and it's like this was a
little piece of heaven on Earth
now I know real homes have
moments of stress tension
sometimes Mom and Dad don't see
it the same way and sometimes
kids chose to go a rebellious
way and it requires intervention
from Dad and Mom but boy that
beauty I think we should look to
do do that luckily I mean the
difference between worshipping
in this church now and seven or
eight years ago is distinct and
man when I'm looking at that
video you made with your
students it's like man the
hallway is bright and inviting
us like you'd love to walk down
that hallway so and then there's
the emotional environment and of
course God came and commune with
him so there's the center of God
in this education his very
presence and you know if God
rejoices over us was singing I
suspect that they rejoiced with
singing does it record it in the
scriptures there in the first
few after you'd only get so much
in a world history but that
is there now we do have at the
bottom of that lesson the fact
that Cain went one way with the
to your point Esther answer is
no you can
can be certain that Adam and Eve
had been guiding and many
worship Services worship
Services before Cain and Abel
went out on their own their own
offerings Cain went one way
went one way able one another
it's a sad unfortunately change
life had been trending that been
trending that way in the best
parenting in the world is no one
more thing I'd add to this is
that God is that God didn't put
them out of the garden and that
every bit as much as as warning
to stay away from dream and in
when we read the book of
Proverbs from which our
scripture reading reading comes
it says rebuke way of life and
there's something about the
heart about the heart of a child
that's being trained it has that
goes way for Wayward anybody
Wayward anybody that's parented
a two year old knows this and
slowly with kindness and
sometimes kindness and sometimes
firmness that shaped but he out
of the garden there are
consequences those consequences
consequences which involved in
many things
and work dear rest in child
rearing in child rearing fear of
the creation in this was once
the most beautiful creature now
the most loathsome now the most
loathsome of the snake and there
was danger in the environment
now to that wasn't there before
wasn't there before all of these
things are a part of learned
coming out of this let's
transition to transition to
Jesus and his childhood the
childhood Monday if you have a
comment or a question or a
question folks let's raise it
and we'll it we don't have a lot
of details says about Jesus
says about Jesus childhood
childhood some much of it
remains a mystery but we have
been given some insight into the
character of his Earthly parents
what do we know what do we know
what do we know about Joseph and
Mary what stands out as we think
about them as Leaders of leaders
of the family in which Jesus was
being raised raised okay we'll
go okay we'll go Esther and then
men from the scriptures we
learned that
that they really submitted to
God's will you know Mary I just
love I just love that passage
but she said as a handmade of
the Lord whatever he he wants
that's what she would do and I
think it was not just in the
birth of Jesus but she Jesus but
she had like you said in your
sermon this morning it was a
practice of her whole life not
just that not just that moment
she had submitted two got along
the then Joseph
also had respond in very unusual
circumstances to do what God
wanted him to do okay lot of
pain and of pain and risk and
all of this meant we often talk
to our children about we
children about we didn't get a
manual with them they came into
the world and into the world and
it's kind of difficult sometimes
as you are learning on the job
how to be a parent
to be a parent and I know that
was true Joseph and Mary as well
Mary as well but they kind of
remind me of at the start of
their journey where God said
you're not really going to know
exactly where you're going but
I'm going to be with
I'm going to be with you and I
just want you to follow me and I
think that they did that they
they did that they went through
some really
really difficult experiences
together you know all of the
know all of the gossip and the
things were thinking about Mary
and Joseph having to really to
really submit and humble himself
to go ahead with the marriage
and the marriage and but in each
step that they were taking
themselves to to God they had
chance to you know walk with him
like Abraham even though they
didn't know where they're going
they knew if they knew if we're
walking with God then he'll take
care of us all right
so let's talk about talk about
something I've never heard
anybody talk talk about Jesus
Jesus grandparents
I want you
there are definitely components
of Journey that are just the
book is never book is never been
written because your child is
different but then there's
chapters that have been written
by the been written by the
people who came before you that
are not to be just aside and
Rewritten now now now Mary may
have been without active
parental oversight she may have
been in one of the most
been in one of the most
vulnerable positions but
probably probably marry isn't
Mario an accident
any more or less many others
that have turned out to be
righteous influences in our age
so so
so when it comes to modern
society we has to be discovered
in the now in the now but there
is six millennia of parenting
ups and downs some and downs
some recorded in this book some
recorded own heart from your own
parents I'm at the age that I
at the age that I consider to be
kind of dangerous I'm age where
I'm looking back and looking at
what I've done what I've done
and it's the age of of regrets
I look and I said which would in
turn are different I wish I
would have known I told my wife
a story the other day story the
other day and she said you know
good dad and it was nice that
she could like she could like
buffer me from all of my self
incriminating about all of this
but a lot of my
a lot of my parenting is brought
out of my parenting spread out
of her home our kids are
different kids are different the
match of my I are different but
I want us to think for a moment
think for a moment I don't think
we need to say much kind of
rhetoric leap emptying the
thoughts there are previous
generations for these people now
there is something I do want to
talk about I do want to talk
about Joseph decides in this
that he's not going to marry him
let's talk talk about it what's
it tell us
what's it tell us us decides I'm
not going to marry her
is he a Jewish is he a
he a unrighteous Fair say
Pharisee or is he a righteous
man he a righteous man trying to
do a delicate thing in the least
embarrassing way possible I'm
I'm bringing it up because
it's almost impossible to avoid
a measure of Shame shame and the
the casting of guilt on Mary
Mary we from the Narrative is
not guilty is not guilty but we
have kind of the picture and its
history he's he's living in the
now she's gone months she comes
back she comes back pregnant and
he's thinking to himself okay I
thought you were an honest I
thought you were an honest woman
can't do this
Jim I'm sure both of them had a
conversation about it and
it and I'm sure she shared with
Joseph what had taken place
had taken place but there was
doubt and a lot of doubt and
what does a man do does a man do
he's going to marry this woman
that's seems to have been
unfaithful and
been unfaithful and it was only
through God's intervention that
he changed his mind on that his
mind on that okay so God does
intervene he says it's not a
crisis of confidence like you
like you thought it was but
before it was that that
he only understood one way this
could happen and that and so
he's actually so he's actually
backing away saying I thought
this would work but it's not
going to work it's not going to
work I have to be able to trust
and I don't want to spend
don't want to spend a lot of
time here because our Time Slips
by quickly to give anybody else
chance to comment but I do want
us to recognize do want us to
recognize that just like the
bones a human body body wouldn't
be very be very attractive
without a heart flesh heart and
flesh without and flesh without
bones would be less attractive
and so there is a dynamic is a
dynamic of righteousness and
graciousness that he tries to
combine God steps in steps in
and says listen I'm going to
broaden your horizons here this
is she is
is who you thought she was she
is what she says she is and you
are to carry you are to carry
forward with this case he meant
inant go back think there's a
lesson in it for us as father's
for us as father's just just
least four
our family situation I know my
dad and my wife's parents as
well we're the only Adventist
and their family and their
family and sometimes choosing
follow God puts you at odds with
other odds with other people who
don't understand you and they
don't you're doing the right
thing with your children they
think that they think that
you're making mistakes when you
told me to do this and I'm just
trying to be faithful to him
faithful to him so to follow
Joseph's example to still move
forward move forward with with
what he knew would be odd by
people even you know his know
his own family but he knew God
was telling him to do it so you
see the same you see the same
strength and joke this on both
sides of the coin it looks like
it's it looks like it's immoral
and untrustworthy he says
alright is embarrassing as
awkward as this is going to be
as many is going to be as many
questions as I won't be able to
answer but minds I'm not going
to do it now when he when he
finds out she's pregnant he
takes the same of purpose and
says okay this is of God this is
of God
I'm going to do it even though
there's of things now that make
me look like I thought she she
was and I want can we be our own
person we be our own person can
we be our own families can we do
to do based on the word of God
and this time it was this time
it was a revealed communication
No More Than This is revealed
communication all right all
right of course it's application
was and sometimes we're trying
to figure out how to
how to apply the work Jim I see
you have a thought it's not from
what not from what Mary may have
been thinking when all this was
transpiring because transpiring
because the conversation they
probably had before saying can't
trust you
trust you enough to put you away
the thoughts that she was going
to be a single mother a single
mother with a child living in a
community that frowns on that
on that and she's been told the
son of God what is going to
happen to me happen to me yeah
what is going to happen and so
there was a
CERN on her part with what was
happening in taking place and
proper accepting we think that
she's not an intelligent she's
not an intelligent woman who's
away with wondering now how is
this going to work and work and
her worst dreams are coming true
when back and tells her best
friend who says friend who says
huh is doubted at the most
Elemental level by level by her
best friend
friend yeah Mervyn so here here
we can see vote tension but
people in general between fides
mm Faithfully all reason only
right and we see the elements of
faith elements of faith is
difficult to reason about it
because there are things that
are beyond our understanding our
understanding and I think that's
an important part also because
before that God is that God is
doing we might not understand
maybe we have time maybe
we have time maybe we never
right but we need to make
comfortable but he's leading to
something over is difficult to
understand this you get for
Faith only but can help you
can help you to understand but
it's attention that most stages
of our life and our life and we
need to learn and grow with it
being in her shoes were she's in
in a real position of insecurity
but God's going to give her more
Security in the other side
because he's gonna side because
he's gonna send a message
directly to and she's going to
see God's being faithful being
faithful God's being faithful
but the idea that she's not on
in to the potential trap of trap
of feeling alone like nobody's
alone before despairing all
right all right Esther did you
want to add something for we
move on kind of take us in a
different direction of in a
different direction of down a
little bit from what let's go
jump in I think you know we talk
about peer pressure about peer
pressure that our kids face it
never ends it never ends as a
parent as a parent we are
subjected to the peer pressure
our kids want of what other what
other parents are letting their
kids do
do and
I remember once in difficult
situation because my daughter
was at house and she called me
and said called me and said that
they were going to watch a movie
and she rule was if you're
somebody's house and they're
going to watch a movie going to
watch a movie you call us first
so I asked my daughter will tell
me what's on the back of the the
back of the jacket the
description of as she read it to
me it's like my heart sank like
my heart sank because the values
that it was not what we wanted
her to have her to have but how
do I as a parent communicate to
the other parent to the other
parent that you know the parents
making that the other parents
making the decision now the
decision now I'm going to show
this to the kids and I'm I don't
want I don't think that's a wise
decision don't think that's a
wise decision so it's the peer
pressure that I felt doesn't
ever go away your kids can be
gone kids can be gone you're
still in little social groups
it's to be your own person and I
will I will will I will contend
that the more you have around or
the more Adventist the harder it
gets the harder it gets yes
because because this was
family so it was hard if it'd
been a public school family of
people who weren't Christians it
anyway I told my daughter and go
pick I'd come pick her up come
pick her up but by the time I
got to the house kids had all
decided we'll have livie can't
see the can't see the movie then
we're not going to watch it was
she she was she was fine the
thing was the thing was I moved
to come talk about the pressure
I cried on my way to the house
because I I did not know how I
was about how would the would
the parent feel like I was
judging them
them but I realized I'm
responsible responsible for what
my child is exposed to was I
going to say to God
I going to say to God well you
know I was feeling really bad
for the mom was going to think
about me that's that's you know
I had to get over it thank you
for being so because I'm afraid
so much of our decision-making
is decision-making is directly
related to how it affects us God
not the child and being able to
being able to be your own person
is absolutely imperative right
let's move on to move on to
communication all right I had
a worker
said Communications saves
frustration I don't know if he's
watching today or if he'll ever
hear me say that again but I've
taken it away with me now away
with me now communication can be
very complicated and we got to
work at creating good
communication because because
what I say to you may not mean
the same thing you heard all
right all right it may mean
something completely different
to you there's the there's the
second paragraph in that lesson
it at another level good
teaching good teaching skills
are not just the ability to
communicate also crucial to the
whole process is the building of
the building of relationships
and now quote from the true
teacher can impart to his impart
to his pupil few gifts so
valuable as the gift it is the
trust of men and of men and
women and how much more of Youth
that only as we come in touch
through come in touch through
can we understand them need to
understand in order to most
order to most affect most
effectively to benefit so if I
don't like somebody where I was
trained in a I was trained in a
relationship can be in the home
can be
I interpret what they say
totally different than if I love
and care for that person all
thoughts and communication we
have some have some text down
there learning about how family
relationships how have you found
in your found in your homes the
communication Dynamic to be
impacted by impacted by
scripture principle or healthy
habits or another thought I'd
