8 Ways How to Get Rid of [email protected] Health Sanctum If gas accumulates in your small intestine, your tummy may really feel full as well as limited. This is …
If gas builds up in your small intestine,
your stomach may feel full and tight.
This is known as abdominal bloating . This
can cause your stomach to look swollen.
It can also come with cramps
belching pain, diarrhea, shortness of breath,
and lower back pain.
There can be a few different reasons for bloating.
The main ones are when gas builds up in the
Other reasons can be constipation, peptic
ulcers, trapped air and indigestion.
Try passing gas and a bowel movement to help
ease bloating.
If that doesn’t work, here are some simple
things you can try.
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I Will Present 8 Ways How to Get Rid of Bloating
Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal has holes that let water
or air pass through.
These holes can trap the extra gas in your
body which is caused by stomach bacteria.
You can find activated charcoal as a tablet,
capsule, or powder.
Ask a doctor to find out the amount you should
be taking.
Warm Lemon Water
Warm water is good for you because it keeps
you hydrated and washes bacteria out of your
Lemons are full of vitamins and minerals that
are helpful to your body’s digestion.
Some of these are vitamins B and C, riboflavin,
calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, proteins,
and carbohydrates.
Lemons also have an acid which helps break
down food.
For these reasons, drinking warm water and
lemon together is great for your digestion.
It can stop bloating, gas, and constipation.
Caraway Seeds
Caraway can help stop the muscles from tightening,
kill bacteria, and cut gas buildup in the
Carvol and carvene, two chemicals found in
caraway seeds, help soothe the muscles and
force gas out, to help stomach bloating right
If you’re looking for a great way to stop
gas buildup and bloating, try eating pumpkin.
Pumpkin has a lot of vitamin A, potassium,
and fiber that help in digestion.
One cup of pumpkin at a meal will help digestion
a lot.
You can steam it, bake it, broil it, or just
use it as an ingredient in any of your food.
Peppermint has menthol oil, which helps stop
the smooth muscles in the gastrointestinal
tract, bile duct, and gallbladder from tightening.
It also calms gas build up and helps food
pass through the stomach quickly.
Ginger is an herb that eases gas and bloating.
It has sharp ingredients like gingerols and
shogaols that help to cut swelling in the
intestines and loosen the intestinal muscles.
Chamomile Tea
Another way to lessen bloating is with chamomile
This is because tea stops swelling and tightening
of the muscles.
It can also help with heartburn.
Fennel Seeds
Fennel seeds are great for problems with digestion,
because they fight bacteria and soothe pain,
and have carminative and diuretic properties.
This means that they lessen gas in the intestines
and water in the body.
Fennel seeds also help lessen bloating by
relaxing muscle tightening in the digestive
That’s 8 Ways How to Get Rid of Bloating
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