we had nothing comes lazy
my not a far place been a fairy
but you know I know
that I'll take the truth
you might have tried
my vision I'm not a part to let
fail I'll be the wind picking up
sale but won't you too
do something for me don't you
tell me
that it was meant to be called
it quits
for testing testing just
because it won't come true oh
there we go yeah we go
what's going on everybody
calling you going I'm your host
today in class is in session
show is brought to you by the
man and you can't
hear me okay when I was like
wait wait
let's check check check let me
see the up here
me check mike check can y'all
hear me yes
I'll say OK hear me hear me now
can you hear me now
let me know if you can hear me
check my can you hear me yes or
no warm and saying he can't
can you hear me yes or no can
you hear me let me know can you
hear me
all right it's all good young
hear me now
I want to
welcome you all to the show
today we honor to chop it up
with y'all man
just for a few hours man because
I'm flying out yeah leave in
like three and a half
hour or so it chop it out for
three hours in we going and I'm
a fly out I gotta fly out
so just chilling y'all so let's
go ahead and
smooth this out out
doesn't me if you want to call
in I'm a open up the lines
five one five six oh five nine
three seven three will be the
number it's kind of a laid back
to a tonight
night we're gonna be talking
about the Master and Commander
we going to still continue to
chop it up up if y'all want to
call in I will pop
in the number guys for you you
I know see here
I want to give a shout out to
all the guys out there and
matter of fact all the ladies
out there today
with some ladies how y'all doing
some y'all listen to just just
kind of a chilled it's a mellow
shoulder everything going be
kind of mellow today but I'm
also gonna be able to answer all
your questions if you have any
questions go ahead put a queue
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they get back together
okay I wrote something I don't
I'm go ahead and and
get this together all right
so let's go ahead and get the
intro in let's go and get this
thing right
go ahead and turn this music
down let's go get the intro in
real quick before we start the
show let's do it come on
this is not not motivation this
is a way of life life
your new life in the darkest
corner deep in your mind is
telling you what you can and
cannot do
making you feel like you can't
or achieve anything you want
it's time to hunt what's been
hunting you all your life
it's time to take Back Control
it's time to say there there
it's time to find your authentic
self self
please encode the information
this is only for you and you
the code it own it
stand by it and most importantly
live by it
don't just listen to the message
we come
the message
let's begin – begin man let's
let's begin begin let's begin
let's do this
let's do this guys lines are
open right now five one five six
or five nine three seven
three and number five one five
six oh five some of these number
oh we only gonna be doing three
we chop it up for three hours
guys three out three hour show
and then for three hours I got
to fly out so we go and just
chop this up until
I roll out stuff and have a show
Saturday morning when outside
excuse me
not Saturday morning but
Saturday night we'll have
another show for you guys okay
just to let y'all know another
show for your Saturday night man
want to give a shout of like I
say to my chat
with dogs y'all got any
questions go ahead ask me
anything y'all want man to show
is for you also if you want to
call in you can't 5156 o5 9 3 7
3 is a number
like I say want to give a
shout-out to the ladies out
there you ladies you know you
are how you doing hope
everything is well with you we
just chopped it up today man we
gonna be talking about master
Commander but we still going to
keep pushing The Narrative of
what we've been trying to get
y'all the see the big picture
you know know one of the reasons
I always talking and saying
Master and Commander in all of
this is because
something very important to me
that I don't think a lot of you
guys understand when it comes to
game is that you have to be able
to be in control of every aspect
of your life no matter what it
is in your life you've got to
you've got to have a
hold on what it is you want to
do and it comes to this game and
a lot of people out there they
just don't know themselves well
enough they're not Masters and
you're not
commanders of what they want to
do it themselves what they want
to do with women
and you know this is what all
this is about at the end of the
day this is never this is not
about me it is about you guys
out there starting to navigate
your lives and starting to see
that you don't have too much
man you don't have that much
time I mean if you think about
it right now look how fast it
was when's the last time
you talked about your graduation
you graduate you thought you had
a lot of time you don't have
time and you know I want to I
want to talk about that
that man I want you guys to
understand that time is
something that is a precious
and it's something that so many
of you guys
are wasting your wasting wasting
time time
a lot of you guys think that you
have tomorrow coming to you that
you got it you think you got
shots that you can just sit back
relax and do nothing
and then all of a sudden you
know everything's gonna come to
place in the unfortunately the
game doesn't work that way you
know I mean it just doesn't it
doesn't move that way as much as
I wish it did move that way
it doesn't and you know as
a Master and Commander you think
about building your ship you
know you
got to think about about
building you you
getting out there and going to
battle going to battle and
getting and going after
what you want so many y'all guys
don't even go after what you
want nowadays you allow people
to come in your life walk all
over you and tell you how how
you should manage your life and
and unfortunately the game
doesn't work that way way I wish
it did but no it doesn't work
that way way
you guys got any questions I can
say just put a queue in the chat
his show for you guys out there
this is for you you
what Maurice what the did you do
Marie say something
go back up wait why Maurice why
are you putting the question
mark in you
with the are you saying
saying so Maurice I
don't I don't understand what
that means means man
but I can tell you what it means
to a woman
with this means to a woman is a
mother don't know what the he's
thinking about on what he wants
to say
and you you food what kind of
question you have if you got a
ask the question don't just put
a question mark in here man come
on man Whoa man
that'd be better than that
as I told you guys before we
have a long long road to go
as far as some of the things you
have to do to be able to
the game we talked about
enjoying yourself
we talked about just having fun
and looking Beyond what you see
see him sight Beyond sight as we
say it not being swept up in
distractions we talked about
sacrifice those are some of the
things that we talked about
and discuss okay
we also talked about being
honest with yourself
and and
tell me yourself which was going
right with you versus what's
going bad because only
you you can determine your fate
nobody else can determine it but
you and you know there's so many
people out here
is just just discussing and you
know saying that it's just crazy
how women get the the
blood and all this and this
ain't even about these women
though it's not even like that
but that's how y'all see the
world unfortunately
a lot of y'all have been taught
to see the world as
issues and problems man women
are problems poaching women
are problems everything
everything y'all deal with is
always a problem on top of a
and you know you wonder why a
lot of you guys are not
winning the way you should be
worrying about too much
in this man worry about too much
5 1 5 6 or 5 9 3 7 3 is a number
if ya'll guys want to call in
you have a question go ahead
and call in or if you have a
question just put a queue
in the chat and we'll be happy
to answer any question that you
you know another thing that I
always want to talk about is how
as a man you've got to be
unconventional okay okay
move that you make has to have
purpose and I think something
I think it's something that a
lot of you don't even have
because you don't even
understand yourself every
thought has to have purpose
every move has to have purpose
and if it doesn't have purpose
that's this is why most you
guys up with women because you
don't stand by by
you make blank statements
that have no power or no impact
and when you make a blank save
you're not going to you're not
going to be able to really get
what you you want
from the woman it is doesn't
work that way
every thought that you have is
connected to how you Texas is
connected to how you
type how you on the phone and
how you date
everything comes from you you
and until you begin to realize
you are the only you
that you you have
and you got to stop giving a
okay you got to stop giving a
the more you stop in the more
you know don't give a the more
you are going to grow in all
this man your focus
focus is is off
I never cared about the next man
I never cared about what the
man was doing I didn't really
give a with the next man was
doing because at the end
of the day was just about what I
needed to get done
moves that I have with moves do
I have to make to win
but to me y'all guys are worried
that has nothing to do with the
game and it kind of shows what
you are are
in this game and why you you
we got a we got to make sure
dad you have to process
everything that you are doing
comes from
One Source source and if
anything is broken in that
Source it's going to have an
effect a trickle effect a domino
on everything you do when you
don't believe in yourself
when you make excuses when you
worried about what women think
you when you worry about what
how women treat other men man
that don't work man
it's not going to get you where
you want to go it's not
but also it's ashes down
I turn that off I think I did
yeah yeah
it's going to slow you down man
so it's slow you down
you know there's a saying that
my mentor always
told me it is something I've
always done and something how
I've always
I looked at my life and it's
something that I know a lot of
you guys don't don't do so I
what I'm telling you something I
know you don't do know for a
fact you don't do this
but I always know excuse me that
before I walk out that door door
when I was out there hunting
I'd say to myself okay you know
what I got you know I want to
get something to eat
eat I want him probably buy some
clothes or I want to look
for something to add to my
house my apartment scuse me
what I would do is I would pull
from my information information
and I would lock in maybe
25 maybe 50
thoughts or 50 things that I can
say to a woman and
even though I had those things
locked in I would probably use
one or two of them
that's how prepared you have to
be because
you do not know your opponent
you have you have no idea who
and what you're dealing with and
a lot of people that like lot of
people like well damn why why
you have to have why do you have
to have so many so many thoughts
thoughts and so many moves
when I'm when I'm making my move
to go out there and meet a woman
as Master and Commander of of
every move is based off of Every
Woman is out there I think to
myself okay if
I met an acoustic woman what
would I say if I met an
alternative one a blues a
classical a country Electronica
A hip-hop a
jazz Aladdin am a metal a pop or
Rock an urban or World type
woman I need to make sure
that I am prepared in my
conversations meaning that
I'm not gonna waste
these things but I'm just taking
him along with with me because I
don't know what's out there
I mean I know it's out there but
I don't know what is out there I
don't know what kind of woman
I'm dealing with
and for a lot of you guys out
there you don't dis is How deep
the game is mass that's why I
always talk about
being a Master and command
things because just because
I run into a an type woman right
let's say she's
electronic okay now this means
you could be at Starbucks she
could be a Walmart you can be a
she be
walking down the street you can
be at a mall she can be at a
grocery store I don't know what
she is is
but as I began to talk to her I
am able to decipher it she acid
is she
I don't know dance drum and bass
is she EDM
it she house is she id'd him is
she industrial is she
techno music techno hardcore it
she trance and she tribal or
she trip-hop meaning everyone
that I told you the different
woman that has a different
thought process
that's why
when I approached her make sure
my approach to her is are saying
water it works with every woman
but see that's not the game
right there the game
doesn't start right there that's
what I keep trying to tell you
guys the game has start when you
make that move right there okay
all right Mickey
make sure you press A peculiar
okay make sure you put a queue
your questions I'd love to
answer but what I'm saying to
you is that you don't know what
kind of woman you're dealing
with we'll talk about that
want some answers question a
Steve does Chuck Rhodes from
billions have any redeeming
qualities as a man GE recommend
others strong lead examples like
Bobby actual yeah Bobby Axelrod
you have ghosts from Power
you have a your boy boy Kevin
Spacey from house of cards
he's known but game he's
spitting political gangs
it when he first started he was
sitting in the audience and he
by the time he was done he had
the presidency
so he was always making moves
you know you got the tutors
you got for Sally's you got
Vikings things we see men are
strong where else you do see
I say that's a I mean there's so
many of us got a really think
but absolutely but what I'm
saying to you Mickey is not just
watched the characters that you
see on the screen what are you
taking from them how can you
utilize that how
can you use is that lies that
okay but see a Mickey don't
worry about if everybody watches
billions all right this is where
you failing again stay on the
road you're swaying
doing what women want you to do
cars a tray and
focus on your self now y'all can
give him out
lie a James Bond and things like
that yeah give answers but don't
don't try to stir up
conversations with other men
when you should be focusing on
yourself what's a good
picture for the tap tap card to
draw to draw in each different
kind of woman
what's a good background picture
what do you mean background
picture I understand I need more
information what do you I don't
understand what do you mean
background background picture
a background picture is not
going to draw in what do you
mean I don't know who told
you a background picture is
going to draw in I need more
information on that brother just
let me know any more information
I'll keep talking but you give
me more information I appreciate
because I don't understand what
it is you're talking about right
now now okay
you see guys what y'all don't
understand and I always tell you
that it was is one of the one of
the exciting things I love to do
is every time I love to shop and
every time I wanted to go out I
always would go to
nice areas now again I was
middle maybe a little bit lower
I didn't have much money I told
you had an apartment a car and
took the
bus a lot I didn't have I didn't
much money I have much you know
what I mean and
and but that didn't stop me from
going out there and meeting
women that had will cake the up
now it wasn't about the cake it
was just the environments in
which I used to go to
UC you see why everybody wanted
to stay in the area I would go
museums I go even though I don't
drink I go to wine tasting
places I go to Opera's I go to
theater I hated that
while I coppers and I'm out like
classical music here like this
but what I'm saying to you guys
that most of you guys are so
busy scraping the bottom of the
barrel with these women you're
not even talking in certain kind
of classy women that have classy
man that and I don't want you to
be a thanking him I can't you
know sugar baby baby I don't
want to say that but what
I want to say is that every
woman that I
ran into I knew that my Approach
is always going to be the
same because the approach that I
give you is are
water saying so it can work on
any woman but it doesn't work on
bottom of the barrel ain't
low-hanging fruit
women okay it just doesn't it
doesn't do that um
and there's a there's another
one in there ya'll say James
Bond hey there's another guy you
need to look at is
it's on FX it's called mr. in
between is it mr. that
motherfucker's all man that
month was no nonsense and it's
got things called mr. in between
is like
an Australian show at like this
while I love that show
it he's like a hit man but he
don't he don't
you got one job and one job only
and he follows a job and he
takes care of
business but watching these
characters on TV is not going to
do anything for you if you are
not if you don't believe in
yourself you just watching the
just to watch a gentleman okay
that's something that I want you
to think about
and Ponder while we're talking
about some of this stuff mr. in
between yeah
was my mother that's my dog
right that's my dude right here
mr. in between um um
the boys on on
Amazon Prime it's a few hours in
little bit of no-nonsense in
there it don't take
so you'll have certain kind of
role model men you know out
there you know like you know had
Chuck Norris can be won and
things like
that but but
I'm saying that watching these
men in action action is one
thing but
being a man and action is
something totally different and
that's something that we need to
get you to see cuz
cuz like there there there has
to be a hunger inside of you you
that has
to override any fears that you
