Are you always constipated? Sick of taking laxatives? Need a natural way to relieve constipation? In this video, I’m going to share my top tips prevent …
hello welcome to my channel for today's
video I'm going to dish the scoop on
poop I know it's awkward to talk about
poop but you know what your poop tells
you a lot about your health so talking
about it is important 33 million people
in the United States alone suffer from
constipation regularly and you do not
need to suffer in silence so if you're
constipated and you're struggling with
it and you've been taking laxatives let
me tell you a lot of times constipation
can be fixed by simple diet and
lifestyle changes in this video I'm
going to tackle 6 tips to get you
started so let's begin tip number 1 eat
enough fiber so we all know that fiber
can help relieve constipation and that's
why you reach out for a lot of fiber
supplements start off by having fiber
rich foods in your diet and then you're
still struggling consider taking a
supplement but a supplement is just what
it is a supplement try to eat more fiber
rich foods first sources of fiber
include fruit vegetables beans and
lentils nuts and seeds whole grains
basically any foods that are not
processed and that are not animal
products typically have fiber to drink
enough water so when you are dehydrated
your poop is dehydrated which means it's
harder and more difficult to move
through the colon and to get out of your
system healthy poop is hydrated poop so
make sure you're getting enough water
and something to remember when you're
taking more fiber supplements or you're
eating more fiber you actually need to
drink more water fiber absorbs water so
if you're actually eating a lot of it
and not having enough water it will just
clog up you know it's kind of like a
plug it just won't move so make sure you
drink enough water if you're curious to
find out if your dear
or not I'm going to link a video in the
description box below which is basically
this video here that talks about how you
can figure out if you're hydrated or not
number three eat enough healthy fat
eating healthy fats is important for a
healthy digestive system so if you're
constipated and you're on a low-fat diet
that might be part of the problem so I
suggest eating more healthy fats which
include things like avocado nuts and
seeds and salmon if you are a seafood
tip number four probiotics so we hear
about probiotics all the time these days
but how many of us are truly getting
enough probiotics are important for a
healthy digestive system and if you're
constantly constipated it could just be
that you don't have enough healthy gut
flora the way you can increase your
probiotic consumption is you can take
supplements which is a great choice for
beginners and if you want to become a
little more advanced you can make your
own fermented foods at home number five
get enough magnesium so magnesium is one
of the minerals which is very low in the
modern diet we're just not getting
enough and magnesium helps you relax the
muscles and it helps you too and if
you're not getting enough magnesium you
could get constipated I recommend eating
more magnesium rich foods such as nuts
and seeds dark chocolate my favorite and
leafy greens and in general eating Whole
Foods now if that's not doing the trick
and you're still struggling and
constipation consider taking a
supplement magnesium citrate supplements
can help ease constipation
tip number six change your lifestyle so
constipation is not just about what you
eat it's all about your lifestyle as
well getting daily exercise and focusing
on stress management can ease
constipation symptoms so something as
simple as taking a daily walk can make a
huge difference and if you're interested
in stress management I recommend trying
meditation I personally use an app
called calm and I use it every morning
and I think it makes a huge difference
there you have it six tips to relieve
constipation if you learn something new
and you liked the video you know what to
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video bye

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