Baby#3 week 34 pregnancy update: symptoms, stats, midwife appointment, methods for moving baby out of the ROT / ROL position & some info on how …
hey guys welcome back to my channel
today i turn 34 weeks pregnant so i'm
gonna go ahead and get this started
with my symptoms and stats and then i'll
start talking about
everything that happened at my midwife
appointment two days ago so i woke up
this morning and was 161.4 pounds
that means that i've gained 36.8 pounds
in 34 weeks
and baby is measuring around 18 inches
and 5 pounds somewhere in that
zone as far as symptoms go i firstly
have finally finished pretty much all of
the nesting
like getting everything organized i
unpacked the last thing in my garage
it's completely emptied out and just
an absolute beautiful thing if you
walk into my garage it's completely
a hundred percent empty i've got
all of my important things in totes and
a couple free shelves that i picked
up to give myself some
file cabinet kind of space
everything is
very minimal just the things that i need
and like i mentioned
in my last update as far as our closets
and my linen closets go
all of our storage spaces everything is
spotless i have had my hands on every
single thing
and have purged everything that i don't
need i've probably purged more than i
should but
there's a lot of things that
if you need to buy that down the
it's better to just buy it down the line
holding on to it and having all this
junk because then when you actually need
it you can't find it so
i feel this weight lifted off
me and then once i finished the garage i
started going crazy on everything else
yesterday was a deep clean day i swept
and mopped i
vacuumed i bathed the cat
and washed all the stuff in
her corner all the stuff with hair
on it because my midwives are actually
allergic to cats so
i really wanted to de-fur the place even
though we just moved in like six months
i also washed the curtains and i
bleached those to make sure they're
clean i washed the throw pillows deep
cleaned the bathrooms and the kitchen
and all of clementine's pacifiers and
and my pumping stuff
i did a full hot load in the
dishwasher i didn't boil everything
it's all clean stuff anyway i just ran
it through the dishwasher on a
warmer cycle so everything got
freshly cleaned after the move
and everything and
i can't think of anything else really
that i need to do at this point
i even washed my car yesterday so
i do need to move the car seat into the
car but
that's like the last thing physically
all of my symptoms are the same there's
really nothing new to report except
the pelvic pain that i was mentioning in
my last video
that pelvic pressure
because she's engaged
has turned into a pain it's definitely
getting worse
and this kind of brings me into my
midwife appointment
she has been in the right occiput
anterior position well we've kind of
been unsure
whether she is in the transverse
or the anterior position but
they've decided she's
transverse not
transverse like baby this way but she's
head down
in the occiput i think it's called
occiput position
on the right side but she's looking that
so in my lower
left i'm feeling all of her punches
and then over here i'm feeling her
bottom and then all of her kicks
so these are the two- it's pretty
obvious that she is in the right occiput
transverse or if you don't live in the
united states right occiput
lateral i think is what they call it
lateral position now at this appointment
my midwife
did some feeling around and asked me
what i was feeling
she said that the reason the baby is not
moving over to my left side
is because
my ligaments are very tight
on the left side
so essentially the roof is higher for
the baby on my right side there's just
space for her over here because
it's so tight on the left side
and i've been carrying anakin on my
right side to try to
encourage her to move over to the left
but they said at this point me being 34
weeks pregnant
it is time to start at least trying
she's not in danger she's head down
she's not posterior but they think that
she's going to turn to posterior because
she's in transverse she may turn
posterior in birth
which means that we're going to be spine
to spine and she's going to be head up
and those births tend to last longer and
be more painful and you also have back
labor so
we want to kind of do everything we can
knowing ahead of time that she's in this
to try to encourage her to move over so
some of the things they recommend
is that i do go ahead and go to a
that along with manganese for
tight ligaments a lot of athletes use
this and
you do get that increase in the relaxin
hormone at the end of your pregnancy to
loosen up your ligaments but also
baby takes all of the things from you so
baby also needs the relaxin
or whatever it is for
for her ligaments so she's stealing that
from me and
they think that might be why my
left side is tight
i think the reason that i'm so tight on
my left side
is because i can't lay on my left side
without that numbing that
that numb spot that i constantly talk
about it's not that it's numb that i
can't feel it's that it burns
i feel like i haven't been
explaining it completely right
when that numbing starts happening it
starts out as a numbing
then it starts burning like
it's on fire
and i can't hang so
when i'm laying on my left side
most of the time that is what encourages
that and i just roll over so what i've
decided to start doing
since i'm still 34 weeks is
instead of doing the manganese and going
to the chiropractor i first want to see
if this works
i started doing my ball exercises
about five to six times every
single day
so the full routine that i have
i'll do
two to three of those in a row of the
twice a day at this point i'm
starting to notice that she is doing
some crazy moving since i started doing