have and that's that is the
biggest issue and that's where
you're not a Master and
Commander commander
boat that you command should be
going through any kind
of water rivers lakes oceans it
should cut through
everything and your sales should
be your compass right
but the problem is is that your
hunger not only for
knowledge but your attitude is
not strong enough right now is
fear that you have right now is
holding you down now
and I don't know what's you know
my eyes it's don't know what the
fear is of I don't know what you
what you what you're fearing
you guys I think you fear the
rejection rejection you fear the
but that's why I always tell you
you don't you don't lose
lose I even when a woman says no
to me twice
it's not really a loss it's a
learn I I never I never lose
because I never sit my ass on
the sidelines
I remember when the internet
kicked off
man around 96 guys in and I
kicked off
and it was the it was the most
beautiful thing in the world
we were like torn we I told you
the first time I went to
California was I met a woman
online she flew
to California just to me Santa
Ana California I was a Oh my God
it's place beautiful like wow
look at the mountains and lights
and it's just feels good outside
she flew me in just a
but what I started to realize is
that and it's some My Mentor
told me all the time
never about where you're at it's
about what you are when you're
that place and if you're one
with yourself you can get
a navigate women Wherever you
are it doesn't matter being
online offline
it could be dating ABS it
doesn't matter because speed
all these things and this is
what it would blows my mind
about a lot of you guys
out out there
is that you don't understand you
are the one source source you
you are
if you can't talk to a woman
you you if you can't text a
woman it's you if you can't
spit no yakking on flavor and a
woman's ear man that is you you
okay okay well of course
you lose if you don't try yeah
that's when you lose your you
don't try that's right I said
that Joe
I've said that that's that's
but I'm always in It to Win it
I'm so arrogant and I'm so
goddamn cocky
I hate guys me tell you
something since I was a little
lad lad
I bred myself to be competitive
man you know I spoke about this
on the twenty one I can talk to
you about
competitive okay because y'all
don't even see it they don't
even know and I use Kobe Bryant
an example of be it what
competitive is
you see what y'all don't
understand about Kobe Bryant is
that Kobe Kobe Bryant
wanted to play basketball for
his high school team right and
he made
the team right right but was
that enough
no No because Kobe when he was
playing basketball
high school he would say I'm
that I'm so good
that I don't want to play with
the college boys I want to go
against the top of the top I
want to go against men
so what did Co we do we bypassed
the draft I mean by past college
scuse me
enter the NBA draft and got
selected I think it was by
shorter than you got a
drip tray down went straight to
law says whatever he became a a
Laker and do you think him
making the
NBA was enough you think he was
satisfied because he he is
dreams finally came
true and he said itself okay I
said I wanted to be in the NBA
and now I'm here
no because if you know anything
about Kobe he didn't even start
he was sitting on the bench
but while he was sitting on the
bench do you think he was crying
you think it was complaining no
he was out there perfecting and
practicing his shot because he
said that I didn't want to I
don't want to just be on the
I want want to start
and once he begin to start that
wasn't good enough for him him
because once he realized he
began to start as he was
he was constantly practicing and
perfecting his shot even though
he was doing a lot of Jordan
Michael Jordan moves he was
perfecting his own
moves as well well
but for a lot of you guys okay
you start in NBA in a lot of are
happy just
collecting a check and starting
in the NBA but the Kobe say that
Kobe said no that
I want to be an all-star
I don't just want to start I
want to be an all star
and he became one and then he
said I do you think
it was having me an All-Star no
he said you know I want I want
to be MVP of all
the All-Stars that means I want
to have that that means
dad day I want to be the best of
the best and I want to hold
up a trophy to show the world
that on this day right here Not
was an All-Star
I was the best of the best best
what do you think he was
satisfied with that know because
most of you guys would be
satisfied with just getting a
woman same
scenario where'd it go we say
after that he said you know what
being an All-Stars great getting
our MVP is great but you know
what that I want to win a world
championship I want to
championship man
and he busted his ass and he won
a championship
and even if he was alive today
you know what else he wanted
that he was already in for he
said just being a champion
I want to be a Hall of Famer
but see the end result of him
being a Hall of Famer started
with a
that said I don't want to just
be happy and satisfied with just
the average man
I don't want to be satisfied
with that okay okay
and what I'm saying to you guys
out there that's y'all's problem
you're satisfied with
talk about this is a man's is
question real quick after three
months little girl
with female know in 15 years how
can I get understand that I
don't want a relationship
not ready done it well Logan let
me tell you something Logan
Logan I say this with love man
y'all are full of
I hate that can't be real with
Logan you knew you didn't want a
relationship from that woman you
knew that dog but you wanted to
so bad
that you told that woman and you
gave her a bill of goods a bag
goods that were nothing but lies
manipulation and deception
and even if you say you didn't
dog why the are you somebody
with no rubber why do you not
love yourself why are you
somebody without a
what do you mean how can I get
it I understand that you want a
relationship you should have
told her that
not three months ago see this is
let's do the math now I'm glad
your father congratulations I
don't want to
I'm not here to knock you on
your daughter and I'm glad you
have a daughter think that's
but let's go nine for a year ago
before you slayed your dick up
in that woman
a year ago with no rubber on on
why the didn't you tell her what
the deal is is see this is
y'all full of man this is we are
full of Edgar if you find it
funny get your ass out here man
I'm not laughing about this this
ain't funny funny Logan I
appreciate the message Edgar you
got to probably get your ass
out of here ain't funny laugh
again to see what the happens
the Logan back to you it's what
I say to y'all man
man you knew Logan that you
want a relationship with that
woman you knew Logan all you
want to do is
why don't you just tell all I'm
here to do is you
why did you tell I don't want a
relationship I don't want to
hear this I didn't see Logan let
me tell you why you were lying
dog and I'm saying this with
because if you were adamant
about that
you wouldn't be asking me this
question right now you did one
let me let me tell you what it
was though
as I know your kind you wanted
some from this woman she gave
you a little bit of play
you fell in love with the and
you her because it was some easy
and you gotta pregnant then all
of a sudden when she told you
she was pregnant all of a sudden
you want to push that this this
notion that you know what
relationship when you were doing
relationship things with that
woman Logan
you were hanging out with that
woman like y'all were a couple
couple you are feeding that
woman like you a couple you are
going on with that woman like
you were a couple so don't act
like you ain't doing this my
then you want to ask me how
can I get her to understand
understanding is over with you
were locked in for 18 years
because you couldn't hold your
weight in your water and cover
up your god damned
how can I get it I understand
that I want a relationship about
telling her
funky ass that you don't want a
relationship see this is your
this is y y'all get you treated
like women
women though this is this is
where you see the
in the lines because you never
said you didn't want a
because you wanted to and you
knew she was saying to you the
only way you could
is my having a relationship
and the fact that you doing what
you doing right now dude that's
that's weak man that's week is
man I'm sorry I hate I look
look I care man but I I'm tired
of y'all
you know these women are
unaccountable you
know these women are responsible
and why the are you do you want
that bad Logan where you had to
hang around and pretend to be
something that
you wasn't to get some
is that I can tell you the first
you won is you're the one that
with no rubber on there is Logan
if you didn't want a
relationship then why the
didn't you wrap your dick up and
not get that woman pregnant
well y'all are some bull man
y'all trippin man and I'm not
being mean
to you look I'm just trying to
get you to see you gotta stop
lot you guys stop lying dog if I
don't want a relationship with a
woman I'm not going to get the
woman pregnant if I don't want a
relationship with a woman I'm
when I her it's gonna be with a
I don't want a relationship with
a woman I'm not going to give
her and give her relationship
I'm not spending time with her
hanging out with her taking her
out to eat
take you to the movies and doing
with her that you did Logan
you did it all for the you you
got your ass
got come on Logan wake
up man
you knew this woman for 15
goddamn years
years and you knew she wanted a
and now that you got now that
you have your beautiful daughter
and now the woman's pushing a
relationship or marriage
now you want out you better be
responsible to that kid man
better response with that kid
to you man you got more
information logon just go ahead
let us know and I just say this
cuz I care man
see you I appreciate it if you
gave you some feedback on a
conversation I had with a woman
I was clear concise as possible
can I see the cup yeah send me
gimme that right now the man
mindset at send that
over Red Rover Red Rover send
that over and ran my instead of
send that over and I will read
it just let me know your name
and and I'll read it I'll check
it out yeah if you want me to do
that yeah I got you covered
that's what I'm here for
I'm here to make sure and God
you so no absolute I got you
big dog absolutely said that
months ago I got you Pam now I'm
gonna call you
a pig was I but I got you player
I got you said that over okay
I got you it's getting another
one wait that's the same
tone okay I'm saying let me see
here send me see you chatty say
Steve is it a waste of my time
dating six
is I have not fully attracted to
should I only date women and
visit all right
Chad Chad listen to me brother
you know something I love about
myself I am very sure I'm a
shallow I'm telling you right
yes tdawg that's it yes yes and
there yes
I'm very shallow shallow I love
beautiful women
women I love beautiful women but
yes beauty is not the only thing
but I'm accustomed to
like think about a rich person
or someone that loves cars
you're only accustomed to
getting nice a scars my question
is why do
you hate your self so much that
you've got to you got to scrape
the bottom
and with sixes dog why don't you
pick up your game
with tins nines eights and
sevens man
man a say go do nothing for you
man A6 is not going to
do anything for you man Regis
message you got here
don't like I said six goddamn it
and can I blow it
man let me see this
dude do you think I can read
when I was young I took a little
bit of
French two little bit of Spanish
in high school I took a little
bit of German why the are you
sending me
text messages and Spanish like
this is Telemundo or some
why the are you sending me
you're sending me
text messages that's in what the
is this gotcha
do let me show you this man
oh you broke it okay why are you
send me the text messages
dude I don't I can't read that
all right he broke it down in
England's I'm like wait a second
why the are you sending me
Spanish like messages and okay
he says
okay hi Victoria how are you
doing she said and
Portuguese okay she says she's
very well and she asked me how
I'm doing
you said I'm fine too I was
messing around
on here and I found you profile
I don't like being around the
bush so I tell
you I thought you're very sexy
why do you gotta tell you don't
like beat around the bush that's
terrible thought that you were
very sexy and I want to get to
know you she said okay all right
cheese in the message that I
told her front of her profile
she said that's
good okay let's get some ice
cream sundae afternoon she said
where do you live I told her I
live she says oh I know where
that is how old are you you had
to find out why why
if a
woman asks you how old you are
will you just tell her
her it why why would you tell
the woman you
got to find out we go for ice
cream why why how old are you
this is how old I am
am yeah no comprendo yeah you're
right man you're right
you're right no comprendo right
y'all y'all man all right let's
keep going
all right you said as okay where
do you live
I told you as how old I am
here to find out we have ice
cream all right and then she
sent a
said the bridge she sent the ELA
oh okay so at what time in the
afternoon are you free
my mom won't let me out alone
okay cool when do you want okay
wind do you want wait you said
when you want you you can
message me
I look look man
when you are doing a dating
profile or being online versus
really being in front of
somebody is kind of little bit
of different okay all right I
understand I like the fact that
you're asking to go out and all
the other stuff but you got to
slow the breaks down a little
bit sounds like
you're talking to a kid you
sound like you're talking to a
kid because of any woman tells
your ass and my mom says I can't
you better delete that profile
you're talking to a child
child man of fact how old is she
how matter-of-fact how old are
you man whatever your name is
to recognize how old are you man
how old are you is the question
how old old are you
yeah man I don't know how old
you are Tim and a woman tell you
she got check out her mom's that
sound like a child man so I
would I would definitely throw
that woman back in the water man
and you got to remember you got
to stop
with young kids man man
pick the fruit until it's ripe
okay don't pick the fruit until
it's it's ripe
but here's the thing man man
there's there's so many there's
so many things that go into what
you're doing is
here's a problem a woman's gonna
look at your profile I need to
see what your
profile said write write in
English with your profile says
tell me what your profile says
that's going to help you hurt
you as well now I understand
that you want to take her out
for ice cream but you don't need
to do it yet because you
remember there are a lot of
weird people and this is why you
got to tread lightly when you go
online and not now okay well I'm
saying is why are you with a 19
year old that our parents will
run again
I I um
I understand a young girl that's
saying was she saying because
all the creepy out there man
women have to be careful online
because a lot of you guys are
weird and
creepy so I understand that
might be
she might just say she might
just not be interested in you or
maybe you're pushing it too fast
because which weird to hurry is
if she's ask you how old you are
and then you like you gotta find
out when you go to ice cream you
can be a sixty-year-old weird
ass put some in there ice cream
type that's what I'm saying man
y'all have got to stop this
be more in command of yourself
man man see like I was saying to
you man
when I go out my door when I
grab is 25
to 50 different kind of weapons
that I can use when I meet a
for attack not attack like
attacking her but spitting Yak
in her ear
and like I said to you guys and
I'll just give you an example
that was gonna give you one two
three four five I won't get I'll
just give you one 2 3 4 5 ok
meaning that if I meet a woman
off of how the conversation in
the interaction is going
I can pull out number one blush
number to smile number three
number 4 thank number five react
I can pull those out but even
with those I can also pull out
and mix in
now I know that okay remember
that's that's five right there
are many but then
when I ask myself based on the
woman how do I want to do this
do I
want to play it cool do I want
to be fun do I
I want to be excited eating do I
want to be sensual do I want to
be romantic
do I want to put flavor it would
what do I want this is where the
class one comes in at because
once I'm done with that then I
got to go into my ethical is my
reliables in my accessible 's so
I know I got
12 I got 12 so I know there's I
notice Ford is for ethical for
accessible and for reliables I
know I got four so do I want to
hear the were all too
12 do I want to hear with to
reliables one accessible how do
I want to hear
the with and then from that
point I asked the question is
how do I want to hit her with
the conversation gentlemen this
this is deeper than just you
walking up to a woman
are saying at that point well
I'm hitting her with all these
things I then it comes back to
the branch because
as soon as she replies I've got
other options that I can hit her
based off the texting toolkit to
point where she's going to say
to me me
how many women are you seeing
you're a player you're a ladies
man oh
you're a smooth talker oh you're
one of those guys oh I recognize
guys like you
and that's what the I want
because if she knows that she
knows I'm not about and I keep
telling y'all guys that's listen
to me if a woman doesn't say
that when you
first meet you got a little bit
of work to do
I'm telling you right now now
I'm telling you right now now
