4 Signs Something is Wrong With Your Bowel Movements | bowel movement Bowel Movements may seem like just another mundane activity. A part of our daily …
bowel movements may seem like just
another mundane activity a part of our
daily ablutions we however have so many
other things going on in our busy lives
that we fail to pay attention to the
Wellness of our bowels it is easy to
overlook certain signs and issues that
need our attention today's video will
discuss four signs something is wrong
with your bowel movements before you
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1e irregular bowel movement a healthy
individual should have a bowel movement
at least 1 to 3 times a day if you are
not excluding waste and toxins from your
body at least once a day it can lead to
health issues pooping more than 5 times
a day is also a warning sign and you
must consult a doctor immediately 2
blood appearance of blood in your feces
on a regular basis is dangerous it can
be a symptom of colorectal cancer or
evidence of polyps
if appearance of blood is accompanied
with chills weight loss and fever you
may have a high level of bowel disorders
3 size and texture you're approved
texture and sizes a lot about your bowel
conditions if the waste is hard
difficult to pass and in small lumps you
are constipated fluffy pieces or liquid
form are most likely diarrhea the
healthiest form of waste is one that
looks like a sausage or snake for stress
your unhealthy bowel movements can have
an impact on your mental health and
stress if you feel stressed on a regular
basis with no real reason for worry it
may be a sign that you must get your
bowel condition checked at the earliest
if you have any of these unhealthy signs
of bowel motion please get yourself
evaluated at the earliest toxic and
impure wastes should be eliminated from
the body at regular intervals for a
an healthy lifestyle have you ever
suffered with your bowel let me know in
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