Can yoga cure Gerd,remedy gastritis and acidity or relieve heartburn? These poses help reduce the symptoms of GERD.Dive deeper on this topic …
hey how's it going welcome to jivayogalive my name is Charlie and in this
video I'm gonna show you some Yoga for
so in this video we're gonna work with
some yoga for good and so what is good
good is a disease it is gastroesophageal
reflux disease which also more commonly
is known as acid reflux and heartburn
and so when someone is suffering from
this there is acid in the stomach and
it's coming up into the throat into the
chest and it is creating this really
intense burning sensation is extremely
uncomfortable as is any kind of
digestive discomfort and so what this
video is designed to do is just to work
through some super gentle poses that are
going to massage the this area as well
as stretch it open and so when you're
working with this kind of disease I
don't recommend doing anything too
no intense inversions and just you want
to move slowly and gently and so these
are some really great poses and so we
can get started and we're going to begin
in on all fours coming on into tabletop
and so just finding a neutral spine here
taking a breath our first pose that
we're going to work into is cat pose and
so you might know cat cow we usually
work through these at the beginning of
our practice just warming up into the
belly and so cat pose specifically is
just a great way to just start to send
our attention into the core and so we
can just do a couple of rounds of
cat-cow now so inhale dropping the belly
opening the chest exhale pressing back
into cat inhale coming forward into cow
exhale brushing back puffing up through
the shoulder blades one more time
inhaling forward opening the chest in
the heart exhale rounding back and this
time we're gonna settle into our cat
pose here so really pushing into the
palms be as dramatic as you can be
really trying to imitate that angry cat
posture so puffing up through those
shoulder blades and we really draw
the belly to spine here so this is where
our focus is going right now our
awareness is at the core and in the
abdomen in those belly muscles I'm so
remembering to breathe continuing to
send the breath down into the belly and
then we can move on to our next pose
we're just going to tuck the toes and
push back into a simple downward-facing
dog and so here we're just ease
relieving and easing the belly we're
just letting it hang letting it be soft
taking any tension from the cat pose out
of the belly here
so really countering its peddling out
the legs and pressing into the hands and
then finding some stillness again the
belly is just being allowed to soften
and relax here finding some ease
and then our next very simple very
gentle pose working with any symptoms of
GERD is the child's pose so we're going
to take a breath and then exhale we're
going to drop the knees wide here we're
gonna bring the big toes together to
touch and we're just gonna allow that
belly to really fall in between the
space of the thighs here so dropping it
down taking your forehead down to the
mat extending the hands and pressing
down into the palms and so it's really
important that we let the belly be soft
here and so not holding it in not
restraining it in any way just letting
it hang let it be open let it be soft
and I want you to purposely send your
breaths down into the belly just really
feel it filling up feel that expansion
and then let it go
I'm just taking one more deep breath
here again really sitting that awareness
deep into the belly and then we can
start to come back up walking the hands
and so these poses that we are working
through today especially the ones like
Child's Pose I really recommend spending
5 even 10 minutes in these poses it's
just letting the body know that
everything is fine everything is okay
and just allowing it to really be soft
and to be open and that's really going
to help with these symptoms of the acid
reflux in the heartburn but if you're
ready to move on we'll come into our
next pose which is half a lot of the
fishes so we're going to bring the right
leg out extended long bringing the left
sole of the foot in to the earth and
then just taking it across and then we
can either leave this leg extend it out
along the mat or we can bring it in aim
of this pose is to work with twisting
the upper body so not too worried about
the positioning of the the legs just
finding what's comfortable for you
because that's going to allow you to
hold this pose for longer as well really
spending some time working with what's
going on in this area so finding what
suits now and then taking the left hand
behind and then wrapping the elbow
around that left leg we're gonna take a
breath and then we're gonna twist over
to the left twisting the chest the neck
the head even twisting the gaze getting
a nice stretch for the eyes right over
you can close the eyes down and then I
want you just to send your awareness
down into the belly here
noticing how this position is really
compressing and twisting so you can
imagine that you've got a sponge and
you've twisted it and so that when we
release these poses there's a fresh rush
of blood that pumps into this area and
so this is dispelling any toxins any
wastes getting rid of any gases but just
a not serving us so just holding this
twist just for as long as it's
sending each breath down into the belly
notice how when you fill the belly up
with the breath it's getting a
compression and a massage as it presses
against this thigh here and then when
you're ready you can slowly unwind
unraveling the body and wrapping the
legs and not forgetting to take that
pose to the other side and then once you
have balanced both sides of the body you
can come on down lying on your back for
our last pose which is super common for
any kind of just digestive distress
including symptoms of GERD and that is
Pavan um of tossing out our
wind-relieving pose so coming down we're
gonna bring in the knees into the chest
here we're gonna lift the shoulders up
off the earth and wrap the arms around
the knees so we're squeezing the knees
together and we're pulling the thighs
down into the belly where they're gonna
arrest the shoulders in the head back
down on the mat just slightly tucking
that chin so creating a bit of a double
chin look here so the spine can stay
straight and then inhale exhale pull
those knees a little deeper into the
belly and so I want you to work with the
breath here with each breath I want you
to send it deep down into the belly
filling it up and then you're pressing
down with the arms pulling the thighs a
little deeper and so this is really
compressing this space really massaging
into those internal organs and you can
really just hang out here for as long as
you've got allowing this compression
just to really get things moving
but when you're ready to move on you can
just release the legs maybe just holding
on to the knees or opening them wide
just releasing the hips rocking left and
right just massaging into the lower back
and then we can rock on rock and roll
our way up to a seat and come back to
sitting and so even though I've moved
quite quickly through these poses for
this video I highly recommend spending
at least five minutes in each pose I'm
just sending that awareness into this
area of the body with it with each pose
just allowing those symptoms just to
dispel and yeah hopefully you can just
add these poses into your practice so
we're also strengthening the body so we
can prevent future flare-ups and so yoga
is just a great natural remedy and as
opposed to having to take
over-the-counter medication so give
yogur ago incorporate it daily and see
how you feel namaste
thank you for joining me today I hope
you learned something I hope you get
some symptom reduction I hope you're
feeling a little bit better if you like
this video then please subscribe to our
Channel and feel free to leave some
comments below and most importantly have
a beautiful day namaste

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