تاهيل تام لاحد مرضى عملية الرباط الصليبي في عيادة الدكتور باسل الشاعر للعلاج الطبيعي والحجامة.
AlSalam 'Aliqum
OAliqum Alsalam Wa Rahmat Allah
take a seat
I have done an oporation in my knee
which operation?
Anterior curtiate Ligament (ACL)
and the told me that I have to make physical therapy
so I come to start together and to understand what should I do
Ok, when did you do the operation, sense when?
ehhh, two weeks ago
now what are the problems you have?
I Can't bend it
Is there pain?
yea, there is pain and the muscles are atrophyied
Ok, is it swelling?
yea, swelling a little
these photos are at the operation day?yes
this is the pin they put, but it looks a bit tall
have you talked with your doctor about it?
and what did he say?
he said it is normal
hold these please
we'll take these off
do you feel pain?
Ok look, today of goal of treatment will be to decrease pain and decrease swelling
that's it, and surely next sessions we'll make other things
enoght, we'll take it off
I'll start the electric pulses something to be tolerated
do you fell it?
is it good?
OK, we'll stay 10 minutes like that
how are you?
tell me how do you fell today
how is the pain?
there is pain
swelling decreased a little but still Existing
of course your leg still not moving
today we will work on decreasing pain and swelling as the past sessions, by the cold packs, tens, and lazer
in addition we'll start moving the joint and increasing the range of motion
of course we will work in less amount on the knee joint, we will work on the hip joint and the ankle joint
I want you to try elevating the joint from here
all of it?
As much as you can. I know you will not be able but just try
I will help you
Is there pain?
OK, put it down
another time
more ,more, more
1,2,3,4,5 descend
another time
good, good , a little bit more
now we'll work on the joint, if you fell any discomfort tell me
is there pain?
A little
What's up?
enough? OK
Ok, now i want you to bring your feet toward us, in this form
you fell pain?
A little
I'll help you
Whats up today?
the swelling has disappeared
and the pain?
OK, today we will do as the last session increase the Range of motion in all the joints
and we will increase the flexibility of the muscles and try to strengthen it
this hot pack is for increasing the flexibility of the muscles
give me your leg, if you fell pain tell me
there is pain but it is OK
this movement it to increase the muscle flexion
like this for extension
extension of the joint of course
this is one of the muscle stretching exercise
turn on your stomach now
try to bend
bend, bend, bend,more, more,more
that's it? you can't more? a little more, can you?
A little
put it down
bend this let us see how is it
to the end bend it
bend the other let's see where it reaches
I want you to turn again
now I want you to try to elevate your leg alone
hold this
we put this over here
I want you to pull it ,elevating you leg upward
yes, wait a moment
this exercise you should try to make it at home
I mean if you bring a piece of cloth and make this exercise
this is for the posterior muscles to be elongated
What's up
toady we will start walking step by step, partial walking
you will walk by the crutches, you will walk without putting all your weight on the joint
First, put weight over the foot downward to let the brain remember the things he must do
now I want you to start doing these movements
you will find some difficulty, this is normal
elevate as much as you can
we must do this exercise from sitting position to get rid of half of our weight, and don't overload the joint
now make these movements like this and this
Put a little pressure over it not much
session by session I find you improves
you have to improve your balance
welcome ,how are you
thank God
We will work on improving muscle strength
and there is something called Neuromuscolar coordination
this mean''s you want to play football who you can bring back your skills
jump like that

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