want to Overlay directly I'd
want to Overlay directly the
lesson on communication here all
right my wife had a saying she
brought she brought from her
family and the I don't have a
burden I don't have a burden to
this I don't do that why didn't
know what that meant what does
that mean I don't have a mean I
don't have a burden it was a
nice way of saying I don't
really want to do that it took
me a little while
took me a little while learn
what I don't have a burden means
probably use the phrase now not
a bad phrase a bad phrase but it
had to be understood inside of
my family with my my kids
communication evolved over the
years and there were different
there were different kinds of
communication there was
communication for there was a
communication for nurturing
nurturing there also
communication for discipline and
there were moments of
frustration were moments of
frustration and the idea that
we're without those frustrations
is is completely unacceptable so
let's look at some of these
texts here let's go to Psalm
here let's go to Psalm 37 7 to 9
what these
teaching us about how to build
to build strong family
relationships psalm and we're
looking at we're looking at
verses 7 to I have the new
American American Standard Bible
does somebody have a different
version up here 7 to 9 all right
all right Jim you've got your
Bible open why for some 37 verse
7 and 9 what and 9 what is this
telling us about family
relationships rest in the Lord
and wait patiently for
wait patiently for him do not
fret because him who prospers in
his way in his way because of
the man who brings wicked
schemes to pass cease from anger
from anger and forsake Wrath do
not fret it only causes causes
harm for evildoers shall be
those who wait on the Lord they
shall they shall inherit the
Earth all right how does this
home what's important about this
verse what's verse what's it say
about relationships I'm to start
this conversation going have you
ever met somebody have you ever
met somebody who's healing from
inappropriate wounds in Anger is
is tempting
is tempting everything they be
patient they don't see through
see through see things through
the lens of giving somebody the
benefit of the doubt benefit of
the doubt when it's talking here
about see seen from anger this
is one of our head Elders
favorite head Elders favorite
texts don't fret and only leads
to evil stress in negatively
impacts negatively impacts
communication worry and looking
at people through
at people through the Eyes of
frustration and anger all right
anybody else have anything else
have anything you wanna share
Esther you rise in all of those
texts that talks about not being
angry watching our tongue what
we say speaking the truth in
love so we have to do that we
have to do that and it's more
than just what we think it's in
deed and Truth in deed and truth
and the thing about anger I
think is really important
because I because I grew up in a
home where we were spanked if we
misbehaved it it wasn't abuse
most people in this grew up in
the same kind of home yes of
home yes the Bible if look at
our responsive reading for the
services this morning I just
morning I just went through the
Book of Proverbs and it's
reference to regularly see see
but my parents I know never
spanked when they were angry and
I don't even I don't even really
remember don't even really
remember my parents being angry
but you know parents I know
spank their children and they're
yelling at they're yelling at
them on their spanking them I've
seen this but parents it was we
sat down we had a conversation
down we had a conversation and
would start crying and it's like
me would you it just broke our
just broke our hearts that we
had kind of broken his
relationship with
disappointed our parents and
that was harder than the
spanking but important you're
not getting taking out your
anger on very well said very
very well said all right said
all right Marvin so it's a bit
awkward to be sitting here and
talking about here and talking
about the ideal family because I
don't an ideal family I come
from a broken family
a broken family where my father
was alcoholic abusive on my
mother abusive on me on me so I
want to touch base on what we
are talking about education we
are talking about education we
need to remind ourselves God is
the main teacher and using
parents as parents as
instruments to impart knowledge
of his character which has been
has been distorted because of
scene right so how can somebody
living in a broken family still
follow God see these are complex
things what I can say
I can say is God was the one who
me when I was a child and you
have a you have a word of God I
come from a Hindu background and
have a word of God and you have
anything of God and you have
anything my father will never
communicate and give a reasons
of why he was spanking in fact
in fact in my case it was not
spanking it was that and and
when I will always
when I will always questioned
want me why did I do wrong why I
get this so I will use to us a
lot of questions to us a lot of
questions question of
questioning is
very for
children we need to question
things this is how we develop
the character also I used to ask
question and you have any
answers for my answers for my
questions no way it's only later
on I around the age of 22 the
age of 22 I was asking the
purpose of life why should we go
should we go through all this
suffering keep your principal
vent die live didn't make any
sense to me any sense to me this
is when I asked your friend hey
tomorrow going to church well
Seventh-day well Seventh-day
Adventist okay can I come yes
so our I there in the first
message was a prodigal was a
prodigal son I was not the
Prodigal Son I was amazed by the
amazed by the fall over because
I think have a good father image
in my house so when I read about
is it about is it never heard
about a girl like this and when
I started reading the Bible
guess what guess what there was
connection I could recognize the
words I could understand why
because why because God was
working in me and I didn't know
today I could be easily
available today available today
easily we good solid reasons to
justify my actions
my parents were like that's why
I'm like that but I've learned
with God because he was speaking
to me I said me I said Mervyn
well he did say Mervin it was so
abstract because and you have a
word to give a name a name to
the god I was following but was
being whispered in my in my ears
was you still have a choice if
your situation is difficult
situation is difficult to stay
can choose to do the right so I
grew up with these principles
with these principles but later
on not enough I needed something
solid and this is where I got
word of God what I'm trying to
say is God is busy and active in
educating in educating your
children and children's also
freedom to choose to listen to
God or not God or not listen to
God so as parents be doing your
best but your child also will
child also will need to decide
who to follow it's a personal
choice right and
and sadly maybe we will learn
with but a good thing is God is
God is always taking care of are
of us and for me that's amazing
thing about about Christian
education your privilege to
Christian education your
privilege your privilege because
there are people outside who are
going through difficult
situation and we don't have a
word of don't have a word of God
you don't have anything
Christian education will also
craft your craft your world view
we have different worldviews
going on around and building a
Christian worldview will help us
to help us to know how to deal
with challenges of his life
serious challenges
challenges and the faith is
being developed through
Christian education will help
to shape and move a character of
your children to effective
adults but will be but will be
effective in their society not a
burden for people while talking
talking about God to understand
what I mean is it's thing that
we need to have so for me I'm so
for me I'm always amazed when
I'm listening listening to a big
smile talking about your project
at school as a at school as a
hey I didn't get this when I was
young did most of my schooling
Public Schools
public schools I was a teacher
ER in a private but I was
sharing values coming from
coming from the Bible because
God was the one instructing so I
taught my students who are from
who are from secular context
about of God I did talk about
the Bible talk about the Bible
indirectly but it was
shaping molding you just don't
talk just don't talk about the
Bible you need to leave it so
it's just a message for
just a message for people coming
from a broken family the still
hope because father God will
remain God will remain your
father and he's a responsible
parent he is a responsible
parent and I can't and I can't
help but think of that in a
similar way the dysfunction of a
of a Godless life was in your
home before you God
knew God God intersected you
before you were fully matured
and anchoring your own family
down to show you show you that
he loves you and he has a
completely better occasionally
there will be there will be
dysfunction inside a home that
professes God gets a lot more
complicated and messy and of
course parents are learning as
they go to so they do there is a
distinct difference between
making difference between making
and practicing abuse systemic
dysfunction of dysfunction of
unacceptable nature but I think
about in the pigpen he tried to
leave his dad behind to leave
his dad behind but the ultimate
parent the first parent is God
and God followed him and him and
shaped his circumstances to win
and if be one in the end choice
is a huge is a huge thing all
right we don't have much time
I'm going to make a couple
observations here at the end
of this you know hard to have a
the home with insecurity and
that's why that's why the verses
we just read talk about trusting
Lord are you okay with yourself
do you feel you feel inferior to
your spouse to another family
all of these things
of these things will ruin and
undermined true security in the
home we have home we have a
lesson on the role of parents
come down to Thursday Thursday
and we're reading about the of
Christian education I wish we we
had more time I'm let's take a
few closing and then I want to
get close so we only have
so we only have about a minute
or two anybody have a closing
her lesson Aaron it looks like
you prepared thoroughly you
prepared thoroughly and he
thoughts here on can be anywhere
anywhere well she's
well she's looking anybody else
I'm glad
I'm glad David is included in
because we see a
we see a failed family and and
we can all learn from
can all learn from his
experience I wouldn't written no
I wouldn't like all the like all
the chapters of my life written
and sacred but he from the
verses that we
the verses that we read just a
few minutes ago he's got four
points that we can learn from
we can learn from verse 3 trust
in the Lord verse 4 delight
yourself also in the Lord verse
verse 5 commit your ways to and
then verse 7 which is
what which is what was part of
we were reading rest the Lord so
the last parents
the last parents if we can teach
that to our children we're back
to the Cornerstone we
Cornerstone we started with I
think so all right man well I'm
the name of Psalm the name of
Psalm 37 and parenting I always
23 and 24 where it says the
it says the steps of a good man
are ordered by the Lord in his
way and and when my son when my
son started to walk and I read
it really struck me that my son
fell down son fell down a lot
while he was starting to learn
and as a parent I still
I still delighted in his growth
in his even though as he was
he was falling you know it could
have shown
maybe he had learn to walk fully
it didn't mean that I was
disappointed and I was and
excited that he was learning to
walk and that's the kind of
that's the kind of father in
parent goddess to we are growing
we will fall
will fall to but he's delighted
that were walking and just you
know pours his love out his love
out on us through that
experience amen so they fall
they shall not be utterly cast
shall not be utterly cast down
for the Lord upholds him with
his hand you get the last
thought I I think that
Deuteronomy 6 neat passage to
read through in the context of
the context of what is the
education in the home what is
the and what I was brought back
to is brought back to is the
love of God he wants to be in
our hearts that's behind the
message of the of the law and
you know in the education of
children of children how that so
crucial and that verse 6 you
sorry first five you shall love
the you shall love the Lord your
God with all your heart with all
your soul your strength and
Jesus Jesus references that the
New Testament when he's asking
you know what the what's the
greatest commandment and the
greatest commandment and this
concept of Love is the
everything that we're doing and
I think that that's just a think
that that's just a very
beautiful thing to keep in mind
that there's to be hard days
there's going to be times where
we don't where we don't have the
answers but ultimately we are
approaching it from that
perspective of love of love God
is going to fill in the details
and he's going to have
everything under control have
everything under control yeah so
you're making me think of what
is written in of Solomon if one
were to give money money for
love it would be utterly scorned
what would a home be without
love so we so we need to know
where love so the love can flow
through us and transform us and
grow as well
grow as well we're growing these
families are growing these
without love it be a it be a
very very Barren place so today
you're very loved by Jesus that
loved by Jesus that love exceed
your ability dozens and dozens
and hundreds of times hundreds
of times David was not acting as
a man after God's Own Heart
heart when he sold himself to
and and murder but he came back
he came back to God and these
this still a promise of David's
Throne that Jesus will
Jesus will sit on God's grace
and mercy are and full and if we
don't understand that love home
just love home just can't be the
kind of home God wants it to
right very good well sister
well sister Esther would you
have prayer forced to close out
our dear God thank you that you
did not that you did not leave
us just to flounder
but in your word and in your
word find successes and things
that were not as successful that
were not as successful but we've
learned from them and for the
families in our church and we're
all and we're all part of a
family whether we are young or
we seek to take Where We Are
where we are and through the
power of the Holy we will do
better and that we will be
that we will be forgiving of
ourselves and others we will
behold Jesus because by
beholding by beholding you we
are changed and that have been
struggles for us will come
more naturally Ali Ali so thank
you for what do because we have
spent time in your word and with
each and with each other today
amen amen all right thank you
for joining us for Sabbath
joining us for Sabbath School
we're going to transition now in
a couple of morning our windows
are open our windows are open
are deaconesses will be cleaning
the pews we're sit in pews for
the second church service that
do not that do not have blue
tape on them so if Sabbath
school and you're staying please
move into a move into a Pew
without blue tape and we ask
those that aren't staying to
please exit to the thanks to the
parking lot please don't Gather
in the building and
the building and let's let's do
our visiting outside
in the fresh air God be God be
with you thank you for joining
us for
for Sabbath
good morning church
morning church family and
welcome I'm glad we everybody
here today thank you for you for
all the visitors that are with
us I all those watching on live
live online live stream as well
it is a blessing everyone here
beautiful Sabbath Day
Sabbath Day Men I'm glad to have
the the cooler weather I want
want to invite everybody to
please come out meeting 6
on Wednesdays and enjoy the of
intercessory prayer behalf of
behalf of loved ones and behalf
community our country and the
the world as well as an
opportunity to reflect on the
word of God and the word of God
and have the spirit move us as a
congregation a congregation to
be drawing ever closer 6:20 p.m.