when you look dead in her eyes
and your
smile and you spitting yeah
career she's going to recognize
you as one of the most dangerous
on the planet and is is at that
point her she look this is what
it is would have people are mind
is doing right now with the
shields they got to race these
Shields up oh we gotta get these
shields up because this is the
real deal right right
he's a real deal this is
smooth-talking Guy
guy so now what I need to do is
see if he's a real
ass man and guys it's like
yin and yang is like 1 2 is it
just it just happens
once they recognize that you are
a ladies man a smooth talker a
player whatever they whatever
were they have for you once they
that that
there are the
glue that two pathways how many
women are you seeing seeing or
what do you want from me I'm
telling you right now there are
those ask you as soon as they
recognize that you are a smooth
ass confidence she can't smell
any insecurities
no worries or anything like that
her next move based off of what
she does and she's either going
to ask you how many women you
have are you in a relationship
what is your relationship status
is either Google that way
way or or she's gonna get cut
right to the point find out what
what the do you want with me
and I asked you guys
are you ready and are you
to be able able to talk to a
woman that way way
are you prepared to let her know
that yes I'm guys you kick jump
in let me tell you
something if you are smooth and
she recognized you as a
ladies man
and she asked you how many women
you got you say you ain't got
none she ain't with you cause
you're lying you're either lying
about the women or you ain't
really that goddamn smooth
because that's no way that a
mother that can talk to
a woman the way you talk to me
doesn't have have any women
that's the truth but I've had
this before with women and I
tell him I don't have a woman
and and I'm not saying it to lie
her I have I have people I spend
time with
I don't ever say friends there's
women I spent time
I don't have anyone right now
that I call my own because at
this point in time I haven't
found anybody worthy enough for
me to call my woman and that is
the truth oh so you just
seeing this even women know
that's not the case it's the
case is that that I'm the
kind of person that goes after
what he wants wants I am not in
a relationship
but I'm seeing people I'm
hanging out with people and what
is hanging out
out so what do you want with me
that is why I want you to call
because to be honest with you
I'm still
trying to figure out what I want
from you because your ain't the
thing I want from you
because because if you bring up
sex to me I keep telling you
I'm not here to women I don't
know I I think y'all are on some
I keep telling you
I you your body body and your
looks got my curiosity
and that's the truth and I have
no problem saying that to a
woman your body
and your looks caught my eye
that's why I'm here right now
but your body and your looks
are not enough for me and that's
why I want to get to know you
the more intimate way way
I want to know what's behind the
curtain Yami I want to know more
about you I don't know anything
about you right now but I think
I want to learn more about you
and I that's why I'm talking
to you right now now regardless
of what I have and what I'm
doing right now that's
the truth and guess what guys
she can say yes or
no and I don't give a goddamn
goddamn I don't care
II just don't care you talk to
all you say that to all the
women well yeah I like to be
honest there's nothing
wrong with telling a woman
what's on my mind okay okay what
I'm saying is is that sex
it listen I'm not saying look
I'm just like you guys don't get
twisted but II have a stop point
you don't have with your sales
right now
I recognize a beautiful woman
just like you guys do right
I recognize a beautiful woman
just like you guys do but my
stop point point is
will need to present myself to
her so she can me matter of fact
see guys let me tell you why I
don't look at the
part right now now the only way
I can get
to y'all y'all mean is her
inviting me in in I've got to
the invite gentlemen not
see – what y'all understand
that's what I'm going for for
allow me to Intrigue you enough
where you invite me and see when
she does the it
as soon as she invites me she
begins the process of taking my
drug and she don't even realize
it see with a lot of you guys
this is the problem
you mother thirsty ass you
invite the women in to
your your world
and then you begin to take her
drop her cocaine her crack and
you get all caught up in her ass
because she's coming inside to
you and your your world and the
problem is is
when you're in a
emotional ass mail and you let
emotional woman in your world
who do you thinks gonna run and
govern your goddamn life
sure ain't gonna be you
you that's the problem that's
why I say to you young young men
that that I just want to
position myself myself I'm not
looking at the
end game of of I'm looking at
the small
battles battles of intimacy I
can have with her
that are going to lead up to her
wanting to
me me
going to make her smile I will
make a blush but she's also
going to know that I'm an
ass jerk I'm an I'm a fun-loving
I'm a fun-loving jerk I can
we're gonna have a great time
together together
but I need her to
invest in me just like she
invests in purses shoes
and and dresses
telling you guys when you walk
go to the mall tomorrow walk
around the mall you'll see these
women just window shopping or
as you walk past the mall or
woman store excuse me what do
you see the women
doing their they looking at the
rack trying to find the perfect
dress they pull it
and they put it on their body
and they got a why do you think
there's so many mirrors in these
department stores for women
because they want to show you
two things without the
dress oh man yeah just not
important you're insecure you're
not at a tada so you need to
dress you need the shoes you
the purse you need the makeup
you need to weave you need the
eyeliner you need the fake eyes
in the
fake nails you need all this
to lie to yourself yourself
and make you feel good for a few
moments in time time that's it a
few moments in time
the dress is going to make you
feel like this and it's going to
make you feel like that again
when you take it off and see
what I'm saying
to you guys out out there I
don't want her to put me on like
a dress I wanted to get the
emotional feeling she gets from
the dress
the dress makes you feel good
see see the problem is with a
lot of women
is that that there are two
different kinds of compliments
women get and one is
one doesn't do anything for in
the other one does everything
for okay okay
see a woman they hate the
compliments they get from
average because there's no
impact in a
compliment that you give a woman
when your average but when a man
comes along see a man doesn't
complement to
make her feel good good I am
feel good
so I'm not trying to make her
feel good but the thing that
women love about
men is that we can read between
the lines let me check the phone
lines real quick guys
five one five six and five nine
three seven three you got a
question put in the queue what
I'm saying is is that
give you an example I remember
remember I was trying to get at
this one chick yeah I mean all
right just kind of a good chess
opponent it wasn't bad you ain't
she she didn't get a of fat what
would she look
it should took me about a week
and a half your normally you
know for motherland your me a
few days
it's like average you know few
days us talk about sex is just
the norm for a but she kind of
held the line a little bit bit
but you know what got me into
her house
it wasn't the flowers it wasn't
the candy wasn't chocolate it
wasn't me kissing her ass ass
it was noticed okay she wasn't
feeling good good she was sick
to the average guy when a woman
feels six they they run like the
plague because in their mind
they're like well she ain't Che
sucking dick she ain't doing
that so she's sick and I you
know I hope you feel
better and get back at me when
you get better right now like me
oh I'll a guys I love it when
you're sick oh my my gosh
Matt a my master bedroom guys my
master the bedroom
with my brother and who have
mastered the bedroom y'all know
where I'm going with this
oh I love it when they're sick
oh man
I love it when they're sick sick
because number one they're not
used to a that
can read between the lines
and see when they're sick sick
and see I keep telling you now
conversation class one guys we
already talked about the leaven
sales but I'm adding 1 I'm show
you today this
is going to be 12 of tight 2425
is we have so many different
sales remember conversation
class guys class 1 and I think
we did it in class was it
the Texan together I think it
was we gave you like a few more
different sales but gentlemen
what about the doctor
let me explain the the doctor
and why that is so impactful to
woman you see the doctor I'm not
here to solve fix
when I love to do
pamper woman when she sick I
rather pamper woman when she
sick sick versus paper her when
she's not
no no no wait listen me because
I want to show you this covid-19
let's say she's got that or no
okay I'm saying that
when she has something like a
flu or something like that you
don't want to be around to catch
but you do want to instruct her
to do things
you want to tell her what you'll
be like if you were there with
her now sometimes
they're under the weather
sometimes a cramping you know
there's a lot of things that
women do but
I love doing I love doing this
this kind of pampering because
is the that Separates Me from
everybody else because I'm not
see what throws them off is you
don't want a relationship with
me but why are you taking
care of me like we are in a
no it's this is what I do for
every woman that I with this is
kind of muffled I am
I don't mind getting you chicken
soup and like that
I don't I don't mind that if
you're sick at home you're too
sick to get up
I don't see there's a lot are
actually all know saying there's
a lot
about about checking in on a
woman that's not feeling good
and telling her look why don't
you just a wild you his why
don't you get some rest
don't you make a hot bath and
just relax yourself okay and
I'll check back with you
soon that's it you know just
little like things Brothers man
yeah how many y'all even stay on
let me get to this call right
here I was up dog
forward to what's up man what
you got man
what's up oh wait I'm sorry yeah
oh yeah oh yeah I hear you let
me turn that music down
I got the music playing this I'm
sorry that what's up no no
it's my question to you is is
what do you do to retain the how
do you learn to retain
so well okay all right we're
okay but okay all right let me
ask you a question
how did you learn how to return
how to
how'd you learn how did you
learn how to retain how to add
is you would tell me to just
like that right because you
retain the information when you
were small it's no different
it's know different you you
retaining information see the
thing that might information I
had to learn what I did is I
storage places in my in my mind
okay okay
okay what you have right now you
have storage places right now
got a numeric one we can count
for one to like forever
okay you got to you got to
adding storage you got to
subtract and storage
you've got multiplications of it
you got you guys storage is
where when
when you can you can access that
information fast problem is
you haven't created the storage
of where you got to have a
romantic storage a sexual
storage essential one
a a smooth one a kinky one a
dirty one a nasty one
see okay well okay think about
this and I talked about this
think about Walmart okay Walmart
is what a One-Stop place
that you could damn to get you
it has everything you need if
you need food
they've got it well the depart
yes he if you you need something
in your car or your car they got
it nine times out of ten if you
need something for your house
they got it for your gardening
they have something for
everybody so it's technically a
One-Stop shop
and what I'm saying is you have
got to begin to create a
One-Stop shop for yourself
yourself now when you're saying
retaining what it what is
something that you can't retain
so we spoke earlier today is
this about the conversation
1 homework but I want about the
conversation want class 1
homework right okay
no no this is not so for
instance I'll just tell you this
when utilized it to the best of
my ability at the time but what
I found is working
through my feelings and things
like that there were times when
I wouldn't do exactly like you
said wait wait wait okay let's
start for a second this is about
focus and discipline now if I
told you to get up and running
lights which could
you do it yes sir go to go over
there walk over there to light
switch let me get you let me
know when you get there
turn it on I'm turning it off
all right we're turning all
right turn it on turn it off
turn it on turn it off turn it
now did you were you did you
have that we weigh the magic
question what did
you feel the same way you felt
when you just told me that
sometimes you
lose focus
and or did you do what you
thought what did you do what you
command your body to do because
you trusted it it
I just need to try
this go over the okay I'm a
woman I'm at the mall or I'm
sitting down reading the
magazine going to approach me
let's hear it if he hey how are
hey how you doing
hey not to hold you up but I
just noticed you
you my name is Tabatha
well hello Tabitha is nice to
meet you we say cans
what happened sir I'd like to
get to know you more into the
Tabitha like I said before I
know you're busy doing this and
I don't
want to hold you up the reason I
came over here Tabitha was
because your eyes I got your
eyes caught my attention and I
would love to take you out
sometime to get to know you in a
more intimate way
way that
yes sir he's jumping is you get
again it's just a
small process he doesn't all
right let me let me throw one at
you I let's do it again
I just do it again let's say
let's start from the point where
I tell you my name is Tabatha
let's start from that point my
name is Tabatha what do you say
well kavitha the reason I came
over here well I know that you
were busy but the reason I came
over here was that I wanted to
get to know you in a more
intimate way what brought you
over there you still here okay
fine I'll let you go with that I
ain't doing it right but okay
well I'm sorry I have I'm dating
someone right now
now all right how about this
this if you decide that you want
to have fun
you want to get away just just
to skate is my card give me a
okay forgot to say Tabitha yeah
but that's okay that's okay it's
not bad but okay listen
listen to me one two three four
five okay okay
the more you can one two three
four five
the more she's going to believe
it's coming from you versus
you trying to read it in your
mind and trying to get
it out you see I'm saying are
you okay let me give you example
to was two plus two for five
plus five five then 20 plus plus
40 okay one two
three four five you've got to
in her her seed that you been
there before you
can't be nervous and even even
now here's the thing all right
let's say Tabitha gives you know
Tabatha takes your number all
right let's move to that point
Tabitha says hey 402 this is
Tabatha from the mall how are
you doing what are you going to
say next now you
now you're in the game now
you're in the game now this is
game time so what
you do right here is going to
determine determine
I think this is game time now
okay hey 402 this is
tablet is a text message hey
Ford you this is Tabatha from
the mall you gave me your number
hey what's going on with
you what are you saying
I'm Samwell well I got I'm glad
you called me what are you up to
right now stop right there why
would you ask her that do you
give a what she's up to right
now let's be honest
no not really okay sorry sorry
always remember to soak a young
man is
when you ask a woman a question
that you really don't give a
remember they've got this Sixth
Sense she when you ask a
question on interviewing
it's telling her you don't know
what to talk about your want to
up on the wall and you don't
have any experience okay so
she's saying hey this is me
and you're asking her what she's
up to but you don't give a what
she's up to
all right let's let's ride with
that okay well I'm at the office
just and
I thought I'd give you a I
thought I'd send you a message
what are you gonna say then what
time do you get off till like to
see you how see you wear see you
why why
what time is it let me know when
you get out of the office hit me
back when you get out of the
office so I can see those
beautiful eyes again
all right Bri are you sure she's
okay I'll let know I'm I'm out
of the office
okay meet me at Baskin-Robbins
on X address 7:30
okay wonderful all right so
Baskin-Robbins 7:30 at this
place okay
I'll be be there 7:30 rolls up
she walks in the Baskin Robbins
what are you doing
yeah he came for a UK freeze
you're in the moment
now she's walking towards you
there's no Twix moment here you
you can't
freeze she's walking towards
she's entering the ice cream
going towards you what are you
I'd say a good evening I'm glad
that you came it's great to see
those beautiful eyes again oh
well that's really nice of you
you so let's go
talk a little bit while we tell
you you
yeah this is about the extent II
don't know know what this is
okay but okay okay okay but this
is what I'm saying let me give
you another example go now we
took what you say now
me through your process of
getting getting cereal
what is a process as you stretch
start off I walk into the
now I want you to walk me
through the process of cereal
how do you now your
end result is you're eating
cereal so walk me through you
walk in the kitchen and what do
