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6 Signs Your Liver Can’t Stand Your Lifestyle
Any Longer
The liver is the largest organ in the body.
It is also the heaviest organ.
The main function of the liver is to regulate
chemicals in the blood.
It also evacuates a product called bile.
This helps carry any toxins or waste away
from the liver.
All the blood that leaves the stomach and
intestines goes through the liver.
The liver processes and breaks down this blood
and also creates nutrients for the rest of
the body.
Your own liver needs to be healthy at all
If it becomes unhealthy, you may need to start
changing your lifestyle.
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Your Blood Sugar Is Low: According to Healthline,
one of the main responsibilities of your own
liver is to maintain your blood sugar level.
If your liver has been severely compromised,
your blood sugar will begin to drop.
Your liver processes and produces glucose
after you eat a meal.
But if it doesn’t have the ability to release
the glucose into the blood, your glucose level
will begin to drop.
This results in low blood sugar levels which
causes extreme fatigue.
5 Hormone Imbalance: Your own liver also regulates
your sex hormones.
If your liver is severely damaged, it could
result in an imbalance of testosterone and
estrogen levels.
This can lead to serious health problems such
as worse PMS symptoms and also low libido.
Do you recognize any of these signs so far?
Make sure you stick around until the end,
because we’ll tell you what you can do to
improve your liver’s health!
Unexplained Mood Swings: Your brain controls
your mood and memory.
If toxins begin to enter your brain, you could
start to experience mood swings and even forget
certain things.
In many anxiety and depression cases, the
liver is severely damaged.
If you start to notice unexplained mood swings
and memory loss, go speak to a health professional.
Keep watching for even more dangerous signs
that your liver can’t stand your lifestyle
any longer!
Low Immune System: Many people don’t realize
this but your own liver plays a big role in
building your immune system.
The nutrients that it provides for the body
help fight off infections.
It also helps prevent toxins from infecting
the body by releasing them.
The Mayo Clinic states that if your liver
cannot do this, your immune system will become
If you notice that you are feeling weak or
fatigued, or if you keep getting sick, it
may be your liver.
If you feel weak and also start to show the
other symptoms described in this video, you
should consider checking to see if you have
liver damage.
Sleeping Disorder: Have you ever experienced
sleeping beside or near someone who snores?
It’s annoying and can be an absolute pain
to deal with.
In some cases, the reason why a person is
snoring is that the airway they’re trying
to breathe through is blocked.
It can be blocked for 2 to 3 minutes.
If you’ve been told that you’re starting
to snore, you might want to go to your doctor
and get your liver checked out.
Well, According to a study conducted by researchers
called Managing Sleep Disturbances in Cirrhosis,
sleep disturbances such as insomnia, sleep
apnea (which can cause snoring), and other
sleep disorders are common symptoms associated
with liver cirrhosis.
The study also states that this sleep disturbance
can negatively affect a person's life and
cognitive functions, and that those who suffer
from liver disease may also experience restless
leg syndrome and obstructive sleep apnea.
Chronic Fatigue: The Mayo Clinic states that
in addition to having a weakened immune system,
if your liver is damaged, you will also experience
chronic fatigue.
This chronic fatigue can lead to lack of sleep,
lack of energy, and an overall sense of malaise.
And if you continue to feel constantly fatigued
and are not getting enough sleep, you may
start to notice that your mind seems to be
You may find that you are confused and forgetful
as well.
In addition to this, if your own liver is
being overworked, then it won’t be able
to filter blood properly.
Because of this, toxins are left to roam free
throughout the body.
In some cases, those toxins can make their
way to the brain and affect your sleeping
If this occurs, you may experience symptoms
such as memory loss, confusion, and difficulty
making everyday decisions.
Now that you know the 6 reasons why your liver
can’t stand your lifestyle anymore, here
are ways you can improve the health of your
liver, including foods you should eat and
lifestyle changes you should make!
If you want to improve your own liver; the
first thing you need to do is reorganize your
Start by adding fruits and vegetables.
The liver needs vitamins and minerals in order
to properly function.
There is no food that has more vitamins and
minerals than fruits and vegetables.
Another thing you should do is eliminate food
Your liver can filter the additives, but why
make your liver work harder than it already
has to?
Give it a break.
There are all sorts of different foods that
you can eat that are good for your liver.
According to Healthline, grapefruit has antioxidants
which can help protect the liver.
These antioxidants can also help to reduce
a condition called hepatic fibrosis, which
results in connective tissue build up in the
This condition can result in chronic inflammation.
You should also incorporate blueberries and
cranberries into your diet, which both contain
Anthocyanins are antioxidants which can help
keep your liver healthy and protect it from
Healthline also states that studies which
have been conducted on rats have found that
that berries can slow down the development
of scar tissue in the liver.
Healthline also states that grapes have a
number of health benefits which can reduce
inflammation and prevent damage to your liver.
In addition to eating specific foods to improve
your liver health, you should also avoid drinking
too much alcohol.
While small amounts of alcohol won’t affect
you, if you overdrink or binge drink, you
could be causing damage to your liver which
can be easily avoided.
In many cases, the liver is damaged because
people consume large amounts of alcohol on
a regular basis.
It’s ok to have a couple of drinks, but
overloading your liver with alcohol can severely
damage it.
In some cases the damage is unrepairable.
The reason why it affects the liver so much
is that the liver processes it like a toxin.
It does this because alcohol can have a toxic
effect on the liver.
The easiest solution is to reduce your alcohol
If you can’t, go seek professional help
because you may be suffering from alcoholism.
In addition to maintaining a healthy diet
and reducing your alcohol intake, you should
also try to incorporate healthy, active living
into your life.
Exercise can help improve your overall health
as well as your mental health.
You should also avoid eating packaged goods
as well as sugar, carbonated drinks and refined
One last thing you can do to improve your
liver health is reduce the amount of stress
in your life.
According to Dr. Axe, your hormones play a
big part in your liver health.
If you practice different ways to reduce your
stress, you can reduce the inflammatory response
caused by the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal
The HPA can change when you are stressed,
causing inflammation which can result in liver
So try to reduce your stress and remain positive.
Dr. Axe states that a damaged liver can lead
to anger and frustration.
Try to reduce stress from your life and stay
If you do think that you have liver damage,
don’t panic.
Do what you can to improve your life and go
get your liver tested to check to see if you
do have liver damage.
If you are diagnosed with liver damage, listen
your doctor’s recommendations and be prepared
to make some pretty big lifestyle changes.
If the liver is unable to convert the toxins
into waste, they just sit there until the
liver is healthy enough to get rid of them.
This can cause severe health problems.
If your liver becomes unhealthy, it will begin
to fail.
If your liver is failing, your blood sugar
level could drop.
You could also suffer from a bacterial or
fungal infection as well.
Your brain could also start to swell if your
liver is failing.
So if you experience the signs mentioned in
this video, it could mean that your own liver
may not be able to handle your current lifestyle.
If this is the case, you may need to make
some changes that can improve your liver health
as well as the overall quality of your life.
Never take your health for granted!
Now that you know about the 6 signs your liver
simply can’t stand your lifestyle any longer,
what are some ways you incorporate healthy
living in your life to make sure that your
health is in good shape?
Let us know your health tips in the comments
section below!
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