p.m. Wednesday nights you can
join us online as I want to
encourage courage you because
we're living in we're living in
trouble this times and if there
was ever a time we needed to
press together and pray together
pray together it is now so I
want to encourage you to please
come out and be a part of that
be a part of that or join us
online we do distancing during
that time that time there is a
volunteer opportunity prepare
and serve school lunches on
lunches on Fridays at the so on
Fridays we need some volunteers
some volunteers if you are
looking for a personal personal
and he liked
help out on Fridays or at the
school preparing meals see or
contact Stacy Gus key Gus key
you'll find her contact
information the the
online church directory thank
thank you
it happens happens
I'm not even that old yet yet
Pathfinder's invites you to join
them you to join them for
vespers as they are camped down
near Niles this weekend this
weekend bring your lawn chairs
and a because you'll need a
light to
light to find your way back to
your vehicle after vespers the
Vespers the place they're doing
this at is he re Rogers has some
property has some property in
Niles this is really easy to
remember hundred
one 4444 that reminds you of a
hundred forty
4,000 right hundred forty-four
thousand Hatfield all right
sometimes I need a hat when I'm
when I'm out in the field
because of the Sun remember
hundred and forty-four Hatfield
and forty-four Hatfield Road so
over in aisle p.m. so you may
join them for a them for a
Pathfinders vespers if like more
information you can contact can
contact Roberto and tensio in
online directory directory you
you may find his number all
right coming up you don't want
to miss this is going to be
really is going to be really
interesting Daniel 11 suppose
iam October 22nd through the
through the 24th now on the 22nd
and 23rd we're going to have
many scholars here here talking
about Daniel 11 through that
chapter on those two days those
two days Thursday and Friday if
you come invite you to be here
please wear a mask
please wear a mask now that's
not our typical for
for Sabbath we give
buddy the option but on those
two days we are asking people to
wear a mask in this this
particular venue then on Sabbath
we will go back to our will go
back to our regular worship
protocol as your choice is you
desire to
desire to wear or not wear a
mask and will continue to
practice our social distancing
social distancing we will have
John Elder John and Elder Conrad
Conrad Vine sharing during those
services one of those speakers
will take for a service one will
take take second service so
please come be a part of this
it's a been a interesting
a been a interesting study every
year as we get together kneel
down and pray for God's guidance
and Direction and Direction and
wisdom and insight into this
this chapter
here at this moment to take a
look at the progress of our
of our fundraising that's him
and taking place praise the Lord
were up and over the top for the
wells for the wells for India
they are praised for Spicer
Academy amen thank you
you for your generous giving
making it possible for them to
have water for their
agricultural for their
agricultural fields and to
produce food as well as
opportunity to witness and to
witness and share with others
now we have a little for our
school renovation we have even a
little more than that go for our
church budget now as you've been
listening to the news and to the
news and you've been reflecting
perhaps upon the in which we
live into context of the line of
the line of Prophecy prophecy
know Jesus is coming soon
is coming soon now our church
budget many venues not only
administratively only
administratively Evangelistic
our school other things to keep
keep the things going here in
the church but it provides in
which we normally would not have
would not have if we do not meet
that budget I want to encourage
you to go home and pray and say
Lord what would
Lord what would you have me do
I've been meeting different
people to realize you know what
time is short Jesus is coming
soon I've had this in my garage
or my basement for the last 10
or last 10 or 15 years it's time
to go maybe we can utilize them
as funds to move that budget to
move that budget to completion
so I want to pray and ask God
how to give out give out of a
granite towed out of a heart of
gratitude and for what he has
given to us us at this time I
would invite please prepare your
hearts for worship hearts for
and may the Lord bless yes you
abundantly abundantly
I will thank the Lord with all
my heart with all my heart as I
meet with people
how amazing amazing are the
Deeds of the Lord all who
Delight in him should Ponder
them Ponder them everything he
does Reveals glory and majesty
and his righteousness
and his righteousness never
fails shall we pray dear
heavenly heavenly father we come
before you to worship and praise
you praise you in adoration we
bow our heads you are our God
and our creator and and Our
Redeemer and do do we submit our
will and our ways will and our
ways thank you for the gift and
thank you for sending your son
to your son to redeem us us we
grateful grateful our opening
song is 383 383
and before
before the Throne sing Holy
Harvey Holy
from scratch
from the the I promise
I promise
you may be seated new praise
When shall I see Jesus
it will be soon will be soon I'm
sure when shall we shall Jesus
number four 4 for 8
number four hundred and
and when we get there what sound
will hear what
Heavenly music music number 452
thank you gentlemen you
gentlemen for leading Us in
those songs songs you know covid
is affected a lot
affected a lot of things and
we're trying stewards of Public
Health without letting it it
take away certain things and we
haven't had baby we haven't had
baby dedications for a while but
we are having them now glad to
be celebrating like this and
this this morning we're going to
be celibate braiding with the
looter family as they as they
dedicate Little John so I and
Felicia to and Felicia to come
up here with their children and
we are going to dedicate Little
Little John who is the latest he
is changing the flow the flow of
things because every other baby
we've far has been
a firstborn and little John
little John is at the moment at
least a born and we'll see see
we like large families and so
this morning let me make sure
let me make sure you know
everyone up here this is Michael
and we have Steven
we have Steven Steven Steven and
Elijah and they are being
they are being joined by John
it's a beautiful thing that's
happening we're very we're very
thankful for your intentional
Christian parenting and we had a
chance to visit had a chance to
visit the other day and talk
about what we're doing it's like
what happened what happened with
he wasn't big enough to make a
decision but mommy and daddy
were and of course you've been
making those decisions is why we
have have these three wonderful
children that going to be
helping you shape Little John's
life John's life that are in our
Sabbath schools in our church
and a part of this larger family
larger family from young to old
so I want little bit this
morning from the The Book of
Luke where we have Jesus
presented in the the in the
temple says eight days had
passed before his circumcision
his circumcision his name was
then called Jesus the name given
angel before he was conceived in
the womb in the womb when the
days for their purification
according to the law of Moses
were completed they brought him
up to brought him up to
Jerusalem to present him to the
Lord as it is written in the law
of the Lord every first born
male born male that opens the
womb shall be Called holy to
offer a sacrifice according to
what was said what was said in
the law of God God of course
they were met by two wonderful
affirmations wonderful
affirmations of their Journey a
prophet a prophetess and that
was a lot of was a lot of
parental encouragement we hope
when this morning over and
there's a flower in your flower
in your hand and a certificate
to remember this but most of all
what you remember is that your
church is that your church
family wants to help you take
your entire little flock to the
New Jerusalem to the New
Jerusalem is that your desired
and so whether it's all the
extra dollars that flow to the
church school or the extra that
go into the church school or
whether whether it's a
Pathfinder club or an adventure
club or Sabbath school teacher
teacher whether it's the young
people themselves brought Mom
and Dad to do something to work
be and they make a and they make
a new friend of somebody that's
grandma age or or older it's so
important so important that as a
family we understand the
Privileges and responsibilities
so so John is going to absorb
everything and I know talking I
know talking with you Michael
and you Felicia the know your
marriage is at the center of
the center of creating a sweet
Garden our Sabbath school talked
about what a beautiful place God
placed the first placed the
first family and this morning
sweetness of your marriage and
this this relationship with the
church will hopefully John
the desire to grow been live for
Jesus so this morning Christian
education begins in the home
it's augmented by it's augmented
by their Church it's then
partnered the school but what's
going on is so much is so much a
function of just your choices
and for the three
the three big sin siblings it's
so so important Elijah are you
Elijah are you going to help
your little brother grew up to
be a do you want to be do you
want to be yes you want to be
yes very good all right we we
appreciate that and Stephen and
Elizabeth do you want to help do
you want to help Lil Jon grow up
to be a good boy yes I'm sure
you do well
do well let's let's see if if
he seems a little more lively
this morning than yesterday
maybe I should just come put my
hands on mommy on Mommy and
Daddy all right so let's ask the
parents the Big big brothers and
sister and little John okay I'm
just gonna slip behind you and
behind you and and pray with my
hands are all right all right
right let's pray Lord thank
looters thank you for every one
of their precious every one of
their precious children for
their love for you you each
and I pray now bless Felicia she
continues to give away Rich
measures of love and nurture of
love and nurture less Michael is
he does the same partners with
her for structure
with her for structure and each
of the big brothers and sisters
Lord sisters Lord may they have
a real joy and Harmony moved
towards seen Jesus bless this
church this church to support
them in Jesus name alright we
have a
have a flower and a certificate
for which audio will give you
and our prayers go with you may
God bless you as you bring this
little you bring this little
flock to the Jesus whose Lord
every day
we move from one move from one
special event to another and
Village pastors I invite you to
join me here on the
me here on the platform
and to you who make up the
village congregation
I want to share from first 5 the
council council we urge you
Brethren to recognize those who
labor among you and
you and are over you in the Lord
and you and to esteem them
to esteem them very highly in
love for their work sake
work sake I can report this
morning that that what began
with began with enthusiasm
enthusiasm as a Roots from
within a small group has small
group has been affirmed by the
lead elders and while this is
only the tenth day of
day of October pastor
appreciation month loving
actions actions have only begun
you can have a part today by
adding to a to a tithe envelope
the words pastor appreciation
and then tucking a check or cash
or cash inside or if to be more
in your your desire to express
express illness of these five
men you can take something you
can take something to their home
or use the email or text them a
message them a message of thanks
and encouragement or if you want
to drop something off at the
church the church office be sure
you identify is to receive it
to receive it the word of God is
affirming of the Philippi for
their gift giving to the to the
Apostle Paul not a activity but
many times many times and and so
pastor each October is rooted in
rooted in scripture and is a
noble on the part of this
congregation to this
congregation to each of its
pastures we know that many watch
online and we would extend I
extend to you
you the privilege of sharing a
word of thanks
word of thanks through the mail
or email our pastoral staff
pastoral staff so so Thank You
elder Ron Kelly leadership to
this team that stands beside
that stands beside you as well
as casting Spirit Led vision for
the Saints of The
Saints of The Village Church
thank you Dennis page for going
the extra miles going the extra
miles sometimes odd foot around
our lot to assist in fulfilling
in fulfilling a broad emphasis
of service from Village Church
thank you Pastor you Pastor ND
for growing a new generation
disciples within the environment
at Village Church church thank
Michael and Pastor Jonathan
Pastor Jonathan for joining us
here and for being an part of
expanding the influence the
influence of Village Church via
social media platforms
media platforms so on behalf of
this congregation it's my
privilege to say to say thanks
immensely for your service
accept our expression of
appreciation appreciation and
love Pastor Esther who is a part
of our congregation
a part of our congregation and
and yet sir Irv's 4,000 pastors
across the North American
Division American Division will
be giving each pastor a $100
Amazon gift certificate and not
forgetting that three of you
three of you have finer halves
these potted mums say to the
women the women we love you to
conclude we've invited our first
Elder first Elder dr. Tom Wilson
to come and prayer of thanks and
and blessing
shall we bow our heads please o
Oh our Lord how blessed we all
all when we
when we come to you with fear of
appreciation and walk
walk in your ways which you have
instructed that you have given
us not only us not only
scripture but that you have
given us
who are learned in your learned
in your words and in your
statues and and have helped
explain them to us and women who
have dedicated
who have dedicated their lives
lives who the ability to do many
different things do many
different things but have chosen
and selected by the freedom of
Their of their own choice to be
leaders among our midst
our midst how we thank you for
their dedication how we thank
you for their you for their
sacrifice how we thank for their
example thank you you Jesus Son
of David David
thank you Father God for being
committed to us at times even
more than we have committed
ourselves committed ourselves to
you but with patience and
tolerance and loving
loving kindness through these
pastures you have drawn