you do walk me through the
process well I see you in the
cabinet so I just reach up
open the door to the cabinet
pull the cereal out out pull the
ball out sometimes I pull out
the Bowl before I plot the
cereal I can't tell you
which one I do before it just
all depends which one is closest
to me and then pour the cereal
into the bowl I don't use milk
so so and I just start eating it
wait a second you don't eat
now I let me stop right there
you don't use milk at all
no I don't I've never like I'm
not judging you okay
I want you in that okay it's a
little strange but I'm not gonna
judge you on that but
do you weight but listen to me
not only did you tell me about
what you do you told me that you
you changed your you added to
that that
because you saw the end result
and you went instead of
forwards backwards which what
you did was you went backwards
forwards and then
went forwards backwards because
you saw the end result you just
led me to the
end result you see what I'm
saying does that make any sense
right so so yeah your problem is
is that
you're your up on the front end
because you never know what to
do in the back end end
follow me on this with the
serial you know what to do on
the back end
so you can easily look don't you
was like
this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
eight nine ten 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 I mean that's how you were
right flowing right right
because not only you you knew
from the back end so you could
go backwards fours and break
down the experience
but all right let's move forward
let's say
y'all are sitting down eating
ice cream what are you talking
what we're talking about is is
well I would try to do is
basically make her smile okay
but where are we talking about
to make her
smile what are we talking about
about well I would say
you know just get some
information get some information
about you know
what she wants y'all don't do it
like she said in front of you
think she's right funny no she's
right funny talk to him what
would you say to her she's right
in front of of you I say like so
hey you told me you're at the
office yes what do you do oh
oh Jesus okay I am a I am
it will in the daytime I'm a
clerk and at night
I'm a stripper and I have a only
fans account where I shake my
in front of guys to get paid
remember every listen every
moment of silence you got to go
negative 5
you got to return okay when we
remember when
they every time every woman's
not going to tell you everything
you you listen you
got to be able to return serve
whatever she sends you
away way you gotta bring that
back and return
serve okay
well so let's back up then all
right she says that to me what
you just told
me all right I say well hey you
you can do a casting call with
me in a joking manner I chuckled
not giggle but what a second
wait wait wait what kind of do
you think I ham I just do these
things and be able to pay to pay
my way
through college how dare you
ascend you just assume that
because I'm
a I do a little bit of stripping
and I have only fans account
that I'm going to give you a
cask I don't even know you see
that they're right there I do
just fail because if she tells
you about a cast of call only
fans hey that's pretty
pretty interesting you know the
funny thing about me I would
love to do that too but you know
what I'm just not as don't look
good enough to do that kind of
but you know what one thing I do
love to do is I love to go
one-on-one live on video now I
can give you a one-on-one show
you to meet but
I'm not going to do that with
any other women like that
because I you know I just don't
do that see that
right there
yeah I do all right what did she
say let's get that cause you
know okay you know you've
already failed
to time but let's keep going
well you know what why don't we
do this
this why don't you let me go and
handle something
with my ex-boyfriend blah blah
blah and if you're not too busy
maybe I could come
by and spend some time with you
around nine-30 tonight is that
okay with you
go take care of your thing with
your boyfriend
you send me a message when you
when you're coming over and I'll
send you a little preview
video CEO of what the quality
time that will spend together
wait you want me to send you a
message you send me a video of
the wind above my bed but I'm
coming over what are you need to
me a preview when you know I'm
coming over at 9:30
yeah to build the anticipation
all right knock knock knock come
knocking at your door it's it's
I'm knocking at your door walk
me through what we doing what's
well well
I reach out for a hand take her
in you know I said good good
evening you know it's good to
see you
again it was good to see you too
silence silence
silence drying up come on now
come on
you got a fine ass piece of ass
in front of you it's 9:30 you
walked her in with how we doing
man this
is what dude I'm not trying to
embarrass you I'm just trying to
show you where you're up now
where where do we doing man
you you you got that piece of
booty over there she's inside
your house
you doing next well what I would
is I turn on some music to the
like I went wait wait wait hold
on you you
on on a general some music okay
on our heels and we hold on
hi there
so that's something I'm
interested in let me
get this right you're going to
turn on some music music
are you going to ask her about
the song
all right well well it is
it's an honor no we got to keep
going no we gotta keep going
cause I'm coming
to a point I'm going to bring It
full circle all right she's like
you know what I like that
song because you know what it
kind of turns me on on what are
you gonna do then
silence silence silence what are
we doing next okay well
well well what
do-do-do-do she's just looking
around yeah I don't know know
I probably started hey
I don't know
know massage
what if she says why don't we
take this into a place
more private why don't we go in
your bedroom what are you doing
I'm taking a hand too to the
bedroom and then there we go I
but what's happening okay
you you walked into the bedroom
was happening walk me through it
okay sweetie she's looking
around she did the doors closed
it's you and her your bedroom
what are you
doing touching you
yes yeah wait where are you
touching her her
usually I start you know arms oh
I don't know
tell me you you're doing it so
to paint the picture where we're
sitting here with our popcorn
listen to you you got a badass
woman of your bedroom
what are you doing with her
you know usually I touch you you
touch your arm
you know
like kisses it first I will you
kiss me kisses going
then what
that move on down take things
slowly slowly you know
but what she say oh my God I
just want you to the out of of
me what you gonna do then
well then there we go what are
you going to do clothes off and
what take the clothes off and
and what it's
a going where what is get to
going wait what what
well wanted two things either
what are you tell us what you're
to tell us what you're going to
do she says the slow
I want you to me what are you
going to do tell us
we are we are all blind right
now and we're listening to you
tell and explain yourself so
what are you going to do today
women woman that wants to you
I'll take my shirt off
and say Hey thank you take your
clothes off
any time I've ever been in this
situation it's never I don't
I've never had to think about it
like well
what the are you gonna do do to
I said I take my shoes off first
okay okay
she's just didn't she still
standing there looking at you
she's look at how you took your
shirt off she still
staring at you you touch her
touch her
part of her arm
left arm
are you touching it with your
right hand your left left hand
you grab me with your index
your thumb paint me the picture
of what you're doing with that
ass ass
well well after I so right on to
West on above the elbow yeah you
know that back part
okay for the tricep is yes sir
my left
hand to the small of her back
and it goes up to the probably
about Midway okay that's
hot that's how I use start okay
with all the girls
what are you gonna say
does that matter of right now
it's just
okay all right now listen I'ma
help you out here that's what
you can do
this to me hmm when you're with
a woman
women love audio
type stimulation it's not just
rip your clothes off I'm going
to you
you you're gonna have to talk to
her her
with her the think about this
the more you talk the more you
the wetter her pussy's going to
get the less you talk the less
flirt the dryer the pussy's
going to get all right so
again all right so let's go well
what do you do that with all the
you know
tonight just you because your
skin is so soft soft
oh really how soft is it
I know
I'm trying to use analogies in
what now brother brother brother
brother brother oui oui you've
got almost almost naked
she's asking I saw her skin is
why are you bringing up her
Fabric in her clothes
you say hey your Skin's our
sausages this fabric oh
maybe we can say something like
what makes me excited about
your soft skin it makes me
wonder is your
that solved is your that that
your that
wet wet but you was about close
let's talk about clothes come on
let's let's discuss let's
discuss the clothes
that are on the floor while you
got a woman naked
pussy-ass all in your face but
you want to discuss close you
see I'm saying saying be honest
with you okay in this situation
what I'm thinking about when I'm
thinking about is yes because
we're going down this road road
the phone something I've never
do anything you do it fine
you're not failing eyes are you
doing okay I'm not going I'm not
going to fail you know know know
one of the things I like you can
fail me that no I can't but no
no no this is one thing this
this all right listen all right
let's go with that one thing I
like to do all right hold on
what wait what tell me what you
like to do tell me what you like
to do
I usually like to smack that ass
you smacked her ass oh how are
you smack her let's go
what you're saying you like to
smack that ass now now how are
you smacking at ass are you face
to face
that you smack the ass do you
turn around and smack the ass
are you smacking the left cheek
the right cheek are using the
left hand of the right hand are
you smacking overhand underhand
underhand or side
you you just can't say what the
word I'm trying to I'm trying to
pull out more
information you like to smack
that ass ass
okay let me let me explain what
explain it to her cause she's
looking at you
you one I don't know
you listen I never had to
why this is important okay
because maybe just
maybe it's 11:30 at night she
wants to play it a and she wants
hear the story of what you going
to do with that if she was over
your house do you see why this
important now because it's not
just being in the moment you've
got to be the moment man man
you got to go okay let me show
you some your man cuz I put you
doing a great job great job let
me explain something brother
you remember I told you about
the cereal okay you looked at
the end result of the cereal and
you win backwards
backwards forwards to be able to
explain the situation clearly
because you saw the in-game you
saw every move that you made
to get to the cereal right is
that make any sense is that
I do okay so what I'm saying to
you is this this
go backwards forward again with
know what you're going to do
when she's okay after you get
done having sex
go we can go to the shower where
you taking a shower with her
afterwards we can go with the
massage afterwards or we can go
with you being inside of of her
all you go to the 5 play or you
can go to the
before the five play or you go
before she you get see the
problem your Footwear you and
lot of guys go is that you're so
worried about the start you've
never created the the finish
you to see those for me for you
tell me about you
with the the approach so what if
I'm out
but brother stop listen listen
of this plays a role
in how you approach because if
you know what you going to do to
to the to the if you're looking
okay when I see a woman
I just that's why I keep telling
you I don't see sex with I see
see her body just like you yeah
I want to get that right right
but I stop there because I
see the in result I
can see her in the shower I can
see the music I I can see the
lights out I can see me rubbing
her body I see the hole
in game before it even starts
which I'm saying to myself is
all I gotta do is put myself in
the position
because I already know what I'm
going to do all all I got to get
her to do is a look the first
thing I need to do is get her to
call to call me to get in touch
with me because I already got
the end game already got
think about this Ok We're going
to ten let's go I say we go 1 to
10 right I
already know ten nine eight
seven six five four three two
got already already know that up
and down okay already know Tim
already got ten
visualize in my head I know
every move that I need to make
now let me tell you
why I'm telling you this because
women do this all the time
with you you when she meets
you she already knows the
you're going to play before you
even open your mouth sometimes
what I'm saying is is this
she sees you as she know you're
scared you don't have an
experience you know she's saying
shoulder Halloween lights
my gay best friend or my bank my
or or dinner
she already has the in-game
she's just going
to lead you to the end game so
when you're walking up to a
you like don't want to this you
know what she's saying come on
get it
come on get some you want some
this come on get some because
you know what I don't see you
getting this but I do see a
bunch of dinners lady in my in
my future I see a bunch of
drinks in my future I see
somebody paying my bills so when
being a shoulder and that behold
my goddamn purse come on let's
do it now this is now listen to
me this is
before before y'all even get on
the phone this is how cold these
men went up and what she will do
is she will
lead you exactly where the she
won she knows
her in game you don't even know
your game at all
experience what I've experienced
how do you overcome that then
but is it not about the
okay it's okay it's not about
the experience it's about the
end game how many times I keep
telling you okay
if you make it about what is it
telling her about your
your experience
if you make it right and you ate
now we do not have experience
experienced what else is it
telling her
that you thirsty what else is it
telling her
you don't know women have you
don't know about women with us
is telling you
that you or your nose is open as
your clay
it's also saying you have
any security problems what what
like you were talking
about and those same on the the
guy in the chat
in the chat room come on
Stay With Me stay with me when
I'm saying when you make I'm
just saying everything that you
were talking about
earlier about one of those guys
I've experienced that because of
all I was supposed to know but
let's listen to me brother when
you make it about
where you'll I got to get that I
got to get that man oh man I
Wanna her man
hey yo baby yo come on this let
me come over and get you let me
call you and what are you doing
today and how is your day going
and what you're looking for
and when was your last boyfriend
and with college you went to
automatically knows your
before you even know it she
knows what you are
and she knows the exact things
to do to push you
exactly where she wants to go
you see her saying
because uh because remember
playing chess don't think women
don't have a chessboard
chessboard guys
don't think that they they're
not they're not even looking at
they know you're so busy playing
checkers you ain't even in to
get your not even do you have
lost on so many levels because
she's like
this you know what he can be a
nice trinket
he could be a nice piece of
jewelry that I have hanging
and orbiting around my son I
could keep around as a friend
he didn't have experience but
you know what he's such a great
yeah you know this though but
surely I hang out with me seems
like he's safe
he's kind he's loving he's
caring he's thoughtful he sweet
oh he's such a great listener
you know what he's going to be
my number three three
so then let me throw that then
let me wish you
know what she's gonna do she
gonna say you know what well why
don't we
go out to eat eat
why don't you take me to shave
shave fronts way so you can sit
around asked me a bunch of
ask questions about myself to
even reinforce that you don't
even know what the you're doing
does that make any sense sense
brother it does
so so what I'm saying is that
don't have a plan of attack like
that okay this is Jimmy
I know without a shadow of a
that all the free that I gave
you I gave it I give it another
are you used it all the free can
save your
ass from all these problems
because I keep
telling you don't don't make it
about the as soon as you
do that you lose you lose on so
many levels levels when you're
thirsty again you can't hide it
if you're thirsty you better get
you better find a way to get rid
that when you make it about time
versus you'd knock her off of
her Square
why because they're Square says
that she's going to deal
with 98% of the guys that want
to me but they don't know how to
get the
so they're going to try
everything and guess what I've
seen seen it all
seen every move there is to be
made to try to get this
and these ain't gonna get it
they can try as hard as they can
and you know
what if they do get it it's
gonna be on my terms so let's
look at
it it all right if I got to give
my up to you for what five five
minutes seven minutes if I'm
being nice y'all so if I give
the up for five minutes right
okay five minutes of well you
know what that's worth
worth tender winners three
drinks let me see for like me I
guess she can put
a number maybe 300 $400 worth of
let's say you got to put in at
least what I don't know A
