Seizures can be terrifying. When seizures occur with a child, the effect on those around is chilling. The sheer feeling of helplessness is hard to describe.
Seizures Testimonial Audio
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My name is Paula McTaggert. My husband is
Bill. I’m a registered nurse and my husband
is a paramedic. He has over 25 years in the
field and we have a son, David, our youngest
child. In 2005, we went on a vacation to Texas
and our son was jumping up and down on a mattress,
fell, hit his head on a brick, fire hearth
and injured his head. But didn’t seem to
be a whole lot more going on with his injury
other than he had a little bleeding. We fixed
that, cleaned it up and went on our way.
About a month later, our son started having
seizures so we took him to the doctors and
the doctors would just send us home with medication
and tell us to go home and if he had a seizure,
take the medication. This went on sometime
going to two different hospitals to two different
ERs. Again, “We don’t know why but take
the medication and send them home.” He went
to a children’s hospital, had a lot test
done, still they had no answers. So again
it was, “Here, take the medication.”
Well, our son was about three years old and
he was having 15-20 seizures a day still even
on the medication. They put him on Topamax.
When they originally put him on the Topamax,
we had to increase it three different times
in one week and still he was having seizures
all day. So our son was either post dictal,
seizing or on medication that was causing
him to just kind of be in a stupor. Fifteen
minutes a day I saw my son the rest of the
time doing nothing there in his eyes.
Well, one day it worked. Another nurse asked
me how my son was doing and she asked me if
he was getting better and I said, “No.”
I was quite worried because I had to come
to work at night and I was scared that something
might happen to him while I was gone because
his seizures happen frequently and some of
them were very long. We would had to rectal
valium on our bedroom wall taped in case he
had a crises and we had to give him the valium.
Well, all through this we kept trying to find
an answer but when my friend asked me if my
son was doing any better and I said, “No.”
She said, “Have you tried to take him to
a chiropractor?” Right then and there, I
knew that was the answer. I knew. So I made
appointment for him and I know he had disappointment.
He was still having seizures. We had one waiting
for the doctor’s office to open in a restaurant.
We took him to the doctors. They took x-rays.
They adjusted his back. That was on a Thursday.
Between Thursday and Monday, he only had two
more seizures. So that week I tried to get
off him the Topamax. We continued to see the
chiropractor and the seizures went away.
What level? What level in the neck
C1, which is C1 that was out of place and
we can see on the x-rays that it was clearly
out of place. No medical doctor even question
this. No medical doctor even wondered about
this and he was seeing some of the best in
the nation. He went to a very large children’s
hospital with a neurologist, a neurologist
specialist and still no answer. But after
taking him to the chiropractor and having
him adjusted and try to take him off the medication,
the seizures completely stopped after those
last two.
The smile came back. The twinkle in his eyes
came back because when he was still taking
the medication and he was still having seizures,
there was no sparkle in his eye, like a small
child has when he smiles. There was nothing
there. Even for some time after that twinkle
wasn’t there but after time it did come
back. I know it’s because of the manipulation
that he had in this back.
I know that that was the answer because the
pressure that was on his spine was causing
on this… the pressure on this spinal cord
was causing these seizures to trigger and
having his adjustments change that so he no
longer had that. He was a normal little boy
again. He wasn’t doped up on medication.
He wasn’t seizing all day. He wasn’t post
stick to all day. I was scared to death that
my son might die from complications from his
seizure while I was at work.
So we’re so absolutely grateful. So absolutely
grateful to find the proper doctors and he’s
been coming to Doctor Frys now over the last
few years. The changes that… it’s like
night and day to have your son seizing all
day long and they’re coming in having his
back fixed and the seizures to go away and
Topamax. Topamax has its own side effects
and no parent wants to see your child just
looking like a zombie all day long.
But now we have our son back after doing the
manipulations on his back. He’s a normal
little boy again. So I encourage anybody who
has a child who’s having seizures take him
to a chiropractor, have him checked because
if it is from their spine being out of whack
then you’ve got a whole new world ahead
of you getting him fixed. God bless.
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