i'm not just doing it once or twice a
day i'm really on it because it's
really stretching and opening up
my hips and everything down
it really helps to do that and
that is my
prescription that i am
writing myself before i decide to do
the chiropractor or take any extra herbs
but along with that
when i'm on the couch or when i'm editing
this is my pregnancy spot where i lay that way
and i can see the kids this way but i'm
laying on my right and
i think that because i haven't been
too much on my left it's been making
those ligaments tight because they're
not stretching with baby
the right ones are nice and loose
because baby's always been over on this
so i've moved my pillows over to this
side so when i am over
on the couch and i need to turn to see
the kids or my little coffee table set up
everything is making me shift my
body to where i'm
being more on my left side naturally and
then in the middle of the night i'm
laying kind of flat with my knees
tilted to the left side but i'm not all
the way on the left side because
it starts to burn so i'm kind of just
laying on my back with a slight
tilt at this point and then gradually as
my ligaments start to loosen up and
my body gets more used to being on the
left side more often
i'm hoping that this is going to
shift her if it doesn't within the next
couple weeks i'll then go to a
chiropractor and start taking
the manganese maybe maybe i'll just go
the chiropractor i'm not sure yet which
one i want to do
i will link down the manganese that
she recommends down in the description
box if you're curious at all about that
it's just to loosen up your ligaments
and also heals them after pregnancy
when everything needs to go back
it makes everything work
if you're deficient and then the final
thing they mentioned to help
is the miles circuit i'll put a
link to this down below
basically you're spending 90 minutes one
90 minutes three 30-minute positions you
put your body in
and one of these positions is laying
on your left side essentially on your
left side and on your stomach like
all the way over and holding that
position for 30 minutes and that's what
kind of inspired me like if that's one
of the three positions to move
baby over to the left side me laying on
my left side is probably really
and it's probably really gonna help so
that's what made me decide to go ahead
and try
being on my left side as much as
possible so gravity will move baby
over because
the miles circuit is actually supposed to
be really effective
i can't do it though i can't spend 30
laying all the way in my left side this
spot will just be
on fire it is the most agonizing
thing it's painful it
burns and numbs and tingles and
very difficult to describe but it is
much worse when i'm
all the way on my left
side it's bad so i'm gonna be trying
these things for now to try to get her
to move over and
i'm not at the end yet technically in
three weeks i can deliver her
via home birth we're in the clear
but i'm trying not to plan to
have her at 37 weeks another thing that
i mentioned in my last video was when i
would get out of bed i would
teeter my legs down and my body up
and my stomach would
point and one of you actually pointed
out in the comments that it's called
coning and that's exactly what my
midwives said i brought it up to them
and i actually showed them what my
stomach does and they're like stop stop
no no
no no no don't do that but
i wanted them to see what i was looking
at how my stomach kind of points into a
cone when i go up straight like that
and they said you're just not supposed to-
don't get out of bed like that so
any of you who heard me in that last
video don't get out of bed like that
they said just
shimmy your body a little easier instead
of just
going up don't be flexing your abs
they said they didn't see any damage as
of right now and i have been
doing my abs
throughout pregnancy up until a couple
weeks ago
so my core is semi-strong just
with summer here i have not been
working out like i did with my pregnancy
with anakin
but they said they don't see any damage
from me doing that but to stop
doing it so
don't do that don't let your stomach
cone don't get up straight
try to kind of shimmy your body to the
side if you can avoid
flexing those muscles and doing any kind
of sit up crunch
movement so now that i am 34 weeks
pregnant i have started my
evening primrose oil and this is the one
i use this is 500 milligrams
it's called solar evening primrose oil
and i'll link it down below it is really
hard to find the 500 milligrams one i
like to start at 34 weeks taking only
500 milligrams
every other day one capsule every other
i talk about this and my how to prepare
your body for birth video
for a faster birth it worked with anakin
my body was fully
prepped and it went so fast but
a lot of women will get the thousand
milligrams or the 1200 milligrams
that's too much to be taking at 34 weeks
pregnant you're not full term yet
i take the 500 milligrams
every other day
starting at 34 weeks then at 35 weeks i
take one pill
every day and it's a very low dose but
it's easing my body in to where i'm doing
something to prepare
early on but i'm not doing too much it's
baby steps and then as i reach the end
of pregnancy my dosage continues to
increase a tiny bit every week
and then in the last
few weeks you can be taking those bigger
dosages but i will link it down below
because i think it's important that if
you're going to be taking it this early
that you take
the 500 milligrams and this ripens your
the prostaglandins
help thin out your cervix it works
the same way that semen does to
soften the cervix
but i talk about this in that video
all of the information is
in that video
and like i said just one 500 milligram
every other day it's not a lot i'm not
trying to induce labor or anything like
that i'm just
doing this at this point because i just