month's time of shoulder
you got to hold her purse at
least three four times and y'all
go out
you got to be a handyman look
I'm not saying
you ain't gonna get to push it
I'll just say you're not gonna
get the it's just gonna be on
her terms she's she's going to
determine remember what I keep
telling telling you she's
looking at your
your algorithm your algorithm is
I don't know how to I can't eat
I don't have my crib set up
I'm not confident in myself I
don't believe in myself I have
no self worth
and no self-respect I have
nothing I'm a I'm a kite yeah
I mean I'm just just blow me wit
take me where you went take me
she sees that
when you make it about
period period the only way you
throw her off see you can knock
her off her horse
you came you could knock her off
her Square square
do you think she's used to the
that says your ain't all
that you got to bring more to
the table than your when you
think women here that kind of
think about that for a second
man where do you think women
here here
know what
hey you got a nice ass buddy but
what the else you bring it to
the table other than your where
do you think she's in here
here's that brother 402 what do
you think she hears that man
right exactly
so rare is so rare that she's
not even
prepared for a to make that
statement okay okay
right what else what I'm saying
is let's look at James Bond I
know he's
a movie character but let's look
at him for saying right right
when he rolled up on would he be
telling bit ate any of my name
is Bond James Bond right as we
say right right right now does
say my name is Bond James Bond
can I get that please can I lick
your booty hole can I put my
dick in your mouth please can I
bend you over and smack with
your ass
does it know Jose does he say it
does he say that can I take you
out for several dinners and kiss
your ass and hopefully you
will give me a crumb so I can
eat it and hopefully one of
these months
you will allow me to penetrate
you with the tip of my penis
does he say it in do you
ever hear him say that kind of I
know you laughing but I'm saying
you know hear that right you're
here to watch the play I'm gonna
have to watch
because you you crack me up up
what does he do right after he
introduces himself
himself that goes about what he
is is and shows the woman that
yes you're beautiful
but your beauty and your ain't
moving a melting in my
mind I'm going to show you
why it how does it always work
work 12 o'clock
by laying in the bed sleeping he
might want jerk off a little bit
of something he like
oh man what a rough day I shot
about 15 I stabbed a guy in the
eye and I helped a little
kitty cat across the street you
know what maybe I'll just jerk
off or maybe I'll go to sleep
maybe I'll do whatever the I
want to do but I'm gonna do what
I want to do right until he gets
that knock on the door right
James are you all right are you
come on in you see
I'm saying I'm saying he with
women of is the master and the
commander of sex
sex when you women is
this is weird I don't make the
rules up I don't know who made
this rule of
Nature Made the rule of I guess
when you
let's go to nature now when you
see those lines and
you ever see a lion like in the
cartoons and like
you know run to a bushel of
bites and Rose in his mouth runs
it back to the female lion and
places that if you have you ever
seen that nature nature
no have you ever seen a lion me
too a female and take it to the
lake it has some drinks with her
and you'll see that right what
do you see no see the line
showcasing in displaying
man man
he's displaying it by running
around peeing on areas of he's
marking his territory number one
anybody comes a territory them
up right
he Roars roars write all that
good right but he shows the
female this is what
you get if you with me me I'm
not coming over
to you like meow yeah yeah can I
can I buy you
a can we go to the lake and I
buy you a I don't know fish yeah
meow come on let's let's hang
out so tell me meow
meow where do you like to do
while you're in the Serengeti
walking around yeah
yeah really wow that's pretty
do you ever see a line do that
no no what he does is he
what the he is kind of goes back
to to born again
I'm not begging for the because
I know what I bring to the table
seriously I know what I bring to
the table because I am the
Master and
Commander Commander now no
matter what what's up let me ask
you a question real quick
so I get what you're saying
and this is why the first time
we talked I remember you asked
me do you yeah I remember you
asked me you watching
me those those you know woman
dashing channels
because that's the puts a lot of
garbage in your your ear you
know that
women only like certain types of
dudes and whatnot because I'll
tell you right now
you know why I'm moving to my
spot spot not here that no I'm
in the stuff like
I like interior design
woodworking things like that you
know stuff that's not very
flashy or
whatnot okay but you all you
being being confident in Who you
are you know what you like know
what you like yeah when yourself
yes like when we
talked to earlier that's why I
told you that that conversation
course it
is tedious as hell okay
but but it makes me ask
questions now I'm not going to
lie and tell you that I haven't
watching you that stuff before
and some of the residual effects
of that stuff is still kind of
lingering in
my mind like you know a lot of
these people are like
cardi B except and I like jazz
and stuff I haven't really
listened to rap album
long time so yeah I do sometimes
question okay are they going
to like me as I am
you know what I'm saying well
would you question what is the
question you asked
I'm I'm asking because the
things I do like personally yeah
I have doubts
sometimes I'm like what was that
weird else do you have without
you have have
some of the things like okay
okay because I like these
certain things tell me whether
you like tell me one thing
you like tell me what you like
you like what you like okay
doesn't you like and went down
and then why do you have in your
mind because you like
woodworking what is it that you
have in your mind that you'd out
when it comes to women and
woodworking what is it that out
what that a woman is not going
to like you or laugh at you
because you like to woodworking
it's because again in the past I
watch all those channels I don't
again you are interesting stop
telling me about them
boy I'm asking you what do you
feel that what
is wrong with you like and would
work do you think a woman is not
gonna like that or something
I mean at the end of the day I
guess I don't care cuz I'm going
to do it anyway I'm asking you a
question you just said you like
and you doubt yourself because
you would work what the nothing
it has
to do with something because
you're worried about it are you
think that you're going to be
judged by her because you tell
her that you work with your
hands will it would
not that but that it may not be
exciting enough you know what
I'm saying right
you okay well but wait a second
when I say hold on let me
himself real quick
I would work I'm a woodworker
okay brother
a problem me on this
I know I'm about to slow it down
so you can hear them talk with
my for
for myself hey you know what
baby let me tell you something
about me I don't we turn up that
thing baby let me tell you
something about me that you
don't know you know since I was
young I've always loved to do
things with my hands especially
I really was able to craft and
really lock down an
artistic side of me where I can
go ahead and take a piece of
wood and
create something and making
something else you know I've
done death sudden tables of than
Ivan had shoes and stuff like
that but you know what the thing
that I love the most about the
woodworking is the hands on the
have with the wood and what is
so amazing about having my hands
on a piece of wood it's kind of
like having my
hands on a woman's body it's
nothing like being able to shake
my hands around her breasts
around their hips inner thighs
in a way that a grasper
and show her that I'm more into
the moment and also in their her
into what we're about to do
together because you know what
there's so many things that I
can do with my hands but you
know what I can't really show
you that you're going to have to
get a ticket into this amusement
park and see what I can do with
my hands but one thing I can
promise you is just like the
wood I'm going to treat that
body with care and I'm gonna
make sure that every move every
crevice every crevice and every
part of your body is going to be
taken care of because that's
what I do with the wood why
because that's what the
I do
so how the can you not sell
interesting working with wood
Wow I mean my God how can you
not sell interesting where will
I did that blindfolded and it's
when you mean it's not
interesting how is it
our beginner you're the master
of the best
I don't give a f— let me let
me give you one let's say you
your puppeteer let's say your
Puppeteer okay
your Puppeteer right let me hear
try to Blind myself again
blindfold myself again
and here we go they're here
uh let me turn down the music a
little bit annoying and I we go
well you know what I love to do
I have
a I have a hobby of mine that I
want to share with you and I
know we don't share this with
people but you know what
I hope you know since I was
small I always loved action
figures and not dolls you know
men don't play with dolls we
play with action figures but see
you start laughs I Gotta Laugh
at you say that but one thing I
love about that is I started to
I stole one day and I was
watching the TV show know what
it was but I saw this guy
guy not moving his mouth out and
he was making the puppet talk
like I was like wow you know is
really an interesting it
just drew me in and with brought
me into this this whole thing I
love to do puppets and things
like that and what I would the
reason why I
wanted to share this information
with you is because it kind of
It kind of when I think about
I think about Pinocchio you know
what I mean and I'm not mean to
line with my nose growing I
think about the strings that
Geppetto put on
Pinocchio to me move him the way
he wanted to move and what I
found very interesting about
Gepetto and Pinocchio
especially moving somebody you
know what I said to myself you
know what what if I had some
imaginary strings on your body
right now who would it be like
if I
moved you where I want you to go
would it be like if I moved your
hands right now too
rub your cheek the way I would
rub it if I was there right now
what if I can move a stream to
make you take your other hand
and slide it down from your neck
to your
your beautiful left and rub your
nipple the way I want to rub it
if I was there with you right
now what if I pull that string
and pulled your hand a little
bit down between that beautiful
wet of yours spread your lips
and rub your the way I would if
I was with you right now you see
I learned a lot from
the Pinocchio experience because
you know what whether I have the
strings on
you or not whether I blindfold
you're not or rather I have you
the way I want to have you
experienced that want to give
you from that is I learned that
that i can be native I can have
a sense of adventure I'm very
creative and have a very dirty
can you imagine me trying to
both your arms and pulling them
away pulling them around the way
I want you to touch my dick what
if I took your head and I slid
it down with the string where
you were licking my dick and
sucking my dick and jerking me
off and let me
come in your face and then I
pull your other hand and let you
rub it in because you have you
enjoyed the experience so much
what if I pulled another string
and had you spread your
eggs open little bit so then I
can slide my tongue down and
spell the words on your body the
way you making I'm making
you feel right now you see them
saying baby why don't you close
your eyes and think about that
experience okay so can you
imagine if I had those strings
on you right now why don't you
tell me what would I be doing
right now if I had strings on
you right now what if I was
that Geppetto and you were my
Pinocchio and I can make you do
whatever I want you to do right
now why don't you show me right
now video where oh I'm sorry
hold on
on I'm sorry apart hold on
us II but come on man this is
like easy every
every hobby you have can turn
into a sexual experience
brother every Hobby it don't
matter what the you do it can be
a sexual experience
that you can explain to a a
what are you telling me that you
feel ashamed
that you were that you work with
your hands and women like that
y'all me
call his that make any sense
ideas here is that
does that make any sense sense
huh yeah so what I'm saying
is don't be ashamed of what you
do because like goes back to
I am what I am but one thing I'm
not is a thirsty that
once I want you to see
that if you get with me key word
get with me
phase one I need you to invite
me in the worst thing you can do
but if you invite me into your
mind not your see
the you can go after the but you
got to
do things on her terms going for
a but if I get invited
mentally I have access to
everything I got to ask that you
to butt cheeks the the thighs
the the lips the mouth I got a I
access to everything everything
so I don't want to beg my way in
and I'm not gonna barter my way
in and I'm going to push my way
in in
I'm going to knock you off your
square first by not
making it about with 98% of
these make it about
then that's just gonna throw you
off because his at that moment
that you're playing an opponent
you never met before you're
someone that you never played
before you don't know any moves
and I'm going to make you don't
know what I'm going to do
next but the Curiosity is going
to Intrigue you because
you don't realize that as we are
talking to each other
I'm slowly seeping in my drug by
making you smile make
in you blush making you laugh
making you think making you
react and then on top
of that that's coming from Land
coming from see I got the one
above my bed
I I've got the visuals coming
from the air I got the texting
The voice messages and the video
message so I'm hitting your ass
three different ways
from Jump Street three different
ways right
to him and I'll give you this
man what's up so the whole
wine above your bed and all that
stuff and I know you tell us
know test out what you say and
everything but the biggest thing
you you is for me is that
I'm not gonna lie I've heard
some of the things that you said
before but they didn't
explain why you do x and Z give
them saying well okay listen
listen it's like here
is not okay but it's not okay
okay when you see a a successful
that successful person tells you
to do something you do it you
don't ask any questions
yeah because you're thinking
okay this is no disrespect to
you this is a lot of guys okay
you're thinking is what we call
World is Flat
okay you you you're going to see
it you don't even see see it
so because you can't see it your
question it because you're like
I don't even why would why would
you do that why why go through
all that trouble and put that
thing on your beer me when is
that going to do it why would
you do that but then you're the
same guy that says man I want
some man I wish I could a woman
man I wish I could get some
one night ladies and all that
right right but you don't
see the beauty of the one above
the bed
because only a getting a who has
experience with
women and I cocky arrogant and
it's cocky enough to not only
have the one above his bed but
as a badass enough to tell women
that when I have women in my bed
when I don't why if you ain't
got no you should than the one
above your bed but me when I
women over you say I'm saying I
don't mind telling you that
truth but see I love again I'm
way down the line versus you
playing checkers and
you're questioning the move see
the problem is and I told
you almost had this problem when
I was young my my mentor was one
day we pulled up that it was
McDonald's and birthday was
McDonald's and I don't know what
the it is McDonald's Burger King
when those fast-food fast food
restaurants right
my mentor gets out of the car
told me sit my ass there you
know you know I wonder what I
want is some food and should be
one give me no food you wouldn't
buy them for him but he wouldn't
got some food and he came back
out of the restaurant fast-food
restaurant he said go get a
cheeseburger wait what
is it my forget your ass up when
I tell you go get a cheese get
your ass get cheeseburger get
the out of my car and you walk
your ass home that's how you
talk to me but here's my thing
was what is a cheeseburger have
to do with the game why do I
to get a cheeseburger how is a
cheeseburger going to help me
understand the game – yeah I had
that in my head I'm not gonna
lie to you I do with a lot of
y'all do to me
you question the messenger but
you don't look at the
message because sometimes
they're in their read in between
the lines of
the message so you know what I
I went to thing I was thinking
she's brilliant why cheeseburger
why cheese were watch his burger
and as I open that door walked
in why cheeseburger there was an
older bad oh my God I'm talking
is I will tell you it's
kind of the chicken like the to
live with me round ass hips
thighs just the was so
bad that the managers are trying
to this woman hey there buddy
she was so cold to managers
trying to get this
but then I saw it was never
about the cheeseburger
it was about being in the moment
and it was so great about it see
if he told me there was a bad
a woman in there what do you
think I would do I would prepare
for the bad woman
but he threw me all by thanking
great a cheeseburger to put me
in a
moment saying that what are you
going to do in a moment comes
because it comes in any time you
can never prepare for a woman
coming around