have drawn us to repentance in
we pray amen amen
today's offering is for our
for our world budget
specifically for the voice of
Prophecy prophecy I hope on a
Friday night you something to
bring in the Sabbath Sabbath
that special last evening I was
looking was looking for
something to do just and Lord
has a sense has a sense of of
because I found a video by the
voice of Prophecy reunions in
1999 in 1999 back then Lonnie
Mellows chanko was the leader of
the voice of the voice of
Prophecy in the was Dell Dell
Kerr Dell Dell Kerr a mainstream
person of the voice for many
years Dell
Dell is unfortunately no us and
waiting for Jesus to come come
today the voice of Prophecy is
more of a network than a single
than a single show with
offerings for different
audiences and demographics
demographics there are three
distinct branches evangelism
that the voice of Prophecy
voice of Prophecy is doing
the first one is to radio radio
program the other the second one
is the one is the discoverer
Discovery Mountain and radio
program for kids and adults and
adults along with the virtual
discovery mountain mountain
Vacation Bible School school
called rescued safe and Jesus
also is the successful across
the the globe discover Bible in
its voice of Prophecy of
Prophecy discovery discover
Bible school training seminar
training seminar disclosure
features invigorating
discussions discussions special
guests and issues currently in
hosted by voice of Prophecy
voice of prophecy speaker and
Sean Boonstra along with with
his wife Jean disclosure is a
talk radio
a talk radio program with
emphasis on Bible prophecy
topics are are rooted in current
events and Trends and program
illustrates how the Bible's how
the Bible's perspective on
today's issue is more relevant
than ever ever
it's engaging talk radio with
Edge with respectful discussions
about important topics
and by the way I share with you
that the voice of Prophecy is
broadcast on on W BS V 93.3 here
in Berrien Springs
in Berrien Springs daily at 8
p.m. and disclosure is broadcast
on Sabbath and Sunday
and Sunday at 9 a.m. Discovery
mountain is a mountain is a
Bible based audio Adventure
series that the whole family can
enjoy family can enjoy the
program is designed to share
Jesus listeners and to help them
share their faith
share their faith with others
others when the stay-at-home
orders due to covid began eight
Justice felt sad he couldn't see
his friends couldn't see his
friends and as an only child he
lonely Justice felt lonely
Justice listen to Discovery
mountain during each episode he
heard Gene Boonstra
Gene Boonstra make an appeal to
exercise his faith just as
just as exercised his faith and
prayed for a dog just as soon as
as soon as parents look for a
dog but it wasn't easy
the perfect puppy had to be of a
breed that Justice wasn't
allergic and one that they could
one that they could afford as a
searched just as kept brain and
waited patiently for waited
patiently for God's answer he
exercised his faith Justice
didn't stop feeling lonely and
he didn't in faith for a dog
a dog he says God answered with
the perfect puppy for me
his name is Cooper and I'm not
allergic to him plus my
my parents could afford him he
to play and he makes me happy
he makes me happy Justice isn't
alone anymore anymore
in the midst of social isolation
Justice and many other discovery
Mountain listeners have
exercised their faith
their faith one mother Me I just
wanted to let you know how much
know how much my family and I
like W BS V V we usually listen
to it evenings and on Sabbath
on Sabbath the key the kids
think it's cool you play
Discovery Mountain on Mountain
on Wednesday evening at 6:30
even though they don't get to
hear it
get to hear it
on the radio because they're in
prayer meeting they have heard
it online at Mountain and love
and love that it's a series then
there's the Bible studies
the Bible studies even though
voice of Prophecy stopped
advertising box 55
55 15 years ago the legacy of
box 55 Los
Los Angeles a post office box
was initially reserved over 80
years over 80 years ago
continues on with a dozens of
pieces of mail the mail the
voice of Prophecy receives from
office box every week including
some Bible study offers printed
45 45 years ago in the 1970s
Cindy from Florida
from Florida writes these
Studies have given me a great
revelation of God's of God's
word in a better understanding
I've enjoyed them so much and I
look forward to
and I look forward to more Bible
study lessons I'm thinking about
keeping the Sabbath keeping the
Sabbath it will be a challenge
but that we should and I will
I will try please pray that God
help me be humble in obedient
God's doing a work of Prophecy
all these things
all these things are happening
because of like you
you Deacon's we invite you now
to come collect our ties and our
offerings and our offerings
I was once but I came
but I came Harden to receive
from my Lord
from my Lord this was freely
given and I fall
I fall we always been this way
down glory and it's mine
it's mine oh yes it's mine
drove Angel sing the story us in
in has come home for there's a
nude me a new name written down
in glory and it's mine
it's mine oh yes it's mine
Jorge happen now Nevermore to
to roll
roll I was humbly near me
fear it not but God
but God's righteousness when the
the heavens open and I saw I saw
that my name was written down
there's a new a new name written
down in and it's mine
oh yes it's mine the wide
the wide Road Angels Sing the
us in in but there's a new name
a new name written down in glory
and it's mine
it's mine oh yes it's mine with
my sins forgiven
forgiven I am Bound for hell
heaven the
the more to roll roll
in the book it is written by
grace by grace oh the joy that
came my soul
my soul now I am forgiven and I
I know by the
blood I am made whole there's
there's the new name written
down glory and it's mine
it's mine yes it's mine
oh yes the whites Angel sing the
story a sinner
for there's a new name a new
name written down in glory and
it's mine it's mine oh yes it's
mine with my sins forgiven
forgiven I am bound for hell
to roam roam with my
my sins forgiven I am Bound for
Bound for hell
please stand
is God
father we stand here because our
sins have been
sins have been forgiven forgiven
and we're Bound for that
Heavenly home heavenly home
father I prayed for those
listening today online online I
pray that if there's a person
there's a person that needs a
Bible at Discover Bible study
Bible study they want to hear
about the good news Jesus Jesus
that they would go to our
website Village SDA a.org
dot-org and let us know know and
they would let the voice
voice of Prophecy know No
go to the website and get that
bible study study thank Lord for
the message that we have as a
that we can Proclaim things
about your character and your
love for this Lost lost Lord we
ask for you ask for you now to
bless our tithe bless
tithe bless are offering today
for the voice of Prophecy thank
you in Jesus name Jesus name
amen Amen
our reading today is a
responsive reading
reading with verses from The
Book of Proverbs I will read the
light print the light print and
we will all read dark print
together my son observe the
the Commandment of your father
and do not forsake teaching of
your mother of your mother bind
them continually on tie them
around your neck your neck when
you they will guide you when
you when you sleep they will
watch you and when you awake
when you awake they will talk to
you you for the Commandment is a
lamp is a lamp and the teaching
light and reproofs
reproofs for what discipline are
the way life life
to keep you from the evil woman
from the smooth of the
adulteress a wise son makes a
father glad but a
a foolish son is a grief his
mother mother
he who withholds his rod hates
his son but he who loves
he who loves him disciplines him
diligently He Who
He Who Walks With wise men will
be wise but the companion
the companion of fools will
suffer harm
leave the presence of a fool or
you will not words of knowledge
of knowledge discipline your son
while there is hope and do not
desire his desire his death
train up a child in the way he
should go he should go even when
he is old will not depart from
from it it is by his deeds that
allowed distinguishes himself
himself if his conduct is pure
and right
He who pursues righteousness and
loyalty finds life
life righteousness and honor do
you see a man skilled in
in his work he will stand before
Kings he will not will not stand
before obscure men not hold back
discipline from
from the child although you
strike the rod he will not die
not die you shall strike him
with the rod rescue his soul
from Shoal correct your and he
will give you comfort he
he will also delight your your
let a let a trampled like a
trampled spring and well is a
righteous man
righteous man who gives way
before the wicked the wicked
flee wicked flee when no one is
pursuing but the righteous are
bold as are bold as a lion lion
insofar as possible I invite you
for our morning prayer prayer
Father in heaven father in
heaven we thank you for being
able being able to be here this
morning morning here in this
church church we thank you for
those viewing or will view this
view this service father thank
you for sending your
your spirit to be here Among
to teach
us to give us new life New Hope
father I pray for those who
difficulties and trials right
and trials right now perhaps it
is a is a diagnosis or fear
regarding a
regarding a diagnosis Perhaps it
is a troubled marriage
or a troubled
parent and child relationship
whatever it is father father
that is brought here this please
please here please please help
Father we thank you very much
for the
for the delightful weather
weather that we have and have
been and have been enjoying it
teaches us something about you
you and your mind and heart
and heart of beauty of joy of
help us to into this joy and
and enjoyment with with you
father we thank you for our
thank you for our pastors thank
you Ron Pastor Dennis
pastor Dennis Pastor ND
Pastor Michael and Pastor
we ask that you will bless each
one of of we know that like
know that like a tree on a
Mountaintop they have and will
have and will experience the
brunt of the storm storm of
Temptation of Temptation Of of
criticism of difficulty and
trials of various trials of
various kinds father please
protect protect
deliver them help them to rely
you every step of the way
of the way
and father help us to hold up
their hands in service in in
battle thank you now for
you now for hearing and
answering our prayers because in
Jesus name Jesus name amen
he's gone of God
God did we get from from
through through his move
to the world to condemn
to condemn the world
thank you Sun Coast singers
singers this morning we are
we are in the second of a risk
and Redemption
on the life of of Daniel last
week we saw that Babylon
we saw that Babylon made it into
Jerusalem before babbling
conquered Jerusalem conquered
Jerusalem who aren't able to
watch that message I encourage
and look at it things are
happening things are happening
in a similar way it is the of
the world on the heart of the
Christian that is that is the
greatest concern is not hardship
and difficulty that is bad for
the Christian for the Christian
it is the absence of the
opportunity to live and live and
live openly for for Christ
had to face challenging his name
let's pray father as we are in
your presence this morning I
want to pray want to pray that
you would bless this moment as
may our hearts be open
our hearts be open May Our Lives
be offered up to you again in
Lord as a spirit speaks
a spirit speaks individually to
of us and now Lord we look for
the for the Divine impressed to
be upon us we understand may we
be willing to be willing to make
a complete and full surrender in
Jesus name I pray amen name I
pray amen
recently I made a trip to the
Boundary Waters with about 50
some people and we enjoyed in a
two million acre wilderness
acre Wilderness it's a way to
grow the confidence of our young
they can go where there's not a
there's not a 7-Eleven or a
Urgent Care around the corner to
where they can plan ahead
can plan ahead be out in the
middle of a wilderness with
oftentimes no cell signal cell
signal a map and resiliency that
from working as a team and
preparing and preparing in
advance I always like to bring
something on that trip I did not
I did not grow up a vegetarian
and for those that think my
transition away from away from
flesh eating was simple I would
otherwise some people when they
go to the when they go to the
fair think that some of the
repulsive I want to assure you
this morning that if you grew up
that if you grew up eating meat
every one of those smells like a
succulent invitation to enjoy
enjoy what you left behind I've
never smoked I know for some
people know for some people
smoking is the same way they
found pleasure in it now smoking
is different than is different
than eating meat I don't want to
conflate two together in any way
shape or form what I'm just
trying to say is trying to say
is when you leave an old
appetite behind it's hard and
this morning I'm holding I'm
holding in my hands a poor
facsimile of beef jerky there's
there's no beef in this jerky so
I don't know be called beef
jerky it's a piece of
piece of vegetarian salami now
if you're and you've never heard
of fake meat meat
meat we hear a lot about fake
holding in my hands a piece of
fake meat which meat which I
don't eat a lot of because I
don't that good for me but when
I was transitioning away I was
transitioning away from real
flesh this was a nice stepping
nice stepping stone and every
time we Waters I go down to the
basement and get out on my get
out on my wife does a role of
that salami I bring up the gray
up the gray dehydrators we slice
it we put it in strips we lay it
on the dehydrator it on the
dehydrator and
and all through the night you
can is filling with the smell
with the smell of salami when
take it off I stick it in a
it in a Ziploc bag and close it
up I tuck it in my fort bag or
bag or my food bag for The
Boundary Waters and when we get
out across the first Portage in
to and we're hungry in to and
we're hungry I go up to the
other 8 people in my I brought
the good stuff I've got the good
stuff got the good stuff and
some of them love them make fun
of it nobody's
nobody's refused it yet
I don't have a lot of lining up
for seconds but for me I used to
love the texture of tough meat
tough meat I used to love
I used to love to just chew on
it and the beef jerky of mine so
when I dehydrate this if this if
ID hide it too much it's kind of
like a rock I stick it in there
and I
I enjoy its flavor now I came
back with this beef jerky which
is not know beef in it know beef
in it all right and I it in my
car and I made a I made a big
every in a while I miss meals
