Kroc Row is strength stretch exercise great for external rotation.
G'day, Guys! We're talking about
the Kroc Row, one of my personal favorite
exercises. I'm gonna hop in here, get
my chest up to the end of the bench, head
over the top, I'm pushing my belly in but
I'm hollowing out through, my legs are
nice and long in the back and I'm facing
my knuckles here, so I'm getting a nice
stretch and locking my shoulders in and
then I'm coming around bringing my
pinkies riding around in the top and
then I'm slowly letting out. So this is
really great for external rotation and
you could call this a strength stretch
or for the more advanced it could be a
great exercise for lat hypertrophy,
you're really shortening the muscle in
this position and then slowly out and
let's do one more, locking in here, chest
up nice and tall,
stomach's pushing into the bench and I'm
coming up and getting my pinkies right
around, nice and tall in this position
and resisting and getting it right
around. And that's how you do the Kroc
Row. Thanks, Guys!

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