Certain types of anal pain should not be ignored! Clogged glands lead to abscess and fistula and a dr needs to get involved. For more info on coaching visit …
Is an abscess or a fistula causing you pain
during anal sex?
Hi, I'm sex coach Nikki and this is where
it gets really serious as far as getting a
doctor involved.
So I talked briefly in another video about
pain and the right kind of like discomfort
you could push through, but the kind of pain
you definitely don't want to push through
and if you're having some of these symptoms,
then you want to go to a doctor.
So there are lots of little glands in the
anal area, especially in the anal canal and
what can happen is these glands can get clogged.
If they get clogged, they still need a way
to drain.
So first, they could become abscessed, which
means they could get really infected and engorged
and the doctor can help you with that, but
what also could happen is it can make what's
called a fistula, so it would make like another
route for itself to drain out and for a lot
of people, this can be super painful, so you
don't want to push through that pain, you
want to go get medical help and definitely
take care of yourself.
What other things that can help with the pain
are getting plenty of fiber in your diet,
drinking lots of water and also sitting on
a heating pad with a moist washcloth on top
of it.
So like you have the heating pad, you could
put a plastic bag around the heating pad so
it doesn't get wet, then you can put the washcloth
on top and then you can even use essential
oils like lavender and chamomile, or if you
feel like there's inflammation or infection,
then you can also put in oregano oil, but
just very little because that can be very
stingy if you use too much.
So you want to use essential oils if you are
that kind of natural person and being on the
heating pad, it draws the infection out.
You really want to avoid irritating the area
more with anal stimulation when you're going
through all of this with an abscess or a fistula.
All right, sorry to break the news to you,
but once you get it fixed hopefully everything
will be hunky-dory and you can enjoy lots
of anal sex again.
All right, make it a sexy day.

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