that corner now what the are you
and doing that moment comes and
it was go time it was Game Time
I ordered I ordered my little
cheeseburger put a little flavor
in here and I got told her that
a same thing look I know you're
at work I had people behind me
beside me guys looking
everybody want to this one I
said hey you got a piece of
paper real quick
while she's getting order I
wrote my number down and say hey
why don't you do this why not
just give me a call when you
free I want to holler at you
when you get back at you all
right all right I said her name
and and I rode off all right all
I did but she got back with me
then it was game time was go
time but I would have never her
if I didn't go if I went in
there I think I if I had a
question my mentor and he was
like get a cheeseburger man I
don't want no cheeseburger what
is a cheeseburger do the game
man now their own little
cheeseburger I want a
cheeseburger I never would have
smashed that badass ownership at
that never would have got her
College chick never would have
got you want to know why I'm I'm
sorry what well
this will go ahead when you see
what I'm saying to you is this
when I tell you to do something
get out of your own way and just
do it
always explain to you why if you
pay attention but a lot of you
don't do that that I tell you to
get your puzzle pieces y'all
don't do that until you get one
above your bed you don't do that
I tell you to get the lights in
your bathroom you don't do that
I take it an easel you don't do
that so so if you can't do the
free why are you going to do the
good and you question the free
because you're saying to
yourself right now
Angie when is this easel got to
do in me see men with and girl
well gee Lenny when is going to
go on your bed no no
that's when he's busy man I
wouldn't do that no I wouldn't
know make the out
of here man that's what I'm
sayin y'all man man
y'all I'll be honest with you
y'all talk about
rejection and get knows you last
two weeks I've gotten a ton of
nose and like I told you
earlier this day I haven't you
know gotten any call backs on
the numbers I gave out
but I will tell you this today
a one-year your shows you say
don't walk out with the you know
kind of like what you're telling
me earlier that oh you know
I just want to get a girl or
what not go out and do your
business and you see a
girl you approach it yes sir yes
sir and I'm not where I need to
I'm not where I need to be yet
I'm going to make it to you
they're still fear of women in
me but not the okay we'll stop
you f got okay okay this is what
you you understand this okay
when people
call me and ask me you're not
like Steve I'm ready to do a
program right I see all right
what did what
it what what do I need to begin
the process of learning me okay
okay they always want to go
towards in which they
should confidence and
conversation they think those
two things are
important they are but here's
the problem that they
always tell you you got to have
have balance because you never
when the moment is going to
happen where a woman is going to
test what kind of mother
you are in the bedroom now what
you are on the outside which you
are in the
bedroom and this is why I always
tell Dude is this
happens I would say 7.5 times
out of 10 they I give him a
program right and they buy the
products and I say a but you
know a you know what you're
going to need
you know the fire play the
master bedroom the kissing 101
you need to do these things
oh no Steve I just jump to start
now man I don't need I don't
need a right yeah time I'm still
trying to understand me and get
my confidence and trying to
learn as I
understand that
but um you're going to need this
stuff right and and then lo and
behold I get this well you know
first I was like Wow see your
shits really working but here's
the problem what was wrong well
she wants to come over we do I
do she's flirting with me
what do I say well she's talking
sex we would move to me
and I say see this is what I'm
to you see what my mentor did
okay as he was teaching me the
game right right
why do you think he put my ass
in the closet and got me to see
that I had to start writing
poetry I didn't understand that
I was like okay okay alright so
all right I got to write poetry
but I did see it what I'm saying
is I didn't see it
the way I saw it was like Daniel
son when Miyagi why
the am I wax annoying and waxing
off of poetry how
how to his post you don't get
this to me yeah it seems I
didn't I don't understand that
just work on your project I'll
be honest with you again I know
a hard-headed I don't get but
are you
it's about
moving your ego on yourself a
porn site if the sun' if you
want to learn learn you're gonna
push all that aside because then
you'll be called a student of
the game right but if you don't
want to learn you want to learn
if you
think you know it all cause you
don't know you look look you
don't even know a drop of water
let me go back you don't even
know the faucet the drop of
water is coming from let me go
deeper than that you don't know
the faucet that's connected to
the water well that you know let
me go deeper than that you don't
even know the water well that's
connected to the dick might let
me go back to keep it in that
you don't even know the
cloud the water that goes into
the goddamn damn that goes
through the water thing that
hits the faucet that drops the
water did they that's how deep
you know I know nothing you know
nothing you're not just roasting
me or broiling me now
though I'm not real I know I'm
just I'm just telling you the
truth brother
I'm not knocking you know I know
because I didn't know anything I
know right but what I'm
saying is listen to me look let
me let me tell you about my
little cake ass I'll be honest
with you I'll be totally honest
with you I used to get my ass
whipped for kissing
I used to kiss girls I just got
my ass beat I got caught in the
bushes with his feet of
Filipino chick named to beat her
mom called called me got me
that kisses girl named Emily in
the third grade Gomez with for
that I used to because I live
okay if y'all look
I'll tell you I used to think I
was in Hermitage Elementary in
Virginia Beach Virginia I lived
on the Naval Base you Google
this I'm not lying I'm telling
you this I would go over a girl
I would talk and go get over
girl's house right get over
house she would
literally unbutton my shirt and
I would get scared I'll get
scared I was
talking I was getting girls you
know I was kissing him and you
know play Truth or Dare and spin
the bottle and hind go get it
you know I was
doing hell I was even naked see
the thing that I see
if you guys ever have sisters
y'all might know what I'm
talking about may you get
molested so much by the man dude
you know how
eyes with my sister has slumber
parties and because we had to
stay in the
same room as sense because we
had we had
one at a two bedroom so I had to
stay me and my sister had a bunk
bed and stuff but when she has
slumber parties I had to sleep
on the couch in the living room
do you know how many girls would
kiss on me and touch me
that were older chicks from
slumber parties I mean I'm not
you look dude I was talking to
this woman I was doing so much
down this is when I started
learning a bit about the game
but I didn't know what the I was
doing doing I tell you I was
but naked in bed with this woman
couldn't get my dick up I was so
do I was sorry nervous oh my God
the dick was like nah dawg
dawg but so so that actually
happened to me
one time and this is not the
show off because if you if you
could have been
on a fly on the wall you would
have called me one of those K
Cass dudes but you
or take you can steal if you if
you if you just admitted that
then then I know I can tell you
this experience
but I don't care about my stuff
but I your experience don't mean
right now what I'm saying let's
get back to me becoming a no
I assure you okay so listen so
I started to craft and once I
learn how and flirt to how to
roll tape tape rolling tape
you say rotate what I call roll
tape you learn about that for
the it's just like scribe
but rotators a little more of an
intimate level once I begin
to learn how to roll tape I
begin the process
of storing information in my
head of
situations that I'm going to get
into I rotate if I
thought about this okay if I
ever ever was with a girl in
situation this is what I'm going
to do is why I'm going to do it
this is how I'm going to do it
I stored it in my head to
prepare myself for that
situation okay even like even
look the Newt that the latest
product that I'm about to
drop right right comes from
right 1988 it comes from a woman
that I was get with 1988
that I figure something out but
technology this had to catch up
a technology
because I don't even know there
was it was an idea it was a roll
tape that I did and idea in the
thought that I stored away
just because I store information
away in my head doesn't mean I
can't pull from it
later on and work it I put it in
I do the
editing the mixing all that and
I can steal you
from the fifth grade that I can
use right now from all the
freaky I used to think
about I still do that today but
I still I'm always rolling
tape because I'm always storing
information in my head of what
what I want to do right
so so if I know what I'm going
to do in a situation there's not
one situation I can be in with
the woman that I don't have
wrote a poem I don't have
footage on in my
head there is nothing missing I
wrote a poem on every
day but now what does that do
see you guys
only know about confidence see
you guys think
getting confidence is the end
all be all
all but dude there's a secret
society of that y'all don't know
know there's
something as way greater than
confidence confidence don't even
hold a
candle to sexual confidence to
different roads confidence is
one thing
sexual confidence makes you
dangerous because sexual
confidence says
if that around and invites me in
she ain't she's
and I don't mean I don't listen
I don't need to her
to make her because and and
again I show you the from a
client right here I love showing
you this because because
when you are doing it right
young man see you don't even
see you're busy working on your
confidence deal now I understand
that I'm not knocking you
because you're working on
confidence but once you get done
with your confidence you ain't
done you you just started my
confident saying in this game
like confidence is going to get
you a ticket in the door you get
to get inside you get to come in
and play with
confidence but if you don't have
any sexual confidence
if you don't know and again
I didn't understand what sexual
confidence was until I sold my
own to
eyes when I saw my mentor make
that woman take
her clothes off and play with
her with just his mere words it
was at that moment I said
okay I'm gonna have to really
like his poetry down I can't I
can't be around
I say I see it now I've got two
I have two
lock down poetry I've got a I've
got to do this
be and now dog listen to me
do you understand right do you
understand how unfair it is like
let me see if this is the one I
want to shave this is the one
right here no no it's time to
end this right here no no it's
not to want I love showing you
this way where is it this one
right here oh wait I think you
somewhere you like where's the
one where it's at well when I
was saying oh I love show you
that that clip because that's
what it is c sexual confidence
is this I don't need your for
you to give the up to me I don't
need your
for you to want to me matter of
I'm so cold that again all all I
got to do
is give you a sample of what it
is like to be with me yeah I
mean okay a sample because let
me find him it's give her a
sample let me show you because
this is is the end
game see most of y'all guys yall
want so bad that's where y'all
are up
because you have no sexual
confidence that you when you
have sexual confidence
you're saying to yourself that
you don't want to with
a guy like me because I'm not
like everybody else I don't play
by the rules of the
average guy because when I say
intimate and that's what I keep
telling you when I say say
intimate I really mean intimate
because I'm unbuttoning I'm
undressing you with my words I'm
taking your clothes off with my
words with my texting my voice
messages my
video message so I don't I don't
have to touch you wait let me
find I gotta find it goddamn
because I'm trying to connect
the dot see I don't have to see
me show you let me show you
where the is it at Steven I'm
trying to find it as we're
talking but what I'm saying guys
I only got about a
hour left and I got to leave
pretty soon for but when I'm
saying is is that I'm not trying
to that throws her off but
look at this what I'm saying
right here this is the
beginning of the end when I
don't even touch them and this
is what my client
see when you get a woman to
think about you without
you doing it's already over it's
already over
because they're questioning what
the happened you didn't touch me
you didn't play any games with
me but why is it I can't stop
thinking about you
why is it when I wake up in the
morning I look to my phone and
see if you left me a message why
is it when I go to bed at night
you're the last thought in my
man and throughout my day all
I'm doing is wondering thinking
about you
and think of checking this out
the more I try to listen and
remember body or mine so listen
if her body's is thinking
more sexual and she's got like
like religious beliefs
and all this other there's a
battle going on throughout
her day because the more she
tries to go away from
me quicksand the more she tries
to wiggle out more she
tries to escape she gets stuck
in deeper and she doesn't even
know why
she doesn't know why I the
connection see
when a woman is all four square
she okay okay when
owner Square she is at her most
powerful powerful Point why
because she could dictate and
control the man because she
knows the opponent right
but when she meets a day making
about the it
throws her off her Square
because there's no Playbook on a
my name
is Bond James Bond there's no
manipulation tactics tactics
there's nothing that she can say
nothing she can do to manipulate
a man but
when she gets caught in is the
world win of
every day that she peels back a
layer and gets to know that
the deeper the connection is on
an emotional and mental
level not the physical it's the
mental that drives the physical
most of the time and when you
connect on that level with
sexual confidence
knows your see when you get you
don't make it about that's what
y'all don't understand when you
are you ain't making about
because you get so much that you
like it's just a piece of
as it is it's just a piece of
ain't nothing special about it
but so then
as a manual be like well I need
more than just II need
I need more it's like a anybody
but but at least
and I want to be turned on and
excited about who I'm
so I need to look for an
opponent remember the rule of
Chess you only get better
by playing a better opponent
right so I need an opponent
right that's
gonna challenge me and make me
feel like you ain't getting this
game on game on oh let's play
Play play
because I never said I wanted to
in the first place but I
eventually you're going to break
the down and give up that ass
man you're gonna break the down
and I'm and all I'm gonna do is
lead you there
just like she leaves the to be
your chauffeur her lights
her shoulder to cry on she knows
how to lead you to where the
she wants to go I leader by
emotional chips I'm showing her
invest in this dick invest in me
because guess what she gets a
return on investment
she gets a natural high that
she's never felt before before
you understand how
all right let me give an example
because I think
mr. G did this yesterday but let
me give you example my client
the beautiful thing about a
woman that goes out of town or
she's traveling
or she's driving with her
friends and they're going
somewhere right the beautiful
thing is is when she has nothing
else to do she thinks about you
you and she presses that voice
message or she presses that
video message of that time you
made her smile dude that that
kills the game right there
because the average guy ate dude
I'm telling you you the average
ain't even thinking is
imagine question you say you
listen guys all used about about
women right right right Houston
right yeah have you ever told
you anything ready to ship
no why doesn't it big that you'd
questioning wait a second
if you know so much about women
why don't you teach me about
what I can use to get
women to want to me you see I'm
saying is I don't think they
knew it
week right they don't know it
but what I'm saying to you is
women are not used to my kind
because what I'm trying to get
all of you to see that's
following me me is that if you
look at your
guide your troubleshooting guide
your playbook your laws your
your coaches your standards
you're going to knock her off of
square because you're focused on
you rather
than focus on a see the is the
bait that's
attached to a hook that she gone
she'll get your ass Shield anger
that out there for the
she will hate you going to be my
Chauffeur you'll be blah blah
blah blah blah but you ain't you
ain't getting it is and if you
get this you got to work for
that you got a slave minotaurs
and like that you gotta kill
dragons and you get that but why
do women give us a fast why do
they flirt why do they send us
new photos why they why do they
say they thinking about us why
do they say I want to you I mean
if you listen to the show last
night right listen to show last
night right I think
was mr. G when he was talking to
the woman right she was
bullshitting with right my boat
guys will be right but when you
stand on some principles and you
create experiences I mean look
what he did he was telling old
girl when the shower he
