Cracked skin around the anus is super painful! Do not practice anal sex when a fissure is present. For more info on coaching visit …
Are you having pain during anal sex because
of an anal fissure?
Hi, I'm sex coach Nikki and this is my little
series about causes and solutions of pain
when it comes to anal pleasure and one is
an anal fissure.
So a fissure is any time there's a crack … if
you've ever had your lips were like dry or
chapped and then you talked or you smiled
and it cracked, that's a fissure and it takes
time to heal, especially if it's in a part
of our body that's moving all the time, like
our lips or bottom, our butt.
So if you're … this is also what can happen
if you go to fast and you're not stretching
the skin and using correct lubrication and
stretching is you can rip the skin with penetration
if you're putting something too large into
the anal area.
So this is something that you can also use
castor oil on to avoid scar tissue because
as it heals it could scar and you don't want
that to happen.
The other thing you really want to do is start
looking at your diet.
You must have enough fiber and enough fluid
because you don't want to be having to effort
in that area for your bowel movements.
So by eating a lot of fiber or even adding
fiber, then that makes it easier to have really
good, easy bowel movements and then making
sure that you have enough fluid as well.
All right, so I hope that helps and I'd love
you to put any questions you may have down
in the comment area.
Make it a sexy day.

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