Our Discovery: COLOPHONY —- Google Science Fair.
my name is to limit my knee is the
we are ready to use of
we will include thought 30 he's such a
need to set things on
chance 38 Copeland
I like a crafts and I'm who it sent
I do sport in my free time but our
favorite activities studying biology
we spent years together with preparing
for by the judge impedes
I start learning about the castle threat
for Humanity might buy a joint Peace
I came across some reports explaining
how cass is spread so fast
and I was surprised by the Kasserine
sadness and death race in the world
I want that to happen those desperate
people and devote myself to this issue
than one day mostly more gym I'll if
that and I went to my grandmother
she advice me to use the resin then I
wondered about worse
and become my studies I learnt that the
war sound good temple tumors
so I came up with an idea it president
Hughes works
why not to it cass is too much feel this
high heel when I investigate content of
the resin
I found that diver color funny I told my
plant my friend
will be on studying to edit on this
cook only is a natural substance
obtained from reasons
trees which is used in the right deal
areas such as
cosmetics medicine paper and
at has two production Christine so is in
aren't too but today gains but in that
period the reason pitch ins
criticized and love up forty
we consult some on colleges at the
party's idea perfect we determine our
they told us that the lung cancer rate
is the highest in the world
and we create our hypothesis call a pony
onto proliferative and genotypes it
depends how long cast themselves
at concentrations which %uh non-toxic
two months s
how pretty it was delighted in two
stages obtaining
Google bony large-scale article research
cytotoxicity engineer took City
first it was Funchal appointed up to a
few hiking at DT
York didn't stop the resin don't mean it
could call a point from resin
not guilty almost a great the in me
through a cytotoxic and
Jain adults in the face of color final
long tassel
an online cell lines the XTT and that
list he want this more used a Willis
we used a comma estate as the China
toxicity endpoints
we spent two years researching
and two and alternative experiments the
repeated w's 21 and
XT teeters many times duty up to a more
proper results
we'll see missed Katie Taylor foot
doesn't do any
commit essay put to take innate damages
after three months we complete Otis
balmy finish
analysis the results were unbelievable
call police
or closer to talk to get the pics it is
normal once it learned there is
it will is look pretty high cancer cell
ads will
by XTT and deadliest t1
test the results all commit this is who
will eat those dependent increases in
the single-stranded DNA breaks the
cancel lunch cells Liz cause significant
damage was
absorb in non-muslim cells
it nearly destroyed 75 percent took this
she to the acaso throughout New because
ten thousand dollar to park tourism
cause only bop 07 the fact that other so
the people can but sweet injury and
nature the way
according to the results I'll type it is
their pool
cool phony has Highland to proliferate
to and Gina took the bait
online cancelled cells at concentrations
which are non-toxic to normal service
call upon the March as an odd parity
threaten the party can still
it open to new pet and he deserves more
it we saw good to help people say week
and protecting to meet you
will not allow up but the best one that
will learn these
we are very beginning of the road there
are so many things to do

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