took something I told him what
he say why don't you use my lips
your tongue in the shower okay
she kind of laughed
like she did right and then when
he called her we called her on
the phone I told what to say she
talked about how great the
experience was but then what did
he say send me a picture
and what
did she do said hold on she ran
to the bathroom and took a
picture and sent it to him and
asked him do you like it do you
like it when I want to watch you
masturbate oh I'm too tired
right now but the rain check so
you know what when she's
traveling right now
guess guess what when it comes
time to play with her the next
step is letting you know a the
next time you masturbate let me
know because I want to cash in
that chip because I want to
watch you play with your or you
turn out all the lights and let
me hear you play with your but
that the
the end result I'm going to
command you to do some you you
seen I'm saying man
I hear you – what and listen
listen I don't need to beg
and barter the you because my
text messages
my video messages my voice
messages wine above my bed my
lifestyle and I asked you
anything about your lifestyle is
going to be the chips that I'm
to get you to want to me I'm not
asking about your day cause I
don't give a about your day
I'm not asking about what you do
for a living is I don't give a
about what you're doing for
living first thing I'm telling
you what I keep telling you
don't listen first thing I tell
a woman if I'm see her is I'm
going to tell her the story of
how we even met you need to you
need to think
Procter & Gamble whoever does
Fruity Pebbles or whatever if I
want Fruity Pebbles if I want
milk well you better think those
because if I if I wasn't out of
Fruity Pebbles I would have
never have met you but when I
saw you I had to bite your neck
to take you up the tree
and I'm going to tell you why
your body caught my eye eye
but then I had and then I gave
you my number because
there was a question that I
wanted to know about you okay
what is the what is the the
question you wanted to know
to be honest with you I'm not
going to lie to you yes I am
sexually attracted to you but
it's just not enough for a man
like me I want to know what's
behind the curtain
I want to know does your
character match your beauty
that's what I want to know
because I can sleep with anybody
and when I saw you yes you are
beautiful but that's the that's
the question I'm trying to find
out that's why I want to spend
time with you and that's why I
want to take you out right
that's why I want to take you
you out to feed the Ducks at
Lake spread your ass cheeks or
that's why I want to take you to
ice cream on the corner of your
face in a pillow on your ass up
in the air why because if I get
your ass there I'm gonna give
you an
experience that you never met
before why because what do you
think just take okay look at
your experience in the ice cream
parlor like you're like well
yeah hey you so yeah yeah yeah I
mean that's how you sound right
now I see right so so let's take
the same know no I'm not
knocking you know
man that thank you for the
Fruity Pebbles and then you he
even pretty comfortable pretty
Pebbles when I was looking at
this what I'm saying is
is that I'm looking at the ice
cream parlor as an
experience that I'm going to
give you that you never had
before and anytime
you go for ice cream you're
going to remember my K Cass why
because as soon as you walk in
remember what okay
let me go let me let's back this
up that's about guy got much
time you got I got much time
with much time we got we got
okay I'm good so let's back this
up up I walk into the I walk
into the ice-cream parlor now
I'm a scribe this but this is
going to be a kind of a roll
tape okay all right one thing I
learned from my mentor okay when
an artist a
rapper whomever country country
singer whoever it is
what they do when they get to a
venue they do this thing
called a sound check they got to
make sure the Equipment Works
they got to make sure the the
Acoustics and all that the the
music works well well
every time I go into an area now
I'll go into the ice
cream pie let's say I want to
give me some cake and ice cream
or something right our I want
some ice cream cream right as
soon as I walk into the as soon
as I walk into the goddamn ice
cream parlor I'm looking it's
time for sound check
all right our there's a door all
okay that's one thing all right
so if I had a woman
if I had a woman that a woman
and I mean at the ice cream
parlor I describe this scribe
with a woman comes to the door
make sure I greeted with a hug I
twirl around give her a hug and
tell her how sexy she is or how
nice she smells scribe out okay
so I just I just I got to do it
now remember this is not I
haven't had any woman doing the
ice cream
this I'm showing you what I did
back in the day this is how I
created ice cream thing so as
I'm walking through the door as
we get to phase one I'm like
thing I described I want to hold
her hand and I want to bring her
to the people now remember my
mentor always told me that
always engage the people on the
other side right so next thing I
do a scribe this all right so
I'm engaged guys on the other
describe this is who I am and do
not only am I going to gauge the
people that aside I'm going to
them the story of how I met her
and then after I tell him how
I'm doing our met them because
I'll always remember to always
used to give you samples
and that little pink spoons like
a little pink spoon or some I'm
also use that pink spoon as a
right so I think it
done after you're done with that
and I think about the pink spoon
I'm using the pink spoon to get
a kiss from her that's the pink
spoon I got to figure out a way
to get a kiss from her so
I describe it so I want to tell
her and everybody when I go for
pink spoon I'm going for the
kiss scribe out so now so now
I've got all that together okay
so wait that's just one phase
okay now
the next question do I want to
do it in a smooth way sensual
sexual romantic dirty
kinky nasty nasty naughty how do
I want to do is see this is what
I'm talking about is how deep it
is so depending on how I want to
do it do it conversation classes
do I
want to go some ethical reliable
system accessible what self do I
want to use all these
things play a role do I want a
little bit of dirty talk in
there you want to put some
master bedroom in there do I
want to add five play in there
where do I want to do for this
experience okay so I got all
that in my head right
so when she walks in what do I
do first
thing I do I see your Turner
twirl around give her a hug I
would nicer body is how nice she
smells I'm looking forward to
this and I grabbed her hand I
walk over to the day I wish your
last name would you like to give
me a name just give me a name
just give me a name it's tell me
your name you're not your name
we just throw a name it call her
give me a name Jake okay Okay so
as I am walking to the thing I
see Jake what do you think I'm
doing a check what's up man Hey
Jake this is Steve and this is I
don't know the named Tina all
right Jake this is a jake my
name is Steve this is Tina Jake
let me tell you something for
you make the order let me tell
you how let me tell you how we
got here Jake you know I was
trying to get Jake you know I
love Fruity Pebbles I mean I
know you don't know that Jake
but check it out I was trying to
give me the Fruity Pebbles
trying to mind my own business
and Jake look at right here 2002
Teeters over
the my own business and Jake let
me Chase up Jake come on look at
this Jake and I'ma grab Tina and
I'm a twirl around say Jake come
on Jake look at this see them
get some Fruity Pebbles looking
at something like this bro come
on man yeah you know how to bite
her as take up the tree now we
talking and we're here to get
some ice cream and all this
other stuff so let's go and make
our order so that's phase one
right but did I miss a right in
front of her ass too Jake I was
AJ check this out look Jake when
I go for the kiss let me get a
kiss when I go in for my
kiss Jake because I'm
I'm gonna make her smile I'll
make a blush check when you
looking at her you go ahead give
me that knife because we're
gonna be having a good time over
there but Jake when I come and
ask for a little spoon that's
when I'm going not Jake from
State Farm whiskey when I'm
saying is this when I say Jake
when I asked for that spoon
that's what I'm going for the
kiss you won't know how I'm
doing Jake let me say this is
how we do it Jake I'm sure a
smoother you she's gonna be
standing right next to me look
at them until I'm telling the
Playbook and we say Jake on my
ass for that spoon because us
I'm going to ask her to sample
her ice cream Jake the check
this out it's between me and you
I'm saying is right beside like
jokingly but I'm gonna do I want
to say I want to taste your ice
cream and I'm gonna try a little
bit of ice cream with the spoon
and then I want to say is there
a difference between the ice
cream on the spoon versus your
lips and then I'm a lean in for
the kiss Jake so just be
prepared for my spoon okay you
got me Jake you got all right
dog let's do it Jake on three
you see I'm making this and it
experience I'm she's rapist
beside think about this color
who is arrogant enough to tell a
woman exactly what the you going
to do tell them tell them I say
I don't care is Jake there
Ronnie Bobby Ricky might you
know if I like the girl kids are
you like cool it now I don't
care matter of fact even if it's
a woman dog
what if there's a pretty woman
on that other side of that
counter you don't think I ain't
going to say the same thing
to that right you don't think
I'm say the same thing
to her then after her after her
and I leave right and what do
you think about want some ice
cream again or
some tea and I run into that
sexy-ass woman and I spent some
yak and her ass well what about
the other chick what about I'm
not talking about I'm talking
about you now
it's time for me to take you out
why don't you give me a call you
see that
dad's sexual confidence Dad
saying I don't give a
you're feeling look I am a fun
ng time you innocent this is
just the ice cream experience
what do you think the come to my
house experience going to be if
we have this much fun on the
yeah makes sense come on man
that's what I'm trying to tell
y'all man man what was that
but see
you question everything and
that's your problem see see
unfortunately you're a
know-it-all right you think you
know it all and you know
nothing right you know nothing
so when I tell you something
that's so far out of the box
because you never heard it
before right yeah me you never
you never heard that
before because you know what I
tell you guys out here is you
a hundred percent You Know
original and authentic you never
you never
heard that before before
you're like this is so far out
of the box is crazy why why
would I go to all the trouble
now let's look at it why would
I go through the trouble of this
now let's look at why and
I want you to think about why
would I go through all the
I don't know putting this above
my bed while I go through
this trouble well you know why
we go through this trouble
do you understand and you
understand that women that make
six-figure seven figures and
high five figures
what the do you think they do
because they're stressed the out
their job what do you think they
do when they go home home
other than read a book player 2
can cry what do you think they
drinking do you
think they're drinking water you
think they're opening up a Coke
they have a glass of wine with
dinner no upper echelon
have one with damn near like
their meals and
their meals think about that for
a second if I am I want you to
look investment I will show you
I'm Gonna Give you all because
that way we got about 30 minutes
let me show you something
I'm gonna give you I'm gonna
show you the best of my clients
doing right now okay ready ready
all right ready now I don't know
the prices we might have to look
the prices up but
I'm here what's up I'm gonna
have to watch it play back
because I
got you on my phone so I can
hear you clearly
all right 30 minutes so
let me show y'all investment 100
for any man that says why would
I spend let's
just say this cause cause
15 that's a $20 I'm just I mean
is this trouser up let's say
this is $20
$20 let's say this is $40 that
so that 20 and
40 at $60 okay that's $60 all
right let's
even add this let's say this is
another 20 so we're at $80 okay
$80 dollar investment all right
that's that's we're looking at a
time okay you're spending $80
let's do the math now
let's do the math
we're gonna do it together I
want you guys to Wiki right now
in Google because I'm gonna do
it right now because I don't
even know how expensive Leon
all right so
hold on I want you
to look look up boober black
look up Uber black let's just
start right there Uber black
so I'm saying you spending $80
you spending $80
all right let's add the wine
that's let's let's say the wind
let's say why not say you go $50
bottle of wine I don't know
let's say you had a
the plane ticket that she
buys for you put you in the
green the hotel
or the sweet she buys for you
put you in the green when
she's cooking for you now we
would say it would have to
probably be 10 meals
that's going to probably put you
in the green with that but her
buying you jewelry buying you
shoes shoes
all that is putting you in the
green you're not losing when you
invest man
y'all y'all don't invest invest
don't invest hold on let me see
what Armando H is saying I'm
sorry I must have misheard you
saying hold on no I don't have
vodka in my butt water man
the girl last night sight right
next to me
after I asked her out I wasn't
expecting that and then he says
she left her friends to talk to
me more and he said also our
friend asked me
out too so so-so so-so
what the did you do with it see
this is what I'm saying for a
lot of y'all guys yall always
want to get props for the simple
as man what the did you do about
the dude come on man well I'm an
yeah we got it we got it we
what we do about this man we buy
what we do about it gentlemen
that's what the game is
about don't tell me what you do
what happened excuse me
tell me what you did about
about oh man that's what I'm
saying tell me what you did
about and if you can't tell me
what you did about it you ain't
really doing man
what I'm saying to you as Master
and Commander of yourself
yourself the important thing is
is you have
this is where flirt the comes in
at man you have got to
understand you don't understand
impact ya'll guys are understand
how what what I'm saying is on
a mission I'm talking about
where this Elementary this is
like Elementary game and
it is on
Ellen your nail think it's
amazing this is an elementary we
get deeper with the other this
is just on some Elementary
you have to understand when you
learn impact and all that stuff
that you
learn and flirt the you begin to
have a broader range and saying
whoa now I understand why would
I do
a really doing at all all and
the thing about
wine guys I'm telling you man
look theater opera wind Gallery
women the ones that go watch dog
shows horse
shows pet shows
that have cake ain't go to
galleries museums
I'm talking about women at a
cake the up right
women that a kicked the up are
some of the loneliest
ass women in the world because
they went for the gold or the
and not the man now some of them
will date and
marry an average man and again
that's where your cuckolds
coming in so so you got two
types of you
got two types of individuals you
got the one where the husband
wants to watch you his wife
that kind of rich and then you
got the one with a hires you too
be the feeling Gap that our
husbands not doing okay
all right so what I'm saying to
all you guys is that
y'all don't understand that I'm
trying to get your
upper echelon kind of woman man
I mean you're always are you
always see the groupies are you
always see women like when you
go downtown or you go to like
real like places where money is
you always see the baddest
mother women wearing a nice as
outfit because you know why
because most of them are trying
to hook in a rich guy yes
but guess what happens at 12
they go back today Cinderella
pumpkin ass self knew that with
makeup and all that other off
they go back to the regular
normal self they still look good
but you guys don't even believe
in yourself enough that you
don't think you deserve is
amazing how you feel you don't
deserve beautiful women that
that blows my cake
cake ass mind how is it that you
feel that you don't deserve
where you deserve beautiful
women there's no I deserve to be
around beautiful women I deserve
that just because I might not
get a beautiful woman doesn't
mean I don't deserve deserve one
but see you guys are not used
as no not and if any woman that
works at Burger King and Wendy's
is listen to this
I'm not trying to be mean or
anything if you work at Walmart
and I'm trying to knock you
but when you give it an upper
echelon woman she's gonna have
one to have more intellectual
conversations with you mother
that y'all can't even y'all
can't even hold serve because
y'all too busy asking these
women what they do for a living
in it was your last boyfriend in
you know we looking for in a guy
and yeah tell me what college
did you go to oh yeah we're
political allies I don't know
with all that silly today I'll
be talking about
about listen
rich women see like me as
the same thing that every girl
saw when Dad told them
stay away from that boy stay
stay good and for you stay
away from that bad boy stay away
from that back see guys are
something there's something that
y'all even see me on watch TV it
still it still happens today
they did it a lot
in the 90s in the late 80s you
know when they had like Beverly
Hills 90210
in the 80s and 90s when they had
How I Met Your Mother
