Vonnie’s lifestyle was killing her. Her feet and knees hurt. She used the Arize Clinic discount coupon from and lost 20 pounds in 56 days.
I started in April this year
and when I came to the office I had just been
the weekend before I came in
my husband and I went to a chalet in Tennessee.
and I was hurting so bad
that I could walk from here
to, I mean just a few yards, because it was
all on rocks
and my feet were swollen my knees were
hurting so bad
that I could hardly stand it and all I did
was eat. I mean we had a five course
And it was like all I did was eat and try to limp
to the dining room. it's just like an
eating orgy. and I came home and I said
I cannot to do this. this is killing me.
and i had a coupon
for Arize [Clinic] and I went in and talked
to Paris [Arey] and right away, you know, it's like,
I can't stick to this.
it's just not me and you [Paris] said, well,
your body will burn the fat that's how
you're gonna
help lose weight and sure enough
it did you know and I
stuck with it and I constantly
every week I lost weight or maintained
I was on it 56 days and I could not
believe because the weight
was falling off. It was falling off and it was
not like I was working out. I was
just living my life the way I always
did I drank water
I had a lot of lemon water and just
every week I felt so much better
it was worth the
diet and I've been on
it for 56 days and then I went on maintenance
and I've been within my goal weight
the weight that I lost within 2 pounds
up and down
in the last 5 months which is remarkable
it changed the way I feel to me
that's more important. I mean looking
better is certainly
wonderful and you said how did
it affect your family and friends when you lost
weight. I asked my husband that this
morning and he whistled. I said okay that's
good I'm gonna tell Paris [Arey] that and
it's just kind of made me feel like a
different person

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