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5 Hunger Suppressing Foods.
There are several foods that because of their
composition increase the feeling of being
full and therefore reduce our desire to eat.
This helps a lot when we want to lose pounds.
Fundamentally they are from the family of
vegetables and fruits and in addition to suppressing
hunger, have very few calories and are very
healthy. These are:
1. Mushrooms.
According to one study, they are light and
nutritious in equal parts, and their satiating
power lasts several hours after they have
been eaten.
2. Onion.
They have a compound known as plant insulin
that prevents sudden rises in sugar, which
reduces hunger between hours and the tendency
to accumulate fats.
3. Seaweed.
It is possible that its taste displeases you
but also they are presented in dust that you
can mix with the food when you cook and almost
you will not realize it. Its wealth of satiating
fibers like kelp, nori, fucus, etc. algae
also contain a large reserve of yo that activates
the metabolism, helping to burn fat.
4. Spicy spices.
People who like very spicy food leave the
diet before because they are recommended to
take few condiments and yet it is quite the
opposite. Spicy and strong-tasting spices
like chilli, ginger, curry, pepper, peppermint,
cinnamon, cumin, enhance flavor and trigger
calorie burning and are very satisfying.
5. Oat Bran.
Contains a lot of fiber, which we all know
is satiating and also in its composition has
a lot of vitamins group B, chromium and magnesium,
so it helps to control anxiety about food.
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