they had it then they had it in
Melrose Place I don't know if
they had
it much in Living Single trying
to think they had it and then
have it in Martin
and she was trying to they
have always had what they had it
would even Family Matters
finally came around and and did
but they will always have the in
there that women wanted
the unattainable unattainable
rich women and women that have
cake you know they used to
hello Mother very yeah yeah
I'd say I say they could it be
great why don't we schedule
ourselves then
where we can have relations I
say about Tuesday at 9:30
look that in love it yes yes yes
yes I mean that's
their life matter of fact not
even rich women their lives is
he notice me does he notice my
new hairstyle does he
notice that I'm losing weight
does he notice my new dress does
notice this that they don't even
notice that they don't even
notice that even the regular
guys don't know this but you
know who does like
I'll get more by noticing then
man when a woman has her
like a new hairstyle or
something oh I see you got your
hair change that looks pretty
sexy on you
they goes with your ass in your
titties oh my God you know what
gee I wish my
husband said that or my
boyfriend said that he'd never
notice me you never noticed when
do things and I always try but
they don't notice me and what a
what a shame that's like you
John tell you man I'm feeling
today oh no you ain't fat at all
why don't you take your clothes
I'll let me tell you how sexy
ass is you ain't had to me you
good and it's just you know
someone I know know women
love to fantasize fantasize
they have dirty guys is the
craziest thing about the that
I'm telling you
and I know it's hard for y'all
to even imagine this this but
are nastier than you you women
women are freakier than you guys
nastier than you guys and let me
give you all a
example of what I'm talking
go to your favorite porn site
site look up any category you
want to look up I
don't give a what it is it can
be milk it could be I don't
know massage it can be dancing
aerobics aerobics driving
look up any subject in in porn
because they
have a bra of of categories
and you will always see without
a shadow of a doubt
beautiful women
doing some of that nastiest
known to me I'm not talking
about ugly-ass women I'm talking
about beautiful women they say
let me go to a polling place and
let me let me read you a
category let me know what I mean
in place real quick and I will
read you a category I'm gonna go
down a category let's go
down let's go down the
categories real quick y'all
don't believe me I'm too man God
I'm gonna try to wrap it all
this off
all right we going Martin the a
dude I always I'm gonna give you
some okay you got aerobics okay
you got a fair you you got
alien you've got amateurs I mean
that goes to a mature threesome
sex male blah blah blah okay you
got amputee you got anal anal
you got you got Arab you got ass
you got I'm just I'm just you
got Asian arm
wife you got Asian Asian Asian
Asian Asian
like foot deep throat doctor
extreme Harry
Asian high heels hotels this is
just an age dude I'm just
hey you got Asian shave solve
spank squirts talking
story student teacher you got
tied up you got office you got
money mom cheating you any one
of these
I'm just showing you right now
dere's gonna be beautiful me
beautiful women
doing some of that nasty
keep going to close my eyes and
we will stop right here all
right let's go to ends you guys
natural boobs natural tits
nature naughty neighbor nerdy
nipple nipples
panties nosy nudist none nurse
neon and nympho
let's keep going that's fine let
me find another one let's go I'm
John it's not too many let's go
ease evany every and amateur
ain't no baby BW BW Beauty big
talk Hot mom home and he's all
every Evan he's lesbian massage
MILF mom's skirt teen you got
Egyptian you got electrified
elevator you
got enhancement you got English
rotting erotic art you got
Indian ethnic
Europeans Winger you got vintage
exhibition is you got exotic
experience extreme extreme
it doesn't matter what
categories category is in you
are going to find some of the
baddest women
doing some of that nastiest
known to man and I'm telling you
right now that
women are nastier nastier then
yeah they got amputee you
goddamn right I got all that
that they had guys
they have beautiful women doing
some of that
nasty even the homemade wife the
let's go to the W real quick
let's go to the wives cause
y'all think women don't do the
coals and let's go to wife real
the W's waitress watching
watching porn water sport I
think that's being
his wedding weird wet wet
panties wet wet t-shirt whip
White Widow wife wife anal wife
gangbang wife home
wife threesome wife interracial
Wife Swap wild Widow workout
worship wrestling
and WTF meeting what the wise
yacht Yoga Yoga structure
yoga pants you guys you got
young as an 18 to 25 you got
young German India
Japanese Brazilian Chinese and
Thai I mean
these vacation but China vampire
van vibrator
VIP virtual Vixen Voya gentlemen
what I am telling you
is that women can be dirty
they are open to this but it
a man to bring them out and man
I'm telling you I
let you know what I'm telling
y'all watch porn shouldn't tell
me one point that you have
watched with a chicken fit your
description even the ugly
had ass and titties even though
me and him him
if you like hips thighs and ass
you'll find that in any category
if you like titties you'll find
that you can find a
blonde a redhead or a brunette
you can look for your
specifications of what you want
and you can find them excuse me
doing the dirty that you had
known to man
it's not even dirty it's just
that you know what look look the
bottom line is you whiskey the
the bottom line is is that these
women women
are open to Saks it doesn't make
these women
and because they love their
sexual side and they love dirty
that doesn't make
them bad bad
but someone must have told you
all women are not women like sex
who do you know do you guys know
know even with rhyme y'all
rhyme used to be on the show
Ryan was like in a show like in
the early 2000s remember where
I'm used to send us photos when
the women put like like
hairbrushes and they were the
the stick shift for the car they
were women will stick anything
at nakum say all-women's I want
to generalize but in
the comfort of their own home
they'll use cooked
cucumbers know guys guys you
don't think that I've never went
to the grocery store
with a woman picking out
cucumbers to put in her while we
around y'all never y'all never
had cucumber sex with a woman
where after you after you make
her masturbate with or get off
get her off with the Cucumber
you watch that off you
cut it up put in the saddle let
her eat it y'all don't ya I'm
sorry baby I ain't ready for
out of me
oh my God god listen
if it's round and it has an
angle to to it and she can
stick it inside of her without
his staying stuck inside of of
her women are going to tell why
do you think there's so many
different sizes and shapes of
dildos some women will buy
cucumbers because of the
girth in the length of the
Cucumber they're washed that off
and they will
masturbate to a cucumber
somewhat carrots and it's just
it just depends on what their
Kink is but women are very open
sex but that's I'm trying to
tell you guys so
I'm just saying that you guys
know ain't you know see first
down see first
down you've already lost lost
all lost guys this is a homework
assignment uh we only got a few
minutes left
tell me why first down lost
me the reason why first down
laws class participation tell me
why first
down laws by this statement come
on I'm waiting for the classroom
by the wrap this up because I
ring I got you ready to fly so
let me know I'm waiting
classroom tell me I want you
guys to tell me why
why tell me why first down lost
now you're wrong whiskey nope F
you failed next one come on come
on I mean I'm gonna give one a
God damn it mother got a Joshua
he beats you Joshua
UK beat you by a half second you
know you can stop now you're
lost you're lost
I went fast enough
first down you're never going to
make it in this game
if you going to judge a woman
for showing you her sexual side
you you guys cannot judge a
woman for her nasty
side because if you judge her
for the nasty
you did she does then how are
you going to get her to do more
with with you do you know the
woman that
I order a kind of found the
Cucumber thing was kind of my
because I know she loves dildos
and like
that so what I decided on doing
I said let's do something
different let's do something new
that's let's go grocery shopping
and let's get a cucumber as I
want to play with
your with a cucumber say oh my
God I don't know nah dude I
don't want to hear that I was
eating you can't it ain't
listen dog ain't no ain't no
excuses in this game don't give
me that when I'm saying to you
guys out there is this after I
got it with the cucumber's guess
what you wanted to do she wanted
to expand that but it wasn't
an expansion of fruit or
anything what I got to do while
we're doing a cucumber thing I
got to start playing her with
porn her
watching women each other out so
I was I was I was getting there
I was moving it towards her
one experiment and eating some
and so so there's always
a end result but it is it starts
with non-judgment can't be
man can't be judgmental man man
can't do
me can you do that you can't be
no eels because if you say you
then you might as well get the
out this game because they don't
need women who want to hear that
women are want to hear that and
yes women do nasty I'm sorry
I'm sorry they do and I don't
judge women for that I think
that is sexy
I love watching women do
nasty-ass man the coolest thing
I love the most
guys if you ever watch the show
Power power
ever watch the show Power when
ghost was alive there was a guy
I forgot to do is name was a
rich dude on power I got find
out his name is a rich guy guy
and what you saw is what goes on
with rich people
what's that ain't gonna let me
tell you his name
I'm going to tell you his name
for all my power guys if y'all
can beat me to the punch I
appreciate it but let me tell
you that motherfucker's name
hold on a second so the cast the
name was was that's not his name
his name Michael no no no
it's the mom forget
I'm gonna go Season Power cast
season season
let's go season
five I know that multiple game
Cass Cass what's a time of we
do what the is his name
y'all might beat me to the punch
I'm trying to find it before I
y'all file click on me on tell
me I hear his name is day was
Stern Stern Simon Stern let me
see I'll beat me to that
punch Saturday a there you go
there you go Simon Stern
y'all watch power where's Simon
offered goes to come over to his
place you will have an idea of
what the
lifestyle is about because rich
people have different rooms of
going on and if you can't handle
men being
spanked whipped tied up chained
women wearing
leather mask and leather outfit
y'all gotta get out of this game
because the the reason why it's
gated because there's
no judgments beyond that gate
you come in there whatever your
kinky is and
your fantasies gonna get taken
care of so what I'm saying y'all
Man man look and we'll talk more
about this you know we go we're
about to wrap
their cuz I gotta get ready and
prepare to go air and fly and so
we will would definitely talk
about this in cover this
later on because it's just so
much man it's just it's just so
much in this
game guys and I don't want to I
don't want to burn you out I
don't want to freak you out
I don't want to scare you
you but we got to get you to
stop worrying about women and
worrying about them being and
and all this other
I am telling you right now now
you'll never know
all the nasty that these women
have done you'll never know
you'll never know know you'll
never know all this they did in
and you'll never know you just
won't know
you just won't know and that's
the truth just like she doesn't
know all the nasty you
done and most you did been doing
it with blow up dolls and
they'll never know your sexual
history history
but what I'm saying is it's not
like you can't unlock something
that woman okay
what I'm saying is is y'all got
to stop this
these women are and I want a
good girl because it don't work
that way
man look I'm sorry women are
learning their bodies and their
sexuality and you ain't doing
that but you got to learn your
body you got to learn what you
and I'm not talking about no
pegging and putting anything in
your hat no bisexual I'm
talking about learning your
sexuality learning your romantic
side Learning your sensual side
your sexual side and your smooth
side learning how to be kinky
that dirty Side Learning that
nasty Side Learning that naughty
side every
side is different because all of
them have different components
to to them but you got to learn
these parts of you you and
you've got to then be able to
take that and take that and add
that to your text messages
voice messages and videos
because the only way you can win
in this game is by
learning you and y'all think you
all are ashamed of your body
that I don't know I don't know
the y'all scared to learn about
sexual side I know
a lot of y'all think that's
thirsty and they all think
that's weak but in keep this in
those steering you
the wrong way
we gonna wrap this up we got I
gotta get ready to go man you
ain't catch his flight and
so I gotta get prepared to get
to the airport pretty soon
so so but you know we kicked it
for a few hours we did a good
three hour show
but tomorrow I'm a I'm a try
when I land I got to
I would do a
Red Man groups or make sure
y'all join me the man mindset
then we do a Red Man Group I
should be in time I might miss
it but Saturday I'm going to be
with Donovan Sharp we're going
to do another show
myself in Donovan I think around
3:00 and then later on that
evening we'll do another show
live from the hotel like we
always do
and then Sunday we'll do another
one so we'll definitely do it
I got to get take down all the
equipment and get everything
packed up and so but I want
y'all to soak up this
we got there's so much we we
have so much work to do
so we're going to do it together
but anyway I want to say I
appreciate all you listen to me
the process
look at get the free stuff watch
the erogenous Zone
when she comes over just soak up
all this free
information man soak it up up
utilize man we give you all the
advantages advantages ma'am
Saturday night we'll get back on
par get back on course to you
know learning about
ourselves we get back on there
okay and I'm just saying to
you guys out there I appreciate
all you
question is when you can start
appreciating yourself okay
okay guys always remember at the
end of the day if you need to
get Mimi you know give me the
man my said
of the Man mindset at to me and my city if you know me if you
need me
send me your names to me a
number if you ready to learn
because what we're teaching this
ain't the same class man it's
just showing you that I don't
know what the
he talking about that's all it
is let's get to the most
thing is that we always say at
the end of the day guys always
remember always remember well
two things first off guys why
don't you do this real quick you
get a chance get the opportunity
why don't you go ahead and
subscribe into notification
buttons guys if you so you can
be updated on things
going scribe get all the
notifications and all that stuff
you notifications you get the
information from us okay but
like I said before guys it's and
this is and guys listen to me
listen to to me I want to play
this he's owned commercial
because I want you guys at sea
that you can go to the man Mind
Set On the free
and see me talk to these
beautiful ass women and you'll
hear them tell you they just
want a real man look what I lose
as that
the damn commercial hit the
wrong button and Steven that's
not the commercial damn you
Steven all right the wrong
commercial I want you to get
this commercial right here I'm
sorry it's right guys we always
tell you the trick gimmicks
manipulation and being indirect
is some bitch-ass that weak
people teach and soft people do
welcome to the he's own show
where women tell you the truth
about their thoughts and when it
comes to men just go to
you can click on free stuff
sometimes just being an honest
man with women is enough enough
as I'm
told another will beautiful
women it's free it's free I'm
talking to beautiful women and
they're telling you they don't
like tricks and gimmicks and so
let's check that out alright
alright guys so I appreciate you
all ma'am go ahead and wrap this
up guys always remember
the very last thing is the most
important thing to me and
regardless of what the we teach
you what
we say you guys always like to
leave you with a little bit of
Hope and some inspiration man
always remember guys think about
the graveyard always remember
everybody thought they had
Tomorrow coming to them
all have a common here you don't
have tomorrow coming to you so
please gentlemen appreciate the
day that you have live every day
like it's your last okay enjoy
your life don't sit on your ass
and think you got
two more coming to you okay guys
because if you're doing that
you're doing it wrong okay just
remember that okay if you don't
remember anything about what we
teach you is just remember my
father graveyard okay man look I
gotta get ready to roll out this
so I gotta pack up all the
and so I got get to work and she
let me pack all the equipment up
get everything ready to go
and and I will see
guys today today a few times
okay we don't it to today is
Saturday so we're going to do a
show Saturday as I will see you
on Saturday okay guys what today
I'll be late show later on
tonight okay I appreciate you
all I hope you all have a
very good night get some rest we
got work to do me I got a plane
to catch with you boy

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