This is a typical Paraguayan food in the rural or campo, areas. It is a mix of stomach, liver, heart, and some intestine and spices boiled up over a medium flame …
okay so as I said nothing from the cow
is gonna go to waste
so this is a soup called Botti boreal
which is made from stomach the heart the
liver I think in kidneys whatever it is
all the the guts of the animal basically
cut up into small pieces and put into
this water and yeah so it's gonna be
like an appetizer or something for for
the group and before we start the Asado
so we'll have ribs and and you know
other cuts from the cow on the on the
grill but this will be like the I guess
the appetizer I guess the way you would
call it but take a look you can see all
the different parts in there nothing
goes to waste and is apparently super
healthy also
so anyway Bati

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