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Hey, what's going on nation? I have an oblique style workout for you guys today
I'm actually doing a photo shoot with Jed North in the end of
September and when I arrive, I want to make sure I look my best now
I've been training really hard over the last few months as you guys know, we've been going to the gym together with my vlogs and
Overall, I'd say I'm pretty much photo shoot ready, maybe drop the body fat a little bit more
But I want to make my core tighter. So I created two workouts one
That's gonna hammer my abs
really hard and the other one that's gonna hammer the obliques and I spread them out over the course of the week and I do
Them in the morning because I'm already doing abs and obliques training and my regular workouts
So obviously I can't train obliques twice in one day. It makes no sense. So depending on how my workouts fall throughout the week
I add these extra workouts in and if you want to see what I'm doing for the rectus abdominus
Smash that like button and I can create a similar workout style video
Like I'm doing right now the rectus abdominis or upper and lower abs, but for obliques guys
There's nothing better than when you flex and it looks like these giant fingers are coming in from the side and grabbing the abs
Right, and that's what we're going for
And so this work out the way it's done is it's four
Exercises and there's really no rest periods because the exercises that I'm gonna do you're doing one side at a time
So as soon as you finish one side
You go to the other side and then back and forth until you complete all the sets for that exercise
So the first exercise is gonna be a high to low cable pulldown
Then you're gonna do a low to high cable pull
Then we're gonna do some woodchoppers and then we're gonna finish it up with a stomach vacuum
But I thought it would be great to show you guys what one set looks like of each exercise
But remember you're doing a total of 4 sets per exercise
except for the stomach vacuums those sets are a little different because
The exercise itself isn't a rep exercise. You'll see what I mean. So let's get started for the high to low
Pulldown what you're gonna do is keep your chest upright. You don't want to be bent over like this
Ok, or leaning forward like that. Keep your body upright and step away from this cable machine
So the weight stack isn't touching you want to keep constant tension on your obliques or your core the entire time
I like to put my arm down a little like this now while maintaining this upright position
You're gonna squeeze and go to the side
come back to the top get a nice stretch and
Go up and down like this
I'm gonna go to ten
Soon as you finish one side, we're gonna switch to the other side
Making sure we're staying upright slight bend in elbow
And make sure you see when I come to the top
I'm pushing my hip out and I'm really trying to stretch the area before coming back in for a flex
One more
That's gonna be the first exercise and you're doing a total of four sets. So just keep going back and forth until you finish
Now for the next exercise, let me go low to high now
you guys see me do this exercise a lot of times with a dumbbell if
You still want to use a dumbbell you can I'm just gonna utilize this one section of the cable machine
So I don't have to bounce around the entire gym if I was doing it in a gym
And you can get the same effect
but instead of using a dumbbell you're gonna use the cable machine take a step over to the side and
Chest up go as low as you can
Now keep your legs together and keep your legs locked so that as you dip
You push your hip out and you get a huge stretch over here
And then come down
Yeah, we're going ten yeah
Soon as you're done on one side go to the other side
get that stretch
As soon as you finish switch back to the other side and do three more sets and for the final exercise
We're gonna do a woodchopper
Four sets. I'm sorry, not the final exercise the final cable exercise
And when you do a woodchopper, we're gonna stay mid-range and cut across the body
And remember you want to have it about hip height. So it's a little too high right now
but also remember you're gonna bend your knees, so
Hip height is here
Probably needs to be there in order to be proper hip height, for when you bend your knees and to lock your fingers like this
I'm gonna do 12 repetitions per side and when you do a woodchopper
You want your hips to face away from the machine like this and also face your head away from the machine as well
keep your arms locked and
Push all the way through and as you come back your toes and your hips and your head face forward
Like this
As soon as you finish one side go to the other side
And again complete three more sets and now you're done with the cable portion of the movement now
We all know if you want core control
You've got a master the stomach vacuum, you know, then when you master it is by doing it multiple times throughout the week
And so for the last exercise you're gonna do ten sets of a stomach vacuum
But you're just gonna hold it for as long as you can and that's one set and catch your breath and do it again. So
Stomach vacuums can be tricky
So if you never done them before check out this video right here show you how to do them
but what I like to do to be able to draw it as much as possible is
first catch your breath
Woodchoppers always take the breath out of me
Take in a few real deep breaths make sure you're able to get lung capacity and then breathe all that air out
What I like to do is slightly bend over
Take in a huge breath breathe out and then suck in my stomach and then hold that as long as I can
Usually about 12 to 15 seconds then able to pull it in and squeeze
you're not just sucking in your stomach guide you're drawing it in and you're actually
Flexing it at the same time once it's sucked in it takes a few times of doing it probably
two or three times before you start to get the hang of it and then the more you do it the more you'll be able
to draw your stomach in it's another set real quick
Okay, 12 seconds there
And I'm gonna do that another eight times to wrap it up
Now as you get better with this and get more core control if you want to experiment doing different
Variations of the stomach vacuum like pumping your stomach in and out you can do that as well
You might not be able to do it right away, but you will eventually and it's always a good thing to try
So check this out. This is what I mean
Creepy, right?
If you can manage to do that, it can be like a party favorite when you go out with your friends
You're like everybody watch this just take off your shirt and start doing creepy stomach stuff
But this is gonna be my workout guys
I'm gonna fit this into my routine at least once a week in the morning get a little extra
oblique training in and like I said
I have another routine that I'm doing strictly for the rectus abdominus or upper and lower abs if you want to see that work out
Smash that thumbs up button and I'll be sure to create it for you. But only if this video gets like 5,000 likes
There's 2.3 million of you. We should be able to hit 5,000. No problem
So smash that like button and as always more good stuff coming soon. See ya
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Like I still see people doing these workouts today
Even Max Chewning did a video where he was showing some ab exercises
That he got from one of these workouts like a week ago. Link directly to the video
Check it out

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