Fred Finelli, MD, vice president of Medical Affairs, recounts his experience with a grateful parent after he assisted in a kidney transplant for a young child.
– The biggest surprise I ever got
was a transplant patient.
It was the father of a
transplant patient, actually.
I didn't do the transplant,
but I took the kidney out of the donor.
Then that kidney was transplanted.
He made a very generous
donation in my name,
and I was shocked.
I was totally shocked,
and I did the usual,
this is years ago,
I did the usual, oh, yeah, it's nothing,
I would do it for anybody.
And he said, well you did it for me, and
my boy.
And then all of a sudden,
I had this account
with money in it at the hospital
from philanthropy, and
when a great cause came along,
that I knew needed some money,
it was really, really nice to
to then, myself, be
philanthropic about it,
and donate it to one of my associates
who had a great project
that was really helpful to patients.

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