sometimes it's intentionally
it's intentionally sometimes
it's on accident and they say
hunger is the best cook the
Bible says to a says to a Hungry
Man every bitter thing sweet but
to a full man he loathes
he loathes even honey and and I
was those days where I had
missed lunch missed lunch and I
was very very famished so I
so I started looking around for
things to eat and I found a few
sunflower seeds sunflower seeds
sometimes I I had pumpkin
it's little things just to hold
me over until I can have a meal
and then I thought to myself the
beef jerky I've got it now I had
made a I had made a colossal
mistake with my beef jerky I had
taken the bag this very bag this
very bag I had opened the
console on my little car I had
dropped it in the console
in the console probably in a
hurry the bag unfortunately I
had I had stuck something else
in the console I had bought a
number of these Febreze number
of these Febreze Febreze air
owners that your vent of your
of your car and they
so overpower the car that I
decided maybe I'd get the right
amount of get the right amount
of sent if I stuck it in the
console maybe out in the right
way well I want to I want to
assure you it leaked out all
right and as I open the console
I got a big strong got a big
strong smell of not salami but
Febreze I didn't think I didn't
think about it's like well yeah
the Febreze containers down in
there but then I started eating
I started eating is like
that's pretty strong Breeze and
then I start thinking this
tastes like Febreze to me the
bag had been open
and it's a dehydrated product
and the moisture content in
my car and in car and in that
little console was higher than
the moisture content of the
the dehydrated soil what is
soybean textured vegetable
protein or vegetable protein or
whatever and it had actually
absorbed the flavor of Febreze
of Febreze I won't be offering
it to any of you although it
beef jerky again with no beef
all right beef all right so this
morning I want this little bit
of textured
Isabel protein to represent
something in your mind and that
is that that is that as
Christians try as we are
swimming living swimming living
breathing moving in that is more
pungent with the with the
influence the culture the
mindset of ever ever before
before and this morning
especially as I homes in our
kids the question we have to we
have to have is is there any
Merit sealing the bag
in other words is there any
Merit in a culture at home
that's different than the
culture than the culture
everywhere else is there any
Merit and no to what goes into
these ears and ears and through
these eyes into the Citadel the
Soul I've lived just long enough
just long enough and Pastor just
long enough 30 years a father I
have a 21 year old
year old as of last week on
Monday the youngest of four and
I know along the way know along
the way I had to make some
decisions since their little
lives are impregnable when they
little and since they're like
sponges I to decide what gets in
the bag what comes what comes
inside my home what influences I
allowing it's cool how are the
how are the decisions I'm making
shaping their life for the
appetite of God an interest an
interest in his word there are
some need to talk about is a
church and I know that
and I know that my parents
generation many of them feel as
though they went through a went
through a period of time in
which a clear what salvation is
is really about out out wasn't
quite so clear but I want you to
know this morning French that
when you give when you give your
hearts to Jesus when you give to
Jesus you have received the gift
of the gift of eternal life this
a gift you cannot earn it and
the and the choices you make
after you surrender your heart
are earn it the choices you make
after you make after you say
Jesus your lord of not most
everything everything
everything everything the
choices you make after a
progression of letting letting
God make you
to live amongst the angels are
we all I fear there are people
listening to listening to me who
do not understand lordship they
do not understand salvation
understand salvation and they
don't understand the work and
sanctification in the Life there
the life there are many adverts
I believe who would version of
modern protestantism modern
protestantism 's Grace movement
well I'm here to tell you today
Grace is
Grace is Wonderful Grace is
complete Grace is covering
covering grace this is this is
forgiving but Grace is also and
enabling and enabling and
freedom giving and strengthen
partying what we Embrace as
Embrace as Seventh-day Adventist
is a Living Hope in our living
savior who died for you and me
for you and me lived the perfect
life and put his arms around us
and love to say let me
me take you to heaven Would You
Walk With Me on that Journey
Jesus is saying to me is saying
to me am I Lord of this would
you let me be Lord of that and
while there are a variety many
things we talked about in the
preparation for baptism the idea
of idea of Christ's lordship
being able to be enunciated by a
preacher or a parrot is
ludicrous is ludicrous Christ's
lordship will continue to
enlarge itself in itself in your
understanding of your walk as he
says to you would you let me be
Lord of this me be Lord of this
and if the answer is no you've
reserved a place
for Rebellion which will lead to
will lead to resistance which
will lead to unfitness now I
want you to open your Bibles
this morning I'm a beginning
this I'm a beginning this Sermon
Just a Little Bit differently go
to the Book of chapter 10 and I
want to ask I want to ask you a
question before the cross where
the disciples converted or
unconverted or unconverted go
ahead all of you say converted
say aye aye all of you say
unconverted say hi of you think
they were unconverted than
converted well converted well
I'm with the unconverted okay
they had made a decision to give
to follow Jesus follow Jesus but
at this point in was so much in
their lives that was lives that
was still about them they were
they were ambitious I don't know
all the don't know all the other
problems they had but know this
they had said to Jesus I will
follow you will follow you and
what I want you to see in is the
largeness of God of God take you
on a journey Luke 10 starting
with verse 17 the 70 the 70
returned with Joy saying Lord
even the demons are subject to
us in your name
us in your name they like the
power they sitting on the left
and the right hand of Jesus and
they they wanted the power and
they like to direct the
spiritual forces of Darkness to
of Darkness to leave but Jesus
little uncomfortable with where
this is going and he said and he
said to them I was watching fall
from heaven like like lightning
in other words I was there when
the battle I have given you
Authority To Tread on serpents
to tread on serpents and
scorpions and over all the power
of the enemy and nothing will
injure you injure you verse 20
nevertheless do not rejoice
not rejoice in this this
this that the spirits are
subject to you but rejoice that
your names are recorded where
recorded we're in heaven now I
just want you to think about
this for for a minute when you
helped that first little your
arms where they they on-again
off-again Kelly's know where
they live in doubt about their
doubt about their father's love
no when they came to the age of
accountability and they were
self-aware and they and they
could make decisions did they
need know how loved and secure
they were in their mom and
their mom and their dads love
yes did any of them go their own
way do their own do their own
thing thumb their nose at their
father's and wishes at the laws
of God brought
principally into the yes yes
they did not see some
did not see some do not cease to
be my children and when those
chapters of their life were over
they were no less they were no
less or no more my children than
they were these men are going to
go on are going to go on quite a
journey from being used but
being used by God and being
available to being available to
receive his power does not save
you to Matthew Chapter 7 we're
not going to look now but we but
we come to the end of The Sermon
on the Mount and there's Lord
didn't we prophesy in your name
didn't we cast name didn't we
cast out demons in your name
Jesus says you'll have to depart
from me because from me because
we don't have a relationship
the relationship they had was to
get from Jesus to get what they
wanted but when Christ called
these 12 men who 12 men who for
a while were relishing in the
idea this is that maybe this
gigs going to turn out like I
thought out like I thought Jesus
says listen they're going to be
moments when you see things
about you see things about
yourself you don't want to see
you've done things you didn't
want to do and I want you to
remember I want you to remember
something your name is down in
my book my book of life so this
morning as I begin this message
begin this message I cannot deny
two different that if you come
here today and you've given and
you've given your heart to Jesus
no matter what chapters front of
you are a child of God can you
say can you say Amen but the
lordship of Christ didn't end
didn't end when you went down
into a watery grave that
lordship was a pronouncement
that that nobody and nothing
would come before Jesus and if
he takes you on a journey which
is what he says he'll do he says
he'll do and he says the journey
gets the heights get I don't
know you could say more know you
could say more dizzying maybe
you could just say more
beautiful but as you walk that
narrow way
that narrow way you should
expect that he's going the high
places with him as you go
together but the lordship of
Christ is ongoing is ongoing why
would you not want to go on a
journey who says I'll pay the
price for you before you even
know before you even know how
big it is or even want it but
I'm going to bring you in now
you in now bring coming in as a
choice but we cannot deny two
things this morning
things this morning number one
Christ loved were enemies
this is an amazing thing against
God naturally Naturally by way
of sinful nature against all
things that regard governance
and governance and submission
Christ want while we were
sinners Rebels Sinners Rebels
but when he wins he calls us
into a life a living living life
of surrender take up your me
Paul said I take my cross daily
my cross daily I'm dying daily
I'm living a life of continued
surrendered to the
presence of my dear Jesus this
is thing now the problem with
today's sermon with today's
sermon is it's going to get in
the way of of your decision
making and for
for some it's going to look like
legalism and sound I wish I
could deliver it from deliver it
from that the problem is the
word legalism become a veil
behind which an
which an absence of full
surrender hides for the modern
21st century you you know when I
was a young boy I was coming out
of a home with many blessings
many blessings but a number of
challenges and I want to tell
you everything I left behind
left behind I left behind gladly
and I'm going to talk about
I'm going to talk about some of
the things I left behind in this
message today but you know what
your names written down names
written down in heaven but the
Journey is one where daily you
say Lord you say Lord be Lauren
thank you for saving me you know
it's a glorious thing thing to
be loved that I really liked how
our teacher Birmingham said it
last week in the
in the Sabbath school lesson
when God has to come to us he
has to say in effectively hey
are you doing you doing
something you shouldn't be doing
that's maybe part of today's
message so I want to make so I
want to make the journey with
you today take your bibles if
you would and turn to the Book
of Daniel to the Book of Daniel
Daniel chapter 1 find of your
Bible go from Psalms from Psalms
to Proverbs to Ecclesiastes and
keep pressing on through the
past the Book of Ezekiel
the Book of Ezekiel and I want
us to find chapter 12
chapter 12 Daniel chapter 12 it
tells us what the value of the
of the book is is Daniel is not
full of symbols and prophetic
time tables timetables Daniel
chapter 12 tells that the book
is for you for you and for me
Daniel chapter 12 verse
as for you Daniel conceal these
words these words and seal up
the book until the end of time
will go back and forth and
and forth and knowledge shall
increase this was to be sealed
up until the time of the time of
the end well obviously some of
the stories have significance
but I'm here to assure you today
to assure you today some of the
significance of the story yet to
be discovered by God's
modern-day Christians God's
modern-day Christians God has
made this book in its
apocalyptic and prophetic and
prophetic pronouncements and in
its of those living in the time
of the end
time of the end how to go
through with Victory while we're
there let's look at verse 1
again it says now says now at
that time Michael the great
prince who guard over the sons
of your people will arise your
people will arise Michael is
guarding us he's he's calling us
there will be a time of distress
be a time of distress such as
occurred since then
was a nation until that time and
at that time your people
everyone one who is found
written the what in the book the
book will be rescued friends
this whole series of sermons is
of sermons is designed so that
you won't be flabby spiritually
so that you won't be a spiritual
weekly so weekly so that your
knees won't Quake when the
curtain comes down and works
works of evil and demonic
presentation is everywhere I'm
here to tell you beyond tell you
beyond a shadow of a doubt the
Oracle with the emphasis on
scene being believing
being believing the scientific
method with measurable tangible
Dynamics is is an absolute
perfect launching pad when
spiritual manifestations
manifestations are no longer
Secret in dark places but they
come out in the open and there's
the open and there's going to be
a whole generation of people who
don't know what to do and
they're going to turn they're
going to turn to the spiritual
experts who this word and the
last spiritual Showdown
spiritual Showdown is going to
be on
and the I mean I'm on a journey
to show you that with Jesus in
The Vessel you can smile at the
storm the righteous are as bold
as a lion but the the wicked say
there's a lion in the streets
there's no way we're supposed to
go we're supposed to go forward
in fear we're supposed to go to
the battle prepared to serve
to serve now now I'm going to do
a little more than I did in the
first service in the book of the
Book of Genesis Eve is told in
effect there's a battle going on
in this
in this little little or
developing being you need to
understand at the tree of the
knowledge of Good of the
knowledge of Good and Evil is
where the voice of evil be heard
