“Osyan (Commotion)” An Excerpt From The Poem of Forough Farrokhzad’s “Osyan” Music by Amordad (Ehsan Shanesaz) Video by KAJART Songwriter, Vocal, …
Midnight! Cradles calmly billow:
Heedless of the humans' retreat, a reaching grasp
Shaking and trembling like a rowing raft
Delivers me, once more, to the tempest’s blast
Faces! O' strangers obdurate to my gaze:
Over their abodes, tearful orbs arisen
In the glint of chains, the fear of prison
Oh the fables of the Spirit’s graceful vision
Eyes! Wide open, I sit amidst darkness:
Will I leave this hull, if ever, for one breath
To churn up the world’s stomach like a cry, if terse
I be the one for once to deem God mutinous?
God! If I was God, of my godlikeness:
Not just my name the world would retain
From this studded throne I would refrain
My court, a cloister for the hearts would remain
My terror: not overshadowing passion!
My pledge: hellfire not for insurrection!
My potency would heave grieving chests
My breath would blow screams with-out their breasts
Face-to-face! I stare still at the darkness:
Night pours onto my bed, stars in dimness
Beyond the gates of heaven I see nothing but blackness
But I see no-thing, Oh I see but nothingness

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