turned 34 weeks and then i'm still doing
two dates a day and one cup of raspberry
leaf tea a day
with the raspberry leaf tea i only do
half a tea bag at a time so really i'm
only having
half a tea bag a day until around 36
weeks i believe is when i up it to two
cups a day something really big that
i wanted to ask my midwives about at
appointment is- i don't want to get
demonetized so i'm going to be careful
which words i choose-
stimulating yourself during labor
climaxing during labor and i have done a
lot of my own research
and i've been researching this for about
a month i mean i've looked at it here
and there but now that i'm approaching
the end of my pregnancy i have come
across a lot of information
i asked my midwives and
gave them all this information
they were like
do it
if for no other reason because it makes
your body produce oxytocin
they use
a synthetic oxytocin in the hospital
to induce and to get your contractions
going faster so
they said that and breastfeeding during
labor produce oxytocin and
make sure things keep going but aside
from the oxytocin
doing that during labor in between
since i got the okay
from them what i'm gonna do is
in early labor when i'm not in the tub yet
whenever i go to the bathroom
i'm gonna be in the
bathroom with the door closed i'll just
do it then
in between contractions and i'll
do that as much as i can
until i'm transitioning and can no longer
focus on any of that but they even said
they'll leave the room they'll close the
door and let me do my thing if i need to
do that and them knowing ahead of
time that i'll be doing that is
actually really good
but here are some of
the supporting reasons
for why that works to help
alleviate your pain during labor first
when we are
prepped things grow not just men
women too you grow down there the blood
flows down there and things grow in your
case as a woman
you grow and you open up
so you're opening up to prepare for
something to come inside
well in this case you're helping the
blood go down there
and grow down there for a baby to come
so everything growing down there is
actually a really good way to help
promote baby coming out easier because
everything is more opened up along with
that you're also producing lubrication
and one of the things in my home birth
kit that they had on my list
was to buy organic olive oil i just
bought a little one they don't need
a lot but
just in case you're having trouble
baby's not really coming they can put
some olive oil there
to help baby kind of slip out
well if you're doing that and there's a
lot of lubrication down there that's
also going to help baby come out along
with this you're going to be relaxing
you're going to be able to take your
off of labor if you're capable and in my
case i know i'll be able to do it
pretty well i always am able to do it
much faster if i'm standing up just
because of
blood circulation or whatever so just
standing up in the bathroom i'll be able
to do it quick enough in between
and it'll put me in a state of
relaxation before i hit the contraction
so i won't be living in fear in
between contractions i'll be able to
take myself out of this painful
headspace and put myself in a
relaxing headspace and then after you
have that dopey feeling
so it's like a natural drug and then
as a woman i'm sure you know
this after you do that
several times down there you tend to get
like if you put on a pair of pants after
doing that a few times and
the pants move around you kind of have
those little distractions of oh
those little distractions
during labor
i mean could there be anything better to
distract you than
little hints of pleasure here and
there and as you're starting to stretch
and open up if that is really sensitive
it's like the best
possible distraction when you're going
that pain there was a study done on rats
i don't know exactly how they
conducted this i read it
but i don't have the study in front of
me but they did do a study on rats that
that oxytocin
and that pleasurable feeling
it blocks the pain receptors i think it
to the pain receptors making you feel
less pain so
all around i'm going to be doing it and
i will be able to
testify to you guys how it went
for me and
i'm super excited to be able to share
that information with you guys because i
have never done that during labor and
i like being a guinea pig i like
being able to share
how things work for me and share that
with the world share that with you guys
so i am going to be doing that i did get
the okay from them they did say they had
somebody recently who did that
at her birth so i know that it's not
that unheard of i mean i don't think
that a lot of women like to talk about
it but
i'm pretty much an open book for the
most part i'm an open book but that's
going to be it for this update
we scheduled my in-home visit
it's going to be my next appointment
when i'm
36 weeks and 3 days I'll
have my in-home appointment and
they're gonna be bringing my birth pool
over so i've got that
ready and if i'm not noticing her moving
i will probably start going to the
maybe do a couple trips to the
chiropractor at 36 weeks and i might try
the miles circuit
routine thing at that point as
well because i'm still at 34 weeks and
i've noticed that i've been on my right
side a lot more
i think that i can intervene and
the ball exercises are really gonna
help because
like i said i've been doing them five to
six- mostly i've been doing them six
times a day but if you like this video
please give it a thumbs up
and make sure that you are subscribed
and hit that little bell
because god knows what's going to happen
we're at the countdown at this point
but i will show you my bump right now
and say goodbye here
thank you so much for watching and i'll
see you next time

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