she shows up there shows up
there and she is invited to what
she invited do kids do kids
she's invited to eat the fruit
she has a has a surrender of
trust and obedience and by
eating something God said don't
said don't eat it now now we may
like to suggest that the the
habits that have have
distinguished for the last
hundred and sixty years
sixty years are legalism I can't
keep them from being do you if
you think you've got to do them
to go to heaven them to go to
heaven then I guess they're
legalism for you but could love
Jesus Who loved you when you you
when you didn't love him then
you could say Jesus Show me
where to go
to go architect circumstances
show I cannot make something
that's supposed that's supposed
to be a law of Liberty I can't
deliver you if you're dead set
on you're dead set on turn it
into something you got to do
because it's says you know what
what's in the Bible matters but
matters but it doesn't matter a
whole lot if you don't
understand who set it to you and
if you don't want to love you
don't want to love him and don't
want to surrender to him so put
it all in the right place but
Eve said I'm said I'm going to
eat it was it was a rebellious
Choice she was she was deceived
and it evolved and evolved
around the dynamic of appetite
dynamic of appetite now it's so
significant that are carnal
Human Nature's have
have lots of appetites food is
one lust all
all kinds of different things
Envy greed but this one thing
one thing turns out to be at the
beginning of the story point now
would we be surprised when we
when we come to the gospel of
Matthew that Jesus Bridging the
Gap to Heaven
Gap to Heaven by overcoming
where our forefathers so Jesus
goes Jesus goes over six weeks
weeks well right at six
right at six weeks without
eating anything
forty days Jesus goes day number
one which is usually the hardest
usually the hardest day for as
long as I've ever fasted never
had begun come close to the
amount of days to the amount of
days Jesus fasted so my guess is
farther out down the road beyond
anything I've ever gone anything
I've ever gone it gets a whole
lot harder by day three or four
sometimes you're not even that
hungry anymore even that hungry
anymore and you've started
enjoying mindset of doing
something that goes against that
goes against life but it gives
of clarity
and and Sensibility your
spiritual nature but I want you
to know I've listened to people
listened to people describe
going a week week longer without
eating and by eating and by the
time you get to the end of that
first week can be pretty
difficult can be pretty
difficult but imagine going a
and a third and a fourth a
fourth and a fifth and almost
1/6 imagine what it's like when
shows up and he says to you hey
God's abandon you the sparrows
are eating and the flowers they
do have they do have closed but
you know what you don't have
anything to eat God's left you
alone and you're not really and
you're not really God prove it
do you know how tempting it is
for Jesus is for Jesus to
actually Reach Out and grab
something that's composed
something that's composed of
granted and it is very
it is very hand change its
composition to the sweetest loaf
of bread you've ever had but
Jesus it is written
is written man shall not live by
bread he claims the
the victory over appetite and
the indwelling spirit you can
too too he claims victory over
appetite on behalf of me on
me on behalf of you on behalf of
race don't tell me
tell me that what you eat is not
a of shaping Who You Are
spiritually you are spiritually
because when we come to Daniel
the way the whole story starts
12 brief
12 brief chapters about the time
of the end the thing is once
again about the role of the role
of appetite at the end of time
and the world's trying to tell
you follow your appetites
wherever you want to go and I'm
not talking just right now but
I'm going to tell you food tell
you food at the end is the
easiest and to begin preparing
for victory
for victory because you have to
eat every day so why not allow
the Lord allow the Lord who
makes the bounties of the Earth
and some things to be of prime
prime and optimal benefit to you
and joy and pleasure the way why
not why not allow this God to
take you on a journey to give
you Vitality of Mind Body and
Soul body and soul and yes it
has something to do with what
you eat eat
now that's a lot to start a
message but I have to do it
because every time I preached on
preached on Christian lifestyle
it stirs up inside of people
what I what I believe is a call
to change is a call to grow
to grow it has nothing to with
receiving the gift of salvation
of salvation but it has
something to do with remaining
and he calls you to change what
you've done for years
you've done for years
I guess he's God and he has the
right to do that it just so
happens the day touch on one of
those things nobody should ever
touch on should ever touch on
why should anybody talk about
what you eat now that's not
really what the not really what
the sermons about but it's what
it's built around and its
centrality in the in the story
of apocalyptic victory the
victory at the time of the end
it's got something to do got
something to do so so when I was
a boy and I was done with my
greasy fingers my greasy fingers
from my chicken leg or just
finished wiping the hamburger
grease off my grease off my lips
or enjoying that wonderful
wonderful steak or eating down
my fish sandwich or whatever it
was to tell you everywhere I go
when I walk through the I walk
through the Barren County Fair
it all smells wonderful to me
and my salami my beefless beef
beef jerky is just some slight
little reminiscence of how tough
that beef jerky was between
jerky was between my jaws and
how salty and and I
I enjoy just a little fake
Indulgence if there is such a
thing is such a thing
so so risk and Redemption I'm
going to tell you the start of
the you the start of the sermon
here's the big risk you're only
going to go as far as you want
to go then Trails to get so
skinny and then you're going to
say and you know why you'll do
that you'll do that if you
because Jesus won't be
everything to to you you
the things I've left behind the
worldly The
The Flesh
diet dressing however I want
spending my money however I want
I want listening to WLS back
when it was not talk radio but
back when it was rock and when
it was rock and roll every thing
I've given up I don't
I don't regret one bit I am
thrilled that my savior has has
been leading me to a much better
and here's the other thing
the last I want to be in any any
the last thing I want to be in
any situation it could be
resolving a problem resolving a
problem with one of you my
children wife the government
whatever it is the
it is the last thing I ever want
to be in any situations is get
get your word for you you mine
mine is afraid
when I've got to talk to
somebody I don't want to be
when my day comes to stare in
the eyes he wants to take away
my ability to buy or sell buy or
sell to live and breathe I don't
want to be afraid I'm going to
heaven special privilege in
heaven I'll be an ambassador of
the Lord Jesus the Lord Jesus
Christ I will live in his house
will be closer to him than human
beings wherever
human beings wherever destined
to be if along the way I pay
some of the price he paid I
shouldn't be surprised he warned
me do I love him sometimes I
realize I don't not like I I
want him and if you're all if
you're all honest today you'd
have to say the same thing so
so I'm on a journey where I want
to be let go I don't want the
devil don't want the devil they
have hooks in my flesh I don't
want altars heart is there
anybody here with me that wants
to make me that wants to make
the same Journey
so so he's Lord of my salvation
and and then
then he's Lord Of My Life of now
go to the first chapter
go to the first chapter Daniel
chapter Lord
Lord of my salvation and then
own free will and glad
and glad decision Lord Of my
does that mean well you'll have
to work that out with him that
out with him it's not mine to
especially in any specific
any specific detail but as the
word of God describes it I'm to
talk about it the white rights
and review and who should be
setting their tents near the
land of Canaan or of Canaan or
pitching their temps near to
Egypt they're not living in the
light of the sun of
righteousness of the sun of
righteousness these people all
have their names book by the way
many attempt attempt places of
amusement to gratify The Taste
spiritual strength is gained by
so doing and you'll find
yourself you'll find yourself on
the losing side that's side I
don't want to be on to encourage
the love of the love of Music
Moment is to discourage the love
of religious exercises oh you
don't say offer your kids ice
cream and and chocolate bars
regularly is to minimize is to
minimize the pleasure of
collards or spinach there's not
not that there's not a place to
enjoy types of food pardon my
taking pardon my taking
advantage of the metaphors here
for the heart become so crowded
with crowded with trifling with
what is pleasing to the that
there's no room for Jesus and
now we have now we have the
elemental problem my name was
but I can actually get get to
the place where I don't don't
want it written in the book
anymore anymore
that's what the Devils doing
he's an excellent educator he
knows surround and bring the
century Dynamics century
Dynamics up to a certain not a
notch he knows that if you put
if you put circumstances and
Social Circles in pretty soon
you can get a person who a
person who wants love Jesus to
not really anymore and along the
way the power of their power of
their Witnesses gone
is gone a of godliness she right
in 1884 write in 1884 rights
will not all must develop or
have I should say a deep and
living experience this this
alone will save them in the time
of trouble in the time of
trouble that's all that you can
into the time of trouble you
can't take your food or your
your food or your gas your bank
account none it can be taken
away from you like this
away from you like this I got a
new cell phone plan yesterday
they can cut me off in a moment
so all the data is gone you'll
networking all the information
all the information hey Siri hey
Google it's just gone but a deep
in living experience
in living experience that goes
with you into the time of
their work will be tried of what
sort it is of what sort it is
and if it's good if it's gold
and precious stones they'll be
that are are will be hit as in
secret they will be the secret
of the Lord's Pavilion but if
their work is if their work is
wood hay and stubble stubble
nothing them from the Jehovah's
of Jehovah's wrath your
circumstances shape you morning
what I want to do is I want to
challenge I want to challenge
you to find out if the habits of
your life you strong or weak if
the habits of your life habits
of your life are developing a
deeper desire or feeding and
fertilizing the
the weeds of the world as
they're growing want to talk to
you about muscles for a minute
for a minute some of you really
value tone of muscle some of you
really value shape of muscle
of muscle some of you understand
their without tone muscles and
and well changed musculoskeletal
systems your eventually not
going to look like going to look
like you want have the Vitality
you want ask you something do
you get muscle overnight do you
get muscle overnight do you get
muscle overnight do you really
think that the kind of the kind
of sinew and fiber of spiritual
strength going to just
show up that one morning we're
going to wake up and find out to
wake up and find out the final
movements were more rapid than
and the truth of the matter is
is that is that while it might
not it won't be impossible for
to save you but it's surely
going to be a whole lot harder
because a whole lot harder
because no chapters of Faith had
been written no exploits of good
have been done have been done
and now it's all going to look
like you're Everest and you
haven't even tried to walk to
the top of to the top of beaver
point the truth of the matter is
eating drinking and dressing I'm
going to get more precise eating
drinking and dressing youth
instructors May 31 May 31 1894
all have bearing on our
spiritual advancement now now
you either have the greatest
prognosticator and preacher of
legalism in the Pope here this
morning here this morning or you
have one who's projecting the
laws and Liberty you'll have to
decide have to decide either
what's written down here can
protect this love relationship
this love relationship with
Christ or I'm you down in a
system of manmade
of manmade liability creating
developing barriers between
between you and God now I've
this sermon reminding you how
your name gets written down in
gets written down in the book
and I've to you about how you
can unright it get the Eraser
get the Eraser out with your
habits and start backing name
out of The Book of Life Jesus
The Book of Life Jesus doesn't
want it to be out Jesus has paid
with his blood to write it in
but the truth of the matter is
she doesn't drinking and
dressing have a bearing on your
spiritual on your spiritual
advancement she says eating
drinking dressing have a direct
bearing bearing on your
advancement spiritually if I
said to you when said to you
when your car wasn't working
well if you pulled into into
this parking lot and said pastor
you know anything about you know
anything about cars and I said
well I know a little lift up the
hood and you lifted the hood up
and the engine was the engine
was sitting there moving like
this I'd know something was
really wrong and I have to say I
have to say to myself well you
are there of a fuel problem or
it's either electrical or it's
or it's or it's gasoline
because engines are balanced and
once they're rocking back and
forth in their mounts something
is really wrong and if I said to
you where did you get your where
did you get your gas and you
said well they had a real on it
was half price and I said well
how much gas do they sell gas do
they sell their well not much
and I said it's very possible
their gas has some kind of has
some kind of pollutant in it you
know if a gas tank sits too
etcetera water gets in and said
she might have water in the have
water in the gas out of your car
and I were to say to you the
quality of gas in your engine
has a direct bearing has a
direct bearing on how this
engine runs I'd say you know
what we can pop the tank down
empty it out and put good gas in
it and it'll you'd probably say
Pastor do you know how to do you
know how to do that would you
help me and purred back to life
without that without that
laboring to stay going you'd be
saying to yourself direct
bearing bearing this morning
friends I need to you that
eating eating drinking and
dressing are how you become a
saved Christian but but if I
