A huge controversy had erupted last year when the BJP-run Maharashtra government ordering the cuttings of trees in Aarey Colony, Mumbai. The decision was …
A huge controversy had erupted last year
when the then BJP government ordered to cut tree in the forested land of the Aarey Colony.
The decision was made to make space for a Metro car shed.
There were major protests against the felling of trees to protect the wildlife.
The Aarey Colony is home to many trees and animals.
The Maharashtra government declared that they will cut 2,700 trees.
Environmental activists were all protesting against this decision.
Many of them were arrested as well.
The BMC had then petitioned the Bombay High Court for permission to cut the trees in the area.
However, in October last year, the Bombay High Court refused their plea.
However authorities then hurriedly cut trees in the dead of night.
In November 2019, the Shiv Sena-Congress-NCP alliance won the election and came to power
while the BJP lost. The newly elected Sena-Congress-NCP government
ordered to stay the construction of the car shed in the Aarey Colony.
Now Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray announced,
The metro car shed project in Mumbai's Aarey will be relocated to Kanjurmarg in Mumbai.
There will be no escalation in costs or budget
since the government already owned the land in Kanjurmarg.
The Aarey Colony has been declared a forest.
It is an 800-acre jungle in the middle of Mumbai.
Its flora and fauna will be protected at all costs.
We will ensure it is protected against any future calamity."
Thackeray also said,
"Court cases filed against people protesting against the cutting down of trees in Aarey will be withdrawn.

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