Scar tissue is a common cause of pain in the body. You can remediate it with castor oil and massage. For more info on coaching visit …
Is scar tissue causing you pain during anal play?
Hi, I'm sex coach Nikki and I believe the
second most common cause of pain when you're
doing anal play, whether that's just fingers,
toys, penetration, whatever, is scar tissue.
So, let's talk about how this works.
Scar tissue is formed when you have skin … okay,
your skin is in layers, so we have the epidermis,
the dermis, they hypodermis, and then through
all of that, we have fascia, which is connective
tissue and so these are designed to be able
to move independently of each other.
So when you get any kind of trauma to an area,
like a cut or a tear and then it heals back
together, it is intertwined.
Okay, so all the cells, rather than being
together lined up and then it being able to
smoothly move over each other, they're intertwined.
So now when you have one layer that's supposed
to be able to move smoothly, it's connected
so when it moves it's like pulling on the
bottom layer.
So if you're feeling like any kind of like
sharp pain sensation, that could be what it
So you want to do the mapping that I suggest
in the other video where I talk about the
muscle massage.
You can do the mapping and then just at every
point on the clock, give it a little gentle
wiggle and notice exactly where it hurts and
that will give you some clue as to what part
of your skin is hurting and then you can use
castor oil packs.
So if you use a warm castor oil pack and just
put that on there, it's going to be different
for different people, but generally like 20
minutes at least per day on the heating pad
with castor oil and then that will help the
skin to loosen up.
It loosens those connections.
So the scar … I mean it's still stays healed,
but the scar tissue gets loosened up.
All right, make it a sexy day.

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