told you you that the the
cylinders are the eight
cylinders are the six cylinders
are the six cylinders or if you
had a really fancy car the
cylinders in your in your very
expensive sports car ran was had
bearing based based on what you
were what you were doing every
day in it you would get to make
a decision my life is life is
hid in Christ when I change my
dietary I did it for Jesus when
I left off
I left off the music I did it
for Jesus I change the kind of
things that I were reading that
I were reading and the way I was
my money I and for Jesus and I
want to tell you something all
along the way my just kept going
up going up a my spiritual
Freedom gets to be more with the
passing years but if I were to
if I were to perpetually hook
myself to the idols habits of
the past my name could still be
in the book be in the book and I
could be fighting in a way I
don't want and constantly
hobbled in a way when I want to
run when I want to run this
morning I need to remind of you
that your to study to show
yourself approved to show
yourself approved and Let Jesus
be your lord and take the next
but if you're thinking dressing
living living eating spending
and entertaining the
world even though your name is
written in the book eventually
book eventually the devil as a
slick educator a fine Mentor is
going to get it to the place
where you really
where you really would kind of
like to see it it erased sober
so sober but how sober will it
be on the day
the day in which all of
a sudden the world changes and
it's not just 9/11 and we change
for a we change for a little
while and then we gravitate back
and it's not just 2008 when it
appears that the it appears that
the financial sectors imploding
and it little while and then we
go back and it's not back and
it's not 2020 where we all get
used to touching each other and
wearing masks wearing masks and
opening Windows and bumping
and we gravitate back what's
going to happen when the Final
Chapter comes and of a sudden
the opportunity to develop some
spiritual develop some spiritual
sinew and muscle is over is
that's what I'm stuck with it
sounds kind of bad but that's
what I'm stuck with I'm stuck
with as a pastor of an
apocalyptic and I look around
I look around and I see so
little vibrancy
vibrancy and while this church
is on a growing journey by
what's happening friends I eat
every day the Bible says
whatever you do let's just get
let's just get this real simple
less you think I'm a legalist
this is what Paul the pronounce
ER of Romans says of Romans says
whatever you do whether you eat
drink do what all for the glory
glory of God I didn't make this
up please don't send me quotes
from the book of Romans from the
book of Romans or somewhere else
that makes like what he says in
other places
he says in other places doesn't
get it together Jesus is Lord
Lord when he asked me to let go
to let go of McDonald's at the
McDonald's I used to eat I Let
Go I Let Go it wasn't easy at
first veggie link I had was
something like rubber and salt
like rubber and salt and the
truth of the matter is it a lot
today to where you can hardly
since you're moving from you're
moving from one lane to another
but the fact of the matter is is
that whether I eat or drink eat
or drink or whatever I do I'm
trying to do it the glory of God
I went into Toyota the other day
get my car work done
I'm in there sitting down in
comes a woman who's not properly
dressed properly dressed I'm
right here I want to be a pure
man to be a pure man I want to
love my wife and I want a lover
in the way she wants me to love
her you know the Devil dude so
so in Comes This Woman I don't
know if she makes a profession
of Jesus or not of Jesus or not
if she does her church doesn't
teach like and if I'm sitting
if I'm sitting here she sits
there there so I sit there for a
little bit I have up am I going
to sit here I going to sit here
on and on and over and over or
am I going to do am I going to
do what the Bible says so after
a minute or two I decide this
isn't good this isn't good so I
gather I pick it up and I go to
I go to another room now in my a
legalist ask my wife
my wife see what she thinks does
she want me sitting around
watching women that haven't
covered themselves up covered
themselves up properly but was
she to have no impure Idols
Idols in my heart Christ is so
practical I want to Be
Want to Be Free to Love now
every other man sitting in this
sitting in this room room since
there was a Every Man's Battle
don't be be surprised the devil
when there was those moabite
women just women just before
they crossed over the Jordan
they released the moabites the
the moabites have been released
in our society friends that's
just a fact
just a fact and so now your
husband has to walk through life
or your wife I don't want to
make it just a man issue just a
man issue but your husband has
to walk through life saying like
job said I'll make a covenant
with my eyes with my eyes not to
look upon a a virgin
of course the look was the wrong
kind of look is it practical is
real if it's not practical it's
not practical and it's real the
message is not for you leave
you're frustrated and angry but
when Daniel gets Daniel gets out
of Jerusalem forcibly I should
say is taken out Jerusalem
forcibly out Jerusalem forcibly
he is on a journey where put in
the most Pagan powerful
Pagan powerful nation of the day
and somehow he the most
listened-to person in all the
realm all the realm and he last
not only from the days of
he lost all the way to the days
of Cyrus that's chapter 1 verse
21 and can this Daniel comes in
he decides ahead
decides ahead of time he's not
going to defile and he goes
about it in about it in such an
interesting way look at chapter
8 Daniel made up his mind made
up his mind that he would not
defile himself with the Kings
Choice food or with the
with the wine which he drank so
what does he do does he March
into the presence of presence of
the commander a steward of the
and say I'm not doing this no
he's this no he's humble he's
beautiful he's thoughtful even
to the people who have probably
people who have probably
mistreated him so he sought from
the commander the officials that
he might not he might not defile
himself friends there is a
nobility true Christianity that
will get the attention
get the attention of the world
there is a nobility about men
and women and children who women
and children who know how to
show honor honor where honor is
due and yet be in their heart
and mind honoring God above all
others Daniel's on a journey and
I need to tell you something you
you don't you don't go from
being a nonconformist you don't
go from being a conformist in in
Jerusalem to all of a sudden
saying well boys think we ought
to not go along with the crowd
today along with the crowd today
the truth of the matter is the
to conform in Babylon was
multiple times times higher than
the pressure to conform in
Jerusalem if you can't be a
Christian in Berrien Springs in
Berrien Springs inside
inside the bubble what you think
you're going to be a Christian
when the pressures on the
pressures on and you have no
rights the truth of the matter
is the day to be who God called
you to God called you to be his
today who's he calling you
humbly humbly sweetly uniquely
different I'm not looking for
somebody who throws around their
throws around their spiritual
convictions like a badge of
superiority neither is God but
where are the men and women are
the men and women who can humbly
say Lord you're it's feeling
pretty uncomfortable right now
right now what do I need to do
do I'll do it is Daniel and he
wins the favor wins the favor in
such a powerful way that he most
listened-to man in the 6th
Century before 6th Century
before Christ the other day I
was out on a walk last Sabbath
afternoon Sabbath afternoon and
it was raining at threatening
and on and off at different
times my wife and I had our and
I had our umbrellas there
weren't a lot of people out
walking it's probably about six
seven o'clock in the evening and
we're walking we're walking
about where the road goes from
pavement dirt and all of a
sudden this all of a sudden this
car just slinks up behind us
real I turn around and I'm
looking at this big white
stretch Lincoln Continental
limousine Continental limousine
wow don't see those cars very
often the man pushes the pushes
the button and the window comes
silently down down and then
and then everything changed we
had a little man he decided to
get the awkwardness out of the
way out of the way said
obviously I'm lost he broke the
ice obviously I'm lost
I'm lost he to know where he
could go get gas
could go get gas so that when he
picked the wedding party the
wedding at the wedding Barn at
the wedding Barn there wouldn't
be a crisis you know of fuel
engine I don't know why he
didn't have his he didn't have
his GPS out it was a
god-ordained appointment I'm
certain and you know I thought
and you know I thought
to myself really I didn't think
about it it was just natural but
we stood there and we had a nice
visit it was about more than
was about more than how to get
back he didn't want to go
straight turned into dirt and he
had a nice white limousine white
limousine and he didn't really
want to back car was like twice
as long as anything you've ever
driven you've ever driven but I
explained to him the only was
backing up and you know what
friends for some of us some of
us the only way out is going to
be to back up going to have to
go back and say you know what I
made I made a decision back
there that's
not serving me
well when his windows silently
went up I said to my wife his
day is a little better for
visiting with me is that me is
that how people feel about about
you yesterday I went to get a
new cell plan got plan got to
add a person or two on to my
plan I knew it was going to take
a while but took took me four
hours hours now four hours is a
hours is a long time my wife was
she left went shopping went home
went home finally I said when
this is minutes from over I need
you to let me know I want to
call my wife I want to call my
you know what I had such a
pleasant for hours with those
people that I did not plan to
have they were sweet and polite
courteous they had computer had
computer troubles I was working
on six which isn't going to be
short isn't going to be short
porting numbers over and
everything else my wife comes
back at about 6 o'clock about 6
o'clock and as we're walking out
the door this is what she says
says I think you have new
friends you have new friends I'm
planning to go back and see them
was supposed to be God ordained
it they on an interruption they
weren't a my busy life they were
God's appointment for those
appointment for those four hours
is that how you look at do you
believe there's a God that's
architecting a God that's
architecting every day and is
there a sweet environment goes
with you I want to ask you when
the Bible says that the Bible
says that Daniel was given favor
in the are was it a work of a
moment or was it a work of it a
work of making was it something
part of who he was becoming of
who he was becoming too where he
wasn't impatient and rude and
people were in his way and
servants but they were actually
people uh that he was supposed
meet and people that he was
supposed to impact there is a is
a sweetness about God's people
there's about Jesus that only
comes when comes when your life
is simple and surrendered and
I'm here to tell you the
sophistication of modern of
modern Seventh-day Adventist is
dry as of gilboa you were called
to be a to be a child by Jesus
who said unless you a child
there's no no walking through
the gates
do you
understand when you lose that
simplicity you no longer Listen
and Obey the same way called
Daniel and his three friends and
his three friends they decided
ahead of time who be they were
Noble and respectful about it
about it they had been trained
in Jerusalem yes in Berrien
Springs you can be trained to be
your own to be your own person
mom and dad be your train up
your up your children like you
think they should be trained up
five reasons I don't think he
ate the meat straight from our
Bible straight from our Bible
commentary number one it was
probably unclean everything's
not fit to eat some things are
the things are the Cockroaches
and the sewers of animal world
don't put them in your body they
won't do any good won't do any
good number two the animals were
probably not slaughtered he was
a Jew was a Jew and there was a
way to eat meat if you were
going to supposed to have blood
in it number three and maybe
most and maybe most
pre-eminently it was a pagan
community and most things that
were eaten were offered to the
wrong first number number four
it was luxurious food it was
luxurious food it was unhealthy
and he understood Temperance and
lastly something I learned in I
learned in preparing for this
sermon Daniel was before he went
to Babylon went to Babylon and
that's not because I read it in
the Bible although there's room
in the Bible to see it or infer
it or infer it Spirit of
Prophecy in the youth instructor
in the 1880s says it to be so
and so so Daniel is choosing in
the midst of a spiritual where
his life might be on a lie oh by
the way oh by the way melzar
which is a Hebrew word is really
not a name title it
title it is really just a title
melzar or the commander of the
eunuch says my head my head May
roll if we do this something
Daniel was so impressive that he
said I'll take a
take a risk little though it be
and you know out Daniel ends up
becoming up becoming the
superior of superiors and I
don't know anybody here who has
kids or grandkids or grandkids I
don't know any young person here
today who wouldn't want to be on
the of Excellence with Christ no
fear this is the trajectory of
greatness greatness and Only God
can give you do you get that
spiritual muscle I'm not going
to take the not going to take
the time to go over to many
quotes I am going to read just a
few a few obstacles make men
strong is not helps but
difficulties conflicts conflicts
rebuffs that make men of moral
or women too much ease and
avoiding ease and avoiding
responsibility of made weaklings
and all all those who ought to
responsible men or women of
moral power and strong muscle so
how are good at you are good at
you are dishing responsibility
to somebody else somebody else
do do it you want to make
you want to make yourself into a
dwarf go ahead that's not my
plan as a matter of as a matter
of fact if song We ought to sing
before the series is over is is
over is standing by a purpose
true heating God's command honor
them the
them the faithful few all hail
to Daniels how about this one
many this one many Giants great
and Tall stalking through the
land to the Earth would fall if
fall if met by Daniels Band this
