3 Unexpected Heartburn and Reflux Triggers// Heartburn and reflux are uncomfortable, and avoiding heartburn and reflux triggers can help you feel better.
Today, I'm going to share three unexpected
triggers of reflux and heartburn that you
may not be aware of.
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If you have heartburn or reflux, you're probably
already aware of some of the more common triggers,
things like spicy or fatty meals, caffeine
or alcohol.
By the end of today's video, I want to share
three additional possible triggers that you
might not be aware of, and hopefully one of
these will turn out to be one that you can
do something about.
I've had a couple of clients now that have
figured out some odd triggers for their heartburn.
Like my client, Andrea, who found that her
4:00 PM cup of mate tea was a huge trigger.
So you can do this work and figure out your
triggers so you can avoid them.
So let's get started.
I recently woke up in the middle of the night
with intense throbbing pain on my side and
in my stomach and with pressure in my chest,
right under my heart.
So for those of you who regularly experience
heartburn, I want to tell you that I can empathize
with you because this really, really hurt
and it was super uncomfortable.
For me, the trigger was a spicy fatty meal.
I don't usually have heartburn and I kind
of got it back under control using my favorite
little tips and tricks about heartburn, including
baking soda and DGL and a little bit of extra
apple cider vinegar use over the next couple
of days.
If you need a few more of those tips, I do
have an earlier video called, Natural Fast
Heartburn Relief Tips.
I'll leave a link for that below this video.
So I'm sure that you're aware of your most
common triggers, but I want to share a couple
that may not be on your radar.
The first trigger is low stomach acid, and
for a lot of us, this is a little bit counterintuitive
because heartburn is the experience of stomach
acid and stomach contents being in the esophagus
and burning the inside of the esophagus, right?
So how could low stomach acid be the problem?
The trick is that low stomach acid can make
the valve that holds the stomach closed, in
between the esophagus and the stomach, a little
bit lazy.
So one way to increase the ability of this
sphincter to stay closed and keep our stomach
contents from refluxing up into our esophagus
is to make sure that we have adequate stomach
acid, and I have made a whole other video
about this.
So if you want to check that out, you can
look at How to Increase Your Stomach Acid
for Digestive Health.
I will also leave a link for that below this
The second odd heartburn trigger is too much
water before, during or after meals.
When you get ready to eat and you smell the
food and you start thinking about eating,
your body starts to creating stomach acid
and also digestive enzymes to get your body
ready to do the digestion work, but if you
chug a big glass of water right before you
eat your meal or with your meal, you can dilute
that stomach acid and decrease your digestive
Though you're probably pretty full after your
meal and you wouldn't drink a whole ton of
water, it's also not a great idea to drink
a lot right afterward.
So my general recommendation with this is
to avoid drinking a lot of water 30 minutes
before, or for one hour after a meal.
You can drink a little bit.
I think a reasonable guideline might be about
a cup of water through that time period, but
otherwise let your body do the digestive hard
work and avoid water.
While we're on the topic of water, ice cold
water or ice water can also just be a trigger
for heartburn and reflux.
So maybe avoid the ice water with your meals
as well.
The third odd trigger, which surprises me,
how many people haven't heard of this or thought
of this when they come in to see me as a private
client is an H.pylori infection.
H.pylori is a bacteria that can take up residence
in your stomach and it doesn't really like
the full acidity of the stomach.
So by way of how it burrows into the stomach
lining, it can impact the ability of the stomach
to make stomach acid.
Then if the stomach acid level drops enough,
this then can lead to that weakened sphincter
between the stomach and the esophagus, like
we talked about in the first trigger.
This also can have a lot of other consequences
for your digestion downstream.
This can cause sluggish bile flow from your
It can lead to low absorption of vitamin B12
and iron leading to anemia, and it can also
leave you vulnerable to other types of GI
So if you have chronic reflux or heartburn,
please talk to your doctor or someone like
me about getting screened for H.pylori to
make sure that it's not there, and if it is,
there are ways to clear that infection and
improve your digestion.
I do have a little bit more information about
that in my video, Gut Microbiome Testing for
You can check that out.
What are your weird heartburn or reflux triggers?
Tell me about it in the comments.
So I hope this video helped give you some
additional clues about places you can look
for some of your own heartburn triggers and
ideally, you'll find something that's going
to help relieve your heartburn and reflux.
You can also check out those other videos
I talked about for some additional stomach
acid and reflux support.
If you're ready for some professional help
with reflux or heartburn, there's two main
ways I can help.
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It's a guide that contains the step by step
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tools that can help you get there, like my
Food Symptom Diary.
You can download your copy of Roadmap To Gut
Recovery by visiting confluencenutrition.com/roadmap,
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ready for some one-on-one customized support,
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You can schedule a free 30 minute assessment
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your next best steps might be, and to also
talk with me about working one on one with
I'd really love to meet you.
You can schedule that by going to confluencenutrition.com/contact
and I'll look forward to seeing you on my
Already, I hope that you're able to reduce
the frequency and intensity of your heartburn
and reflux symptoms by addressing unseen and
unknown triggers.
Please leave me a comment and like this video
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with someone else who could use it, and I
will look forward to seeing you next time.
Take care.

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