is who God is calling us to be
when we give away we give away
responsibilities parents when
your children responsibilities
like they should age-appropriate
they should age-appropriate
age-appropriate you're actually
only to an unfitness for the
spiritual Showdown but but even
a spirit of Fitness for regular
keeping and marriage making and
making and relationship
sustaining parents make every
effort make every effort in your
in your power to place in the
most favorable situation for
forming the for forming the
character that God wants them to
form use every spiritual sinew
and muscle now here's the
problem here's the problem in
son homes and some homes dad are
leading the way in spiritual
laziness spiritual laziness some
homes God sends to raise up the
standard she standard she writes
in the third testimony too much
ease responsibility of made
weaklings and dwarves
and dwarves she goes on to right
in the fifth testimony spiritual
sinew and muscle sinew and
muscle they will grow when we
and we will be strong to work
for God when
work for God when we have clear
spiritual perceptions and a
steady increase in faith and
when and when we pray prayer
will give you spiritual strength
but for some praying for
for more than a minute two is
like torture why you need to ask
yourself need to ask yourself
why Lord what am I supposed to
release why is it that talking
to you is the most wooden you is
the most wooden and
unsatisfactory experience I can
God wants to set us free but
he's going to talk but he's
going to talk to us he's going
to say I'll tell tell
prayer is the breadth of the
Soul Bible study by simple
simple earnest contrite prayer
Heavenly minded is greatly
increased no other means
other means of Grace can be
substituted and healthiness of
sold preserved prayer brings the
brings the soul into immediate
contact with the Wellspring and
she goes on to say is a
privilege of all who partake of
the Bread of Heaven the word
thus the game thus the game
spiritual sinew and muscle
probably the most powerful verse
in all of chapter in all of
chapter one is verse 14 look at
it says
says speaking of melzar or of
the eunuchs so so he so he
listened to him or to them in
this manner
if you had an important message
to bare your life represent the
credibility equal the
credibility equal to the
importance of the message could
people sense the kindness the
beauty in your life in your life
and I want to ask you you when
it comes to a life of educating
you need to understand the
difference between the
difference between teaching and
training training my youngest
son's son's girlfriend is in
medical school at Loma she
studies she studies anatomy and
physiology with an earnestness
that would make you glad would
make you glad for her to be your
doctor someday but let me ask
you a question if
ask you a question if she never
walked into a cadaver lab and an
organ organ in real life how
much would you want your doctor
you don't you don't want to go
to a barber who's never held a
before you don't want to fly
don't want to fly in an airplane
where they've never held a yoke
you don't even want to go for a
drive with a kid with a kid
that's never put their hands
before you don't want a brick
mason who's never who's never
held a trowel or a carpenter
who's a hammer you
you don't want to be in the
position of people that but
never trained when when my son
became a physical therapist they
were of academic effort in the
first year year and a
year and a half and I'm not
saying that riggers away but
after they were done with the
books they went out they went
out and started practicing under
a practitioner what physical
therapy is therapy is how it
works when it comes to the
actual experience of Christ it's
not enough for you not enough
for you to sit here and listen
to a sermon or read the Bible
there's a nap location of the
principles there is an of Christ
it's to come in and take over
take over God makes it clear
that he wants to take us to take
us and make us into the most
credible in a skeptical age it
is with the
is with the nobility the
humility the the self-control it
is with it is with the
thoughtfulness the patient's all
of these things things Satan is
tracking us
be be careful for your enemy
goes about like a
about like a roaring lion
looking for devour so friends
how do we reverse how do we
reverse this this how reverse
this this pastor Dennis what are
you putting in your kids
a lot of them know how to hold
this them know how to hold this
right A lot of them know how to
kick a soccer ball
know how to kick a soccer ball
or throw a little white Hardball
with red lot of them can hold a
a pigskin
I'm afraid that too many of us
know how to hold this this
volume up volume up chanyeol
we know much of modern society
doesn't want to be in a
want to be in a situation where
they're not holding this this
when we start looking at life
where is our time and priority
but do you know how to hold this
there's only two things you hold
in in the the
the shield of faith and the
sword and do you and do you
understand that if you're my
beef jerky and he leave the bag
open for your open for your
children the devil will come in
and he will tincture punctuated
and take away
take away the fragrance they
were designed to have and make
them taste like his version of
like his version of Febreze
our children need to be in the
soup kitchens need to be in the
homeless shelters they need to
need to be preaching the word in
other countries and laying block
and brick and spreading mortar
and Mixing mortar and Mixing
concrete they need to be places
as our society the the the the
birthrights the places where
people are battling for young
women to keep women to keep
their babies they need to be
making the to be over at
neighbor to neighbor sorting the
clothes they need to see the
Brokenness be a part of the
healing of a society
a society and they need to be
prepared through Bible their
parents not just with the
pastor's of the teachers
pastor's of the teachers to wear
when the Devil comes at the end
and form of Goliath and he says
and he says what's going on here
come before you and you send out
you send out the dogs and like
David they say say I you come to
me with all this paraphernalia
but I'm coming to you in the
name of the Lord the name of the
Lord in an effect they draw the
sword of the spirit they are
familiar and they've been
empowered they've been empowered
they've got spiritual muscle and
sinew and say in the name of
Jesus Christ touche touche I'm
here friends if we're not
careful we're not careful
they'll be no Army of Youth it
educated it says rightly what
rightly what trained
we are educating still because
education still matters to us we
want if our kids get into
Harvard Yale we think that's
some great accomplishment
friends friends if your kids get
into the ministry of teaching or
something else like that that's
greater that's greater and
there's more and more that are
called some are trading off the
call for money and Prestige and
and Prestige and he's in the
American dream it's going but
Christ is still coming coming
and I'm here to tell you this
morning if they don't to hold
the sword of the word
sword of the word they're going
to be run over up and spit out
with spit out with eternal loss
being the result
so is a music lesson more
important than a prayer meeting
by the way there's a lot of
meetings that away but the
prayer meeting will go right on
up until on up until we see
Jesus there will be a prayer on
when the little Cloud appears in
the Eastern sky in the Eastern
Sky your kids are not too come
here and listen to the stories
and share testimonies it's it's
40 minutes long and this is not
me trying to somehow boost my
corporate my corporate meeting
ego it's me saying to prayer
brings strength strength when my
life is surrendered it all out
to him my son called me up the
other day me up the other day he
said Dad I want to want to make
a decision and then he began
then he began to talk to me and
he said and I had prayed oh my
Hearth thrilled Hearth thrilled
and I said well you know what
you praying about it and look
ask God
ask God didn't say it exactly
like this but ask God the
eyeglasses to see his Providence
you you know what strong these
children are going to be giving
the message when the when the
adults can't they'll be laws you
and me but if they don't know if
it's not the focus it's not the
focus our educational centers
need to be making sure our kids
no sacred history
sacred history and prophetic
future in the word this is where
we're going is where we're going
and I want to tell you something
it won't be long I drove into
this church this week and while
I'm driving while I'm driving in
I'm listening to a program
secular program and the the
program which is opposed news is
advertising a program on on TV
called supernatural well I want
to tell you it was dark and it
was evil and it was
on National Public Radio I'm not
sure why they have to do this
but to do this but they make
themselves promoters of that
which fits the fits the evil of
this age age so what's going to
what's going to happen one of
not too far from now now
spiritual manifestation is going
to overwhelm
going to overwhelm everybody
everybody demons working
miracles and miracles and when
that moment comes comes
people who have not incurred
themselves in the word are going
swept off their feet off their
feet believing
that a new Revival is upon us it
will be a false will be a false
Revival and in that eternity'
will be lost
will be lost I want to end with
Peter came up to a moment of
Jesus knew it was on him he knew
he wasn't name was written in
the book and the devil wanted to
the devil wanted to take it out
Jesus says to him before the
great Temptation he says Peter I
have prayed for for you to every
to Christian
every Christian to you and to me
comes the word that was
addressed to to Peter Satan has
desired to have he wants to
wants to sift you as wheat but
but to every
to every Christian these words
words come
I had prayed for you that your
faith fail not thank God we're
not left alone this is our
safety is our safety Satan can
never touch with eternal one
whom Christ is prepared
Christ is prepared for
Temptation by his previous
intercession for Grace's
provided in Christ in Christ for
every soul in a way of Escape
has been made one need fall
under the power the power of the
enemy friends you may have done
things been things you things
you may be something right now
you don't want to
take courage to
every Christian the words that
were addressed in Peter had I'm
praying for you you and your
faith doesn't need to fail
you're not left alone I'm by
your side I'm by your side
friends today's the day to
decide who you're going to be if
you got to be if you got a
backup like the white limousine
and go go ahead it's it's not
that you gain your salvation and
it it's that you protect your
experience through surrender
through surrender its that your
love for Jesus recognized as a
competitor and says no
I don't want anybody to go today
with a convicting a convicting
weak conscience but if somebody
leaves this knowing their loved
by God and they cannot and they
cannot deny the major message
crisis to get through to him
praise God and remember
and remember friends when breaks
out and you are called to
are called to be the Daniel of
the day there's a God standing
by your side by your side who
with him in the vessel you can
smile at the storm at the storm
when Trouble Comes the Bible
says the righteous are not
afraid of it you're not give
your heart back to Jesus Again
In this again in this moment
right now I'm inviting you and
whatever he says to you from the
word the word if it seems off
check it out else please call a
pastor call a friend
call a friend but if you simply
slipped away from Fidelity to
Christ and he's calling you back
he's calling you back go I'm a
the world Listen to you the
skeptical to you the skeptical
unspiritual world that says
there's something beautifully
different about that person
about that person but make no
doubt When the tide comes
the tide comes Christ is calling
you to stand be brave may God
help us God help us will sing
our closing hymn hymn
praise God
has come back win
for didn't die thy to
meet the enter
stop the rain stopped
stopped I like the rain stopped
with the cause of the hive
you watch for years
I'd stop stop
stop stop

Lord there's moments around us
right now us right now were you
calling us you be lured into
follow the follow the
convictions of the spirit it's
not a future moment that we need
to be looking for it's
for it's just letting you live
in our hearts and be who us to
be today it's breaking away from
breaking away from something
that's got a hold of us that we
formally deemed to be innocuous
deemed to be innocuous or
Innocent but it's not
it's going down a road of wrong
teaching or wrongdoing and your
they're saying friends we
retrace our steps could your
journey be a your journey be a
bit more simple and your bit
more free and pure pure so Lord
for those that we'll listen I
pray may they know this is
between know this is between you
and them I've been a prompter I
couldn't begin to
couldn't begin to know all the
little controversies that
comprise the great controversy
that's going on and the the
hearts and souls of your
brothers sisters your children
children but I'm praying right
now Lord we'd all Let Jesus be
Lord the one be Lord the one who
went to the Cross whose nail
printed have our names written
on on them
I'm praying Lord that understand
what it is you did how much
how much it cost How Great Is
Your Love love and that there
would be no sacrifice that there
would be no sacrifice that was
deemed to even be considered
great compared compared
to what who you are bless this
this Village Church bless all
who are listening if ever there
was an age to be practicing age
to be practicing who we are in
Christ knowing who we are in
Christ and being
being who you've called us to be
and letting the they may it's
today it's today may we leave
here in perfect peace hearts
have surrendered to you in Jesus
name you in Jesus name amen
please be seated
once again will be again will be
dismissing from the back we ask
you to please sanctuary go out
into the parking lot
out into the parking lot and if
you want to visit out there in
the Fresh open would be good our
Windows have been Windows have
been opened our doors are open
all of the sanitization that we
can do we've done but
done but we're asking now that
we practice some good public
hygiene and social distance
you'll be dismissed from the
dismissed from the back will
sing while the dismissal going
going on
my microphone will be singing
all hail the power of Jesus name
as name as we dismiss 229

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